Saturday, June 11, 2011

Boston Red Sox JUMP To 4-0 Lead Over Jays

That's right. We're at the end of 2 1/2 with the Jays coming up and it's 4-0 Red Sox. Lackey started out unpredictable and shaky. His recovery is not yet complete, not by a long shot, although Boston bats have made this far. Click on this post's title for up to the minute news and I'll be back every once in a while. Thanks...

It's the bottom of the fourth inning in Toronto and every John Lackey pitch seems to carry the weight of the world's problems, all of 'em, on its unpredictable path. He surrendered two runs and right now, going into the top of the fifth, it's 5-2 Good Guys. More later if I can.You can track what's going on up north by clicking on the title of this post. Thanks.

One out, top of the fifth and it's 6-2 Red Sox. Something tells me we're going to need EVERY one of those runs. Wait, a Jason Varitek line drive tater makes it 9-2, still one out. I feel better now. And even better. A three run Big Papi home run makes it 12-2. The Boston bullpen will come into play, rather quickly. I've almost put this one in the win column. If that will be the case, it would be eight in a row! If not...well, it has to!!! Lackey has thrown ninety pitches and he'll be gone after this frame finished. No drama, John.

Well, Lackey's back. There's one out after a single and a home run makes it 13-4. Two down as I conclude this post. One more out for Lacks to make it six innings total. He popped him out and that's it. 13-4 Sox going into the bottom of the sixth. Lackey was good enough and the bats were MORE than good enough. Barring a Boston bullpen disaster, I'll be back first thing in the morning.


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