Thursday, August 04, 2011

Mr.Walk Off Jacoby Ellsbury

It was Jacoby Ellsbury night Wednesday at Friendly Fenway as he stole the show with a walk-off home run. The final score was 4-3 Red Sox. Here's Big-Papi on our future and FOREVER star...

"Dude, he's good, He's learning how to play the game. Everything comes down to a lot of hard work and experience, and that's what he's taking advantage of right now. He's a guy that's always asking questions,"

Timmy Wakefield started the game but was denied his 200th victory. That's too bad because he pitched OK. It's just half the big bats took the day off. Here's Adrian Gonzalez with a comment...

“That’s baseball. Hopefully we can get it for him the next time he’s out there. He’s deserved to win the last two times and hopefully we can get it done for him next time.’’

I hope so too, Agonz. All in all, it was an enjoyable game. Believe me, I was in mid-air when Ells crushed that ball. And today brings us another Red Sox game Enjoy. My fingers aren't working in conjunction with my brain. I guess that would be called feeling "under the weather." Boy, do I As always, BE WELL.


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