Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Centerfield Story Runnin' Round My Brain...If I Don't Let the Words Out I'll Go Insane.

WOW!! Murry Ch(ASS)'s column in today's N.Y. Times rang a bell. Several hundred of them. Titled " Yanks may go on instinct with Jeter in center", it quotes the Reuters article, which was written by one Larry Fine. Now if you know me or have read my stuff, there is only ONE Larry Fine, he of the trio Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Jerome (Curley) Howard, otherwise known as the 3 Stooges. How fitting. Then the column goes on to quote Bobby Murcer, who states his case for Jeter moving to center, Arod BACK to shortstop, and buying the services of our beloved Billy Mueller to play 3rd. Don't believe me? Go to the Times website. Murcer and Mr. ChASS then go on to say how perfect Jeter's baseball instincts are suited to play the outfield, which in many ways I agree with. The guy can use the leather to catch up with that round stitched thing and toss it to wherever is neccesary, and he can do it better than most ballplayers. Jere, take note....the guy is good. You and I both know that. But this is something that will never happen. Just the fact that Mr. ChASS has written about the move after Joe Torre scoffed at the idea after he was misquoted is funny in itself. But the writer, he of the wild and balding hair and the victim of too many slaps to the head, insists he quoted Joe Torre correctly. If this was April 1st, I could completely understand this. But it's NOT!!! Oh well, I will chalk this one up to unintended comic relief. And this post is dedicated to Amy, of bat girl fame, for reasons that are clear to me and not to you. And on that note, I will say......woo woo woo woo woo woo in my best Curly impression, and fade slowly into the night. He takes a bow and leaves the stage to thunderous applause, or not.

Oh Reuters Reuters.GET IT RIGHT!

It seems that the worldwide Reuters News Service misinterpreted one of Joe Torre's comments that made it seem, and comicly so, that either Arod or Jeter would be considered to play centerfield. See 2 posts ago for my take and reaction. Well, they didn't get it right. I guess their reporter skipped his daily English class and failed to grasp Skipper Joe's use of the word "not," a long and complicated word that is more evidence of the confusing nature of the English language. I forgive said reporter, mostly because it gave me a chuckle.
I see today that the Yanks are close to signing the righthander Farnsworth, who I am not that familiar with other than his playing time last year as the Braves closer. He was successfull in his 10 save chances with an ERA of 1.98. He has gas. He can hit 100 MPH but as with most pitchers with gas, he can be prone to wildness, which will be further magnified as soon as he puts on those unlucky and intimidating pinstripes and pitches before the surly but polite, informed but dumb, violent but drunk and crazy Yankee fans. Plus he's coming from the National League, but I put less credence in that fact. A pitcher is a pitcher. He might be facing tougher lineups without the DH, as will our Josh, but if he has the goods (not,we hope), he has 'em. Also it seems that the Yanks are looking for a lefty specialist named Myers, our Myers. I hope the Sox can thwart those attempts.
As for Tommy Gordon, if used correctly and NOT signed to a too long contract, he could be a good addition for us. Most of these questions will be answered before Christmas, if not before Chanuka. Certainly by 3 King's Day. Until then, in the spirit of these holidays, let us pray for a good outcome and a bat to replace Manny if need be.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

An 8500 Calorie Sandwich...YES!!

Use this link and see for your own eyes. Does it look good to you?

Excuse Me While I Kiss the Sky.

Two other noteworthy additions to my blog faves, as brought to my attention by Jere. BSM, located at , and Empyreal Environs, at . Good people all.

Yankee Frowns. Red Sox Smiles. It's Alright Ma!

The Yankees "stand back and let it all be" stance this off season has become fun to watch. They have Sturtze and Rivera in the bullpen That'll scare you. They need a backup catcher. They need a centerfielder. THEY NEED A BULLPEN. Just this morning I heard on the sports report that Joe Torre is toying with the idea of moving AROD or JETER into centerfield. Damon's price is sky high. Now I agree with that. $12 mill. a year for 5 plus years is too much. Maybe he'll take the 4 for $40 mill. that we should offer him. But watching either of those 2 players patroling the stadium's center field would be almost as entertaining as watching Harold Lloyd dangling from the hands of a clock 500 feet in the air. Also it was said this morning that Carl Pavano IS happy, and will be returning to New York. Wow, how magnanimous of him! I'll follow the Yankees comedic adventures as they use Band Aids and duct tape to paste together their pitching rotation and maybe use some black magic to conjure up a bullpen. The Red Sox have a ways to go to be a finished product, ready for spring training. The Yankees need several miracles. I pity the fools.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Of Friends Who I Have or Have Not Met. They are Dear to Me.

