Friday, March 31, 2006

Big Papi Contract Extension!

Family members of our 'Big Papi" have confirmed that he and the Red Sox are on the verge of signing a 4 year 50 million dollar extension. Doesn't that bring a smile to all our faces? WOW.....and just in time for the season. More later.

"RemDawg Unleashed" Rebroadcast!!

For those of you who missed this incredibly entertaining half hour on NESN, it WILL be rebroadcast on Saturday night, 10:30-11:00. Time approximate after Bruins hockey, so if you're setting the DVR, make sure it records half an hour extra, just in case. A not-to-be-missed show!!!

Take The Suspension, Without An Appeal. And Do It NOW.

It's rare that the Sox will have two days off during a one week span, so it is important for Julian Tavarez NOT to appeal his 10 day, not game, suspension. I hope he will not show a selfish attitude and appeal his what I think could have been heavier penalty. Said the Herald "It seemingly would be foolish for Tavarez to appeal the suspension, though he has that right. The Sox do not have two off days in 10-day span again until June. There are similar instances in July and September where Tavarez would miss as few as eight games, but many open dates frequently get eaten up by make-up games as the result of rainouts."
***Peter back. Now we'll see if this newcomer to the club wants to be a team player, or if he wants to remain the a**hole that I think he is. I mean deep down, where his heart resides. I am assuming he has one. My thinking might change as the season progresses, but right now I would like to grind this guy into the infield dust with the heel of my hardest soled shoe. And then spit on that spot. Boy, listen to the always nice guy, me. A little out of character? I do not like hot tempered idiots. He seems to fit that bill to a tee.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

"Yo-Yo" Tavarez Gets 10 Day Suspension.....

Nothing I can add to that...except maybe one word. IDIOT.

7 Beauties For Bronson.

Innings that is. Shutout ones at that. Final scores mean nothing this time of year, but today's start against his former team will stick to his ribs. enough so to ensure today's warm glow right into the season. Good job Bronson. Are the Sox going to be a light hitting team this year, or an average team power wise? We shall see. And Wakie was no slouch today, either. Good baseball.

So We're Underdogs In Vegas...I Like That.

From the Globe blog........
"The Red Sox enter the 2006 season with 10-1 Vegas odds to win the World Series. The Yankees and White Sox lead the way with 7-2 and 9-2 lines, respectively."
Sounds like a toss-up to me. I relish the thought of those 19 plus games together. Pitching and defense versus a line-up with raw power, numbers one through nine. I'll take that anytime, in either city, night or day, 90 degrees or 37.

One Other Really Great Thing......

Reporter Jill Carroll, held captive in Iraq for weeks, is to be released today. So what if this has nothing to do with the Sox. What better way to start the day than with news that makes your heart sing.

Tavarez Picked On The WRONG Person. He's One Lucky Yo-Yo

It seems that Julian Tavarez got lucky the other day. Joey Gaithright, who was stepped on, slapped and then punched by our "new to the club" reliever, has a black belt in tae kwon do. "I've seen Gathright do some ninja kick over this dude's head who was 6-7, a roundhouse kick over his head just to show he can do it," Jonny Gomes told the St. Petersburg Times. "So, yeah, I'd guess you'd call [Tavarez] lucky. He'd be chop suey.""
Hop Sing.....err.....Hee-Seop Choi is recieving treatment for a pulled hamstring. Sorry for that typo. I guess I was thinking of a ranch style breakfast.
In other news, Curt Schilling looks ready for his Monday night start in Texas. Keith Foulke gave up a hit! Just one. The shock has worn off and I feel better now. And Manny has started his 2006 quest for the Gold Glove, making a spectacular running back to the wall over the shoulder catch in left field. Way to go Manny! And so it goes. 4 more days of getting ready for the real thing. And I can't wait.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bronson Tomorrow, and ESPN Today.

A nice treat for those lucky enough to be home today around 1:30 will be the ESPN broadcast of the Sox game. And it will be Curt Schilling on the hill, for only the second time facing big league hitters. This will be a time for me to study his mechanics and his effectiveness against the "real deal" hitters that populate this planet, so I will definitely tune in. And tomorrow (Thursday), Bronson Arroyo will face his former team for the first and only time, until the postseason. Now that's a long shot, given Cinncinnati's talent level. But it should be interesting. Here's what Bronson said. "Thursday's going to be beautiful," Arroyo said before last night's Sox-Reds game. ''It's my last start before the regular season, so I know I'm going to be more jacked up for this game than for any other game." Arroyo said he hopes to throw 100 pitches."
***Peter here. It will be sweet to see him pitch, in a sad way. And on a personal note, Billy Joel played last night in Hartford, and I ended up going. It seems a good friend of mine had an extra ticket, and she called me at 7:00 just on the off chance I wanted to go. And of course I said YES, rather loudly! The seats were not as good as the "Reb concert", but they were perfect, "on the side" seats, only 3 rows up. And I had a grand time. Enjoy the beautiful weather slated for the rest of the week here in the Northeast.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

And Where Is Big Papi's Extention??? Pay Up John Henry!

This from the Globe........."With Opening Day just a week away, David Ortiz said he didn't know when the club would sign him to an extension. Ortiz had expressed some confidence in January that a deal would be done by the start of the season, and John W. Henry had echoed Ortiz's comments that the club had signaled to him its willingness to negotiate an extension expeditiously. ''I told my agent when he got the word to let me know," Ortiz said. ''I don't want those thoughts in my head." "
***Peter here....Hey, Sox front office, especially you with all the money, John Henry. Do not let this matter fester into an infection, you little dummy. Pay David his due. Extend the contract. DO IT BEFORE THE SEASON STARTS!!!!

Read This Article, and Thank You Cyn!

This is a must read for Red Sox fans. It has to do with our "yo-yo," Julian Tavarez, and just how f**king nuts he really is. Is there a place for him on our team? How much can we overlook and tolerate? I've had my fill!......Here is Cyn's comment, WITH the link you have to go to.....Peter have you seen this link: that basically outlines all the batshit stuff he's done in the past.
**Peter here, just to say thank you Cyn. You'll find her at her "not to be missed" blog, Red Sox Chick. The link to her is on your right. Visit there every day. I do.

There's No Place On The 2006 Red Sox For This "Yo-Yo"

In a wild and sloppy excuse for a baseball game, a game where there were 29 hits, 12 walks and 5 errors, one thing was made perfectly clear to all of us who love the Red Sox. There is no place for Julian Tavaraz, AKA "Yo-Yo," on this team. Hell, maybe on ANY team this side of the Pacific. Covering the plate on a play with the Devil Rays, Tavarez tagged Joey Gaithright. And it was while Gaithright was trying to get up that Tavarez stepped on his right arm, and then punched Gaithright not once, but twice. Benches emptied, bullpens came to the rescue, and "Yo-Yo' was thrown to the ground. WE DON'T NEED THIS KIND OF ASSHOLE ON OUR TEAM. Cut the string on this "Yo-Yo" before it's too late or other team's retaliations will take out one or more of our players. That's the last thing we need.
On the good side, Loretta was 3-4, Foulkie had another 1,2,3 inning, and the Sox rallied to win, which is a nice thing that has happened far too little this almost over Spring training.
Yo-Yo must go.

Monday, March 27, 2006

1, 2, 3 For Foulke, and Scratch Off The Red Sox

Keith Foulke continued to make us all feel a little more easy when he retired the side 1, 2, 3 in the sixth inning today. Every time he does this, the bullpen situation gets clearer. And I like what I see, up to a point.
And the Commonwealth of Mass. will be releasing soon a $5.00 Red Sox lottery scratch off card. These lottery cards, as we all know the easiest way to become a rich person instantly, will have as a top prize Red Sox seats for life. Odds have not been released yet. And yes, I am being serious for this one. I know it doesn't always happen, but this time, start lining up with your Lincolns in hand. They're not much use these days, anyways.

Boomer Implodes in 3rd...Pieces Scattered Everywhere.

David Wells, after 2 scoreless innings, imploded with 6 runs allowed, including 2 home runs, against the Devil Rays today. As of this writing, the groundscrew was still picking up the pieces of his torso and cleaning the blood from the infield. He should be OK for his next scheduled start on Saturday, Doctors say. He should be out of surgery and into intensive care by midnight. New updates to come as the hospital releases information to the media.

