Sunday, May 08, 2011

Boston's Buchholz Great Before And After Rain Delay...Red Sox Win 4-0...SCUTARO Injured

Boston Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz started the game yesterday against the Minnesota Twins and was outstanding. Then the rains came for a two hour and seven minute visit. Buchholz knew two things...all his pitches were working and the Boston Red Sox bullpen had been left for dead after overwork. So he went down to the batting cage throughout the delay and tried to keep his arm warm. Hey, it worked! Here he is explaining it all...

"I was down there probably three, four times. Threw 20 pitches each time to stay loose. My feeling was I had to go out there. I didn't want to tax the bullpen any more than it was. A little game of awareness. Just trying to help out. I knew the guys had a rough couple of days."

Thank you , Clay. Behind the bat of Jacoby Ellsbury, the Red Sox shut out the Twinkies 4-0. As usual, there was bad news mixed in. Red Sox shortstop Marco Scutaro is injured. He hurt his left rib cage. Rib cage injuries are notoriously hard to access. Here's the latest announcement from The Globe's EXTRA BASES...

"Marco Scutaro was pinch hit for in the eighth inning today and is dealing with an injury to his left rib cage. According to a report by Sports Illustrated's Melissa Segura on Twitter, the Red Sox are considering calling up 21-year-old Jose Iglesias tomorrow. A Major League source has since told the Globe that Iglesias was "likely" to be added to the roster tomorrow. Iglesias was 3 for 4 for Class AAA Pawtucket this afternoon in Scranton, Pa., and is en route to Boston in case Scutaro is placed on the disabled list. reported that Scutaro isn't sure what the injury is. Iglesias is hitting .253 with a .278 on-base percentage and no extra-base hits in 24 games for the PawSox. But he is advanced defensively."

Iglesias is a future star, folks, but he's young and needs more "seasoning." What better place than Fenway Park to be seasoned? I know we don't want to rush him or anyone but it is what it is...we need him now. He'll be just fine, too. Watch his quick bat lash out hits.

It's Matsuzaka versus Carl Pavano this afternoon shortly after 1pm EDT. Enjoy it and please click on this post's title for more on last night's win. Thanks for stopping in, go Sox and as always, BE WELL.


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