Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You Can't Win 'Em All...Birds 6 Boston 2

Given the nature of the universe, one thing is abundantly can't win 'em all. That proved to be the case last night as the Baltimore Orioles took the middle game of the three game set. The final score was 6-2 winged ones. Adrian Gonzalez is still mired in his slump. He has two hits in his last twenty at bats. I hope he didn't alter his magic swing or hurt himself beause of the Home Run Derby at the All Start game. Here's his analysis...

“Timing. Just getting ready late, not recognizing pitches and swinging at pitches that I normally wouldn’t swing at. Chasing sliders down in the zone, which I usually take, no problem. And when I get a pitch, I foul it off. That’s all it is. It’s not a big deal.”

Let's hope he figures it out and comes back to form. Boston's Kyle Weiland took the loss with three earned runs given up over his six innings. The usually reliable Aceves pitched the last two frames and gave up another trio of tallies. Not a good performance. He'll be gone from the rotation come next week when, thank goodness, Jon Lester will be back and leave us with this rotation...Lester, Beckett, Wakefield, Lackey and not Buchholz but Miller. There is STILL no good news on Buchholz. Backs are temperamental to say the least. Here's the Boston catcher, whose nickname is Salty, with his mini-review of the Baltimore pitcher...

“For me, Guthrie was pounding the zone. He was throwing strikes. It was just a matter of balls falling in. We just didn’t score many runs tonight. We put up 15 last night, two tonight. That’s just the way it goes.”

Salty's correct but it doesn't hurt any less. He hit a line drive home run during the game but two runs can never beat three, much less six. At least the Yankees joined the Sox in defeat. Misery loves company but it's never a cause of misery when the pin stripers go down. In fact, that brings a smile to my face every single time. It's day baseball today a few minutes after 1pm EDT and as the game goes on, it's going to be downright hot and humid, especially in the direct sunlight, and getting worse by the minute. If you have seats in the shade or are watching the game at home with great air conditioning, you're a lucky baseball fan, no matter which team you'll be rooting for.

I hope your Wednesday will be a great one. On the mound will be Arrieta and Miller. Remember, it's a day game and then our team jets to Fenway where a day off welcomes them on Thursday and a seven game Fenway home stand awaits them starting Friday. You can click on this post's title for more and as always and forever, BE WELL. Go Sox...we need this one. thanks.


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