Monday, April 18, 2011

Red Sox Take Second In A Row...Carl Crawford's First Installment Of His Diary To The Fans (in full)

The Boston Red Sox defeated the Toronto Blue Jays by a score of 8-1 Sunday afternoon for their second victory in row. Can you say three? They'll try it again against the Jays this morning at 11am EDT in honor of Patriots Day. The dreaded Matsuzaka will be on the hill for the Red Sox so I'll be cringing at every pitch. Hey, who knows? Sometimes he pulls a rabbit from his sleeve. Other times, it's a dead duck. Heads it's a rabbit (we win!), tails it's a dead duck (we don't).

John Lester started yesterday. He had his troubles but he grinded through them. Here he is...

“I made some good pitches when I had to. Today wasn’t the best control day I ever had. Battled a few things out there with myself. Almost feeling a little too good at times and then kind of going back to not feeling so good. But it was a good win. Nothing’s changed. I didn’t invent a new pitch this year and guys are swinging at it. It’s the same stuff. It’s just executing when I have to.’’

He batted. He won. The Boston bats seem to be slowly coming around. Scoring 6 or more runs is good enough for almost any starter (exceptions so far...Matsuzaka and Lackey). They are are next two pitchers. Matz pitches today at the Fens and Lackey takes the hill for the first game with Oakland at Oakland. We shall see.

I have a treat for you. Please CLICK ON THIS POST'S TITLE. Our left fielder, Carl Crawford, off to a slow start, writes all about everything and asks us not to fret. He'll be fine. He writes to every of of us. Red Sox Nation. It's a must read. Click away and as always, BE WELL. Click, go ahead. Thanks.


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