Monday, August 29, 2011

For What It's Worth...

Theo Epstein was involved in a big way with Boston's acquisition of Adrian Hernendez. The Padres coveted our center fielder, Jacoby Ellsbury. Now he's turned himself into an irreplaceable cog in the Red Sox offensive attack and their defense. Imagine the Sox without Jacoby. I don't even want to go there. Here's reliever Daniel Bard...

“A lot different. Who’d be playing center field for us? We’d probably have had to go sign someone else, or maybe Cam (Mike Cameron) would still be here. Jacoby’s the sparkplug for our offense. You could say he’s been our most consistent guy all year. He had a really good spring training, maybe a little bit of a slow April, and he’s pretty much been on fire ever since.”

So thank you,Theo Epstein. You did good.

The hurricane tracked just to the west of where I live but unbelievably, my power stayed on with nary a flicker. For that, I'm thankful. What I'm not thankful for is the lack of ingress and egress. (I can't go anywhere until tomorrow because the road I live on is underwater. So I'm stuck here. Don't get me wrong. The fire department came yesterday and they knocked on every door to tell the people living here that Town Farm Road and route 4 are underwater. They told me things should be back to normal tomorrow. I have my two kinds of insulin here but one of them needs to be refrigerated. I have plenty of food and drink and I'll be fine until tomorrow morning. The river that keeping me penned in is the Farmington river, a tributary of the Connecticut river. Oh well, you can't fight Mother Nature.

On that note, I'll say goodbye. As always, stay safe. Thanks.


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