Saturday, September 03, 2011

Texas Tops Red Sox 9-0... OUCH!!

Andrew Miller gave up six runs in the first 1 1/3 innings Friday night. The Sox never recovered, and fell out of first place. That THUD was nice. While in first and we''ll be there again. I feel it deep in my heart. It's only one game between the Yankees and and the Sox. We need a pitcher (Lester) to become more consistent. Yes, Jon has a few disappointing games on his resume. He hasn't been as winningly consistent as he was as recently as a couple of months ago. He didn't pitch yesterday, it was just an example. Andrew really brought his team to their knees. Helpless. These are the games that seem pre-set. It was just one guy.

Today, they play against Texas. It'll be Boston vs. Texas in an evening game. We need to string together a few victories and get our confidence and batting prowess together. Also click on this post's title to hear and see more about it all. I thank you for popping in and as always, BE WELL. THANKS.


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