Sunday, May 08, 2011

Matsuzaka Ends Up Going 6 Innings...Boston Red Sox 9-5 Winners Over Twins

After the first inning of the Boston Red Sox-Minnesota Twins game today, I didn't think Daisuke Matsuzaka would survive in a hail of self-destruction. He settled down and now in the bottom of the seventh inning at the Fens, it's 7-4 Red Sox. We're in good hands with the bullpen arms ready never know. Boston is hitting the ball right now all over the place. I'll have an update when we get to the ninth.

It's the ninth with Boston up 9-5. One out...Bard pitching and Jose Iglesias is making his major league debut at short. TWO outs with Bard looking sharp. The count...1-0..1-1. GAME OVER. I'll have a full wrap first thing in the morning.


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