Saturday, May 07, 2011

Boston Red Sox Falter Again...Twins 9 Red Sox 2

Balks, errors and generally stinky play characterized the third loss in a row for the Boston Red Sox. The final score was 9-2 Twinkies. To make matters worse, Minnesota is a team crippled by injuries. They've only scored five or more runs in a game ONCE THIS YEAR yet against the Sox, they bash the ball around. I turned the game off in disgust after three innings, mad as hell with no way to vent that rage.

The carnage was as much the fault of Tim Wakefield as it was the brand of ball on display. He started for Matsuzaka and allowed eight runs, six of 'em earned. Aceves relieved him with one out in the fifth amid a chorus of boos (for Wakes). He pitched well (4.2 IP, 3 hits and just 1 run allowed) but it was too late for the Red Sox to delve and chip away at that lead. Wakes summed up the last place Red Sox and their situation. It's ain't pretty...

“You can’t look at our record; you have to look at where we are in the standings — in the East, we’re only five games out — and it’s May. It’s not like we’re 10 or 12 games out. We’re still in the thick of things, even though we’re in last place. Obviously we need to start firing on all cylinders, but I wouldn’t push the panic button just yet.”

To me, a fan and a proud member of Red Sox Nation, the fact that we're "only" five games out is far less important than the real problem. What's that? Boston is playing like pure crap. There's no other way to put it. They'll try to start a turnaround this afternoon as C. Buchholz (2-3) versus B. Duensing (2-1). As always, BE WELL. The page has been turned.


At 5/07/2011 9:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am upset.

At 5/08/2011 4:40 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Saturday was OK, thanks to Clay's coming back AFTER the rain delay and pitching tremendously. He did it right and saved the 'pen, at least for another day.



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