Sunday, July 24, 2011

Saturday GOOD NEWS Part Two..The Red Sox Are In Seventh Heaven

It looked like the Seattle Mariners were finally going to break their 14 game losing streak. They were up against the Boston Red Sox by a score of 1-0. It was the bottom of the seventh and Josh Beckett, who was marvelous once again, had just walked off the mound for the last time. He had given up only one run through those seven frames but unless his team scored in the bottom of the inning, he would not be a part of the final decision. But have no fear! The seventh inning team was coming to bat with their last chance to reward Beckett with the victory. And guess what...they scored three runs to forge ahead 3-1. The Sox have outscored their 2011 opponents 90-32 in the seventh inning which, to me is amazing! Bard and Papelbon made short work of the Mariners from there and the Red Sox won the game. Here's Jacoby Ellsbury to talk about the magic seventh innings his team has had...

"Maybe the seventh inning is the time that we've seen the starting pitcher a couple times and he might be wearing down. It's kind of hard to pinpoint one exact thing, because there could be a reliever in there. But whatever the seventh is, we've been scoring runs in it."

Josh Becket was unbelievable yet again and it's becoming obvious to all of Red Sox Nation that he's back, back with a vengeance. If Jon Lester, who pitches on Monday night, has made similar recovery strides, Boston will have their fearsome fivesome intact except for Clay Buchholz. He's missed big time but Andrew Miller, inserted into the rotation when Lester and Buchholz went down, has been a worthy addition to the rotation. Here is Boston manager Tito Francona, who reviews Beckett's supremacy. The Sox win last night was victory number one thousand for our skipper. Here he is on reaching that milestone...

"I'm just glad to win any way. But yeah, I guess it felt good."

And here's the manager yet again speaking of his Saturday night pitcher...

"Beckett was tremendous. He's been like that every game, and he had to be that good, because Mariners starter Blake Beavan was terrific tonight. We plugged away. Because of the way Beckett pitched, it gave us a chance to have meaningful runs late."

And that he did. I don't want to minimize Blake Beavan's start last night. He was impressive, to say the least, but his team couldn't score more than a single run against Beckett and our two best relievers. The Yankees lost, so take a look at the numbers for the top two teams in the AL East...

Boston 61 37 .622
NY Yankees 58 40 .592 3 Games back

Today at 1:35pm EDT, it'll be Wakefield (5-3) up against Pineda (8-6) in the final game of the three game series with the Mariners. Then the KC Royals come in for four. Bring 'em on! Enjoy your Sunday, GO SOX and as always, BE WELL. You can click on this post's title for something about the Red Sox. I'm just about to decide where you'll be going on your link journey. Thanks for stopping in and I hope our team keeps it going, on and on and on. To me, they're the Energizing Bunnies. Have a great Sunday.


At 7/24/2011 2:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay. Let's live blog together. It will be like those annoying announcers. Except not as annoying. And with better clothing choices.

At 7/24/2011 3:26 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

Ha Ha. That's what we're doing but I have to dash back and forth. I set up a mirror so I can see the TV from an angle.


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