Monday, July 31, 2006

The Sky Didn't Fall... My God

I mean it. It looks like our infield, the best in baseball, is intact and ready to take the visiting team's base hits away while added a ton of them to us. Success. Theo..........GOOD JOB.

3:53 PM

Less than 7 minutes. Deals that are being finalized right now, as I write this, might be annonced later than 4. But not much later. The big splash for the Sox won't happen, in my mind, right now. My mind is a confusing place, though. So beware. But I'm glad you like it, or you wouldn't be reading.

Braves Shopping Andru Jones

And the Sox have offered Hansen and Coco.....fine with me! But the Braves are holding out and insisting Lester be a part. DON'T DO IT THEO!!!! Stand pat.Coco is expendable, and in a pinch, so is Craig......Jon is an untouchable...1 hour of this nuts to go.

4PM Cannot Come Quickly Enough!

Do not trade away what has enabled us to be in first place all these months. What is that, you might ask? DEFENSE. I admit we need a pitcher for the back end of the rotation, and another arm we can count on for set up purposes in the bullpen. But any thoughts of trading Mike Lowell and Mark Loretta is SHEER LUNACY! I'll shout that out to the heavens. To every corner of the globe. Do not break up what has been just about the best infield in baseball, an infield that has saved countless games and too many of our pitchers' psyches to count! Theo, please....DO NOT BE STUPID!!!!!!!


The Angels hit Curt Schilling, early and often. Through the first 3 innings, they had 9 hits. Only 2 were singles. It was 6-1 after 3 and my night was prematurely over. I had to get to sleep early anyways, and if I saw our ace throw one more ball right in the middle of the strike zone, I might have jumped out the window. First floor window, by the way. I'm no fool. Van Buren and Julia managed to put us in a much deeper hole, allowing 4 more runs over the next 2 plus innings. Rudy was meaninglessly fine. He picks his spots well, doesn't he?
Trot might be gone for awhile. On a swing that should have been drawn and animated rather than shown live as it happened, he seemed to have hurt the muscle in his upper right arm. It did not look good. We might be seeing much more of Gabe and Wily Mo, but the thought of WM playing the Fenway right field terrifies me to no end.
And so it goes. We're tied with the Yanks in the lost column with 2 months of baseball ahead of us. We need you tonight, Boomer. And may the Indians not bunt, or things could really get cruel near the mound at our Fenway.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bullpen's Generosity Brings On A Sox Comeback

Josh Beckett gave up 3 runs in his 6 pitched innings. The bullpen, namely Hansen and Timlin, could not hold the fort, giving up another 3 runs in the next 2 innings. But it was the 8th inning. The Sox were about to score. A Papi homerun, number 35, 2 singles, and Mr. Doubles, Mike Lowell, clearing those runners not with a hard line bullet but a pop fly down the rightfield line that took one bounce in fair territory and plopped into the stands. Ground rule double. Tie score. High fives around the room. And Paps coming on, to hold the Angels until Papi could come up again. And hold him he did, for 2 innings. After 10, 6 all.
Tavarez pitched an uneventful (!) 11th, and it was Papi again, with a grounder through the vacated shortstop hole to win the ballgame. As only he can do. And yes, the Yankees were drubbed, and what could have been a wasted opportunity and a wasted Saturday afternoon had a joyous ending. 35 HRs, 99 RBIs....not bad for July stats! And Manny has been hitting line drives, too. Great timing.
We play tonight in front of the nation. Curt Schilling versus John Lackey. Bring 'em on!

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Need I say more? Nope!

Fit To Be Tied

8-7 since the All Star break. Mediocre at best. What was a 3 1/2 game lead over the Yankees just a week ago has dissolved into a virtual flatfooted tie. And why? The bullpen is atrocious, not including Paps, allowing 5 runs after Jon Lester departed in the 7th. The 7th turned out to be a huge inning for the Angels. And the undoing of the Red Sox. And you know what? We deserve what we get. Lousy baseball translates into losses, not victories, and our translating skills are just fine, thank you.
Stars of the game for the Red Sox? Here, fill in the blank(s). ------ -------- and ------ ------. Oh, and don't forget ---- -----------.
Day baseball today on Fox. Josh Beckett tries to reverse this generally mediocre play of his team. He can't do it alone, but he can provide the kick start that the Sox so obviously need. If you sense a general feeling of negativity in this post, hey, you're right! That's what .500 baseball does for my attitude. Maybe it's time for the club to take a long look in the mirror. At the bullpen, at the starters, at the American League itself. Ya listening, Theo?

Friday, July 28, 2006

In This Corner...........

This weekend's series against the Angels looms large. As Gordo Edes put it in today's Globe....

