Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lester Has It Going. A Trade Or Two? It Looks Like One..Boston 10 CWS 2..Losing CWS Streak Over

Good morning on this day after the Boston Red Sox FINALLY beat those pesky Chicago White Sox. The Pale Hose streak is over, dead as a doornail. This much is known to be true because it happened! I read a report published by the Boston Globe blog EXTRA BASES which read as follows...

"I'm here and staying here," Harden told reporters in Oakland tonight. "I'm happy to be part of this organization. I'm looking forward to starting Tuesday."

Yes, that's Rich Harden, who earlier last evening insisted he would be traded to Boston by next week. Conflicting reports breed questons so I'll just sit on this for an hour or two (or three) and get back to you with the outcome. Now, on to last night's 10-2 Sox victory...

Nothing like starting a Sunday morning with a little controversy. But there was no such thing last night at Fenway Park. A mix of Jon Lester at his best for eight innings coupled with five of the Sox players collecting double figures (Gonzo..3 hits, Pedey, Youk, Salty and Scootie all with 2 hits) did the spades. Boston scored 4 runs in the fifth inning and put every doubter to rest with five more in the ninth. That was the knife to the heart blow that took the breath away from Chicago...forever, at least for the rest of Saturday. I'll say it again...Jon Lester was hitting his spots and if nothing's bothering him he can do exactly that. Oh, what a relief it was!


This came in last night...

CHICAGO -- "The Red Sox, who have been in an exhaustive hunt for a starting pitcher before Sunday's 4 p.m. ET non-waiver Trade Deadline, thought they had their man. By the late innings of Saturday's 10-2 win over the White Sox, Boston's front office felt it was closing in on a deal that would have brought right-hander Rich Harden over in a trade with the Oakland Athletics.
But by the time the A's had finished their 8-3 win over the Twins, Harden told media members in Oakland that he wasn't being traded. Harden said that general manager Billy Beane informed him he would be making his next scheduled start for the A's on Tuesday. A source directly involved in the talks between the two teams confirmed Harden's account -- that the deal fell through. After reviewing Harden's medical records, the Red Sox were left unconvinced that the righty could get through the rest of the season healthy"

OK, well, that seems to put that plan to rest. For the Red Sox to turn down someone because he's not in good enough shape to perform is something Boston usually says "Oh, our medical guys will be able to get him back to feeling great." More often than not, that scenario never quite comes true so Harden must have a lot of little aches and pains or one fairly bad injury. The last thing this club needs is another starting pitcher pitching less than his capabilities allow him to because of an injury. So I think, without knowing all the particulars, Boston might have done a good thing here. WE NEED BUCHHOLZ BACK..soon!

One more trade was a successful one yesterday as KC infielder Mike Aviles was acquired for utility guy Navarro and minor league pitcher Kendal Volz. I'm not familiar with the latter. I will be soon, that I promise. But the important part of the trade duo of trades is that Harden is out and Aviles is in. If Rich Harden were to mosey on over to Boston, the Sox would have traded the much heralded Lars Anderson, a power first baseman. I think we have that position fairly well covered.

That's it for this morning, a still pre-dark last day of July. Wow, August already. August and September are the two final months of the 2011 regular season. This AL race should be enjoyable, so let's enjoy it. Today's game begins at 2:10pm EDT and the pitchers will be Andrew Miller (4-1) ready to face Mark Buehrle (8-5) Bring it on, Boston!! The Sox start a seven game home stand on Monday.They're coming back to mostly sunny but hot weather when they do.

That's all I have for you right now. Remember, click on the title of this post to see the fireworks from last night, enjoy your Sunday and as always, BE WELL. I'll see you soon, especially if there are any last minute trade deadline shenanigans.


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