Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Accidents WILL Happen...this Is Funny!

Paste this into your browser, turn up the sound, and make sure your mouth is not filled with any type of liquid. Because you will laugh. Money back guarantee. I promise. Really. http://jeffmash.com/sounds/accidentvoicemail.wav

38,805, and Other Bits of Importance

38,805. My oh my! That's the new 2006 capacity for the cozier than ever Fenway Park. Boy, the first time the official attendance of a game is announced, and it isn't thirty five or thirty six thousand and something, it sure will sound strange.
Alex Gonzales has joined the club, signing a one year (ONE! Hurray!! We're not locked in for multi-years!) contract for three million. Work that glove Alex.
And it seems that Theo wants to have a talk with David Wells during Spring Training, which leads me to believe that he will verbally try to sweet talk him into staying with the club for this season. We could use a lefty, and Boomer proved last year that when his body is feeling good, his pitching is effortless AND effective. And that's a good combination for a pitcher. We'll take those 14 wins, Boomer.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Momentary happiness Is.....

Momentary happiness on this Monday afternoon was tuning in, accidently at that, to Sirius radio and hearing Danny Bonaduce's this week only show with Howard Stern AND Martha Stewart sitting in as guests. Imagination not better than reality. Talk about FUNNY!

Coco Quip

This from the Akron (Ohio) Beacon Journal.......
"It's easy to understand why so many Tribe fans are upset about the deal. Crisp is a determined, underrated player who batted .300 with 62 extra-base hits and 69 RBI. Boston Red Sox fans will love the guy. The trade helps the Red Sox more than the Indians in the short run. When the games meant the most after Sept. 1, Crisp hit .331 with six homers and 16 RBI."
*Nice. And the magazine Gentleman's Quarterly, which I do not read, has a list of the ten most hated players in sports. And here's the best part. The list was based on the judgements of their peers - pro athletes themselves. Coming up next, the list. Here's a teaser. One player on the all male list is a member of the 2004 World Champion Boston Red Sox. Any guesses??

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Overheard On The London Underground (subway)

"May I remind all passengers that there is strictly no
smoking allowed on any part of the Underground. However, if
you are smoking a joint, it's only fair that you pass it
round the rest of the carriage."

Channel 38 WSBK Boston Has Gone Sox-less

For the first time since 1983, channel 38, which used to be a fixture in the Hartford cable market until the turn of the century (that sounds odd), will not have any Sox games to broadcast. And that's sad, even though the channel has been unavailable here in north central Connecticut for a good while. But the memories of channel 38 being the Red Sox flagship station linger, and some of them linger on as a part of my video library. Roger's 20 strikeout game in '86, Yaz day in 1983. Who could ever forget him trotting around the ballpark, right arm and hand raised to touch as many fans as he could. I was there that day, but had tape running at home. And for an almost 23 year old video tape, it looks damn good. As does the one hour recap show of the 20 strikeout game by Roger, a tape I take out once a year, usually before Spring training ends and the season begins, hoping some of that pitching magic will rub off on the current team's pitchers. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes not. Those were both channel 38 games, with Ned "Oh mercy" Martin and Bob Montgomery making the calls. Ned Martin, along with Ken Coleman, remain my all-time favorite Sox announcers, especially when they were paired for radio. They were magic together, painting images inside your brain as clear as if you were sitting 8 feet from a high definition plasma screen while their voices carried the emotions of the ageless game itself. Oh, those were great days.
So I find sadness in this news that WSBK is out of the baseball business, as baseball moves closer and closer to owning every media venue the fans have access to. And I feel badly for that 5-10% of the people in the Boston area that do not have cable. But not as badly as for my portal to so many nights of jubilation, tears, sudden fits of crazy contortions of joy, and slumping sadness. Thank you WSBK38 Boston. Good job. As George Harrison said, "All things must pass. All things must pass away."

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Pedro On AROD.

Now this is interesting. It seems Pedro had an opinion on Alex Rodriguez' decision to play for the United States instead of his native Dominican Republic. Whatever he does or says, it seems AROD, or DORA, as I like to call him, somehow seems to make a fool of himself. Think Bronson Arroyo's slap and you get my drift. Read on, Dear Readers.............................. .........Pedro: A-Rod made an error.
Martinez believes Rodriguez should play for 'us,' not the U.S.


January 28, 2006

Pedro Martinez and Alex Rodriguez are longtime friends, so much so that last winter, during Martinez's free agency, the right-hander met with and confided in the Yankees' third baseman.

Yet Martinez, who wound up signing with the Mets, is disappointed that A-Rod has chosen to play for the United States - instead of the Dominican Republic - in the upcoming World Baseball Classic. Martinez chose to share this sentiment publicly.

"Alex is American because he was born in the United States, but after what Mike Piazza - a future Hall of Famer - did, who will be playing for Italy, and Nomar Garciaparra, who will be playing for Mexico, he had an excuse to do the same with the Dominican Republic," said Martinez, who intends to pitch for his native Dominican Republic. Martinez's statements were spoken to the Dominican-based television network Color Vision. ESPN.com first reported of the interview here.

"Now Alex must prepare for the nasty comments that will arise in the Bronx, where almost half of the citizens are Latino and purely Dominican," Martinez said. "In fact, when Alex gets [to the Dominican Republic] it's possible that not even the reporters will be here to welcome him."

Sing Us Some Songs, Piano Man and Your Band.

Hartford. A Friday night. March 10th, after the bitter winter cold has weaved its way northward. Section 2, directly in front of the mammoth stage. Row G, which stands for God in my book, the 7th row, with 2 seats right next to one of the two center aisles. Billy Joel, sober now , plump, bald, but with a voice and piano skills that still kill, much as he was in the late seventies to mid-eighties, when he was at his peak. One of four sold out nights in March and April that he will sing to the state.
I and a special someone will have a good time that night, whatever the weather will be. 3 hours to forget any troubles, to down a beverage or two and sit back, or stand up, and smile, and remember all those years ago when Billy, in his jeans, blue blazer and high top sneakers, would be running all around the stage, shadow boxing to the crowd and singing his heart out. And always ending his show with a sly smile on his face as he looked out over the sea of happy faces and said, "don't take any shit from anyone, Hartford." And I never did.
Happy weekend readers. And don't take any shit from anyone. At least without giving some back.

Breakfast Without The Sports Pages.

