Monday, April 04, 2011

Notre Dame Ends UCONN's Season.

In lieu of any good play by the Red Sox (they lost again by a score of 5-1 are are underperforming immensely), I have to report that the UCONN women lost to a determined Notre Dame team. Maya Moore tried her best with 36 points but she couldn't do it all. She finishes her college UCONN career with 150 wins and 4 losses. Not bad, I say. This entire state of Connecticut loves her. Last night was her final appearance in a Connecticut uniform. I want you to click on this post's title to be zapped to the Hartford Courant's coverage of last night's contest, including video.

Oh, the Red Sox. I'll deal with them after tomorrow night's NCAA championship game between the Butler and UCONN men's teams, the FINAL TWO. As always, be well.


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