"The Angels arrive as the hottest team in baseball outside of Minnesota, having gone 17-5 in July and are just a half-game behind the Athletics in the West."

Peter here...and they have pitching, and have been hitting the stuffing (save me a helping) out of the ball. We have our 3 best, Lester, Beckett and Curt "primetime on Sunday night" Schilling revved and ready to roar. So we'll just have to sit back, stay cool, and watch the Boston Red Sox try to win them all. I think yesterday's day off helped, as does home cooking. Now we have to translate these good thoughts and rested bodies into "between the lines" excellence. We can do it! I just know it. Bring out the lumber!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

An Arm? Sure...But Do Not Trade Away Those Who Mean The Most

From today's Herald. And then a comment, or three. From me!

" Sox GM Theo Epstein still must step up and deliver a pitcher before Monday’s trading deadline passes. He needs someone to shore up the back end of the rotation. Plain and simple."

Your writer here, your friend, your whatever. And sure. I agree...David Wells is not the "do all end all of our problems" answer. But he sure would be a great thing for our club. So Theo, we DO need help at the rear of the rotation. Please don't trade away the dirt dog guys we know and love. Wily Mo is not an option for the rest of this year in right field. No way. No how. Not defensively. Rudy and Judy? That's another story, to be told at another time. The trading deadline is nipping at our heels. Shredding them, in fact. Let's do the right thing. It might be a different world come Tuesday. I hope it's a world we can live with. And smile.

Two Big Hurts, And A Pitching Gem

The Red Sox arrived in Boston last night after a 3-3 road trip. Ho-hum. So-so. La-dee-da. And with the Yankees' comeback last night, the Sox have a one game lead in the loss column. And you know what? It didn't matter who was on the mound for them last night, for Dan Haren was at the top of his game, allowing only 4 hits. This was a game that we were not going to win, not with that kind of pitching opponent. So this loss is easier to take. So is first place, but by the slimmest of margins.
A day off today, and then a weekend set with the always tough Angels. Home cooking will sure taste good.
More news later this morning.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Trot On The Block? No. Please!

This is what has me upset. The talk of Trot being traded, and soon. Nuts! Looney. Pick your adjective. Here's a dictionary. The heavy one. Unabridged...5 pounds. Boomer is back anyday, and Wakey will be back in 20 days. With off days, the need for a 5th starter is minimal, and Snyder is OK for that period. Is Jon Leiber worth the price of the best right fielder Fenway has known in the recent past? No way, no how, not in this month, or any month this season. I had to get that off my chest! Thanks.
You see, it does not take much to get me upset. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please. Today. Before something foolish might happen.

Batting Practice, And Boomer Sooner


After 7, this was a one run ballgame. But then the lights went out for the Oakland A's, as the Red Sox scored 7 times in their last 2 innings to make the final score 13-5. They cracked out 18 hits, their season high. Trot Nixon and Manny Ramirez, subjects of negative press earlier in the week, hit home runs. But it was a single by Manny in the first that raised some eyebrows. Evidently Manny thought the ball would clear the fence for a home run. Thing is, it didn't, and he ended up with a 400 foot single. Did he bring out his home run trot a tad early? Oh yes. But with the offensive tear he's been on, we'll all just fall back on the old Manny being Manny thing, the catch all mean all phrase that defines our quirky but lovable left fielder.
Little Manny was called up in the 7th after Schill went the first 6, and the first 3 batters cracked base hits. It was do or die time, and Delcarmen came through, getting the next 3 quickly. The 8th and 9th were uneventful Tavarez and Seanez frames. How many times have I been able to say that, and be truthful? Not many. But it was then that the Sox put the pedal to the metal and left the dizzy A's in their rear view mirror dust, road kill for a Tuesday night.
It's 3pm baseball today, get away day. And we try for the sweep. And revenge for the 3 of 4 Fenway set of last week. I relish the thought.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Both This AND That!

From today's Herald...

OAKLAND -" Forget the rehab outing, start David Wells right now.
That’s the sentiment of the Red Sox hitters who faced the veteran left-hander during his five impressive innings under simulated game conditions yesterday at McAfee Coliseum. The team is pondering whether to have Wells throw another similar outing or head to the minors over the weekend for a rehab start."


"Reliever Keith Foulke, who hasn’t pitched since June 11 due to a right elbow strain, threw two simulated innings in the middle of Wells’ workout and came away encouraged.
“It was definitely as good as when I left,” Foulke said. “My control is still a little erratic, but my new mechanics are working out all right.”

Peter here, and the near future? Great!!!!!!

