Friday, July 22, 2011

Theo On Jacoby..Lester Ready For Monday

This is for you, my Constant Readers, and for Lauren who writes a fantastic Red Sox blog called TOO SOXY FOR MY SHIRT. Look for it on my link list ((second from the top) and stop there every day. I know I do...she's funny! Lauren expressed her worries yesterday about the Red Sox doing something dumb and parting with Jacoby Ellsbury. Lauren, enjoy. Don't worry, be happy. This one's for you from the Boston Globe's EXTRA BASES. Theo is the one who shows us all his intentions below...

"On signing Jacoby Ellsbury long term: Yeah, I think with all of our young players that we see as core members of our organization that is something we are interested in. We certainly see Jacoby as that. This certainly isn’t the right forum to talk about it as conversations are always between closed doors, but it is not a secret that we have sat down and tried in the past and tried to lock Jacoby up in the past, and we will sit down in the future and try and do it again at the appropriate time. He is somebody that we have believed in as a core, young member in the organization that we look to keep around.
We have certain organizational standards that have to be met, and we have worked hard to keep those standards with Pedroia and Youkilis and Lesters of the world, so we’d love to one day announce that Jacoby will be with this organization for a long time and this is where he should be and we see him as a core guy.
Translation: The Red Sox would need to buy back at least one year of free agency and have an option for another to make a deal with Ellsbury. Basically a contract for 2012, '13 and '14 (his first free agent year) with an team option for '15 and maybe '16, too. Given that Ellsbury is represented by Scott Boras, good luck with that."

I'm back. I just have a good feeling Boston will lock up our center fielder for a long time, Boras or no Boras. Feel better, Lauren? I know I do. Oh, I almost forgot. Jon Lester threw a bullpen session yesterday and proclaimed himself fit and ready for his Monday start against the KC Royals. Boston opens up a seven game home stand tonight with three against the Mariners. Here are the pitching match ups...

Fri. 22 Sea 7:10 PM ET** ROOT/NESN** J. Lackey (7-8) vs. F. Hernandez (8-8)
Sat. 23 Sea 7:10 PM ET** ROOT/NESN** J. Beckett (8-3) vs. B. Beavan (1-1)
Sun. 24 Sea 1:35 PM ET** TBS/NESN** T. Wakefield (5-3) vs. M. Pineda (8-6)

The NY Yankees lost 2-1 last night so our AL East lead is an even two games. I like those pitching match ups, I like being back at Fenway, which will be hot as an oven this evening and I like the fact that the team you and I love are hotter than the weather. Hey John Lackey, we need another good start from you.

I hope you're all happy, don't forget to visit the blog TOO SOXY FOR MY SHIRT, click on this post's title for more of everything Sox and as always, BE WELL. Lauren, don't worry. Jacoby will be with the club for a long, long time (or Theo is an idiot). We all know he's not.


At 7/22/2011 8:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scott Boras is evil. I've got both eyes on him...

At 7/22/2011 1:00 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

I've always felt this way but in this case, Theo etc. are hell bent on signing Jacoby for the long term. Two or three years from now most people, including Red Sox Nation members, will know he's one of the best there is.

Lauren, thanks for your mention today. Pete.


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