A Near Brawl Results In Victory

The story of the day yesterday, baseball wise, was the nastiness of Josh Beckett, who will be the best #3 starter in baseball. Actually, he'd be a number one on most other teams, but Tim Wakefield and his knuckleball are slotted in between Schill and Beckett. So that allows me to make that statement, a pretty easy bet........CLEARWATER, Fla. - "Josh Beckett's pitches were as nasty as his demeanor. With one start left before opening day, the new Red Sox righty already appears in midseason form.
Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett was on the ball yesterday, throwing six strong innings against the Phillies.
Beckett allowed two runs and struck out six in six innings and Tony Graffanino homered, leading the Boston to a 3-2 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies yesterday."
***Peter here.If he remains consistant and is unfettered by injuries, this will be a fun club to watch, one whose true nature has yet to be revealed. There lies the fun, the mystery, the challenge.
And one more note on the UCONN men. Jere and Reb said in their comments here....."take me to the dance, Cinderella! UConn has been scraping by all tourney... they did not deserve to get this far, the way they've been playing. Gotta hand it to GM." Rebecca.
Jere said...
"Yeah, Peter, I was getting really pissed at UConn, especially when they sent it to OT. So many of these teams should have put them away, they didn't deserve anything this year. And that statement's got the Reb seal of approval."
I agree, for the most part. The team won more than 30 games this year, and that's a tough thing to do. But their talent was not used correctly. They should have been a much better team, but they scraped by in their 4 tourney games, maybe being overcoached, as the shuttle to and from the bench was steaming yesterday. Underacheivers. Thank goodness for the women's team, always near the top of the heap, but low in the top ten in the nation at the end of this season. But they have heart. And soul. And they're overacheiving at the right time. Duke is up next. For those of you that do not watch women's team sports, you've missed so much since they first won a national title in '96. And so the day ended well after all, as Barb Turner's 3 point shot nestled into the net and time expired, UCONN victorious. A lost day? Nope. Just a real tough late afternoon.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


And today, the better team won. My heart goes out to UCONN, but GM was amazing. Go ALL the way, George Mason. So much love. And yeah, it does much. There's nothing else that I can say.

Again, An Obituary.

GM does not miss these clutch shots..........but there is a minute left, and I will survive. Lucky CBS... And GM...GO ALL THE WAY.

I Will Survive......

My heart is broken, but what else is new?. Twice in one month. Congrats to George Mason (that concludes the "before the game ended" comments)......and that's it from me for today. BUT OVERTIME????????? I just am so unbelievably pleasantly so so so surprised. Happy for me, anyone??

So Nervous, Yet So Confident..........

But I would like to know. Are two opposing feelings possible? Jere, help! For real, it is halftme in the GM-UCONN game, and I do not know what to think. But one thing IS for sure. This is an enjoyable time, if only for a couple hours. My emotions WILL surface, I think in about 20 minutes of basketball clock time. And hey! Thanks for reading. And I will be back, suddenly sad or incredibly happy.

Graff Waives Goodbye. Foulkie's number? 13 again.

Tony Graffanino has been placed on waivers, ending his short but sweet stay with the Red Sox. We wish you well Tony. You'll be playing second base somewhere in the big leagues real soon.
And the number 13 strikes again for our 2006 closer Keith Foulke. He has left no doubt that he is back where he belongs, pitching an inning in relief yesterday, a clean and breezy quick inning. The kind we love to see in the ninth inning when we have a lead. Welcome back. Maybe 3 or 4 added MPH on the fastball, and all will be rosy.
And this spring of 2006 seems to have a trend, a trend that has to be reversed starting soon, real soon. It's kind of like this. We'll score 3 runs, but the staff will give up 5. I know the result of these games is meaningless. But the club should get used to winning, because in 8 days, everything changes and the season starts. 8 days. Wow!
One other quick item. Little Manny also pitched yesterday, finishing the game with a 2 inning stint, and looking great doing it. And Bronson was up to his old spring tricks, giving up another early crooked number in the lighter-hitting National League.
Oh, and George Mason vs. UCONN at 2:40 eastern today on CBSHD. UCONN is good enough to win by 15 or more, but somehow, someway, at least this year, things stay closer. If they ever put everything together, and they have come close at times, they can beat anybody, and by double figures to boot. UCONN by 12 today, I hope.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

UCONN. Overtime. Victory. It Was Close!

My oh my. Talk about a nail biter. But the University of Connecticut lives on to play Sunday afternoon. The opponent. The upstart George Mason, who no one thought would still be in it. An underdog versus a national power. Most people will be rooting for the upset. Not this writer. An easy victory would be nice, but ANY victory would suffice, nail biters included.
On to Keith Foulke, pitching to live breathing batters for the first time in a long time. Using a high fastball and nasty splitters, he struck out the three AAA batters he faced. Curt Schilling put it best....FORT MYERS, Fla. -- "Granted, the competition wasn't major league caliber. It wasn't even Grapefruit League for that matter.
Yet what occurred Friday was the most encouraging sign for the Red Sox this spring.
Making his spring training debut, Keith Foulke struck out all three batters he faced on 13 pitches in one spotless inning against Triple A Ottawa at City of Palms Park.
"He was phenomenal," Curt Schilling said. "That's as good as I've seen him look since October of 2004. That's exciting. It's very exciting to see that.""
***Peter here. I like those words. I like them a lot.

Friday, March 24, 2006

In A Perfect World, Here Is The Perfect Paragraph.

Let's say some otherworldly power told you that you could write a simple paragraph, and, when finished, everything you wrote in that paragraph would come true. If the subject matter was the Red Sox bullpen, my paragraph, actually borrowed from the Hartford Courant, would go something like this......"In a perfect Red Sox universe, Keith Foulke would be healthy and return to the form that made him a reliable closer. The aging Mike Timlin and excitable Julian Tavarez would be effective setup relievers. Rudy Seanez, who bombed in a brief stint with the 2003 Red Sox, would continue his renaissance as the strikeout artist he was in San Diego last season. And David Riske, a former failed closer in Cleveland, would provide quality long relief."
Peter here.Wouldn't that be nice? Now add Jonathon Papelbon into the mix as bullpen insurance. Mix thoroughly. Let sit in a warm place for 15 to 30 minutes, and then bake in an 80 degree oven from April through much of October. When finished, let cool for one hour as all the Red Sox fans in this world celebrate another World Series championship. Nice.
Oh, and yesterday Matt Clement pitched 5 servicable innings in a 4-3 loss to the Minnesota Twins. And Coco keeps hitting, as does Mark Loretta.
In NCAA news, Gonzaga was the victim of an incredible comeback by UCLA, who scored the last 11 points of the game, stealing the ball twice in the final 15 seconds. My heart goes out to Morrison and company. They must feel awful, but they have nothing to be ashamed of. Now it's UCONN's turn to step up and stop flirting with disaster tonight, when they play the Washington Huskies. Huskies vs. Huskies. UCONN by 11.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

From Wisconson? WOW! His Head Seems To Be Closer!

Peter here, and no explanation needed. I enjoyed this article........ "Feeling bad for Boston, Patriots.
by Aaron Brenner
Thursday, March 23, 2006
To all Boston natives: I’m sorry.
I didn’t do it, but I feel really, really terrible.
I mean, come on. You just had Johnny Damon up and run to the hated New York Yankees. Yeah, I know. Money talks. But Damon is still an idiot of a different sort for his defection.

Now, poor Boston, Mass., after getting kicked in the crotch, you just got nailed again while reeling on the ground. I sincerely wish this didn’t have to happen.
Adam Vinatieri just pulled a Damon on you guys, and I can’t stand it. I send my condolences to sports fans of Boston teams everywhere today.
I hope I’m not the only one who felt some déjà vu on Tuesday when ex-New England Patriot Vinatieri, perhaps the most clutch kicker in the history of the NFL, is said to have inked a three-year deal with the Indianapolis Colts.

