Monday, June 27, 2011

Red Sox Avoid Sweep To Bucs...4-2 Boston

I have one thing to say before this keyboard starts spewing Boston Red Sox words. I fell asleep at nine or so and here's the problem. I wake up at 11pm and I can't go back to sleep! Those early before daylight hours are interminable. HELP!! Red Sox starter Andrew Miller seemed to be just what the doctor ordered Sunday as he led his team to a 4-2 win. He allowed five hits and one unearned run, The bullpen, in the form of Aceves, Bard and Papelbon, was goose egg perfect and the Sox move on to
Philadelphia, where a very good team plays. They're called the Phillies and here's the three game pitching match-ups...

Tue. 28 at Phi** 7:05 PM ET NESN/WB17 ** J. Beckett (6-2) vs. C. Lee (8-5)
Wed. 29 at Phi** 7:05 PM ET ESP2/CSN** J. Lackey (5-6 ) vs. V. Worley (2-1)
Thu. 30 at Phi** 1:05 PM ET NESN/CSN** J. Lester (9-4) vs. C. Hamels (9-4)

They sure have some great starting pitching, don't they. Game one will be Tuesday night after a much needed off day today. I hope Mr. Beckett will be good to go, too.

For a 26 game streak,right fielder JD Drew struggled mightily. There's been talk of pulling him out of the line up. But lately that productive hitter seems to be resurfacing. Here he is before yesterdays contest...

“Anytime you struggle, it’s nothing you want to go through. This has been kind of a head-scratcher, trying to find a rhythm and get that swing you’re looking for. But it’s there. I got in some bad habits early on. Sooner or later it will come around. Sometimes you over think the situation and try to change things, and I think I found myself doing that. I’ve tried to get back to what I’ve done throughout my career here and even before I got here, and that’s to keep it simple and be short and quick to the ball.”

Hey JD, I have faith in you. Keep scorching the ball. I have faith in you too, my constant readers. Please click on the post's title for more Soxy stuff and as always, BE WELL.


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