Monday, August 01, 2011

A Clay Buchholz Bulletin...Not Good

This was just released...

"Clay Buchholz, who's been out six weeks, is suffering from a stress fracture in his lower back, according to a person with knowledge of the situation. It's unlikely that Buchholz will pitch again this season, though a return in the postseason has not entirely been ruled out yet. Buchholz, whose last start was June 16, is scheduled to see noted back specialist Dr. Thomas Watkins in Los Angeles Monday. But Watkins will likely only confirm what has already been diagnosed. No surgery is required for a stress fracture, which is usually healed with rest and treatment."

Here's Red Sox GM Theo Epstein with sobering comments...

"Clearly, we have some concern for Clay. It's been almost a couple of months now, which is longer than we expected it to be. We're still awaiting some more feedback and another opinion. I think we have a feel for what may be going on, but Clay is seeing another expert to get his opinion, then we're all going to put our heads together this week. I'll refrain from answering in too much detail until we have a chance to talk to Clay and we all have a chance to talk things through. Clearly any time a pitcher of his caliber isn't on the mound for a while and throws a side as he did on Monday but then can't necessarily back it up with another side and getting out there on a rehab assignment, there's some concern."

I'm concerned enough to try and learn more about this and wait for the latest Bedard stats. Hope to see you soon, Clay, but if there's a broken bone, all timetables cannot be accurate. Best wishes. GO LACKEY. GO SOX and click on this post's title for more on Bedard. Thanks.


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