First To 13

The Oakland A's brought out the welcome mat for the Red Sox, and the Red Sox clobbered them over the head with it. Backed by home runs by Alex Gonzales, Manny Ramirez, and Bip Papi David Ortiz, Josh Beckett became the first pitcher in the AL to reach the 13 win plateau. Through 6, it was 7-0. Gonzo ripped a third inning single run homer, and Manny hit a 3 run job to make it 4-0 after 3. Papi's homer was a leadoff one in the 5th. Beckett was gone after 6, giving way to a nervous 7th by Hansen, who escaped a bases loaded jam to remain unscored on, and a similarly tense 8th by Mike Timlin, who surely will have the night off tonight, also escaping a bases loaded threat unscored on. And then it was as if we all had forgotten how easy a half inning can be when in the hands of a master. Papelbon came in and, with no need to do anything but come right at them, he, well, he came right at them. In the span of one minute 58 seconds (I timed it!!) and 11 pitches, game over!
With the Yankees winning, the lead is still 2 1/2. We play tonight at 10.
One other thing. As I mentioned in yesterday's, post, 5th starter Kason Gabbard willl be skipped because of the off day Thursday, leaving Lester, Beckett and Curt Schilling to pitch the 3 game weekend set against the Angels. I'm sure Curt is happy. He'll be pitching on Sunday night in the ESPN national game. We have work to do before that. 2 more in Oakland, and then home.

Monday, July 24, 2006

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Plate 8 And Lose

Sloppy outfield play by Manny and Coco. Especially Manny. Timlin coming out for the 9th when a rested Paps awaited. Scoring 8 runs and still being able to lose. This might be the toughest game of the season for me to write about. But there is one bright spot for me. I don't have time time write a more detailed post. Everyone have a great Monday, and file yesterday's game under "game lost on account of sloppiness and bad pitching management. " On to Oakland for a quick 3.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Good News Times Two

This from the Herald, and then my comments......

"With pitching coach Dave Wallace now making major strides toward a return to duty following a near-fatal infection in February and a hip replacement on June 1, the Red Sox may soon have to find a way to disperse duties between Wallace and interim replacement Al Nipper."

Peter here. AL Nipper is one of the good guys, an ex-Sox pitcher with a lot of smarts. But he is no Dave Wallace, and as Dave contintinues on his journey back to the big club, we all must remember how vital he is to our club. And that is especially true now, at a time when, in 20 or so days, our rotation will be complete again. And our captain, Jason Varitek, expressed his opinion of Kyle Snyder publicly, saying in no uncertain terms that he wants him to remain with the club, as 4th/5th starter while there is room for him, and when or if Boomer is able to come back, with of course Wakey, then out of the 'pen. All we have to do is get through these next 3 weeks, using every off day to eliminate the need for a 5th starter whenever possible. That's all for now. Dave, we'll see ya soon!

Tavarez Trouble, Again...And Again

I missed this whole game. But I heard Julia Tavarez was up to his old tricks. The team had lost the last 4 times he has shown his ugly face on the mound. In fact, the team record in games he has taken the hill is a nasty 8-13. Tito didn't want to use Delcarmen and Hansen. I can see the logic, but it's too bad we don't have another option other than Rudy and/or Julia. But I've put this game in the files and already turned the page. 2 1/2 up on the Yankees with hometown hero Jon Lester pitching today. The butterflies must be flying for him.
The reason I missed the game was because I was playing ball. I had a good day, going 3 for 4 with 2 doubles and a stolen base. We won 8-2. A great way to spend an afternoon. And speaking of afternoons, that's what we have coming up today. Day ball. And no more 5th starter worries for 10 days. And that's good.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Boomer And Us..A Love Ditty With No Chance Of Trading Mikey Lowell As The Result.

This from the Herald, and then a comment from me. You know I have to comment! So much to say.......

SEATTLE - "The Red Sox’ urgency to add another starting pitcher before the non-waivers trading deadline on July 31 may be easing up due to the recent progress of David Wells’ return from knee problems.
The 43-year-old left-hander threw 50 strong pitches in the bullpen prior to last night’s series opener vs. the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field and was immediately scheduled to throw five simulated innings Monday afternoon in Oakland. It’s possible that he could be dispatched on a brief, minor league rehabilitation assignment after that, which could line him up to make his return to the rotation as early as Aug. 3 at Fenway Park vs. Cleveland or Aug. 8 at Kansas City. Wells threw three effortless innings under simulated game conditions on Wednesday at Fenway and, barring a setback, could bolster the rotation in the same manner as a trading-deadline deal."

Peter here. You know me. And this is such great news. Boomer won 15 games for us last year, and he knows how to pitch. Especially when his knee(s) are feeling better. So the gentle hints of good tidings continue to pile up, right in front of our wondering and happy eyes. Faith. Such a great thing.