Wow. The newspaper delivery guy, all 75 years of him, is late again. Breakfast isn't the same without the sports pages. Sure, the New York Times, which arrives before 5 everyday, including Sunday, was here, but it is an early edition. I can get more sports news from my watch, which is vintage 1982. But now, sitting here in front of my keyboard basking in an after breakfast glow on a still dark Saturday morn, all, except for the lack of the Hartford Courant, seems well. There are other more important things wrong in this world than the lack of the sports pages, even on a morning that brought news of the completion of the Coco Crisp deal.
So, Theo, good job. Manny Delcarmen still pitches for our team. And so does Brad Riske. And Josh Bard will once in a while be behind the plate. Gone are Marte, Mota, and Kelly Shoppach, who never seemed to put up the numbers expected in the minors. Also John Henry had to part with one million dollars, petty cash to him, just in case Mota's arm misfires like a '52 Chevy's engine. This is a good trade in that we did not have to give up on any young potential phenoms, but our bullpen is very right-handed heavy. I still can't figure out why that lefty who wears a hockey mask, Mike Myers, wasn't kept instead of allowing the Yankees to scoop him up. That just reeks of mismanagement to me. But so do so many other things in this 2005-2006 off season.
Now if Theo can be smart with the shortstop situation, things will look OK. That really means I have no idea how the Sox will be this coming summer. There are too many health related "ifs." But that's the case in every season, at least as long as I've been around. A lot longer, in fact. I'll be back later with a non-baseball post or two, for I am typed out on Coco and this trade. It's going to turn me off breakfast cereal for good. And you know I was a Trix kid, purple lips and all.

Friday, January 27, 2006

News Less Than 30 Minutes Old, and Why It Matters.

From the Associated Press on this Friday afternoon......"Phillies, Indians reach agreement on Michaels for Rhodes trade

1/27/2006, 3:16 p.m. ET
The Associated Press
(AP) — The Philadelphia Phillies and Cleveland Indians reached agreement Friday on a Jason Michaels-for-Arthur Rhodes trade, a deal that could trigger a bigger swap involving the Boston Red Sox.

Rhodes was in Philadelphia taking a physical, two people familiar with the deal told The Associated Press. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the trade had not been finalized.

If the trade is completed, the Indians could turn around and send center fielder Coco Crisp to the Red Sox to fill the gap left when free agent Johnny Damon left for the New York Yankees."
********Peter here. Now our club is in a better bargaining position. Cleveland has an excess player, there were no surprises for the Indians in the results of Mota's physical exam, and now, just maybe, the Red Sox can take advantage of their suddenly superior bargaining position to dictate terms. This might mean weekend news. But by now, the importance, at least for me, has lessened. But we still need a center fielder.............to be continued.

TGIF. In Fact, TGNT!

TGNT indeed! That stands for thank God no trade, at least as of yet. From this morning's Cleveland Plain Dealer are these few words. I'll be back after the sun rises past the horizon with more of this and that. Happy weekend. *****************Lots of wheelin', but no dealin'.****************
Friday, January 27, 2006
Paul Hoynes
Plain Dealer Reporter
"The verdict on the Indians' trade of outfielder Coco Crisp to Boston has yet to be rendered.
A major-league source said Thursday afternoon that the three-team deal was falling apart."

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Take This Trade, As It Is Now, AND SHOVE IT!!!

And this just out from Eric Wilber of the Globe. IT MAKES SENSE. THANK YOU. See my post directly below for a comment on the Plains-Dealer original article........."Paul Hoynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that while there is concern over Mota's health, the Cleveland GM is willing to keep him if the Red Sox sweeten the deal. How kind. The not-so-Equal artificial sweetener in this scenario would be Red Sox righthander Manny Delcarmen.
So, if you're keeping score, that's Crisp, David Riske, and Josh Bard for Andy Marte, Mota, Kelly Shoppach, and Delcarmen. The Indians are awaiting the Red Sox' final, best offer today, according to Hoynes. I suggest then, Theo, you dial up Shapiro and tell him your final offer is that you propose he shoves it."

********Peter here again, and I couldn't have said it better myself. This just appeared on the Globe site.*******

The Cleveland Plains Dealer Speaks On The Trade.

Here is a blurb from the Cleveland paper from today..........Paul Hoynes
Plain Dealer Reporter
A decision on the Coco Crisp trade could be reached today.
"If negotiations continued to go the way they did Wednesday afternoon, Crisp might be staying in Cleveland instead of playing center field for Boston.
After the Indians questioned the condition of Boston reliever Guillermo Mota's right shoulder following his physical Tuesday, they re-opened negotiations with the Red Sox. They were willing to keep Mota, according to a major league source, if the Red Sox sweetened the deal.
Right-hander Manny Delcarmen, Boston's second-round pick in 2000, was the sweetener that the Indians wanted. They feel the hard-throwing Delcarmen, who appeared in 10 games for the Red Sox last season, could help this year in the bullpen.

The Red Sox, who have resisted previous Indians' requests for Delcarmen, said no and offered two lower-level prospects. The Indians said no, telling Boston to come back with its best final offer Wednesday night or today.

It appears the three teams involved in the deal -- not to mention the players -- want closure.

The foundation of the trade remains the same. Crisp, right-hander David Riske and catcher Josh Bard would go to Boston for third base prospect Andy Marte, catcher Kelly Shoppach and Mota. The Indians would then trade left-hander Arthur Rhodes to Philadelphia for Jason Michaels, who would replace Crisp in left field.

The deal for Rhodes and Michaels has already been agreed upon, but it is contingent on the completion of the Indians-Boston trade.

The Red Sox don't want to include Delcarmen, making it a four-for-three deal, because they consider him, Marte and Shoppach to be among their top prospects."
*****This is me again, echoing my past comments on Manny D. Please, Theo, do not part with this young man. And you know what? I think Theo Epstein is just as against adding Delcarmen into the deal as I, and others, are. He will be valuable to us, and THIS YEAR, too. Let us hope this ends well. Please.

A Good New Blog For You To Check Out.

I recently came across a new (to me) blog called Alligator Button. It's a Sox blog, of course, and it's written by Daniel Goldberg. I've never met him, but after reading some of his posts, I wanted to pass on the link for you to check out. Here it is...... http://alligatorbutton.blogspot.com/ . You have to paste it into your browser, and then bookmark it, but I think you'll be happy that you did. So give him a try. And thanks to BSM for pointing me in his direction. And thanks to Daniel for maybe putting up a link to me on his site.
In Red Sox Land, it seems that the new rule is much like what has worked for the Patriots. And that is SILENCE IS GOLDEN. No more disruptions caused by too much talking to the media, which eventually leads to rumors and newspaper fiction that has been harmful to our club. And this is a club right now that needs no unimportant distractions. In fact, no distractions of any kind would be nice. There is much work to do, and the days keep passing by like the fleeting moments in time that they are.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Meet The New Boss.Same As The Old Boss....and Trouble In Mota City.

