Saturday, June 04, 2011

A Comeback Win By The Red Sox...Saturday's Red Sox Game An Afternoon Affair

Clay Buchholz was clearly struggling Friday night at Fenway Park in a game Boston had to claw themselves back from a first inning four run outburst by the Oakland A's. They did just that and won the contest by a score of 8-6, breaking their four game losing streak. Two runs in the seventh and one in the eighth carried the Sox to victory while the bullpen stymied the A's for the last four and one third innings. Boston starter Buchholz was only able to go four and two thirds innings, giving up eight hits and six runs. He has clearly not hit his "groove," not by a long shot. Hey Clay, it's June already! Carl Crawford had the BIG hit, a broken bat bases loaded single in the seventh frame that drove in the all important two runs. Here he is...

“That’s a big win for us considering we were behind twice."

Great job, Carl. ANY win is a big one when your team is on a four game skid. Adrian Gonzalez was the hits leader with three safeties. There is one thing worrying me deeply and that is this. Is Clay Buchholz injured in any way? He usually has everything worked out with his pitching mechanics by the first week of June but it just hasn't happened yet in 2011. With the pitcher injury plight that we're in the midst of, nothing could surprise me right now. Let's hope he's physically OK.

The start time of the Boston/Oakland game today (Saturday) has been moved up to 1:10pm EDT in accommodate those lucky fans who want to see both the Sox and the Bruin's nighttime playoff game. Good luck to those Bruins. I'm not an NHL fan, not since the Whalers went south, but the Bruins wear that Boston logo so I'll always root for them from afar. Go Bruins and this afternoon, go Sox!

I want to wish every one of you a great Saturday and a terrific weekend as the sun slowly rises before my eyes (yes, I can type on the keyboard and look out the sliding glass door at the same time). It's a beautiful sight. And so are you. Please click on this post's title to read and see all the highlights of last night's Fenway action and as always, BE WELL.


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