Every Day Is A Winding Road.....Random Saturday Thoughts, For You!!!!

Yes, there are ups and downs out there. In life, yes. That’s the first thing that comes to mind. But we ride out the downs and rejoice the ups. And the same is true for blogging, even when the Red Sox are the blog subjects. And the downs can and do come even when our team is winning.
I write this blog for many reasons, but the biggest and bestest is to spread the joy of the Sox around, out there, where anyone might be. There are a few favorite people that I do have in mind when I write in this little space of Heaven, and I do hope they won’t abandon ship wthout better lifeboat support, support the Titanic didn’t have. Wow, talk about spanning nearly a century. But for those out there who do stop by, and do so more than occasionally, I thank you so much. And for any first timers, or once-in-awhile timers, hey, you made me smile just by stopping in. And I mean that from the heart. Go Sox. Turn 5 into 6. It’s easy!

Tater Tots

5 home runs and a good start by Kyle Snyder in which he gave up 2 unearned runs powered the Sox to a 9-4 victory over the Seattle Mariners, a win that widened their lead in the AL East to 3 1/2 games over the faltering Yankees. Way to go Blue Jays. The tater tots, in order, were Papi, Gonzo, Tek, Youk and Manny. Snyder came out for the 6th, but a twinge in his calf, which will not prevent him from pitching Wednesday, ended his night. Hansen came on, and as usual lately, his first inning was uneventful, beautifully boring. But when he's brought back for a second inning, and Tito knows this, bad things happen. This was the case last night, with Little Manny, rock steady, righting the ship until the ninth, when Timlin came in. A 12 pitch at bat by Ichiro led to the first out. 4 pitches later, it was over. And a good Friday it was.
Kason Gabbard, our fill in 5th starter who WILL NOT BE NEEDED this week because of the off day Thursday, takes the mound today. Get us through 5, we'll be OK. These are the numbers 4 and 5 starter games, and if we win half of them, we'll be fine until Boomer and Timmy get back. But after seeing Snyder's pounding of the strike zone last night, my hopes are higher than that. And thoughts of trading Mike Lowell for pitching? Sheer nonsense. It will not happen. I would bet this blog on it! And I like my blog. A lot.
Afternoon baseball today. Good stuff.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Anyone Up For A Quickie?

Here ya go.......a quick blurb on our pitching. And I mean QUICK!......Old friend and trusty armed Boomer may be back in a couple weeks. As it is now, we have the big 3, and then Snyder and TBA. Winning half of those number 4 and 5 starter games will hold us well. But losing both, each and every time through the rotation, just ain't gonna cut it! I believe we'll be fine till Timmy and Boomer round out the rotation. Faith. To be rewarded. To be continued. Tonight.

Westward Ho!

Curt Schilling clearly did not have his best stuff. But he was good when he had to be. After giving up 3 runs in he second inning, he held the Rangers to one run over his remaining 5. And on the strength of Wily Mo's 2 run double in the 3rd and Mark Loretta's single in the 6th that plated the winning run, and with the capable 8th and 9th innings of work from Little Manny, who has become rock steady, and the always there Mike Timlin, the Red Sox cruised westward with a win in their back pockets and a 4 game winning streak to look back on. And extend, starting tonight in Seattle. We start this road trip with our 2 temporary starters, and then go back to the big 3.
Thanks to another AROD throwing error, the Sox are almost back to where they were at the All Star break, with a 2 1/2 game lead, 2 in the lost column. Let's hope for a good trip, and a good performance tonight by Mr. Snyder, who could make us all breathe easier with a good 6 innings tonight. The bullpen is rested, ready to roar. And so we go.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

First Half Highlights. Thank You Surviving Grady!

Copy and paste this. It is worth it. Sound on, and enjoy the highlights from the first half of 2006. Enjoy, kids.

Our Saturday Pitcher?

We already have the plans in place. His name? Kason Gabbard. I know, I didn’t know the name either. He was 1-3 with a 4.97 (ouch) ERA for Pawtucket after going 9-2 with a nifty 2.57 at pitching tough AA Portland. And he is a lefty. Wells is a couple weeks away from his comeback, and the front office has eyes on yesterday’s Royal’s starter Mark Redman. We’ll see, won’t we? Day baseball today at 2. Take care as we go for 4 straight. Wouldn't that be lovely? I can answer that! YESSS!!!

Make Up Game And Timmy News, Not Good

Today at 2 PM, at Fenway Park, that cozy and inviting home of the Boston Red Sox. And though nothing official has been announced by the club, it looks as if Tim Wakefield may be out 3 weeks or so with a rib stress fracture. Rest is the only way for it to heal. So we are down to Schill, who pitches today, Jon Lester and newly signed Josh Baseball, who had every one of his pitches working. A thing of beauty. Our pitching staff cannot take any more hits. Please.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


LOSE.'s all folks! Whee!