Theo Epstein has concluded his bizarre and unprecedented 360 degree circumnavigation around the baseball world by returning to his job as general manager. He is back and will do what he used to do, how he used to do it. Good for us. Good for the club. Not good for other teams contending with the Red Sox, because the Sox can only be better because of his return.
Much more disturbing are reports out of Cleveland that ex-Marlin pitcher Mota has failed his physical, or come close enough to failing to raise the hackles of the Cleveland powers that be. This is a pitcher the Marlins added to the deal with the Red Sox because of Sox concerns with Josh Beckett's arm. Damaged goods? I hope not. But any talk of Manny Delcarmen replacing Mota, or being added to the deal in order for Coco to patrol Fenway's centerfield should be considered blasphemy. Delcarmen is a future star, a guy with an arm who can throw heat and get batters out. His up side has no limits. Please, front office, DO NOT PART WITH THIS MANNY. I repeat. DO NOT PART WITH THIS MANNY. Cleveland wants this deal as much, if not more, than we do. Don't bow down and take it in the rear, Sox FO. You've looked foolish long enough. Hear me? More later....

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Next Hit Will Be Number 1000.

1000, a nice round number, one that in the off season took me two months to get to, and a few of those hits were counted as I wrote posts, of course. But I like it. And I have to thank you, my readers. The Boston Red Sox, and life itself, are easy to write about. We are all assaulted with sensory input that I find I can put down on paper, or in this case a computer screen, all the while not knowing how to type using the correct method. I use the peek method, in which my eyes are on the keys most of the time until it's time to fix the many errors. Hey, works for me. So thank you, Red Sox fan or just a fan of life, for you'll find both here. And I welcome you.

David Riske

With his steady ERA and a need for him in the bullpen now that Mota has motored, or about to, it is imperative that the forthcoming deal with Cleveland include Mr. Riske, who will be a better pitcher with less risk health-wise than Mota. Let us not forget this. Davis Riske as a member of the Red Sox for '06 is important, and when or if the deal is finalized and he is a part of it, allow yourself a knowing smile, a smile that says, "Good move and way to go club." You know, that special smile, hardly noticed by bystanders near and far, that shows pure contentment, if just for that special moment. I'm waiting for that smile. I hope you are too.

Fiction, Not Fact. And In The papers, Too!

Wow, so many stories about impending trades, and yet so little to say. I believe that half of these news reports are penned by writers (?) that have absolutely NOTHING to write about. Idiots. It's like they have to make up for a temporary lack of hard news with news of their own. What a novel idea. Maybe they've forgotten. It's called FICTION!!
So without anything official to report, I'll comment on other things, and I'll do it later, when I'm awake. I write much better when I am conscious. Don't know why, but it's a fairly consistant thing. Something I'll have to live with. I can handle it.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Delcarmen? Hey Indians, Forget About It!!!

Now Manny Delcarmen's name is on the request list of the Injuns? Well, that ain't going to happen, unless there is something I'm missing here, such as my SANITY. What do they think our club has for brains? Wow.

J.T. and His Dad Jack...and the Coco Deal Continues.

Newly ordained Red Sox member J.T. Snow has requested that his uniform number be 84, as a tribute to his father Jack, who passed away January 9 of this year. Class, pure class. Good to have you here J.T. Have a great season.
And David Riske and Kelly Shoppach have been added to the ever more complex but yet to be made official Coco Crisp deal. At least Riske, giving his past stats, will make up for losing Mota. But this is all dependant on the physicals being passed, so I will comment further when that happens.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Just A Thought. Slow Day.

Osama Bin Laden's latest audio tape was broadcast on Jan. 19
which is nine one one backwards (1/19). Hmmmm.

Coco To Come, But Marte To Leave..Good News Bad News

It looks like Coco Crisp will be on patrol in centerfield next year, and for many years to come. That's a plus. Here's a minus. In addition to Mota, who with the glut of pitchers temporarily on hand, was a lock to be used in a trade, will be the departure of a real future talent at third base, Mr. Marte. It's too bad, but now those Kevin Youklis fans will have nothing to complain about. And I am one of them who would really like to see him play everyday, and at the same position.
As for the shortstop situation, it looks as though the Sox are leaning towards the free agent Alex Gonzalez, who has similar statistics and sure-handedness as our own utility player Cora, as Andrew pointed out in his post over at 12/Eight. I don't know why we would purchase Gonzales and leave Cora out in utility land. But he will be capable there, more than capable, and the club has money to spend and I guess they decided to spend some on Gonzalas.
Lastly, we still lack a lead-off man, although the papers (read Herald) have decided that Coco will be our new lead off hitter. No. We have someone much better suited to the role, and his name is Mark "get back" Loretta. If he hits the way he should, he'll be at .300 or a notch above. He has speed. He is our '06 first batter, at least in my brain, which is connected to my fingers which type this strange board of letters so that I can write sometimes recognizable and understandable sentences. I hope you're used to these writing quirks that I posess, because I'll be here all season. May you have a great Sunday, with football, or whatever. Talk to you tomorrow. Don't drink and drive. Oops, I guess the meds just kicked in.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Imagine that the Titanic had three captains that fateful night in 1912. At the moment the iceberg was sighted, the three reacted differently. Cap. #1 said to reverse the engines and turn hard a port. Cap. #2 said reverse the engines and turn hard a starboard. And Cap. #3 said to reverse all engines and ram the iceberg head on. Now most likely, Captains #1 and 2, in a couple hours time, would have had no ship to rule. Captain #3 would have shaken up the ship tremendously, with a loss of life on board, but the ship would have remained afloat and most of the passengers and crew would have been rescued. If the real captain Smith of Titanic infamy had been Captain #3, the tragedy and its horrible loss of life would have been averted.
Our Red Sox cannot be successful being GMed by three people either. Something must change, and fast. After the glee and jump for joy happiness of yesterday and the night before, the true picture has crept back into my head. This team is still in deep doo doo. Mr. Henry, sage that he is, said to us that the particulars of the situation with Theo will be announced next week. OK. Does that mean that the formula is being worked out now? I say yes. A period of role definition is what this is, and until everything is worked out, this team is in trouble. All I can say is that let us all hope they can get that doo doo together and right this ship, or it's two miles straight down into a cold, black, dead and frozen 2006.

Friday, January 20, 2006

He's back!

