Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Sounds Of Silence For Boston Bats

The Sounds Of Silence is a great Simon & Garfunkel tune, a giant hit in its day. But you never want to hear it if you're a Boston Red Sox fan and the words described the Red Sox bats last night in tough Texas. Sox starting pitcher Eric Berdard pitched good enough to win except for a three run sixth inning home run. Until then, Bedard was pitching well but three runs are three more than the zero Boston tallied. The final score, by the way, was 4-0 Rangers. Here's Bedard's catcher, Jarrod Saltalamacchia...

“Trying to throw it (that pitch) up. Trying to get him to pop up or miss it. I just tried to throw a good pitch and tried to get him out, and he got it out."

Red Sox manager Tito Francona has further praise for their pitcher, CJ Wilson...

"His stuff is just filthy, and when we've had our full lineup, he's gone through us. I don't know that you can make an excuse. He's got a lot of good pitches and he went right through us. We had a couple of chances, but then he made really good pitches."

So that's the way it was Monday night in Arlington, Texas. A good pitching effort was beaten by a better one. Even with three starters out of the Boston lineup, they've been scoring enough runs to win 55% of their games.Unfortunately, if that trend continues and we do get two of those three players back SOON, we'll be the American Wild Card entry or better. We all want to win the AL East and be done with it. The last five plus weeks of this 2011 series will not go by quickly. That I'm pretty sure of.

Here are the pitching match-ups for games two and three of this four game series...

Tue. 23 at Tex** 8:05 PM ET NESN/FxSW** J. Lackey (11-9) vs. C. Lewis (11-8)
Wed. 24 at Tex** 7:05 PM ET ESP2/FxSW** J. Beckett (10-5) vs. M. Harrison (10-8)
Thu. 25 at Tex **8:05 PM ET NESN/FxSW** A. Miller (5-1) vs. A. Ogando (12-5)

May the force guide us to victory. Hey, we need all the help in the world we can get at this juncture of 2011. Please don't forget to click on this post's title for more video and print about last night's wipeout loss and as always and forever, BE WELL.


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