3 Year Contract For Josh Beckett.Signed, And Delivered!

And that says it all!

Back To Back To Back Saves!!!

By whom? Well, if you have to ask.................First time in 16 years for back to back 1-0 victories! 'Nuff said until the morning. Love Ya!!
Oh, and a new link is on your right. Fenway Nation. One of the best everyday places (other than here or the DP) that you will ever find. And you found it right here! Still glowing after another victory. Paps forever!

Timmy Trouble

From the Globe, today...Tim speaking.....`It doesn't feel too good," Wakefield said after undergoing a bone scan to determine the source of back pain that has plagued him for more than a month and resurfaced Monday night in the second inning of his start, one he cut short after just four innings."
**Peter here, and just being out there, gritting and grinding through his stabs of back pain, was a testament to his true courage. Tim, be healthy, feel better. If you need a couple weeks, and the extensive tests done yesterday pinpoint something, heal well, and quickly. We love you. We need you. This from me, and every Red Sox fan in the world today.

Jon Jon

Jon Lester and Jonathon Papelbon combined on a one hit shutout, as the Red Sox edged the KC Royals 1-0 last night. Lester became the first rookie lefty in Red Sox history to win his first 5 decisions. And that includes someone with the odd nickname
of Babe. Babe something or other. His full name escapes me at the moment. Relying on his fastball and slider, with an occasional off speed pitch, he throttled the Royals. And Paps needed only 9 pitches to seal the deal. We go back to 20 games over .500, at 56-36. But there is more work to be done. The Yankees are holding steady at the 36 loss mark too.
Jason Varitek last night became the Red Sox career leader in games caught, with 991. Pudge Fisk held the mark at 990. Way to go Tek.
It's matinee time this afternoon at Fenway. See you at 1pm.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bella Belli

It could have been ball four. Doug Mirabelli thought so as he turned and took a few steps towards first base. But ump Jim Joyce called him back, telling him he had called a strike. And good things started to happen for the Red Sox as the whole atmosphere of the game changed, and changed for the better. Belli lined a shot into the Monster seats that topped off a 4 run inning. The Red Sox were back in it and ready to complete a great comeback. Manny's sac fly, bringing in Willie Harris, scored the Sox' 5th run, and stellar bullpen work after Tim Wakefield and his ailing back were lifted after 4 held the fort and won the game. Little Manny Delcarmen, pitched 2 innings, allowing 1 run. All zeros from there. Craig Hansen, again for 1 inning, a good one too. Mike Timlin, who pitched the 8th and picked up the victory, and Jonathon Papelbon, who earned his 27th save with a 12 pitch 9th. Coco chipped in with 3 hits, as the world turned rightside up again. For a while though, things were iffy, at best.
Timmy Wakefield was gutty but ineffective. His back was hurting him throughout his 4 innings, and Tito was wise to take him out after 4. Extensive tests will determine when or if he can pitch next. Backs are tricky to deal with, so no one has a clue when that will be. I'm hoping for Saturday. Best case scenario.
Jon Lester tonight, throwing a little speedier than the 70 plus MPH fastballs the Royals saw last night. They better be ready for something different. Every game right now is a game for first place. And I like it at the top, looking down.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Peter Gammons..... Released From Hospital!

To an undisclosed location. But, HEY, that's great news. It makes whatever happens in the game tonight a lot less imporatnt. Case closed. Health over a game.

Let's Look On The Bright Side

The bright side? After yesterday? After realizing that we are in a tie for first, at least in the loss column, where it counts most? Yes, the bright side. We have 3 games coming up with the KC Royals. Of course, anything but a sweep just won't do. No, not at all. What must be done must be done. Time to see what we are made of these days. I know if we could go back a couple weeks, when we were a team that refused to lose, we would shake off the lowly Royals like a dog does fleas. But this team we've seen the last 4 days, well, I don't know.
So they'll be no looking back at yesterday's 5-1 loss. No quips. No qualms. No this's. No that's. I've turned the page. Now it's time to turn the bacon. Literally. See you later.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Steamed? How About Toasted? We'll See....