Last night the word came down that Theo is back in a full time capacity. Reconciable differences, to borrow the phrase, although it did not look that way for a much too long time. Now let's fill the centerfield and shortstop positions without giving away too much in return. Is Manny gone? How about Matt, Bronson, or any of the new arms in the bullpen? Ask Theo. Hmmm, those are two nice words to put together in a sentence. What a way to start a weekend. With a smile, goofy but great, on my face, I head to work. Be back later with more of this. And welcome back to our beloved Reb. Her link, if you are one of the select few in the world who does not know it, is to your right. No, right, not left. Bye.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Baby You Can Drive My Taxi.

With thanks from my friend Terry, whose link, AYNtK, is to the right, copy this link into your browser and become a taxi driver. This is HILARIOUS!!!!!!! A couple hints. The up arrow accelerates, and the space bar hits the brakes. The left and right arrows turn. BUT HERE'S SOMETHING ELSE. There are certain other letter/number keys that, when pressed, have laughter filled results. You will have fun with this one. Pretent that's AROD you're taking for a ride and have him bouncing off the walls. Remember. left and right arrows turn, the up arrow accelerates and the space bar brakes. The others, well, find out for yourself. And don't forset to turn on the sound!! http://www.entertainmentanytime.com/

Signed With A Gentleman's Agreement......

Words you don't see often this day and age. And not just in baseball but in anything. Now that Bronson Arroyo seems all set to be signed to a three year deal for 11 or 12 million dollars, that's where those words come in. You see, he sees this as the best way he can stay with the club for his whole career, for after this 3 year stint he would be in the position to sign long term with the club, the club remembering this "good faith" gesture 3 year deal. His agent, or one of them, is not so sure. I don't know where I stand on this, but I do know that in the rest of this off season, the front office (FO) wil define themselves as being trustworthy and above reappproach, or they will twist into gnarled wrinkled no heart and no soul flesh traders if they indeed do trade the very appetizing Bronson in their quest for a center fielder. Which beast of an FO do we have? Ai, there lies the rub. I'm sure other clubs who we might HAVE to deal with for a centerfielder see Bronson Arroyo as a cog they want in THEIR machine. It's a regular "who do you trust."
And in other Sox news reported everywhere, Julian Tavarez has joined the dangerously overcrowded filled to the gills and gunwhales bullpen, signing a 2 year 6.7 million dollar contract.
In the coming weeks we will see which head of the two-headed beast that is our front office prevails, and true colors will be revealed. I hope I have the stomach for it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

And A Quick Word To Our Beloved REB........

Wednesday the 18th of January 2006, and thanks for checking in here at my blog so often. Your hits count double on the stat thing. I personally programmed it so. I have to let the news out Reb. I know the EVILS have you under lock and key, handcuffed and gagged by a New York newspaper. Horrid. Unfair. Inhumane. Dasterdedly. Stay strong, rescue is on the way. Somehow Steinbrenner is behind this. We will come for you. Now smile, if only for a second.

Ken's Stock will Soar..A Backup's Dream. Only in Boston.

From The Eagle-Tribune, of North Andover, Ma, this is a great blurb about Tim Wakefield's, and ours also, back-up catcher. Here we go............" Ken Huckaby was destined to play for the Boston Red Sox....
The backup catcher seemed a logical choice to help fill in as Tim Wakefield's personal backstop, replacing the recently-traded Doug Mirabelli. Throughout Huckaby's tenure in the Dodgers organization, he was subjected to the knuckleballs of both Tom Candiotti and Dennis Springer.

The 34-year-old also figures to potentially slide right into Kevin Millar's spot as clubhouse jester, having once let 200 crickets loose in a former roommate's apartment as payback for a previous prank.

But what really appears to help Huckaby cement a spot within the ways of Boston baseball is something much more tangible in the eyes of Sox fans — he has received death threats from those on the side of the New York Yankees.

"I was getting them through the mail," remembered Huckaby, who signed with the Red Sox as a minor-league free agent December 14. "For about two weeks it was pretty scary because I've gone pretty much throughout my whole career without people recognizing me, and all of a sudden I'm getting recognized."

The impetus for the unsavory messages — which were each confiscated by the security from Huckaby's former team, the Toronto Blue Jays — took place on opening day of the 2003 season. In the third inning of the Jays' game with the Yankees, Huckaby collided with Derek Jeter on a close play at third base, dislocating the New York's shortstop's left shoulder."
Me again. What'd I tell you? Clubhouse and on the field valuable.....way to go and make us proud Ken.

No News Is Good News.......Or Is It?

This is day "who's counting that high" that the news drought of the baseball club named the Boston Red Sox continues. Out of the Northeastern part of the continental United States, the team's fans come from all over New England and most recently, more so since their triumphant 2004, all over the country. Known for their red socks and their famous ballpark, Fenway Park, a cozy living room in which to watch a professional team play, the team is too well known for their "close but no cigar" 7 game World Series losses in 1946, '67, '75 and in 1986. They finally won their first world championship since 1918 in the magical year of 2004, much to the sheer delight of their fans.
There are not many members from that dream team of 2004 left, as the club's faces change as often as the wind changes directions. The uniforms, oh those beloved uniforms, the stuff dreams are made of, remain the same. Some things in life do not change.
We, the fans, know not what this '06 team will do. Their parts have not jelled yet. Their parts hardly have faces to go with their names yet, at least in my mind, a place you visit while reading here but might not want to stay. But it is the visits here that make me happy. I'll keep you up to date with the emotional process that is needed to be a real Sox fan, and leave the more intricate statistics of the game of baseball and how it relates to our beloved team to those who do it better. Folks who know who they are, without mentioning them so I will not inadvertantly forget to. Hint, look to your right at the links. If I knew how to add a link, I would add Red Sox Chick, because Cyn and her journal are an invaluable place to visit and be entertained AND informed. Thank you Cyn. And thank you all here in Peterland, and visit early and often. One of these days, I suspect before the middle of next month, the club will be trading for a centerfielder, and one of the current starters will go, making room for Papelbon's return to the rotation, a place he belongs. See my post from January 14 for more on that. But I'll be writing to you well before then, right here. Stay well. I love you all.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Game. Simple? Try It!!

Copy and paste this link in your browser. It's a cool little game, and it's quicker than premature ejaculation. I lasted 8.3 seconds after a few tries. Anyone top that? I'd love to hear your highest times in the comment section. It seems that Red Sox news worth writing home about is few and far between, but as the weeks go by, this will change. And you know it. Try this...it's simple. Anyone going over 9 seconds wins a special prize announced by me, so leave your best time in the comment section. That's one way to get a few comments! Here's the link. http://members.iinet.net.au/~pontipak/redsquare.html

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Serial Killer? Or Not. You Decide.

