Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baltimore Beats The Red Sox 4-1

The Boston Red Sox arrived at the mid-east coast city of Batimore sometime Sunday night. I assume they enjoyed off-day Monday getting used to the time difference. Last night, Clay Buchholz struggled (understatement) over six and one third innings, throwing many pitches but not finding his "groove." He hasn't found it yet this year...but he will lock in and we'll see the Buch of last year. It's a delicate balance. Here's some of Boston Red Sox manager Tito Francona's words about his starter...

“He gave up a lot of hits but managed to stop the bleeding. Thought he threw some good off speed pitches, thought against some of their big righthanded hitters he wasn’t getting in as much as he needed to and let them extend their arms a bit. He bent but didn’t break. We just didn’t have a lot of offense going.’’

Buchholz was bested by O's starter Zach Britton. He's a rookie, a confident one who held the Sox to one run in six innings. His record is now 4-1 and he has just become the first Bird rookie to win four games. His ERA? A nifty 2.84. But that was yesterday, yesterday's gone. Gee, that's a song from the past. I think. OK, we have Josh Beckett going for us tonight. His backup for Thursday night? Jon Lester. The next two are essential potential wins. Yes, we're in good hands. Some crooked numbers on the scoreboard will abort the one game skid.

You can click on this post's title for more on last night's game but I'll understand if you choose not to. As always, my Constant Readers, BE WELL and God willing, I'll see you tomorrow.


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