From Sunday's Herald......."Milton Bradley might have a thing or two to teach his Oakland teammates about anger management before the final pitch of today’s series finale is thrown.
Because the A’s are steamed."
When I think of steamed, I think of a hot dog, slow roasted and juicy, dripping with juice and topped with onions and brown mustard. Maybe a little chili. Chilly...that's the word that just might describe the atmosphere just hours after last night's Red Sox dominance. And the A's are bothered. I could have used another word, but......If Snyder keeps them hitting ground balls, and the A's pitchers do not take the ugly response they think they deserve, then no one gets hurt. And the Sox? We get the win we truly need. And the White Sox? Maybe they'll show up and play, for a change. Wimps. Ozzie's wimps. Right Jess?

7th Heaven

Curt Schilling was on. Manny Delcarmen struck out 2 in his one inning of work. And Craig Hansen worked one inning and one inning only, and at the end, the Boston Red Sox had their first shutout in nearly a year, becoming the majors' last team this season to do it. And it was worth the wait.
Big Papi connected for number 32, Mikey Lowell banged out another 2 doubles, 7 runs crossed the plate, Manny has 3 base hits, and a good time was guaranteed for all, all that is except the players for the Oakland A's, and the handful of their fans in attendance. And it was clear watching Schill work that he had everything going for him, as he breezed through 7 innings in what was an important win for the Sox. Why? Because the Yankees keep winning. Ever since their blowout loss on Georgie Porgie's birthday, and a team meeting called by Joe Torre, they have played lights out. With all the injuries to their key players, they still refuse to lose. The 5 game Fenway set scheduled in about a month is looming large. But first? Snyder against the A's. I have a good feeling about the game today. And after losing the first 2, wouldn't a split be sweet?

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Are The White Sox Scared About Playing In Yankee Stadium?

You expect an answer? Not yet. But, boy, it is starting to look like it. Fenway forbid! I have no faith with Ozzie's crew. Hey, show me something!!!

Beckett, Red Sox Folded, Spindled And Mutilated

****3rd LOSS IN A ROW****

This one was not pretty. The tone was set in the back of our minds in the very first inning, when Milton Bradley snatched a home run away from Manny Ramirez. From that point on, it seemed evident that runs were going to be hard to come by. In fact, of the 37 runners in scoring position in these last 3 games, all losses, two extra inning ones, only 5 of those have scored. Let's put a stop to those kind of figures. And the defense has looked ordinary, at times. The last 8 runs in this one were unearned. But we were already out of it by then.
Beckett had a tough night, if you want to call 4 1/3 innings a night. Breslow, in his Sox debut, was good. As was Rudy. Yes Rudy Seanez. But with the first 5 hitters in the lineup going 2 for 19, we were done, medium rare, when Beckett shuffled to the dugout to polite applause. After all, this was his first Fenway loss. His ERA is north of 5.00. Eskimo territory. Snowshoe land. And that ain't good. So the losing streak is 3. Since their 50-29 mark, the Sox have lost 6 of 9. If they keep it up like this, they won't be at the top of the AL East for long. Turn it around. TONIGHT.

Friday, July 14, 2006

These 2 Points From FoxSports, But First Voiced By ME!

This from 3 hours ago, and yes, I DO have something to say, after you read this..

"RHP Craig Hansen permitted two runs (one earned) in his second inning of work after logging a perfect sixth frame. On the season, Hansen now has a 1.74 ERA in his first inning of work, and a 16.85 ERA thereafter."
"RHP Curt Schilling threw a bullpen session on Thursday, and manager Terry Francona said the session did not reveal any after-effects following his encounter with a line drive off the elbow on Sunday. Schilling remains slated to start on Saturday."

***Peter here, and yes, I am SO relieved that Schill has no arm pain of any kind from the horridly scorched line drive that smacked off his upper right arm. And yeah, I made it sound as bad as it looked! Talk about cringing! I set the cringe record while watching it live, way too live. And the point about Craig Hansen was made by me in my before 7am post. Just look a few inches below, to my first post of today. Craig Hansen, in his first inning, looks like a world beater. ONE-TWO-THREE...inning over. In his second, or beyond, just look at the stats above. Maybe Tito should be bringing him in for the 7th, or the 8th if Timlin is not available, and then go to the recently rock steady Little Manny Delcarmen. And then, Paps Time. Sounds like a plan? Maybe Fox is reading ME! Thanks, as always, for being here.

Extra Inning Hurt

A defensive lapse cost us a game. Hasn't happened often this year. Jon Lester walked 5 in his 5 innings, but allowed only 1 run. With better control, he could have gone deeper and we might have won this one. But Hansen, who breezed in the 6th, gave up 2 base hits to lead off the 7th, and it was downhill from there. Craig Hansen has been having easy first innings and trouble in his next. Maybe it's time for Terry to yank him after an inning. But all the armchair quarterbacking in the world won't change a thing. 5-4 A's, in 11. We'll take 'em tonight. And the lead is down to 2 games in the loss column. Too darn close.
Oh, and the Yankees signed Sidney Ponson to fill their 5th spot in the rotation. The only thing he can fill is a size 40 pair of pants, or a police arrest record. Desperation? Yes yes and yes.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sad Story

A favorite actor of mine, his name Red Buttons, has passed away. A star of stage and screen for many decades, you might remember him from the films THE LONGEST DAY and THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE. One of my favorite roles of his was in the movie THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON'T THEY? Rent the DVD. It will knock you out. He was 87. We will miss you Red.