Now, stop screaming that I should never compare any sort of Colts-Patriots rivalry with that of the Yankees and Boston Red Sox. Believe me, I know there is no feud like the one between the fans, cities and even players of the Red Sox and Yankees.
But don’t discount the Indy-New England rivalry too much. After all, did just recently name it the No. 1 “New School Rivalry” in all of football.
Again, it doesn’t quite measure up to the Curse of the Bambino or other pieces of Sox-Yanks history. However, it would be fair to consider the Colts-Pats rivalry one of the hottest in — dare I say it — all of sport, wouldn’t it? (Peter here...and NO is the answer...but as close as one could come in football.)
Yes, there is a striking resemblance between the two moves. Damon helped the Sawx pull off one of the greatest comebacks in the history of sports, knocking off the pinheads — excuse me, pinstripes — in the 2004 ALCS after going down 3-0 to start. The Jesus look-alike became the Big Apple’s greatest nightmare, as he homered twice (including a grand slam) in Game 7, the greatest night in Red Sox history.
But then, after the 2005 season, New York’s greatest nightmare signed a dream deal with the Yanks and became their new prize center fielder. The heart and soul of Boston was ripped away from them.

Then there’s the case of Vinatieri. He didn’t directly lay the hurt on Indianapolis, but his two Super Bowl-winning field goals for the 2001 and 2003 World Champion Patriots gave New England some serious leverage over Peyton Manning and the up-and-coming Colts. Tom Brady may be the “heart and soul” of the Patriots, but he wouldn’t have already stamped his ticket for Canton at age 28 if it weren’t for Vinatieri’s clutch kicks in the Big Games.
New England knocked the Colts out of playoff contention in the 2003 and 2004 AFC playoffs. With Vinatieri’s signing, it would appear Indianapolis is sick of it.
Yeah, I know he’s a kicker. I’m sure there aren’t as many Patriot fans crying in their clam chowder after Vinatieri’s farewell as there were Red Sox enthusiasts after Damon’s stunning decision.**Peter again, and YES, there are many of us upset, to say the least.*** But that shouldn’t take away from the similarity of the situation.
Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed it when my hometown Broncos knocked the Pats off their pedestal in the playoffs this past season.***BOO*** But at the time, I must say that I definitely respected New England and the class with which the organization upholds itself throughout all its success.***Thank you.***
But as a Red Sox supporter, as someone who knows how bad it hurts to see a fan favorite leave for the enemy, a part of me really wants the Patriots to get back on the horse and win it all a year from now.***YES.***
Why Boston? What is it with that city that keeps having great things taken away from it?
Well, no matter. I suppose the four championships — three for New England and one for the Red Sox — should help the citizens keep their chins up.
After all, that’s more than New York — titleless since the 2000 Yankees — and Indianapolis — no major sports championships — can say. Anyone who feels for Boston should hope that the efforts of Damon and Vinatieri with their new teams fail to change that." ***Peter here. and well said by this guy, a new favorite, if only for right now." Maybe agreed?***

Aaron is a freshman majoring in journalism. It’s been four days and Aaron already wants spring break back. You can share his pain for Boston at
*** Peter here, and I enjoyed his column...Thanks for reading. I could not leave much of that out. See Ya.***

Jonathon Papelbon: A True Trooper.

From the Herald, this little blurb........"Jonathan Papelbon is expected to receive official notice today that he will open the season in the Red Sox bullpen, but the rookie right-hander proved in his last two starts that he is ready to step in when needed."
Now where are other ballplayers with his kind of inner make-up? The guy is great. He's already proven he can be a tremendous asset, in fact a star, if he was to immediately go into our rotation. But the numbers are not there. We have five capable, hell MORE than capable, pitchers that are slotted for numbers 1 through 5. So JP will go to the bullpen, for now. He'll probably be the inning 7 or 8 guy, one of them at least . When it's a one run lead and a healthy Foulkie is ready for the 9th, there's no one I would feel more confidence in seeing heading to the mound than Mr. Papelbon himself. Sure, I know there are Riske, Seanez, and Mike Timlin ready for those 2 innings, but for a lock down on runs and to enable us to maintain a slim lead into the ninth inning, bring him in. I do realize that he would be the ULTIMATE long reliever, relieving, let's say, David Wells after a rocky first two innings and shutting 'em down until the 8th or 9th. As circumstances warrant, Jonathon Papelbon will be there, in the 'pen, to make us happy, to hold the opponent at bay so we can chip away and take over the reigns of the game. Thank you Jonathon. Unselfish, talented and effective. Clone him!

Pedro: Oh, Toe Is Me!

Maybe what Petey meant to say was, "Oh, woe is me! But his toe will keep him from being on the mound for opening day. Hey Petey, the toe is slow to heal. Stay off it!
Jonathon Papelbon threw 5 good innings against the New York club, allowing two runs. It was David "Big" Riske who took the lumps, and the loss, while giving up a 2 run shot to Luis Garcia. Wily Mo hit a two run bomb for the good club, while Posada's nose was broken by his fellow catcher Stinnett's thrown ball hitting him in the face when he wasn't looking. Hey Jorge, it's easier to catch the ball when you're looking! There were a number of brush-back pitches and hit batters too, setting an uneasy tone for the 19 plus real games to come. And the paper featured a great picture of Manny and the Yankee center fielder giving each other a giant bear hug. How nice. The only Sox regular in the field was Mikey Lowell, who was 1-3 and has improved his batting average over the last few days. Let us hope that trend continues. And so it goes.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Small Rocket Quote On His Possible Return To Our Homeland.

Roger Clemens was out playing kickball with a couple of his kids at a minor league camp where one of his boys was to play later. He said this when asked about coming back to Boston. "He was asked if he would consider going back to Boston given the bitterness of his departure after the 1996 season.

"I am going back, but I don't think it will be to play," he said. "I definitely want to go back and see a game at Fenway. I never got the chance to sit in the stands and watch a game there and I'd like to do that, maybe have a hot dog and a beer."

And with that he was back to the stands, just another proud dad waiting for his son's next trip to the plate in an innocuous minor league game on a back field in the middle of spring training."

No surprises there. No surprises needed. Bye now.

Sox Yankees Tonight On NESN

The only regular starter will be Mike Lowell. Jonathon Papelbon will start.
Goodbye to Adam Vinatieri, ace kicker for the Patriots. He's moving on to Indianapolis, where the Colts will be strong.
Bronson Arroyo had an extended 2 hour long goodbye session in the Red Sox clubhouse, at one point throwing his Red Sox cap into the nearest trash can. The shot was good, but his foot was on the three point line, resulting in only two points. Of course I'm kidding with the basketball reference, but the cap thing is absolutely true. He's having a tough time dealing with the trade. Business is business in the game of baseball today. We all have to deal with it.
I'm worried if Mike Lowell can do it this year. His bat is said to look slow. His defense will be fine. Another if. But March and April have ALWAYS been "if" months.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

In Defense Of Theo. And A Personal Note From A Lifelong Red Sox Fanatic

The day after. I feel the same way. Bronson is a good guy, a great player and fellow team member. But he was expendable. If only he had listened to his agent. Over a six year career, he record is 33-33, with an ERA of around four and a half. His ERA last year was just that, too, although the bullpen certainly allowed some of his inherited men on base to score, inflating that figure somewhat. But there was no one else, save Matt Clement, who wasn't going anywhere, who would have commanded the return of a player the caliber of Wily Mo. Wells? No way his value is close, not in the world of today. And talk about potential? With Papa Jack and some patience at the plate, he will be a force to be reckoned with. So thank you Bronson Arroyo. You will never be forgotten. You were part of the magic that was 2004. And that magic will live inside of all of us forever.
And a quick note from and about me. I first became a Sox fan when Tony C. was in right, Reggie Smith in center, and Yaz in left. Foy at first and Rico at short. There were no Wild Card teams. It was one pennant winner against the other pennant winner for the World Series championship. It was a team with red stockings picked to finish no higher than tenth who shocked us all and finished in first place, and on the last day of the season, in fact not knowing if they had won the pennant until after they had played their last regular season game. I used to go to bed and stay awake with my little transistor radio, hidden from the world under my blankets way past my bedtime, and going to sleep with dreams of Fenway Park, the whack of the bat hitting the ball and the screams of the loving crowd of Sox fans. My experience now blogging, so many years later, has been great. All of you, with two exceptions, people who think their shit doesn't stink, have been tremendous. To the guys at House of Dewey, at least answer a complimentory email that contains a request for a link. And to Beth at Cursed To First, who won't even run my comments, treating them like spam, it's your loss. To me, you do not represent the beauty a true Red Sox fan typifies. You aren't even in the same league. And to those of you who I cherish, reading you everyday with glee, I say thank you. From my heart. You truly are Red Sox fans and good people, and I love every one of you. May the season of 2006 be one we will all cherish. And remember, baseball is a game. Life is life. But the two coexist in harmony. As we do. Take care. Thanks for reading. You are all so special.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Theo On Bronson, And The Trade

This is from the Globe Blog. And not a direct quote, but a summation....."I’ve seen it repeated about a ‘gentlemen’s agreement,’ ... I talked to Jed Hoyer about the contract. The topic came up, but we said we cannot guarantee you’ll not be traded. There was nothing hot. No imminent trade talks. But certainly things change over months. There was no gentleman’s agreement. No handshake. Obviously he wanted to stay in Boston. It’s tough to do to someone who’s been a loyal soldier, enjoys being in Boston. But have to do what’s best for the organization."
*** Peter here. Key words. "What's best for the organization." This was not easy for Theo to do, and we should not make him out to be the villian he is not. A tough move for him. For us. YES.

