Saturday, August 27, 2011

That Was Yesterday, Yesterday's Gone...Oakland 15 Boston 5

I'm happy this type of games, score wise, are so few and far between with this club from Boston. The final score? 15-5 Oakland A's over the Boston Red Sox. It was a combination of things, every one of them not good for the Sox. But I want to make this post short and dwell on the doubleheader scheduled for today. Jon Lester will be starting for the Red Sox ready to face Moscoso. Here are the statistics for both upcoming game. Weather wise, game one should be OK, game two is still a question sign. But at least they have a CHANCE to play it. If the powers that be decided to play the evening game tomorrow, there wouldn't be a chance to play it. Nice.

Sat. 27 Oak **12:05 PM ET CSCA/NESN **J. Lester (13-6) vs. G. Moscoso (6-7)...12 noon
Sat. 27 Oak **5:05 PM ET CSCA/NESN** E. Bedard (4-9) vs. TBA

Two great games for an ever-darkening late summer day into night. I really hope the two teams, in game two, can get in at least 6 quality innings as well as the nine plus in game one but right now, I don't think that scenario will play out. Why? I'm just looking at the timeline. The Red Sox want to win both of these games. Last night, the NY Yankees also lost, so Boston's place in the AL East has been preserved for game one at least. Again, if you're planning to go to game one, you'll have no weather problems at all. Game two? That could get a little complicated. Today, we'll take it one game at a time. Game one begins at noon at Fenway with the skies, slate gray and getting darker, holding off dropping their loads. But WHO REALLY KNOWS? Does anybody really know what time it is? I'm sure there's someone somewhere that that information. If not, CONSTANT Readers, GUESSTIMATE.

I'll talk to you tomorrow first thing in the morning unless the hurricane God makes a personal visit here. As always, BE WELL. If you're in the mid-Atlantic coastal region visiting us. Make it go away! Just kidding. GO SOX...TWICE. Again, in my opinion, that second game looks more and more iffy but it's only 6:11am here and in Boston so the grounds crew will work hard for the playing field to be ready for a game two.

Have a great day and please, enjoy the games. After yesterday's wipeout the Red Sox will be trying extra hard to win both games today. Hmm...that's it for me! Click on this post's title for more Sox stuff. Thanks.


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