We might lose this wonderful horse today. I am so sorry to say this. Courage on 4 legs.

3 For Now. 6 Would Be Nice

That's right. Let's turn the 3 game lead we now have over the Yankees to a 6 game bulge. The schedule? 26 of the next 38 games are at our Friendly Fenway. That is huge. There are big questions looming over the team, however. Mike Timlin...he's already been sidelined once this season, and after appearing in 72 games last year coupled with the fact that he is over 40 years old, will he be a force in the second half? If Terry Francona uses him wisely, I say yes. Curt Schilling....we've heard nary a peep since that rocket bounced off his upper right arm during his Sunday start. Will he be OK for Saturday? That I cannot answer. And lastly, at least for starters, is Tim Wakefield and his back. He is slated to go Sunday. Again, I've heard no updates during this oh so needed break. So we will find out soon enough. David Wells' knee is said to be no closer to game ready, and he is way out of shape. See ya Boomer. You had a great career. Tough way to go out. You deserve better. Keith Foulke? His arm has not responded the way he, and we, wanted it to. Time will tell. Hence the influx of young and terrific pitching talent we've been lucky enough to see. And lastly, Manny's knee. We can only hope. There has been no MRI done on it, or so I hear, so any reports of a tear here or a tear there are pure speculation.
BOTTOM LINE.......this is the time to turn that 3 into a 6, or higher. Let's hope the above injuries allow us to. No matter what, shortly after 7 PM, PLAY BALL! And I'm ready.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

DUGOUT PRESS Red Sox Page Link

I added a link, on the right hand side, just a few down from the top, to the Red Sox page of The Dugout Press. That's where my other half sometimes writes a post or 3. My heart is and always will be here with you. But I hope you can visit the DP, just to see what my other half has to say. We'd like that. A lot. Link on the right, and thanks.

A Selig Foot Roast

Bud Selig went and said something really stupid. After first expressing his displeasure at the fact that Manny decided to rest his knee instead of playing in the All Star game, which the AL won again, he left the boundries of sanity with his next thought. He said, OUTLOUD, and to reporters, that the pitchers who were elected to the All Star team should be PROHIBITED from pitching on the Sunday before the All Star festivities. I say festivities because it is still an EXHIBITION game, but oh boy! To pass a law that would prevent teams from starting what would be in most cases their best pitcher for a regular season game, a game that counts, is sheer idiocy! I guess we should be used to that from you, Bud, but you really put your foot in your mouth this time (see title). My goodness! Senility early? Or, to quote George Costanza's father, "Serenity now."

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Papi Powered Post

"In 160 games since the 2005 All-Star break, Ortiz has exactly 160 RBI to go along with 57 home runs. Those totals are far and away the best in baseball, which means there is currently no better run producer in the game."

****Peter here, and we all know how and why Big Papi is OUR Big Papi. But this stat, from exactly one year agao, is really nice to see in print, right in front of your eyes, heading straight to the brain. WE LOVE YOU DAVID. Oh, this was from today's globe. Thank you Mr. Massarotti.

And Don't forget! Visit Here...Please!

It's called Dugout Press. And this will direct you to the Red Sox page, which might look familiar. Let me know what you think, with your comments there. So I'm in 2 places. I think I can. I think I can!
There are other pages for ALL of baseball. Some complete, like the Royals' page, and some not. Nose around a little. Love ya, guys!

Back Back Back Back, And A Brand New Blog

And that's all I have to say about the Home Run Derby. I now can go another 12 months without hearing Chris Berman utter those words in his nasal whine. Oh, and I'm glad Big Papi didn't do any further damage to his aching wrist. I'll be back in your computer in a couple hours. Happy Tuesday.

And Julie, a frequent commenter here and at Cyn's and other places, has started her own blog. Cleverly titled SCARLET FEVER, she wrote quite the great first post. Here the link. Bookmark if you can. She can write, and she knows her baseball!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Expansion? For Now, Maybe!

Click on this link, and then, on the left side, halfway down, click on Red Sox. It's just a copy of my last 2 posts here, but I think I like it there. But I will be here. My thoughts are here first, and anywhere else, later. Thanks...couldn't do this without you. Every one of you!