On this Sunday morning, I'd like to pass on the the addresses of some of my blogging friends who keep me informed, entertained, and just generally happy. YES! A blog can do all that. Try these and see. First, there's Reb at You want emotion with great info, she has it. Then there is Jere, an enigma but a fountain of knowledge and insight and downright fun. He is at Next up, batting 3rd, is the all-knowing Andrew, at . Encyclopedic stuff. I like to read the folks at for hard hitting and accurate info that we Sox fanatics actually live on. Then there is Sam. There are no words for Sam. Just go! She is Blue eyed and mother Amy, up in Maine but with Boston in her heart, can be found at . And the Witchy Woman herself is at
Of course, all these should be listed under my links, but look to your right (on the screen, not in the room). I have yet to master the simple accomplishment of putting them up here, in my blog. But I'm sure all of the above cherished people know that the links are there, I just haven't figured out of to un-invisible them. That's enough for now. I thank every darn one of you for stopping in, and for Jere, thanks so much for the mention. Jere is someone who can and does take an everyday on the street incident and turn it into great read, not to mention his directorial prowess with his short visual movies. Happy and healthy holiday season to each and every one of you, and a great Sunday of crackling fires and maybe some football. Winning football.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Black Friday, an Ace, a 3rd Baseman, and the Mota. And Theo's Last Parting Words to Papelbon on Where He Will Pitch - Pen or Rotation.

Well, what a nice holiday surprise. No hitches, bumps or evemtual bruises as this trade is a done deal. Mota, if he can regain his form of a couple years ago, will be, with Mike Timlin, the bridge to get to a Foulkie rejuvenated and effective with a few more miles per hour on his fastball to set up his change-up, poorly disguised last year. Of course, that's in a perfect world. We shall see. This will put Jonathon Papelbon in the contest to join the younger now (thank you) rotation. Now hear this.... Theo Epstein's last words to Papelbon before the debacle of his departure and as they were passing each other in the locker room was to get ready and be in shape for the rotation next year. JP retold this himself in a late night ESPN radio interview after the players were picking up their stuff before dispersing for the year. heard by me at 3am one night I woke up and couldn't fall to sleep. I know we have a glut (gulp) of starting pitchers, but he would seem such a great choice for number 3 starter behind Beckett and Curt, and before Wake and Clemente. And that is what Theo envisioned. So, go Moto go, and let JP earn his way into the rotation without being pulled in 2 different directions at one. THIS IS KEY.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

A White Thanksgiving.

Look, up in the sky. It's a bird, it's a plane. No, it's a shitload of snowflakes. Well, Happy white Thanksgiving. Live long and prosper.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Gobble Gobble Gobble.

Those were the first words I heard this morning upon awakening. My pet turkey Tom Tom was hungry, and I was running late and hadn't fed him his kibble yet. I know having a turkey as an in-house pet is a little strange, and that's why I've kept it quiet here while commenting on you good people's various Sox blogs. He's a joy. Since my whole family is out of the country for the holiday (they tried to go as far as they could), it's just Tom Tom, me, and my beloved cat. What an odd threesome, but we are great together. Separate us, and you get the norm. But together, in one place, magic happens. That's EXACTLY what they said about the Beatles and the recording studio. MAGIC HAPPENS!
Happy Thanksgiving to all who had the pleasure (or pain) of reading this post, and enjoy the long weekend while you eat to your heart's delight. When final word on the Beckett/Lowell trade comes down, the three of us will be right here, ready to report the nuances of the story.
So for Tom Tom, Baby Cakes, and me, see ya!!!

A Voice From the D.R.

Well, now it's official, at least in my eyes and probably in yours, too. Our Big Papi, David Ortiz, has spoken from the Dominican Republic and his subject was our quirky left fielder-DH, Manny. It now appears that Manny will be Manny out on the West coast. Papi seems to have accepted it. So must we. Essential in the upcoming trade is to procure a bat to protect Papi in the lineup. Yes, we need a cleanup hitter, or a number five if they move Papi to cleanup. We shall see.
More on the Beckett possible trade later, as we wait for the physicals to take place and the official sweet announcement to be made.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

When the Rain Comes They Run and Hide Their Heads.