Keep your sound powered up and copy and paste this link to take a test. Can you recognize which are serial killers? Next door neighbors? Sound is needed. Have fun. http://www.malevole.com/mv/misc/killerquiz/

A Twisted Movie trailer..Manipulation Makes a Movie Very Different.

Copy and paste this link into your browser, turn on the sound, and click the arrow on the bottom left of the screen to see a trailer for THE SHINING, Stephen King's book interpreted by Stanly Kubrick. But all is not as it seems, as you'll see.. http://www.jibjab.com/Oddities/OddityRedir.aspx?full=1&oddid=43

Four Turnovers, 24 Points, and Goodnight.

The title says it all. The Patriots served up 24 points on a silver platter, and you do not win many games with four such devastating turnovers.
True, every time the Pats seemed doomed, they marched down the field, but the end result was a two touchdown loss. I have to say great job for enduring such a remarkable string of injuries and still coming up strong this 2005-2006 season. They should be proud. But it will have to wait for the bitter taste to slowly slink away, after the plane ride home and reality slowly sinks in. I hope the Broncos beat whoever their next opponent will be and go on to be champions, for they sure were last night. Thanks New England, for a season of anguish, joy, and in the end, sadness. Sounds like a Red Sox season, at least on paper.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Jonathon Has His Say..and I Like It!

Stolen from the Maine USA sports pages of Tuesday January 10th..........and I think this has been my position since the end of the '05 season.

"Curt Schilling. Josh Beckett. Tim Wakefield.

Jonathan Papelbon wants to join them in the Boston Red Sox starting rotation.

'I'm really concentrating on getting back to that starter's role," Papelbon said. The Red Sox "haven't really said anything specifically to me. Personally, I want to be in that rotation.'"
Well well well.

Saturday AM Wacky Weather Weekend, and Chicken Eggs With Gravy.

I awoke this morning around 6 AM, and on the way to the kitchen to feed my grumbling stomach, I checked the thermometer. 36 degrees. Hmmm, warm for mid-January, but not unexpected. The rain drummed against the roof, setting up a nice background patter as I swirled the eggs and browned the bagel, all the while preparing my beloved cat's morning feast. He dined on turkey with warmed gravy while I had my scrambled chicken eggs. I say chicken eggs for a reason. Many years ago, while in Israel, I ordered eggs at the hotel dining room, and was asked what kind of eggs I wished. I quickly without a thought said scrambled, and the waitress raised an eyebrow rather curiously. She asked me if I wanted chicken eggs. I thought to myself, gee, I wonder what other species of eggs was on the menu, but decided this was information I did not need to know, especially right before eating. Where was I? Oh. My eggs. My kingdom for my eggs!
After breakfast and the sports page, I glanced at the outdoor thermometer again. 58 degrees. In less than 20 minutes. Running through all the calculations in my brain, I stuck my head out the slider in the living room. Yes, it indeed was warm outside And in the middle of January. I could almost see the snow visibly melt in the backyard. There's an easy explanation for this, for a storm with its counterclockwise winds parked over Pennsylvania was pumping warm moist air from the south. This storm will reform off the Delaware coast, and the winds will shift into the northwest tonight, making tomorrow morning a flash freeze icy snowy morning, all supposed to end by noon. By then, the Pats will have taken their next step towards the Super Bowl.
Just some musings on this lazy warm and weird morning. I'll be back later today with some football and baseball thoughts.
GO PATS! And yes, my cat Boo Boo thoroughly enjoyed his morning meal. We eat together and make quite the pair, although he has a few years on me (in cat years). I love him.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Lock Up Big Papi, and DO IT NOW !! An Open Letter From the Heart and Soul.

To: Red Sox Ownership
From: A fan who loves the team, through thick and thin, rain and snow, cloud to ground lightning, cyclones, hurricanes, and anything that God can come up with, until death do us part.

When I say lock up, I do not mean in the literal sense, with pinstipes (ahh!!) , barbed wire and bars, but with a long term contract that will pay THE MAN what he is worth. And do it before game #1 of the 2006 season.
Sounds simple, doesn't it. But the Sox can find a way to muck it up. THEY HAD BETTER NOT, or else, or else, err.......well, they better not. It is my opinion that had they offered Johnny Damon the 40 million bucks before or near the start of the '05 season, he would have accepted, millions of fans would have been deliriously happy, and he would be trotting out to center field 1500 times this coming season. And that's based on 150 games at nine innings per game. Maybe we should keep track of such a stat. Maybe we shouldn't. But my point remains clear. Offer him the contract for multiple years early and let him never worry about his future earnings while with the club. And this would insure him spending the balance of his career right where he and we want him to be. At Fenway Park, in downtown Boston Massachusetts USA.
Signed, Peter N., who does not want to see David even entertain any ideas of playing elsewhere. I hope you, the powers that be, have learned your lessons well. Look back to Pudge. Hell, look back to the Babe.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

And One Makes Four.

Julian Tavarez is a Red Sox. He, along with Guillermo Mota and Rudy (I can hear the cheers now. Rudy Rudy) Seanez, will join Mike Timlin for late inning pitching time. So much, if not all, of this delicate balance is predicated on Keith Foulke recovering his at times almost unhittableness of 2003 and 2004. If he is back and effective, and that's a hell of a big if, I think everything and everybody will fall into place as the worst bullpen of the American league in 2005 transforms itself phoenix-like into an effective but beautiful machine designed to shut other teams up, and shut 'em down. Thank you Mr. Springsteen for the verbage.
There is another side of the coin. That being Foulkie's return to mediocrity. Unthinkable, but we must ponder because who is to say his change up will be back to fooling hitters by being set up with fastballs that have regained their zip. Change of speed and location come down to two knees, both needed to stablize and balance the body as it moves toward the plate. We'll find out if Keith Foulke has the two knees needed soon enough. Until then, there's a deal coming sometime. We have too many starting pitchers. I am basing my ''06 outlook on one sure thing. Jon Papelbon will be in the starting rotation. I've been saying this since Theo left. It was what he wanted. Now the club is said to still be welcoming his advice. Hey club, Papelbon belongs in the 2006 rotation. If anything else happens and this is not to be the case, part of the Sox' off season plans did not work. It's just that we don't know what these plans are. But more key than anything other that a healthy Curt Schilling is the back to stopper status of Foulkie. There lies our fortunes.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm Too Sweet....Literally!

