Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Tribute To Tim Wakefield

Tim Wakefield not only gives his heart out on the field, he does so off the field, too. This autographed lithograph looks great. Here is the entire release that was emailed to me...

Boston, MA (June 14, 2011) – “It was my father who first taught me how to throw the knuckleball when I was a boy…the pitch that would take me to the Majors and my 17th year with the Boston Red Sox,” said Wakefield. In honor of Father’s Day, Red Sox fans will receive a complimentary copy of Tim’s new book, Knuckler: My Life with Baseball's Most Confounding Pitch, with all Knuckled Under by Wakefield limited edition orders received by Father’s Day, June 19th.
Tim Wakefield, the first Red Sox Roberto Clemente award winner, and the famous Looney Tunes characters are featured in Knuckled Under by Wakefield, a Warner Bros.’ animation art tribute limited edition personally signed by Tim. Half the proceeds from the sale of this limited edition go directly to Tim’s favorite charity, New England’s Pitching in for Kids.
The Knuckled Under by Wakefield limited edition is available at The Home of Red Sox Nation at and at Orders received by June 19th will include Tim’s new book, Knuckler.
“I’m a big Warner Bros. fan. I used to watch the Bugs Bunny Comedy Hour every Saturday when I was a kid. Warner Bros. even included my favorite cartoon, ‘Goons Gone Batty,’ on the Green Monster,” added Tim. “I have the original art hanging in my home and it’s a great piece. I know you will enjoy it as much as I do!”
“We used the top Warner Bros. artists for this special tribute to Tim Wakefield and we are very proud of this limited edition,” said Knuckled Under by Wakefield art director Ruth Clampett, the daughter of the legendary Warner Bros. animation director Bob Clampett. “I have had the privilege of developing art pairing the irreverent Looney Tunes characters with many of the all-time greats in sports such as Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Wayne Gretzky, Derek Jeter and Drew Brees. It is a pleasure to now include in that group Tim Wakefield, the first MLB pitcher to be featured, whose reputation both on and off the field is respected and admired by so many.”
Each Knuckled Under by Wakefield fine art lithograph and hand-painted cel limited edition is personally signed by Tim, custom framed, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. For more information on this limited edition, and to see “Making the Art for Knuckled Under by Wakefield,” go to

To my readers. Please click on this post's title to see this amazing piece of art in Hi-Def. Thanks. OK, I have to write a post about game #1 in Tampa. Thanks.


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