Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another Day, Another Boston Red Sox Loss

The Boston Red Sox, desperate to start a winning streak of ANY kind, were defeated again by the Toronto Blue Jays by a 7-6 score Friday evening. It was a Clay Buchholz start. Clay was able to go 5 innings (6-7 is better), giving up 3 runs on 3 hits. He walked a bizarre (for him) five batters and struck out three. Aceves pitched a one-hit scoreless sixth and then trouble, big time trouble hit in the seventh. It was the suddenly awful Bobby Jenks who tried to pitch the important seventh but just flat out couldn't do it. Would you believe it was a four hit, four run one third of an inning for Jenks? Believe it. What do we do about Jenks, the latest hole in what has come to be a fragile 'pen? Here he is, talking about the Red Sox...

“We’re there now. We’re in a tough position. To come back right now, it’s going to take all year long. We need to get on it now. We need to turn this thing around.’’

Bobby Jenks, with a 2-10 record for Boston, that's going to be much easier said than done. But I'm hoping. Win four, lose one, win another four and lost another one and .500 will be in reach. Of course, every other team in the AL has that time span to improve their already good records. What I say is this. By June 1, let's be close and not mired in the basement. I don't like it down here! Dark, dank enclosed spaces with the smell of defeat, disease and death gives me the willies.

There's 1pm Fenway Park baseball this afternoon with Reyes and Beckett going at it. Enjoy!


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