Bronson Bombshell!!

It's goodbye to Bronson Arroyo. From the Herald.............."Sox ship Arroyo to Reds for Pena.
By Tony Massarotti
Boston Herald Baseball Columnist and General Sports Columnist
Monday, March 20, 2006 - Updated: 12:10 PM EST

FORT MYERS - Blessed with a surplus of pitching, the Red Sox today consummated trade talks with the Cincinnati Reds on a deal that will bring outfielder Wily Mo Pena to Boston.
According to sources, the Sox have sent right-hander Bronson Arroyo to the Reds in exchange for the 24-year-old Pena, who batted .254 with 19 home runs and 51 RBI last season. The 6-foot-3, 215-pound Pena has been especially effective against left-handers during his career and will likely serve as a complement to the left-handed-hitting Trot Nixon, who has had difficulty agfainst left-handers during his career.

**Peter here. This deal makes sense, as Trot is near harmless against left handed pitching, and his "getting older" body will benefit from the rest. And Pena's bat has pop, pop that we will need. Great job by Theo and company. I wish Bronson Arroyo the best, but better him than Matt Clement. By a long shot. Wells too.

Jerry, How Low Can You Go? RemDog Jewels?

Now it's jewels???? Is this the RemDawg or the RemDog. Jerry, this makes you look bad.............. "For the woman who has everything!
RemDawg Jewels -Sterling silver pendants, bracelets, anklets and earrings. Add some sparkle with the RemDawg Crystal Collection - glittery red and clear crystals glam up the signature RemDawg sterling bracelets and earrings. A little something silver. A little something RemDawg. This "Dawg Deal" includes two sale items this month! Save $5.00 when you buy both the Sterling Silver RemDawg earrings and the RemDawg Crystal earrings. Save $2.00 when you buy the RemDawg cell phone charm holder with the RemDawg paw charm. Remember you're never fully dressed without RemDawg Jewels. Presented by A Charming Bracelet. Stop by today!"
**Peter here again. There is a link to get to this RemDawg Jewel site, but you will not find it here. Jerry, as good as you are on air, please....this is just too much.

Props To Bronson, And Feel Better Johnny Pesky

I have to say, great job Bronson. I know I've been on his case all spring, and some of last year too. But yesterday he was just plain splendid for 5 innings. Good job. Consistancy would be nice. I hope he works on that.
It seems Johnny Pesky has a broken bone in his leg, the result of a line drive hitting him while he was sitting on the outfield grass during a minor league game. We all hope he heals well, and quickly.
And it looks like David Wells and Tito are buddies again, having made up the seeming differences of opinion on when he will start his first game. April 12th seems to be his day.
And please, front office, DO NOT trade Matt Clement. I offer no reason for that opinion because there is no reason to trade him. Sounds simple, huh. Let's hope there is no overthinking when it comes to this touchy subject.
And doesn't it seem like half the Yankee's starting rotation is headed towards the disabled list? The more the merrier! On that happy note, I hope your week starts off well.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Foulkie Speaks Knees, His Own.

And he said this after his short stint in the practice pen yesterday. "It ( the shots in both knees. Three of them each, which is a lot. My friend had only 2 in her knee, with great relief the result.) allows me to pitch with no pain in my knees, it allows me to pitch with no restrictions," he said. ''I can bend my knees, I can drive through the ball, I can get on my front side, I can rotate."
*** Peter again, and those few words hold so much optimism for our club. And I did not know, according to this same article, that Randy Johnson also gets shots of the same medication. Fascinating. But a healthy and EFFECTIVE Keith Foulke this year is just SO huge. We need you, Foulkie.

Roger Clemens Signs One Year Deal With Sox!

Wouldn't that be nice? But of course, as of now there is no truth to the headline, although Theo did meet informally with Rocket's agent yesterday. Sorry for any skipped heartbeats there.
The Sox won yesterday. The only bad line of the day came from David Riske, who gave up 4 runs in relief of DeNardo. Even Rudy Seanez did not allow any damage. Foulkie threw uneventfully on the side while being watched by everyone but Pope Benedict, who had another engagement and could not make it. He was given passes to another workout in the future. You see, the Big Guy is on our side.
Oh, and on the Yankee front, my least favorite pinstiper bar none, Gary "wah wah wah" Sheffield, is bitching and moaning like the sissy he is about his back being against the wall and the whole world conspiring against him while in Yankeeland, Hades itself. See ya.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Now THIS Is A Funny Blog!

What do you know, a blog dedicated to funny commercials. Here's the link. I was hooked after watching the first one!

Papelbon Shines For Five, And More Boomer Verbage.

Jonathon Papelbon threw five stunning innings yesterday down in Florida, giving up just one hit in his best outing to date. But David Wells just will not be quiet and go about his business, dissing his manager and calling him an idiot. I haven't figured out yet if what he said was partly in jest or deadly serious. You decide............"Wells, however, was upset that manager Terry Francona went public with what both described as a lighthearted conversation between the two that took place Sunday in the clubhouse. It went something like this:
Wells: "Why doesn't Beckett get to be the No.1 starter?"
Francona: "Because Schilling is."
Wells: "Why Schilling?"
Francona: "Because I've known him longer."
Wells: "Oh, we're playing I-know-you-longer games."

***Peter here. It was at this point that I started shaking my head in a "what the F" manner.***Keep reading.....

"Wells and Francona both said they were joking. But the next day, when Wells was given an excused absence to participate in a charity golf tournament, Francona spoke to reporters about the conversation.
"We were in there with all the pitchers," Francona said Monday, "and I kind of explained to him - because he wants to know what day he's pitching - I just kind of told him, I said, `David, as of the fourth of March, you wanted to be traded. Now all of the sudden you want to pitch second [in the rotation].' It's not going to happen. He's going to have to be able to be a little flexible. ... If there's not flexibility on his part too, we're probably going to bump heads a little bit."
Discussing that comment Friday, Wells sounded like he wanted to give his manager a head butt for saying that.
"He took [our conversation] in a jokingly manner," Wells said. "And then he comes out and says that. He's got to check himself. I guess that's the way it is. I can't joke with him anymore because he takes everything serious."
Although Francona insisted his comments to the media Monday were joking, Wells didn't see it that way.

***Peter again. This next part really had me floored.***

"What went on in that office should have stayed there in that office and it shouldn't have come out to you guys," Wells said. "So he's the idiot for saying that like that, not me, because I didn't interpret it like that."

***Hey Boomer, who's the idiot? Throw your curveballs on the mound, not in conversation with reporters. We need you this year. I needed to write about this, and delayed my breakfast to get my thoughts down in this post. If Mr. Wells can back up his bizarre comments with great pitching performances, then he can say whatever he wants whenever he wants. I'm rooting for him. Did you hear that, David?

Friday, March 17, 2006

Josh's Thursday Outing

I came across this in the Bonita Springs newspaper. Bonita Springs is in the greater Fort Myers area. In fact, it's between Naples and Fort Myers, and they have an out of this world public beach that has my footprints from long ago embedded somewhere in its sands of time. Here's the blurb.........."The big Texan threw 78 pitches, overpowering at times with his mid-90s fastball, and equally knee-buckling with his big, sloping curve. He retired the first seven batters he faced, including Torii Hunter, who waved at back-to-back belt-high fastballs, then Lew Ford, who he froze with a breaking ball on the outside corner, for the last two outs of the second inning.
“He was nasty,” said Twins catcher Mike Redmond, Beckett’s teammate for four seasons on the Marlins. “That’s what he can do, go out there and dominate. I’ve seen him do that a lot.”
I like those five words, "go out there and dominate." May we see that early and often in the number three slot of our good looking (WITHOUT BRONSON) rotation. I know that Bronson has a couple more starts this spring, so we will have those chances to see if there is an improvement. If not, and more crooked and early numbers are to come, expect him to start the season in the bullpen, and in non-crucial spots at that. All this is subject to change. Such is spring training.
Right now I see a Schill that is in command, a Wakie being Wakie, wearing out catcher's mitts, Beckett as described above, Mattie Clement with his new pitch and coming off a great start, and Wells just beginning his preseason. And of course there is our Jonathon Papelbon, who should be somewhere in the rotation, but the numbers don't add up. Do you leave Wells out of the rotation and put him in? Boomer doesn't even want to be the number five starter, much less being out of the rotation. So he is a given, and damn, if his knees feel as good as he says, that is so excellent. I am assuming that Annoyo will start in the 'pen with all this. So many questions. So much time. Happy Saint Patrick's Day, my readers. Glad you stop in. So much.