It's been one year since that day I found out I have diabetes. And you know what? I'm better in every way one year later. I'll explain, taking advantage of the dearth of Sox news.
There are two types of diabetes in humans. There is Type 2 diabetes, which affects 90-95% of all those with the disease. And then there is the rarer form, type 1, also known as juvenile diabetes. In type 2 diabetes, a person's body makes insulin, which is produced in the pancreas and controls the sugar level in one's body. But that person's body does not use the insulin produced in a correct manner to regulate sugar. This a a VITAL function, for all your body organs are fed by the sugar in one's blood. Type 2 usually develops slowly over time, mostly because the person has not taken care of himself, gaining weight, not excercising, becoming too sedentary. That exact behavior has much to do with the fact that they developed diabetes in the first place. It can be controlled by oral medication, a change in eating habits, and excercise. Now on to type 1.
Type 1 can be defined as a person whose body does not make ANY insulin. Usually becoming evident in youth, it is a devasting desease that can only be controlled by checking one's blood sugar level 4 to 6 times a day. This is done by sticking one's finger to get a drop of blood, which a small machine then uses to tabulate one's sugar blood level. Between 70 to 110 is a normal blood sugar level.
There is no up side to type 1 diabetes. You must not let your blood sugar get too high, for if the sugar stays in your bloodstream instead of spreadng throughout your body, it does not properly feed your organs with the sugar they need to remain healthy. If your blood sugar is too low, one way or another, you're going to pass out, hopefully not while you are driving. The brain is an organ. Remember it needs sugar to function. Excercise and proper diet will minimize your need for insulin, but never eliminate it. I know I am responsible for one of the functions my body used to take care of by itself. If one has a scoop of ice cream, the normal body produces insulin to keep the blood sugar in the normal range. I have to inject the insulin my body fails to make. The only good thing about this is the fact that I didn't develop type 1 diabetes as a child, for the longer you have it, the more time the disease has to manifest its killer complications.
So what did I do? One, I learned to be comfortable taking my sugar level, usually 5 times per day. I learned to take the correct amount of insulin, depending on what my sugar level was before the ingestion of food, what type of food I'm having, and how much I will excersise after eating. It's all second nature to me now, with my 6 month sugar level average being 85. That's the level a non-diabetic would have. I'm damn proud of myself for that level.
I excercise twice a day, 20 minutes each time, immediately after lunch and dinner. This allows me to take less insulin before
eating, as when you excercise, you burn sugar. I've also given up red meat for all but one day per week. That paired with the daily excercise has resulted in my usually great cholesterol level to lower itself to unbelievable levels, with the total of the bad LDL and the good HDL at 135. My weight has, at 5 feet 11 inches, gone from 196 to 172, and some of my favorite old clothes, tee shirts and rare jeans, fit me like a glove. I'm actually back at college weight, which has sparked my social life by a ton. And I feel so good just because my sugar levels, once high without me knowing it for a short time, are in the low normal range.
So don't become a couch potato. it opens your body up to too many bad things. Excercise at least 5 times a week. A simple 30 minute brisk walk will do the trick. Your heart will thank you. And so would I. After all, we all want to be here when the Red Sox win their next world championship. Fenway Park isn't the greatest place in the world for me, or anyone, to take one's blood sugar, but that's exactly what I do, right in my seat unless I'm sitting next to a kid. Kid and blood drops, however small, are not a good mix. And more than one Fenway Frank isn't a good thing either, because it's not just avoiding sugar in one's diet. Remember, flour, that important ingredient of bread, cookies and soooo many other things, turns to sugar when you digest it. That's another something I watch out for. My Dunkin' Doughnuts days are over, except for the cardboardish Low Carb bagels that don't affect my blood sugar. And the Edy's Lo Carb ice cream has been a godsend. I can have something sweet and enjoy it so much. Remember, carbohydrates are nothing more than a measure of sugar, the higher the number, the more sugar introduced into your system. Put it this way, I love AND consume of hell of a lot of grilled chicken. Healthy low fat protein, almost the perfect part of a great lo-carb but good tasting meal. If I want beer, in moderation, and I had to give alcohol up for two years, it's Miller Light, the beer with the lowest carbs per serving than any of the others.
So what's the point of all this. I just wanted to share it with you, and help you understand a little better what diabetes is and what it can do to you, if you let it. I WON'T LET IT! Don't you either. The more time we have on this globe, the more time that gives us to find new memories and new people. My urge to share with someone else has never been higher. Unfortunately, the person I'd like to share with the most is MIA at the time, but there are so many great people to meet, and so many reaching out to meet me. It's a regular riot, Alice! Jeez, there's that pesky bus driver again. But he comes up with so many different ways to make money. I don't know if they will work or not, but it's hard to ignore a guy like that. He looks trustworthy too, although a little overweight. I think his name is Ralph. Oops, I can hear the bus coming...gotta run. Thanks for reading this too long post, and good health to you and yours.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Bruce Sutter has become the one and only inductee into the Hall of Fame, much to my surprise that anyone had been voted in. Congratulations go out to him, and a "way to go" to Jim Ed Rice. One way or another, you are a Hall of Famer to us, and I'll predict, to everyone when all who don't know realize what we do. We love you.

Sutter, Gossage and Rice.....Lions, Tigers and Bears.

The skittle I've heard at this early hour before the morning sports pages have been read say that Bruce Sutter has the best chance of success in the Hall of Fame Balloting, the results of which will be announced today. If so, he would become the first pitcher without a career start to be elected into the Hall of Fame. I certainly hope all three get into the cherished halls, because each is so deserving. Here at a little after 6:30 am, it's all conjecture, but I am ready to give Jim Ed yet another standing ovation, this one solo. I have followed his career since day one, and was lucky enough not only to see him play dozens of times at Fenway, but in the minors during his stay with the New Britain double A club, along with another young outfielder, a lefty, named Freddie Lynn. You could see the unbelievable promise of each even at that early point of their careers. Good luck Mr. Rice. This might be your last real chance for quite a while. As always, I'll be rooting for you, big guy. Hit one out, voters.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Sirius-ly Howard on Monday January 9th.


I did have a chance, hell, a 5 hour chance, that I took advantage of today. I listened to Howard Stern's first show on Sirius sat. radio, and my 43 cents per day was and will be well spent.
Still laughing at the hilarity and happy because of it, your humble bloggist. And if that could be considered a plug for Sirius, so be it.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Gem of a Site.....

