Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lackey Lacking Again...Padres 5 Red Sox 1

John Lackey stunk up Fenway Park Wednesday afternoon in a big way and he heard the fans' displeasure loudly. He was only able to muster 3 1/3 innings and gave up a whopping 5 runs. It was a thoroughly awful performance. The game was delayed 38 minutes by rain and there were also delays in the third, fifth and eighth innings, when it was finally called and rightfully so. Lackey's problems seemed related to the wet weather but both pitchers were saddled with that burden and look at the final score. Here's the Red Sox skipper, Terry "Tito" Francona...

“He went back out after the rain delay and just looked like he lost his feel. I don’t think the conditions were very good for either pitcher but he just lost his command and it cost us some runs.”

He cost us the game, Tito, but he's done it before and dammit, he'll do it again. Such is life. I have to make this post and tomorrow's post quickies because we're still having small family gatherings in my Mom's honor. Such is the custom of my religion. As most of you know, she passed on Sunday and we buried her on Tuesday.

A three game set with the Pittsburgh Pirates sans Willie Stargell (thank goodness) commences tonight. Here are the series match ups...

Fri. 24 at Pit** 7:05 PM ET NESN/ROOT** J. Lester (9-3) vs. P. Maholm (3-8)
Sat. 25 at Pit** 7:05 PM ET NESN/ROOT** J. Beckett (6-2) vs. J. Karstens (4-4)
Sun. 26 at Pit** 1:35 PM ET NESN/ROOT** T. Wakefield (4-2) vs. J. McDonald (5-4)

If ever there was a time for Jon Lester to step up, tonight's the night. Thanks for being here and click on this post's title for all the highlights and lowlights of a Wednesday Fenway Park afternoon. When you get there, look for a box that has the two team's circular emblems. That will get you to the 2 minute game highlights, which I watch every morning. You'll see it. The page has been turned (twice) and we'll be ready in Western Pennsylvania tonight. As always, BE WELL.


At 6/23/2011 12:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Lackey needs to go.
I sound like such a broken record.
John Lackey NEEDS to go.

At 6/24/2011 12:13 AM, Blogger SoccerGirl said...

Can't someone rip a line drive up the middle at him and take hime out for da season??? Better yet- TRADE HIM TO DA YANKEES!

At 6/24/2011 5:10 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Hear hear. We vote. All those in favor of taking him to NYC and leaving him in a garbage bag, say ay. All those not in favor, say nay. The ays have it unanimously. Thank you for making your vote count, ladies.

At 6/29/2011 10:21 PM, Blogger cssjones78 said...

LOL. Hear hear Peter N. It's the right place for him- grabage bag..LOL
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