Is David Wells An Idiot? I'll Let Him Answer.

Here he is, in his own words, on whether he is an idiot, and his status in our rotation. From the Courant......"Am I an idiot at times? You're damn right I am," Wells said Thursday in an interview with The Courant. "Do I say stupid things? Absolutely. But at least I'm man enough to apologize when I'm wrong or if I say something out of context, which I did. I shouldn't have called him a piece of shit. I shouldn't have said that."

And on his place in the rotation, and the possibility that if he is the fifth starter, the number of his April starts would suffer....

"I'd have a problem with that," Wells said after pitching three innings in a minor league intrasquad game, allowing two runs and five hits. "If they're going to go four and I'm going to be the odd man out, then that's not going to sit well with me."

Peter here again. Josh Beckett looked positively slendid in five innings yesterday in a split-squad game. Even David Riske looked good in the game, with one scoreless inning. Jon Lester did not fare so well in the other split-squadder, with four runs allowed and a couple hit batters. And the USA is out of the WBC, with a 2-1 loss to Mexico. It doesn't matter what team Rocket pitches for. They don't score runs for him. Good job Rocket. Hope to see you later this season, maybe even in a nearby zip code. And TEK, SEE YOU SOON! I'll be back later with another twist or turn.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Rocket's Last Start...Ever?

In the WBC game tonight that pits Mexico vs, the USA, Roger Clemens will take the hill in what might be his last start, EVER. I would have to say that I would be very surprised if he doesn't play at least a good portion of the season with a Texan club. But the chance is there. This might be his last start. Ever. Here's the blub from a Minneapolis/St. Paul paper......... "Clemens' start today against Mexico could be his last
From news services
Roger Clemens might be pitching in his last game tonight. And Team USA could be playing for the final time in the inaugural World Baseball Classic.
Clemens, a winner of 341 games in a magnificent career that began with the Boston Red Sox in 1984, opposes Mexico to complete Round 2 of the WBC at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Calif.
Clemens has said he's leaning toward retirement after the Classic. As evidenced by his 13-8 record and NL-leading 1.87 earned-run average for Houston last season, the 43-year-old right-hander can still do the job as well as anyone around."

***Peter here again. I will be in front of the set tuned into channel 202, ESPNHD, with a smile and memories of Roger younger, thinner, fresh faced and facing glory, rather than creating it, as he will tonight. Enjoy!

RemDawg Nation, And It's Card.

I ask this really necessary? I was a reluctant convert to the RSN card. It's not for me, but there are those out there who watch the games on their computers who do get a discount, and there are other percs as well. I still think there is a faint odor of corporate greed involved, but it's OK if people are happy with their plastic testaments of unwavering Red Sox fandom. But this seems a little bit like overkill. Another way to make a buck. The business of baseball. Here is the advertisement culled from the Remy Website. I do want to strongly stress that I have always been a big fan of Jerry Remy, back when he was on the field, and now, in front of the cameras and behind the mike as he adds his particulat brand of greatness to NESN's coverage.

" Welcome to RemDawg Nation!
We are partnering with many retailers in an effort to deliver to members of RemDawg Nation many outstanding benefits. We are still adding more partners to the list.
Each RDN member will receive a one year laminated membership card that will include his/her membership number and expiration date.
We expect to have this program ready for enrollment before the regular season commences. Membership is just $14.95 a year
We are still recruiting retail partners! If you are a retailer and would like to be involved, or if you would like to suggest a retailer you would like to see on the list email

On a first come first serve basis, almost 1,200 Red Sox tickets will be offered for sale at face value plus a small processing fee to members of RemDawg Nation. The selected RemDawg Nation games are:

May 7 vs. Orioles
June 25 vs. Phillies
July 31 vs. Indians
August 3 vs. Indians
September 1 vs. Blue Jays
September 6 vs. White Sox

All members of RemDawg Nation will be automatically entered into a drawing to win two seats in the booth with Jerry during a live broadcast.

For each of the six games listed above, all members of RemDawg Nation will be automatically entered into a drawing to win two seats.

All members of RemDawg Nation will be automatically entered into a drawing to win two tickets to the third annual RemDawg's All Star Party at Fenway Park in July. Note: this event has not been confirmed yet.

All members of RemDawg Nation will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a Caribbean trip for two."

***Peter here again. Whoopie! Another can't miss promotion. Sarcasm intended.

Damon Doll Is Voodoo Risen'

Here's a line from an article in the The Daily News referencing Johnnie Damon's shoulder." OK, he's not with the Red Sox. But they're saying his left shoulder hurts so much he can't throw. How could they tell the difference?"
Peter here. This was meant to be funny, but didn't make the grade. But it is a sad commentary on his ability to throw the ball. It's a long season coming up, and the wear and tear of everyday baseball must have the New York team and its fans shuddering with worry. Boy, does that thought bring an automatic smile to you as it does to me? I would be willing to bet that the number of doubles the Yank's staff gives up this year will be higher than the past couple, and the reason? The new centerfielder. I never wish harm upon anyone in any sport, but a little bad luck, harmless in the scheme of life but glorious in that it makes the Yankee front office and fans just a little more miserable, is just plain fun. Hey Jere, you stuck the pins in your Damon Doll with perfect placement! Voodoo risen'.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Is Everybody Happy?

Well, I know that Tito Francona is a happy man, with a new contract and renewed respect in the clubhouse. And the portly one, David Wells, is happy, or seemed so yesterday in the dugout sitting next to our manager through 2008, if not more. Wells and Tito seemed animated and giggly while Wells kidded his manager about not taking a happy pill the day before.
One guy who shouldn't be so happy is Bronson Arroyo. I tried to figure out his spring ERA and the batteries in my calculater needed replacing mid-way. My slide rule became crooked. I ran out of fingers and toes, started over again, and ran out again. I hope Bronson is concerned enough and is aware of his suckiness. Temporary suckiness, I hope, although in previous posts I have expressed my sincere reservations of his pitching prowess. I hope he can get it together, for there are others on the club, more worthy others, who would be glad to take his place in the rotation. Can you say Papelbon? Wells? I'm done, for now. Thank you faithful readers. And a big happy meow to Obi-Wan!!
Oh, I just came across this blurb and quote from Bronson. "I guess I was missing with location. I don't know,'' said Arroyo, who added he did feel better than in his first two starts. ''Today, I was taking it serious as a real game and just didn't get it done. First inning, they hit the ball around. They hit some balls hard. ... I'm a little too vague with my control right now."
***Peter back here. Let's see...He said he GUESSES he was missing with location. Guessing? Stevie Wonder would have had better control with his pitches. Vague? Try clueless. That's it. I could not resist getting that quote in here. Hey Bronson, prove me wrong and make me look like a fool, an idiot, a jester. I'm beggin' ya!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Crooked Numbers Seem To Be Bronson's New Thing.

In an amazing case of double deja vu, Bronson Arroyo has put up another first inning ugly number. Maybe he was working on something, a certain pitch, or tinkering with his location. Hey Bronson, with your ERA over 20, I'd work on that! And the ugly number in this case was a 5. Ouch. That won't go over well with the fans at a home game at Fenway, Mr. Annoyo.

Terry To Be OUR Terry Through 2008

A well deserved contract extention has been given to Red Sox manager Terry Francona. Good job by the Red Sox front office. Now all the Skipper has to worry about are the things such as those I mentioned 2 posts ago, when he put his foot down, and rather forcefully at that, when whining Wells wanted the number 2 slot in the rotation. Such team matters that are essential to achieve success. The big everyday on the field get it right or lose it all stuff. The stuff that matters.

