Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rains Rescues The Boston Red Sox

Yes, I meant what the title of this post said. Not HAVING a game is better than another loss for the Boston Red Sox. Supreme under performer (at least with Boston) John Lackey, who was penciled in to be the Wednesday Red Sox starter, is being pushed back to the Tuesday game against the As of Oakland. Who decided that? The Red Sox pitching coach, Curt Young, did. Here he is...

“John’s got stuff. It’s just been about quality location in the strike zone. He’s been a guy that’s going to throw a lot of strikes and command is what makes guys good and it’s going to make him good. I’m sure he’s not real happy about it. The type of pitcher he is, he’s used to dominating, used to getting people out, used to being the guy who gives his team a chance to win every single game, and that’s what he’s got to get back to."

"He's got to get back to?" We, the members of Red Sox Nation, have not seen John Lackey yet. Not the REAL John Lackey with his overpowering pitches. Maybe someday? MAYBE TUESDAY!

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