Sunday, August 28, 2011

Red Sox Grab Two Wins On Saturday.. 9-1 & 4-0..Yankees/ Baltimore Sunday Doubleheader Has Been Cancelled

The Boston Red Sox had a great but rain-delayed day while capturing two wins yesterday against Oakland at Fenway Park in Boston. The first game's final score was 9-1 Sox for the Lester win and 4-0 for the Bedard outing. The only reason Bedard was denied a victory was another rain delay. That's too bad but I'm very happy he's part of the Boston starting quintet. For a number five guy, he's pitching well. So today, you must pick something other than baseball to spend your lazy afternoon with. Here's Boston's manager, Tito Francona...

“We’ll use it (two days off) to our advantage. That’s what we always try to do. We were really fortunate the way it worked out. Now we can let the guys regroup because they’re going to need to. This has been a long haul here.”

Yes, after a couple days off today and Monday, the Yankees will invade Fenway Park. With yesterday's Red Sox double whammy over Oakland, they are a full 2 games ahead of their New York rivals. Let's keep it there. Or more!

“It’s always a big series,” David Ortiz said of the impending matchup. “We always play to win so it’s always good.”

I have to run. No, I don't have anywhere to go (we're not supposed to be on the roads) but I do have to do a full house walk-through coming up right now. The winds have picked up and as soon as the sun makes its first appearance, I'll have an update.
It's still pitch dark outside. So be safe today. If you live in the northeast, as I do, you know you have to be careful. They just said the hurricane's landfall will be right around the previously announced 11 am EDT. So sit tight (or sleep well) until then. You can click on this post's title for more Sox news and as always, be careful, be well. If you have any questions, just leave yours as a comment and I'll answer it, IF we have electricity. I have a funny feeling we're not going to lose it. As always, BE WELL, my Constant Readers. What would I do without you? Don't forget to get in touch with me through the comment sections of every post and as always, BE WELL.


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