Monday, August 01, 2011

What A Month July Was For The Boston Red Sox

It was an OK game Sunday at Fenway Park as the Boston Red Sox defeated the Chicago White Sox by a score of 5-3. The game concluded the best July this ancient team has ever known. Andrew Miller survived his start with a little help from his bullpen friends. Number one, notably, was Alberto Aceves, who will STAY in the Boston 'pen now that a new Red Sox pitcher has been acquired. More on that later. Miller, who makes me SO VERY nervous with his erratic pitching (I almost didn't even enjoy the game but yesterday, I hung in there), was throwing SO many pitches, some so good and some I wanted to turn my head in disgust. But in the top of the seventh, Dustin Pedey Pedroia came though yet again. He screamed a two run single and those were the winning runs. Here Tito Francona is...

"Pedey, as normal, comes up with a huge, clutch hit, and we hung on with some good pitching. I have to keep it rolling. We don't have that big of a lead in the division, so we've got to play good baseball."

We're home now to play the Cleveland Indians for four big ones. Here's everything you'll need to know...

Mon. 1 Cle 7:10 PM ET** ESPN/NESN** J. Lackey (9-8) vs. J. Tomlin (11-5)
Tue. 2 Cle 7:10 PM ET** STOh/NESN** J. Beckett (9-4) vs. D. Huff (1-1)
Wed. 3 Cle 7:10 PM ET** STOh/NESN** T. Wakefield (6-4) vs. C. Carrasco (8-9)
Thu. 4 Cle 7:10 PM ET** STOh/NESN** J. Lester (11-4) vs. J. Masterson (8-7)

I'll be back with all the news of the newest Red Sox pitcher, ERIC BEDARD. See you then and don't forget to click on this post's title Thanks. See you in a couple of hours.


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