Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wakefield Throws A "Not Good Enough" Gem...Denied Victory #200..For Now

Tim Wakefield last night at Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts, pitched a gem, a beauty that on most nights would have earned him his 200th win, and with good reason. Boston lost to The Pale Hose by a score of 3-1. Over seven innings, Wakes only surrendered three hits and three runs before the bullpen came on and kept the score the same. The only problem? His opponent pitched better. Over seven innings, Gavin Floyd gave up the same three hits but allowed only one run to cross the plate. 8 out of ten times, Wakes would have won this game. But last night? No. The White Sox catcher, AJ Pierzynski, sees different pitchers every day so he's the first up with his analysis of Wakefied's signature pitch...

"That was the best knuckleball I've seen him throw since I've watched him, and I've faced him a whole bunch. It was just dropping, every one, and moving left, right, up and down. People don't understand how hard it is to that. They look up and they see 65 mph and they don't really realize how hard it is to actually hit that thing."

It's like trying to hit a baseball-sized frisbee that is curling in, moving back and forth and up and down towards you. Here's Pedey with his observation...

"He did a great job. He was locating his fastball, he was locating his cutter. Sometimes you just have to tip your cap."

And lastly, the Boston leader of the band, Tito Francona...

"He was great. He gave up three hits, unfortunately one stayed up to Pierzynski and it leaves the ballpark. The way their guys pitched, it was too much. But he was terrific."

That one to Pierzynski doomed us, but only for that one game. The NY Yankees were nice enough to lose, too. I thank them with a bow and a smirk and a few muttered words under my breath, none of them nice.

We have another game this evening at 7:10pm EDT. On the mound for the Boston Red Sox will be J. Lester (10-4) versus the hurler for Chicago, P. Humber (8-6) The White Sox can take their hot "deep dish" pizza and sit on 'em. That's one way of warming them up before the customer starts working on it. Oh, back to the subject at hand. The Sox will take this one tonight.
I'm pretty darn sure of it.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful Saturday as some of us wait for that 7:10pm tilt. Until then, click on this post's title for more on the game with videos and as always, BE WELL. This is my 3010th post so I hope I'm still doing something right after these 5 1/2 years. I'll always love the Sox but I won't always be blogging. But have no fear, there IS no end in sight, God willing. Not right now. Now let's go out and WIN ONE FOR ME, guys, and one for you, my Constant Readers. We're a team..remember?

Enjoy your Saturday. Thanks for being here. That comes from the heart.


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