Just in time for the holidays comes news that Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell might be joining the club, with Hanley and Anibal bidding adieu. I will let this play out until its conclusion, but I must say I will miss Billy Mueller, our infield MVP the last 2 years, if he decides to go elsewhere. Beckett, who has been a victim of the dreaded DLBS disease (that's Derrick Lowe Blister Syndrome for you out there that are medically challenged), has an ERA averaging 3.46 over his career, and Lowell has a 5 year average of 25 home runs and 95 runs batted in. Who knows what happened last year. Said to be a pull hitter, the wall will either help him or not. Gee, that's profound. On that note, with the sun behind the clouds and still below the horizon , I swear I can hear some of you snoring, so I'll let this possible trade run around inside my head and be back later to comment.
Happy Tuesday AM people!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Sticky Fingers and flakes.

I was thinking earlier today about shelving this blog, waiting until b'ball gets cranked up. But I changed my not made-up mind. Thanks to an email and the quality (I hope. At least it was automatic to write) of my last post, I'm sticking, as the title suggests. Pass it on, he says with a smile that would freeze deers in its brilliance. Oh, and one feature that will be featured here when circumstances warrant, the complete and accurate forecast and tracking of any serious major winter storm to come our way. That's New England and Jere so far. He has his own region. That might be good for all of us. And I'm not forcasting for Amy up in Maine. New England is a fickle place to fortell the weather.

Speed Kills, or Gets You a Base.

2006, ah yes. The season that will be remembered for, among other things, the new set of penalties for steroids. But much less publicised are the new penalties for Greenies, Prellies, also known as amphetamines or SPEED. We all know speed, the easiest way to get a traffic ticket. In no way related to the basic thrust of this post, but Peter news nonetheless, I finally, after 9 years, got a speeding ticket. Was I going too fast ? Well, yes, according to the speed limit of 40 MPH. I was going 52, but I was travelling on a road that has had more than its share of tragic accidents and deaths recently, the dreaded Rt. 44 in Avon, just 12 miles West of Hartford, my birth city. Um, what was I saying. Oh yeah. The penalties for having speed (much easier to spell than amphetamines) in a ballplayer's system are severe, tough enough to keep all but the wooden-headed idiots clean. But I envision energy levels much lower. I can see mattresses and cots in the clubhouse, and one inside the Monster for Manny. Between innings, the players can avail themselves of quick loading Columbian intravenus caffeine, of couse mixed with saline solution to keep him (I don't see any hers,yet) hydrated. I also think the papers will have all-year contact with the coffee companies supplying their hometown team(s) with coffee in order to track the rapidly climbing orders for more shipments, soon by the ton. My goodness, think of the discounts that will be awarded them. They should share that income with the fans, as a way of saying thank you for coming to see our national pastime, slower and more lethargic, but with deliberate sureness that the players will get through the 162 game season. Official times for the games' duration will also rise, giving the fan even more time to enjoy the game, either in person with an iced coffee in hand, or at home watching a Folger's ad.
Let's get revved up tonight in anticipation with a cup of hot Joe, but I'll have mine orally please. Yawn..............P.S. I don't drink coffee, but I see its appeal if you have grown accustomed to it.

Mon. AM Cold and Bright but Alright.

Well, my second forage into posting will be a short one. First of all, thank you Amy. And Andrew and Jere and of course Rebecca. I'm still in the undecided mode as to whether I should keep this or let it have its rebirth in February, as baseball is born anew. Time will tell, but I'm so glad to have you guys as friends AND readers. Plus you put up with me on your blogs, too. Easier written than done.
Short but sweet. I do have things to say and write about amphetamines and their absense in baseball next year, but right now it's time to get busy.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

First Post November 20 of 2005

Just to mark the time and date I'd like to say hello. And I'd like to explain a couple things. First off, I'll write when the spirit hits me, when my fingers glide over the keys with almost nary a thought process going on at the time. So much for clarity you say? Stay awhile, I might surprise you. I quickly want to thank Reb for putting into words my EXACT thought process as to why I didn't have a blog months ago. And thanks to Jere, the first Sox blog that led me to Reb that....and on and on.
There are a lot of things I do not know how to do, and to that I will turn to Reb or Jere with my nonsensical queries. Not everyone has to know the extent of my computer knowledge.