Damon's Shoulder Hurting Again! Georgie Must Be Overjoyed!

From the Daily News comes this little tidbit of interest to Red Sox fans the world over. I had to include it here. "ANAHEIM - Because of the chance of injury to his stars, George Steinbrenner hated the World Baseball Classic before Johnny Damon, Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter even started playing for Team USA. His opinion of the tournament may have turned to rage when it was revealed yesterday that Damon has a sore left shoulder. Damon, who signed a four-year, $52 million contract with the Yankees over the winter, was not in the starting lineup and did not take on-field batting practice before the game. He did hit in an indoor batting cage but his shoulder is "barking," Damon told a team spokesman.
It was unclear whether he was benched because of the shoulder or because of his slump. Damon is 1-for-7 (.143) in the WBC."
***Peter back again. Now what if this is the "lingering,never really goes away for a long time" type of injury? The Yankees FO must be bursting blood vessels, especially the head honcho, the man who thinks he knows all, Mr. Steinbrenner. Maybe his new reddish hair has turned a deeper shade of crimson. And how will this affect Johnnie's throwing arm? Many questions, and all of them are bringing me multiple smiles. I hope this story has legs.

Wells A No Show On Monday. Seems To Be Steamed.

It seems that a discussion between David Wells and Terry Francona has led to the one day, so far, disappearance of the portly lefthander. From the Courant, "Wells appeared to be upset after a recent conversation with manager Terry Francona about the lefthander's spot in the rotation.
"It wasn't a one-on-one conversation," Francona said Monday. "We were in there with all the pitchers and I kind of explained to him because he wants to know what day he's pitching. I just kind of told him, I said, `David, as of the fourth of March, you wanted to be traded. Now all of a sudden you want to pitch second.' It's not going to happen."
***Peter here again. The second slot in the rotation has wisely been given to Wakefield. Clement will most likely occupy the fourth spot, leaving the fifth spot open and up for grabs. Tracked down and asked to comment on the situation, Wells exclaimed in a loud voice, "WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH." Not really. Nobody knew where to track him. Hey Boomer, do what's best for the club, not what's best for you. You haven't even pitched to live breathing thinking batters yet and you want to slide into the the number two slot? Why don't you start working hard down there in Florida and EARN it instead of issuing a proclamation insuring your status as a leader of this talented club. Or if not, just go away. But we do need you. Stop acting like a five year old. You fit that role too well. Be a man.

Monday, March 13, 2006

No Need To Worry About Jonathon Papelbon, Not This Early.

He's given up earned runs in every appearance this spring. But there are important things to realize before worry becomes an issue, and at this point, worry doesn't come close to being in the picture. He's working on arm strength, adjusting the pitch selection to work on specific pitches for specific reasons. He said it best....."Papelbon said he was unconcerned with yesterday's results (3 1/3 innings, 6 hits, 5 runs) because he was attempting to build arm strength by throwing almost all fastballs. But, he also said, ''I didn't get some calls that I felt like I should have. But it's spring training." Bingo. So although I am worried about Riske and Seanez, and of course Foukie's knees, (He will be great this year. Write it down that I said it) I know for a fact that when Jonathon mixes his pitch selection as he will in the real season, batters will be guessing, swinging, and promptly returning their asses to the visitor's dugout, where said asses belong.
Three days after the Billy Joel concert, my voice is back to 90%. That's what happens when one (or in this case two) people are lucky enough, along with only a handful of others, to stroll the 6 feet or so to the stage, and be allowed to stay there, dancing, prancing, and just having a grand time with our own personal band. What I mean is that everyone was behind us, only the stage and its talented performers in front of us. We listened as the band listened, to the on-stage monitor speakers, not the huge arrays designed to fill a Civic Center with sound. I keep going back to this show of Friday night for a simple reason. It was a great show with great seats and great company.And I can add nothing to that. So your writer will exit, but with a smile on his face and memories to cherish.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Head Hunter Now? Please Say It Ain't So Curt.

It seems that our ace Curt Schilling has become a force on the inner half of the plate. Indeed, some say he has claimed the territory INSIDE the inner black of the plate. One person in particular. And not the player who was hit in the head yesterday, but his manager, Jim Tracy. From The Hartford Courant....."But if you start hitting people in the head, you got to be very careful," Pirates manager Jim Tracy said Saturday after watching one of his young players, Chris Duffy, get drilled in the head by a fastball from Schilling.
Tracy defended Schilling, saying the Red Sox ace doesn't try to hurt people. But he had a much different reaction when told that Schilling said Duffy should have been able to avoid getting beaned.
"He did?" Tracy said.
Pirates left fielder Craig Wilson was furious.
"Maybe he needs to stop throwing at [expletive] people's heads," Wilson said."
***Peter here again. I think Schill is assuming too much. A player has little time to even react to a fastball aimed inside, high and inside, much less be successful in backwardly ducking and dodging the round missle. C'mon Curt. Don't aim at people's heads. And we all know it is not a matter of lack of control. He has hit only 47 players in 514 career games. Not bad. I think the left fielder for the Pirates, Craig Wilson, summed it up best. Again from The Courant....."A pitcher should throw the ball over the plate. He shouldn't be throwing at the guy's head," Wilson said. "You can pitch inside, but you don't throw at someone's head. There's no other way to say it. He hit him in the head. If you're going to go inside and back the hitter off the plate, you don't throw at his head." ***Amen Craig. I could not have said it better. Curt, don't do this. You are a great pitcher who has the God-given ability to pinpoint the location of your pitches. Throw the ball inside? YES! But below the head, chest level or lower. Nothing is more effective than taking the hitter's legs out from under him with a well thrown brush back. Don't take someone's life into your right hand. Nothing is worth it. It's a game. Down and in, Curt. You bet. Up and in? No way. By the way, he looked fine for 3 innings, and I am in no way worried about his progress so far. And David Wells will pitch on Thursday. And there is no hurry. We will not need a 5th starter until April 15th. 2 off days in early April is the reason. And Josh Beckett, throwing 40 of his 60 pitches for strikes, threw 4 scoreless against minor leaguers.
Lastly, 9PM is BIG tonight, as the last, 2 part final season of THE SOPRANOS begins its last hurrah. Way to go HBO. And hold on to your hats...the first 2 episodes are supposed to be great, a launching pad for mesmerizing Sunday night viewing. Bada bing bada boom to you all.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

14 Grand Words.

"I feel better now than I did at any point last year,” he said. The "he" is none other than Keith Foulke. And the words are HUGELY satisfying. A reason to celebrate. Fingers still crossed, but this would be enormous to have him effective again in closer situations.


And yes, Reb is all that. We had fun, although it was much easier getting a drink than getting something to eat. But Hartford was hopping, and so were 16,000 plus fans in the seats. We were mere feet, barely a handshake's distance away from the stage and the guy who plays the piano. He had fun. We had fun. And Billy Joel ended the show with his patented "Don't take any shit from anyone." And we didn't. Nobody had any to give. A great way to start a weekend, although it will be hard to top last night, a heart-thumper in my hometown. More please!

Billy Joel In Hartford.

What a great night! Here is the review from the Hartford Courant. I'll be back when I am successful in finding my voice. I know I left it around here somewhere, or maybe at the Civic Center. Uh-oh...gotta go.

Billy Joel Reels Off Hits With Rocker's Energy
March 11, 2006
By ERIC R. DANTON, Courant Rock Critic

Someday, scientists decoding human DNA are going to find the Billy Joel strand.

You know it's there. It has to be. His songs are so culturally prominent, so catchy and singable, that it doesn't seem at all far-fetched that they would have altered our genetic makeup so that every person in this country knows all the words to at least two of his songs. OK, maybe that's a little far-fetched.
But still, even the relatively obscure songs seemed familiar when Joel performed the first of four shows Friday at the Hartford Civic Center. The lesser-known numbers, such as "Zanzibar" and "Everybody Loves You Now," were naturally crowded out by the hits during his 28-song, 2 ½-hour show, but at least a handful of people in the capacity crowd were standing and swaying or singing along during every single number.

It's no surprise that Joel knows how to pace a show: You start slow and build. Even so, the sheer number of well-known songs he was able to backload into his set list was staggering. "Sometimes a Fantasy" led into "Pressure," which gave way to "Goodnight Saigon" (complete with helicopter sound effects and rotor-mimicking strobe lights). Next it was "Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)," then "She's Always a Woman," followed by "Keeping the Faith." There aren't many artists who can reel off hits that way, and even fewer who can perform them with the energy and enthusiasm of a rock 'n' roll convert so many years after they converted.

