Sunday, April 03, 2011

More Starting Pitching Woes For Boston...UCONN Men Advance To Men's NCAA Championship Game

The Boston Red Sox are now proud owners of an 0-2 record after John Lackey was literally stomped to death in a 12-5 Boston loss. Six runs in the third inning for the American League Champion Texas Rangers put the game away. Lacky went only 3 2/3 innings and gave up 9 (!!) runs on 9 hits, whiffing three and walking two. It was a another disheartening start for another Red Sox pitcher. 'Nuff said. The two teams play one more time today out in hot Texas at 2pm EDT.

Now for some REAL fun. The biggest crowd in NCAA Tournament history, 75,421, watched it happen. The University of Connecticut mens basketball team earned the right to play Butler for the NCAA national championship. The game will be played Monday night. The final score last night ended up being about as close as it gets (unless you count ties). It was Connecticut 56 Kentucky 55. Oh yes, the Wildcats made this a close one (their coach is "never give up" John Calipari) but when Kentucky went down by four points with a couple seconds remaining, well, that was all she wrote. In fact, she stopped writing forever and started singing. Hence the phrase "when the fat lady sings." True story? You tell me. I know. You don't.

Tonight, the UCONN women plan to join their brothers-in-arms in the women's finals. They will play Notre Dame, a proud team who has lost to UCONN three times this year. It will be televised by ESPN at 6pm or so along with the other Final Four game to follow. If your TV is on ESPN around 6pm, you'll find the two games. It's Sunday. Don't worry, be happy. I'll be happy when (not if) the UCONN women win tonight. Nothing less will do. Don't forget to click on this post's title and as always, BE WELL. Type to you soon.


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Thanks for the info but I don,t even know what the archive/label IS. Take care.


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