Monday, July 25, 2011

Wakefield Gets 2,000th Strikeout and 199th Win In The Red Sox 12-8 Win

Tim Wakefield struck out the 2,000th batter of his career and won his 199th game overall as the Sox completed a sweep of the Mariners. The final score was 12-8 for the Red Sox, the best hitting team in baseball. In all, Wakes was able to go 6 1/3 innings and gave up ten hits and seven runs. Aceves finished things up effectively with 2 2/3 innings of three hit one run work. Here's Timmy himself, who received a well deserved standing ovation when he recorded that HUGE strikeout...

"I'd like to have that seventh inning back, but it is what it is. I was very fortunate that we were able to score 12 runs today, which made it a lot easier. That last inning was just pitching to the scoreboard, trying to get through that inning as quickly as possible. I made one bad pitch. I've been fortunate this year to pitch as well as I have. The last couple starts haven't been that great, but they've been good enough. I'm fortunate to be on a great team, and I've been able to get some wins here and there."

Timmy was fun to watch but he did give up a ton of base hits. His team's bats rescued him and every one of us who craved a victory. Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and Salty collected three hits each and Big Papi, Jacoby Ellsbury and Josh Reddick all had two hit games. The entire team had seventeen hits. To say the Mariners pitching staff, starters and relief guys, are porously mediocre describes them exactly. I'm not being mean, I'm just typing what I saw. We all saw it! Now the Yankees, who won their game last night to keep us three games ahead in the AL East, have the pleasure of playing them for a three game set with an off day on Thursday. Us? The KC Royals come in for four with no day off this week. Now, on to tonight's game.

Everyone's attention will be on our co-ace, Jon Lester. He makes his first start after being sidelined with an injury. Here's Jon...

“We’ve tested it enough. I’ve had plenty of long toss, so it’s definitely not something that’s on my mind. I wouldn’t go out there if it was still bugging me. It wouldn’t be smart.’’

He's ready. Red Sox Nation is excited and the sky's the limit as to how far this 2011 Boston Red Sox team will go.To me, the importance of the game cannot be exaggerated. Enjoy it. The game will be played in Boston so the starting time is the familiar 7:10pm EDT. May the force be with them.

You can click on this post's title for more and I thank you for stopping in. As always, BE WELL. GO SOX!! Happy Monday!


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