Joel played piano to start, jabbing rapid-fire at the keys as he and his band opened the show with "Angry Young Man." Later, he switched to electric guitar for a few songs, including "Matter of Trust," a frenetic version of "We Didn't Start the Fire" and what he described as a "religious song" - a cover of AC/DC's "Highway to Hell," sung by a roadie named Chainsaw. Really.

His '70s songs worked best live - they've held up better than some of his later material. But he made sure to include a variety of songs from across his career, including a stirring version of the blue-collar sea ballad "Downeaster Alexa" and the slightly acerbic "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me." Joel also displayed a sense of humor, especially about his well-documented difficulty driving cars of late. After thanking fans early on for paying to see him, he quipped, "I need the money. You wouldn't believe how much I pay for car insurance."

Joel played 25 songs during the regular set, and then returned for a three-song encore: the rocker "Only the Good Die Young," his slice-of-life operetta "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" and, of course, "Piano Man."
**** Peter here. WOW.***

Friday, March 10, 2006

I Am Sorry. It Was Meant As A Joke, Not A Serious Topic.

Jason, Jere, and Cyn, I'm sorry if the last post bothered you so much. I hate guns. I just thought the woman's questions were a little over the top. And so was the Marine's response. In fact, I believe his sarcasticness was directly due to her idiotic conclusions...that learning how to target shoot, which I did in summer camp, will turn you into a killer. A KILLER! C'mon. That's the stuff of idiocy. And it's a hoax to boot. So someone thought this up as a good joke and I printed it. My bad, but I do run jokes here from time to time. But the conclusions she somehow came up with (reread them. They're even more outlandishly ridiculous each time) made no sense to me. If you teach me how to eat, will I become a bulimic overeater? That type of stuff. But thank you Cyn. And thanks Jere, and you, Jason, for providing me feedback. How else to make this space better than listen to my readers? Peace. Have a great weekend. Love you all. And Jere, I can't wait to see my shirt. And P.S. I accidently deleted the whole post. And not deliberately. My fingers are as sluggish as my brain. Time for breakfast.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bronson's Second Spring Start...Ineffective Again

Bronson Arroyo, so far this Spring a complete bust, (I know, it's early) has given up 5 runs and a couple taters in 2 plus innings of work. I swear he wants to stay with this club so much, he's deliberately underperforming to throw off any interest by the many scouts there to evaluate him. Even he wouldn't do that, I hope. Hey Bronson, close your eyes before you wing it toward the plate. You can only get better. No such thing as worse. And so a .500 pitcher with a 4 plus ERA continues on his merry way, to where nobody knows.

This Is New.....

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Syracuse has beaten UCONN in the quarterfinals of the Big East Championship Tournament. Great job by the Orange. Huskies, you've played better, way better, but the better team TODAY won. Congrats to Jim Boheim and the Syracuse players. On to the NCAA, and a number 1 seed, for Connecticut.

Boomer To Bonds...TELL THE TRUTH!

David Wells has added his voice to the scores of others commenting one way or another, usually another, to the reclusive Bonds and what was once his hidden agenda, now bare for all the world to see that it is true, the emporer has no clothes, much less brains and common sense. He'll forevermore be known as the "Asterisk Man," ready to commit evil to further his bloated baseball records so that he and only he can benefit. As I said yesterday. IDIOT. Or today. FIEND. Here's the good old Boomer...............
"Be a man and come out and say that he did [use steroids]," Wells said in an interview in Fort Myers. "Don't hide behind the uniform. Don't hide behind the players association. If you're guilty and you got caught, come clean. I think he'd get a lot more respect from people than lying."
Peter here again. I don't think he's showed any signs of wanting respect. Hey Barry, you think it's getting hot now? Wait until the regular season, you total clueless loser. Just a few happy thoughts from me to you, my readers, on an otherwise grey and gloomy Thursday, to be followed by a very special Friday. More on that tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Mouth Still Roars!

David Wells has broken his self imposed silence, and in a big way. His latest sermon on his love for Bud Selig is sure to get the attention of the commisioner. I hope it doesn't lead to a suspension. Is that what Wells wants? Please Boomer, will you cut it out with the negative waves. (I borrowed that phrase from Donald Sutherland's charactor in the WWII movie KELLY'S HEROES).
Here is part of what David Wells had to say. Here he is speaking of Selig...."I've had issues with him the last few years. He said, `Oh, we need to talk.' He said, `I'll take you to dinner when I come to Boston.' Has he done it? Fuck no. He's a piece of shit. And you can quote me on that." Of course, I filled in the two expletive deleteds that could not be printed in the paper.
And in yesterday's spring training game, Rudy Seanez and David Riske did nothing to boost my confidence in them, with one inning each of blahness. On the other hand, Little Manny and Cla Meredith were GREAT for three combined innings. And Jonathon Papelbon struggled a little, but walked no one while giving up 2 runs and 4 hits. He is someone I do not worry about.
Oh, and Barry Bonds? I have 5 words for him. Way to go, you idiot! P.S. His home run totals after 1997 should be expunged, erased, deleted with malice.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

At First Base, Number 84.

From Yahoo. You have to love this guy......."On the back fields of spring training camps, a glut of baseball players wear weird numbers: 68, 79, 87, 98. In nearly every case, these are the players, mostly prospects or non-roster invitees, soon on their way to the minor leagues.
The number on J.T. Snow's jersey sends a different message.
The first baseman, entering his 15th season in the majors but his first with the Boston Red Sox, doesn't worry about being sent down. He wears No. 84 to pay tribute to his late father, Jack, an All-America wide receiver at Notre Dame and a standout with the Los Angeles Rams from 1965-75.
While his father lay in Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis in early January, severely ill and unable to speak because of complications from a staph infection, Snow told him he would be wearing that No. 84.
His dad died a few days later. He was 62.
"I told him, and it brought a smile to his face," says Snow, who signed as a free agent with the Red Sox after spending the last nine seasons with the San Francisco Giants. "He is the reason I am here and I've played as long as I have. He meant everything to me."
** Peter here. Have a great season, J.T. It's people like you that make this world a better place.**

"Super" Wife Dana Reeve Dead At 44

Dana Reeve, the super, stand by her man through everything woman, is dead this morning, of lung cancer, at 44. She stood by her man through his personal torture. She made it their shared experience. Now that is courage. And fate had another cruel stroke of evil for her. Just weeks after her husband's death, as a result of an annual checkup, she was discovered to have lung cancer. Determined to beat it, she went through treatments, but lung cancer is dreadful in that by the time symptoms appear, it usually is too late. These early symptoms can be confused with a bug, a cough, or other seemingly non-serious everyday quirks. But the cancer had spread, sealing her fate. Rest in peace. You were a brave and dedicated woman.
So much death. I hate this.

So I Admit It! I Was Too Harsh On Bronson.

The other day, I predicted that Bronson's days with the Red Sox are dwindling down to a precious few. I was a little harsh, OK. And I really do not see a need to make a trade just to balance the numbers. So, Jere and Cyn, maybe you're right. Too many pitchers is a good thing, especially when so much hope rests on the unsteady shoulders of Rudy Seanez and David "taking a " Risque, who I have yet to develop ANY faith whatsoever. To make a trade just for the sake of it makes no sense. But it doesn't change my feelings about Annoyo one bit. Mediocre inning eater. I can live with that. But he's not the kind of pitcher to build a championship team around. He has a lot to show me. It just seems to me that he is distracted while on the mound. His mind seems elsewhere, and the result? A fat sliding too much of the plate frisbee-like pitch that is cracked into the opposite field. Base hit. Runners at the corners with no outs. Over and over. Maybe this is his year. Your move, Bronson.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Kirby Puckett 1960-2006

Kirby, you left us too early. Sure, you had some problems in life. Who doesn't? But when you were on the field, it was as if you had wings. And at the plate, clutch was your middle name. You will be missed. That I promise. Rest in peace.

Thoughts Are On Kirby Now, On A Monday Afternoon. And Feeling Sad...

