Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Another Lackey Problematic Start

Monday night at Fenway Park brought a different American League foe for the Boston Red Sox, the Cleveland Indians. They can hit the heck out of ball. So can we but last night was their night to shine...temporarily. Our turn tonight, and the night after and on and on.

John Lackey started and provided another eh (!) start and the Boston Red Sox lost by a score of 9-6 to the power happy Cleveland Indians. Even Bard had his scoreless relief streak broken. Here's our skipper, Tito Francona...

"He's going to give up runs at some point. That's why we took him out -- so we can get him right back out there tomorrow. Not waste his pitches when we're down. Again, same thing, he tried to get a slider under the lefty and didn't quite get it there."

And Bardie, what say you...

"For sure. Start a new streak tomorrow. I don't care about it. It went longer than I probably ever expected it could. I'm about helping the team win, and tonight I didn't do that. Streak or no streak, I've just got to move forward."

Danny eventually HAD to give up an earned run at some point. Now, it's out of his system. I'm sorrow but I have to run. I'll give you all I have to give a little later. Thanks.


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