Ever wonder if your computer connection is slow while you're waiting for something to load, up or down. The solution is here. Just copy and paste this link, and all your questions will be answered. You're welcome! http://www.internetfrog.com/mypc/speedtest/

No Miggy Means No Marte?

We shall see. But Tejada, according to that esteemed publication the Boston Globe, among others, has rescinded his "trade me or else" ultimatum. Commenting on this ever evolving merry-go-round is like taking an Independance Airways flight out of Bradley International Airport...they ain't flying anymore. So I'll just let it be, and have my say when future events are more clearly defined rather than just being smudges on a pane of glass, obscuring any detail but retaining the shape of things to come.

Second Half Domination, and an NFL Record.

Ten playoff games in a row. An NFL record. Lombardi, Landry, heck nobody has done it before. The third quarter dominance that the Jaguars have shown all season, and looked to be a possibility again last night, was dashed by a combination of quarterback Brady's arm and his sure-handed receivers. And the defense, stingy beyond its definition. Three touchdowns in less than eight minutes. The second half domination was complete. Next week beckons. We'll be ready.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Snowy Defense, and Hugo.

Well, J.T. Snow has joined the club, and his defense and left-handed bat will fit right in. As others have said in Sox blogland, I hope Youk will not lose much playing time because of this, but having a sure handed glove, a left handed one at that, will help out on the right side of the infield.
Thinking snow somehow made a connection in my mind, a very unpleasant one. Hurricane Hugo, a 1989 entity. The hurricane, born off Western Africa, as are the majority of our hurricanes, began its westward trek across the Atlantic, with the Carribean squarely in its sights. There is a small island 80 miles east of Puerto Rico, St. Croix, one of three islands that comprise the United States Virgin Islands. St. Croix has a forever piece of my heart because my parents owned a house there from 1974 right up to September 1989. Yes, 1989, a year when the Weather Channel was a new addition to cable TV. As we sat in Connecticut, we watched this innocuous storm grow in strength on its westward trek, never changing north or south. It had St. Croix painted in the bulls eye. In the days before it became an inescapable certainty to hit the island, we were pleading to the big guy upstairs, the ultimate weathermaker, to let this monster veer north, south or east, ANYWHERE other than where it was headed. To no avail.
St. Croix is 26 miles long and, at its widest, 10 miles north to south. Our house was on the eastern tip, where the island is only, as the crow flies, less than half a mile from its north shore to its south shore. In fact, our front yard had a remarkable view of the ocean on the northern side, and just as magnificent a view of the southern shore and sea to the south. We were on a hill, exposed to any storm system coming from the east. And Hugo was coming.
Before it blew away, the wind gauge at Farleigh Dickenson University, St. Croix campus, recorded 203 MPH. Our house never had a chance, exposed as it was. We were lucky our family was at home in Connecticut at the time, or tragedy would have been the result. But the house was torn asunder as if it was made of cardboard. After the storm and its eye crossed the entire island, and slowly at that, with a forward speed of less than 6 MPH, we had no word from our friends on island, no peep of what was happening on the television networks, silence that was not golden. Only when the U.S. National guard was called in to help prevent looting did the incredible destruction become apparant.
I have yet to return to that beautiful plot of land that was our vacation home for oh so many years. But the memories of paradise on Earth will never leave me. And I will return. If only to stand and enjoy the view of the turquoise waters to the north and the south, to the flagpole that my Dad, now gone, put up in the front yard next to his beautiful orchids. And to the garden, where my Mom, who doesn't remember much other than my name and how to flash her still dazzling smile, made magic grow with her hands. So much of my life, sadness AND euphoria, happened there. And I will never forget.
Thanks for being here my friends. I'll be back tomorrow, if not sooner, as I now imagine the warm tradewinds blowing gently through the trees and vegetation, calming the soul on this 17 degree day morning. I want to go back.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Manny Wants to Stay.....PART 2.

I say part 2 because back on Wednesday, December 21st, I reported this. You can go back to the original post, or read on.....
"Manny Staying......or So He Says......
*****FLASH****** This might not have been reported anywhere, but a source inside the Red Sox organization says that, in Manny's own words...'I'm not going anywhere." And for once I'm serious. Maybe he read my letter from yesterday. So today has started with a bang, and the sun ain't even up yet!"
This is me again today, January 6th, 2006, and the reports I heard, without reading any of today's sports news, have said that Manny has expressed his desire to remain with the club rather than go to any club in the NL or any non-contender. Hey, I got it right the first time! We still have 2 HUGE holes to fill, but the future will take care of itself. At least that's what we'd all like to believe. More later.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

It Was Twenty Years Ago....and a Night I'll Never Forget.

Twenty years ago this coming April 29, 1986 to be exact, a cool cloudy night at Fenway for the fans who were lucky enough to be there. But at 6:30 that evening no one knew that this was to be a night that history would be made. I know, because I was there.
Now looking back at the WSBK channel 38 television special the Red Sox flagship station at the time put together, with the voices of Bob Montgomery and the legendary Ned Martin freshly ringing in my head, the memories of that night have come flooding back to me. And the building excitement, pitch by pitch, whiff by mounting whiff, as the hapless Seattle ballclub could only shake their heads and toss their helmuts after looking at and sometimes swinging at unhittable fastballs from our young ace, Roger Clemens, impossibly thin and youthful at the time. He knew he "had it" that night, and gradually we, the lucky audience, knew it too. Bob Montgomery said it best, when, in the ninth inning, as Roger was working on his second and what turned out to be final strikeout of the ninth inning, he said "the fans are standing now. And darn it, I'm going to stand too." Fastball, outside paint fastball, and strikeout number 20 was recorded, and the night became one that will live forever.
I just finished watching the tremendous 1 hour show channel 38 put together. I videotaped it all those years ago, and the recording still looks as good as the day I first viewed it, even going so far as to edit out the commercials, which would have been funny to see in themselves after 2 decades. But being there was extraordinary. I remember we all stood in the top halves of the 7th, 8th, and 9th innings, as the Seattle line-up, printed on the yellow and withered box score that I right now hold in my hands, looked helpless, Little League players versus Roger's heat. And what heat. I couldn't really appreciate the stuff Rocket had, nasty and unhittable being the defining terms used to describe his 'paint it black" heat. Only when viewing the video did his sharpness take on a new and greater understanding. And we cheered. The next morning my voice sounded like I had seen a Springsteen show the night before, gravelly and barely intelligable. Pure drama on the diamond.
I'll take out this twenty year old videotape once or twice more before this 2006 season starts. Dewey led off, followed by Boggsie, Billy Buckner, Jim Ed Rice, Don Baylor, Glen Stapleton, Richie Gedman, Marty Barrett, Phsyco Lyons, and Glenn Hoffman. Some names in the Seattle lineup were Spike Owens, Dave Henderson, and others who remain a little fuzzy in my mind. But that night they all knew that Mr. Clemens was to be a certain kind of special that they could not possible prepare for.
The 2 hour drive home to Hartford is not as clearly etched in my mind, other than it was a safe trip. I do remember my phone ringing off the hook the next day, as many friends knew my plans for the night before.
Thank you Roger. You made April 29th, 1986 an evening I will never forget. And you know what? 10 years and 5 months later, on September 18th, 1996, he did it again. 20 strikeouts in a 9 inning game, WITH ZERO WALKS! 18 innings, 40 strikeouts, zero walks. Not bad. I have the box score from that game too, a little less yellowed with age but striking in its contents. I'd love to do it all over again, if only I could. Again, thank you for reading this. I wish you could have been there with me, but you can always watch the video with me anytime you're near Hartford. Priceless, classic, historic, an ordinary night turned extraordinary. If only the Green Monster could talk, oh the tales we would hear.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