Thinking right now, just the general type of "let your mind wander and think about life" type of thinking, which usually happens in the quiet darkness of a sleepless night, something like.... what's in store for the next few days, maybe the next few months? And I came to the same mind conclusion every I had to write about the quality of life and the subject of baseball itself, and when you talk about the difference, well, there is life. And he is (and hopefully never will I have to put him in the past tense) and will be a kind person who is a mentor for the younger players today. When Torii Hunter heard the news yesterday before the game with our Sox, he could not even play. I feel. I so do feel...... Good luck Kirby. We always will love you, even though you were on "the other team, and they were so damned good." You are what we all strive to be. Hey , I'm just a guy from Connecticut, a Red Sox fan, all my so far life. But I saw your energy in centerfield. I saw your influence with people lucky enough to have had the luck to play baseball with you. So, I believe you will survive.

Kirby Puckett, So Young At 44, Has Stroke.

So what that David Wells is staying. Real life and death has crept into the forefront of our thoughts. Kirby Puckett, 44, has had a major stroke and is in St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix. Medical details have not been released, but my sources say he is in critical condition after an operation to restore proper blood flow to the affected areas of the brain. The Hall of Famer was struck down yesterday morning while at home. Kirby, our thoughts and prayers are with you and the hopes for a full recovery are everywhere in the baseball world, and right here, in my heart.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Troubled Knees And Goodbye Graff And Bronson.

We have to face the real possibility that Keith Foulke might be in big trouble. The fate of our closer rests with the effectiveness, or not, of a lubricating agent being injected into both his knees, right AND left. It's not just the right knee now. The left has become cumbersome too. What if the pain never goes away? Who will be our closer? Jonathon Papelbon? He surely has the talent, but that is not where we want him to begin the process of being a full-time player for the team. How about young Craig Hansen? He certainly also has the talent, but he is so young. To catapult him into the closer's role now would not be right. I hope it does not become necessary. So we wait, and we hope that two troubled kness will respond to an inner application of WD-40 type liquid.
And another thing. It's a sure bet that Graffanino and one starting pitcher will be traded away this Spring. Who among the starters is the tastiest treat for other teams to gobble up like Thankgiving dinner? That's right, Bronson Arroyo, battered yesterday in the second inning of his short stint on the mound, I firmly believe, is seeing his last days in a Red Sox uniform. Of all our starters, I would miss him the least with the maybe exception of David Wells, who other teams would choke on if they gobbled. So it is here and now in Peter On Everything that I bid goodbye to the mediocre (ERA above 4.50) but colorful pitcher, who needs to bear down and concentrate rather than lazily throwing frisbees from the mound. So sorry Bronson. I know what the front office promised you when you signed your deal. Such is life.
A season of possible greatness now rests on two aching knees. Lets make the score modern medicine 2-aches and pains 0 in this contest. Please.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Dime Sized Bruise Is Sweet News. And Shades Of '04.

Jonathon Pabelbon is one lucky guy. He only ended up with a small bruise, a bruise the size of a ten cent piece. How sweet! And Curt Schilling, despite the competition, was thrilled that he could go out there and just pitch. That did not happen for him all of last year. He is said to be 10-15 pounds lighter than this time last year, and it shows. College kids or no college kids, he was very happy. And that makes us happy. I will say right here right now that he will come close to or surpass the 20 win level that he breached in '04, as long as the club has an effective closer. Anyone want to make a friendly wager? C'mon.
The news was not as good for Dustin Pedroia, who strained his left shouder and will be sidelined 2 weeks. An MRI revealed no internal damage, but this is a tough time to fall behind, and this is a year where one injury, God forbid, and he could be starting. But I used the "I" word, which is something I hope this year will be known for the lack of. And of course I mean injury.
We will hear from Mr. Wells today or tomorrow. Yawn.....can't wait. But the Papelbon news was a GREAT way to start the day. Off we go, and back I shall be.

Friday, March 03, 2006

No WBC For Alax Gonzalez. And That's Good.

From the Globe blog, just this minute...."Red Sox shortstop Alex Gonzalez pulled out of the World Baseball Classic today, and is on his way back to the Red Sox from the Venezuelan camp in Clearwater, Fla.

Gonzalez, who starred for Venezuela in the Caribbean World Series a few weeks ago, was slated to play for his home country in the WBC as well. The Red Sox don’t have any details as to why Gonzalez chose to pull out, but the prevailing thought is that it was because he wouldn’t get enough playing time. Carlos Guillen and Omar Vizquel are also on the Venezuelan team."

Peter here. You know why it's a good thing. The answer is obvious. The more he plays with his infield mates, and the rest, the smoother those double plays will be recorded. The subtle timing it takes to become a cog in a championship infield does not happen in a week. So good choice Alex. You wouldn't have played much and it's far better for you to be with the team. Let's hope that is indeed the reason for pulling out. For anything else would have to be bad, and Foulkie's right knee is enough to worry about right now, this early, too early in a season for anything catastophic to happen (think Papelbon and left ankle).

Sox Pitchers Ask, " Is It Safe?" No.

The batted ball continues to follow Red Sox pitchers like a burp follows a good meal. Jon Papelbon had quite the scare last night, as did we all. He was hit below the right ankle by a line drive, and when it happened, he thought his ankle had shattered. Lucky for him, and us, such was not the case. But a little higher....
Coco Crisp was a bright spot in a 6-3 loss with three hits, as were Little Manny's and Hansen's easy one inning stints. The final score, to me, is meaningless in early Spring training games. Give me Spring training games in the last week of the preseason, and I'll care a little bit more about the score.
One other early note. David Wells will open his mouth and speak of his non-trade this weekend, and it will be interesting to hear what he has to say. Yawn. Other than that, happy weekend and I will be back later.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Game 1 in Fort Myers, Where the Ribs Are Great, And The Weather Better.

Jonathon Papelbon takes the hill today in the first game of the 2006 Spring training schedule. The game is against their cross-town rival Minnesota Twins, in Ft. Myers. Nice.
Keith Foulke admitted yesterday that his right knee has been bothering him. As I wrote yesterday, the lubricant injected into the knee has a lasting effect once the body gets used to it. This generally takes a few days, and the relief might last for months. It worked for my friend, but she is no athelete. Let's hope that right knee responds wonderfully, and that it feels as good as his right arm.
And David Wells visited the mound yesterday, if only for a quick hello.

Let the games begin. And on TV today, on the Yes (No) network, is the Yankee game, and in the early morning hours, 2 WBC games. Slowly we inch into Spring. After all, meteorologist Spring started yesterday, March 1. And I'm ready.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

And If Looks Tell The Story, Manny Was Busy Getting In Shape. He Looks Like He Lost A Chin!

From the Globe Blog, written by Edes, and accompanied by a pic that you will see if you go to the "Extra Bases"....."Ramirez told reporters he was in the best shape of his life, and, let me tell you, he looks it. He spoke today about the workout regimen that kept him at home an extra week.
“You know a lot of agility work, a lot of balance,” he said. “Trying to get my hamstring back again. [I] was doing the same thing that I do every year.”
BUT.......he looks to be in better shape than last year. Again, it is tough to tell from stills. So until later, my friends. Wednesday. All good. And that's nice. Made you smile!

Foulke Is Receiving Lubricant Injections

This is not a good thing. I have a co-worker who had enough discomfort, and to avoid surgery she had this same liquid injected into her knee. Everything was great and it seemed to do the trick. But if Foulkie needed the shot(s) in the first place, he MUST have had some form of discomfort. That ain't good news. But it is early in Spring Training, with plenty of time for him to take it slow and easy, rounding into knee-fine shape by the end of the month. We hope. He is one of the two BIGGEST ifs we have. Schill is the other, and he seems to be the Schill of old, so far.

Moses..Err, Manny Arrives!

And here am I freezing my you know whats off, waiting for Manny's arrival up here in Boston, and he snuck in without me seeing him. And then I got to thinking...Spring Training, Peter. What am I doing in Boston?
From the Herald, today..."Right on schedule, at least his schedule, Manny Ramirez pulled into the Red Sox minor league complex this morning at 9:01 a.m.
Ramirez pulled into the front parking lot and walked in the front door, neglecting to speak with reporters.
Coincidentally, the Red Sox clubhouse closed at 9 a.m., which means reporters won’t have the chance to speak with Ramirez until after the Red Sox workout - if at all.
The Sox are scheduled to be on the field at roughly 9:30 and should wrap things up between noon and 12:30."
This is Peter. Pheww! I feel so much better knowing he's there. Now, back to Hartford.