Friday, September 02, 2011

NY Yankees 4 Boston Red Sox 2..A CLUNKER

Jon Lester ran out of gas after just five innings, but left with a 2-1 lead en route to a 5-2 Red Sox loss. There were over 350 thrown, and many were ugly. They can't ALL go your way and this win surely didn't. NY takes the series 2 games to one and I expected so much more. But it was not to be, not even close. I'll have a full wrap-up later today. Thanks. Click on this post's title for more on the game. Jon threw 151 pitches in these innings

Here's Boston manager Terry Francona...

"Long games -- we're all tired. Tonight, we just didn't swing the bats that well. We move on and try to win tomorrow."

It was a long time coming and the loss was inevitable. It's as if the writing was on the wall before the final pitch was thrown. Maybe it was.

It's bye bye time. I'll be back in a few hours. I thank you for coming in.


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