LINKS ARE UP! Sorry For The Delay.

Well, my nephew did come over and put up my links to the other great Sox bloggers, and a couple at the bottom dedicated to humor and mirth. I know you will enjoy AYNtK. If I've forgotten any of you, please let me know. Of course, this assumes you're here in the first place. So let me know, and thanks, because if not for you this blog would not exist.

Speeding Ticket-Part 3 of 4, With Part 4 to be Written.

For part 1, see Dec. 12, and part 2 is on Dec. 19. Let's hope that part 4 will be a final wrap up.
I should have waited until after court tomorrow to write this, but I was in the mood, and here I am. If you've read parts 1 and 2, then you know the particulars. Tomorrow, my lawyer will meet with the until now well hidden prosecutor(s) to make sure they know they got the wrong guy! In other words, the person with the CT. plate PETER is not me. I was driving my car that got stopped and ticketed for speeding with the plate PETEN. I don't know what the other guy has done, but I'm glad I am not him. Of course, my lawyer has a copy of the ticket and the summons to appear in Superior Court (YIKES!) plus my registration, which clearly identifies me as the driver of the yellow fast as hell Audi that has a plate that is similar, but similar don't count in summons with policemen and judges and other lawyerly shadowy figures, unknown but smelling money, hovering near the boundaries of this story. I cannot be mad at the cop because it was an honest mistake commited while he was out there saving people's lives. Maybe when I get the bill from my lawyer.........
Sooo, I will tomorrow sometime be hearing from the lawyer when he returns from his, what he said, 10 minutes in and out of the courthouse. I hope it's that quick. Just show them the proof that the cop wrote down the wrong plate # , and GOODBYE. Now we all know simple things are not always accomplished in a simple easy effortless way. I guess I'll find out tomorrow if this is the case here.
By the way, the snowstorm of yesterday that I posted about 2 days ago was one weird storm, with parts of the state getting almost no snow, and the places of higher elevations, and we're talking here of only a couple hundred feet, recieved close to 20 inches of snow. The snow was heavy with high water content that froze solid last night, so I was happy to be on the low end of the scale. Speaking of low end, I'm at the low end of words right now, but be sure to come back and read the exciting conclusion of the speeding ticket fiasco, something that never should have happened and that I'll be happy to put in my personal, on-body rear view mirror. Wish me luck. LOUDER! Thank you.

Monday, January 02, 2006

TRANSFIXING, for a Minute.

Click on this link and watch the birth of a drawing. Click on the x16 speed at the botton, and then slow it if you wish. Now take a deeep breath... http://fcmx.net/vec/get.swf?i=003702

Drop Kick THIS !

Well, a rarity was accomplished during the Patriots game. Doug Flutie perfectly executed a drop kick. A what? Yes, a drop kick. It was during a game that had no meaning. Even better, we are not in the Indy line of fire until later in the playoffs because of the loss. So it seemed to be the time for coach and players to have some fun, all the while with NOBODY getting hurt. In fact, there are a few players who needed to heal that did heal, with limited or no playing time. So yeah, I had fun while on and off watching the game. I was also playing a little recreational Poker on the net, but that's another story. All for fun, until I get better. I have progressed, but I have to get my "blank stare" down a little better.
So that was Sunday, January First, two thousand six. And today is the day after, or what might be remembered as the day before the sky fell. There is a chance that the light precipitation that will start this afternoon will become heavier as the mixture turns to snow in the darkening night. And tomorrow? Tuesday by then might be in the bullseye (at least the Northern half of the state) of a major Nor'easter. You see, it all depends on where the secondary storm forms off the Eastern seaboard, and what path it decides to take. But there is cold Canadien air to our north, and the storm is supposed to be a slow mover, so whatever happens early morning Tuesday should continue through most of the day. That's when the snow could pile up. Of course, most people reading this do not live where I live, so your weather will be different.
Have fun today. Take it easy.Look for baseball on TV. You won't find it, but at least you looked. See you next time.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 For Better Or Worse. Happy New Year.

Dick Clark looked a little worse for wear after his stroke, but I say good for him. His road to get to where is is now was and still is a road paved in Hell and brought to the surface. He is understandable and his speech will only get better. It was impossible to tell how much his left side weakness affects his ability to walk, but just the fact that he was on the New Years show on national TV tells one much about his courage. Way to go Dick!
Another storm is racing towards the Northeast and will provide a mixture of unpleasantness to all but the kids who are sure to have school postponed until Wednesday. Yes, an extra day of vacation. Way to go weather! I actually lived for snow days while in school, and the same feeling comes over me here in younger middle age as a storm approaches. At least twice a year a big snowstorm should be mandated by law. I'll gladly be the State of Connecticut official in charge of things, with an open palm to all.
As we all know, January will eventually slide into February, and talk of Spring Training will surface. There is much for the club known as the Red Sox to do before then, and I hope they do it, whatever the it shall be. Enough about them for now.
I wish you, my readers, health and happiness for the coming year. In fact, I've found that if you have your health, happiness is a much more easily attainable goal. It comes naturally, while if you are sick, misery and unhappiness follow naturally. Take the former path, not the latter. I wish you that former path, healthy and bright eyed and singing in the shower, maybe even harmonizing! Depends on the size of the shower. Mine has a capacity of 2 people with plenty of room surrounding for whatever.
Have a great Sunday January first, and an even better Monday January second, and then it's back to the regular weekly routine. May your routines surprise you in their diversity. And to that certain person in Monroe, all this goes triple for you.