Bookmark, if you want to.

Something About Someone Dear To My Heart

A Trot Nixon, our right fielder, thought. He is one that, in my mind, we have to sign.......He had a bad day, but he has had a terrific first half offensely. And if he is traded before his free agency, I do want to point out how damn unbelievable his defense in right field is, was, and WILL be. When he is healthy, like he is right now, Fenway's Dewey territory is in good hands. And it is one of the toughest right fields to patrol in all of baseball. So I say, right now, that we should sign him for 2 years, with an option year. He is the heart and soul, the original "dirt dog" of the club. He would take a bullet while others would duck.

(Expletive Deleted)

These are the type of losses that hurt the most. Up by a run in the bottom of the ninth, Paps time, and he couldn't get 3 outs. For the first time this season, Jonathon Papelbon gave up a run on the road. Blown saves happen. That doesn't make them any easier to swallow. And fast forward to the bottom of the 11th. Up 5-3, Javie Lopez gave up a double to Jim Thome. In came would-be savior Mike Timlin. Bang, zoom, right to the moon, tie game. And on and on it went. Hansen and Tavarez pitched wonderfully. Rudy Seanez did not. But it was the Chicago 'pen that held the Sox offense scoreless long enough for them to win it. And win it they did.
We enter the All Star break 3 games up on the Yankees. And that's just fine. Hopefully Curt Schilling's right arm, hit by a line drive, will be OK for his Friday start. Hopefully. Fingers are crossed. For Timmy's back, too.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

You Want GOOD News. Well Then, Here You Go

This from the Globe, to the few of you who might have missed it, as I.

"ESPN baseball analyst Peter Gammons continues to recover from surgery following a brain aneurysm suffered June 27 at his home on Cape Cod. According to his wife, Gloria, Gammons, who remains in a Boston hospital, is conscious, conversational, and increasingly mobile. ``The Gammons family appreciates the overwhelming show of love and support from well-wishers everywhere," said Gloria."

Peter here, and that is just so great. It seems the doctors really were able to repair the aneurism BEFORE it ruptured, sending blood and destruction throughout the brain, and its cells. I'm so happy for Peter and his family, and us, his readers. His way with words, and the joy that way brings, has not left us. And that's good.

With Pen, In Hand

Beckett was not sharp, but with the bullpen, namely Javier Lopez and Craig Hansen, putting potential disaster to rest in the 7th inning, the Red Sox, behind Big Papi's 31st home run and the great defense of Trot Nixon, won for the second time in as many tries against the world champs.
When Beckett was pulled in the 7th inning, with the bases loaded, nobody out and the Sox clinging to a slim 6-5 lead, things could have gone downhill fast. Quiet confidence could have turned to gloomy resignation. But noooo! Javie struck out the ever dangerous Jim Thome on 5 pitches. Craig Hansen induced a shallow pop up by Paul Konerko. Nobody advanced, still 6-5. And then there were 2 outs, and fingers were crossed and lucky charms held dear. Jermaine Dye lined softly to shortstop Alex Cora, the inning was over, the lead perserved, and we were that much closer to Paps time. Jonathon Papelbon came in to get the last out of the eighth and the final 3 in the 9th for his 26th save. There was bedlam in Farmington, and beer flowed and pizzas baked golden, crusty and gooey. And all was right with the world, if only for a few moments. That's how you spell summer.
In addition to David Ortiz' 31st home run, Manny had 3 hits, while Mark Loretta, Mike Lowell, Coco Crisp and Alex Cora each had 2. They banged out 16 hits and scored 9 runs. It was a good thing, for Mr. Beckett was anything but dominating. But all's well that ends well. And it ended just fine, thank you. We go for the sweep this afternoon, with Schill against undefeated (until today) Yankee cast-off Jose Contreras. Be there.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Red Sox Win, And Then Pizza And Beer

And a Jonathon Papelbon save. Against the White Sox, no less! See you in the morning. As we go for, dare I say it....a sweep. I said it!

'05 Champs, Meet The '04 Champs

Or what's left of the 2004 champs. In many ways, we're better. In some, not so better. But last night, riding the arm of Jon Lester and a solid outing from the 'pen, and the long shot power by Big Papi to start the game, and Mikey Lowell to end it, the White Sox saw some of the reasons why the Boston Red Sox are in first place. And with Scott Kazmir pitching against the Yankees today, our 3 game lead may grow. But we have to win first, and the game is a national Fox broadcast. But more on last night.
Alex Gonzales, our defensive wizard at shortstop, is a defensive specialist no more. He can do anything. Going 4 for 4, his average, at .284, is creeping closer and closer the the .300 mark. And David Ortiz, with his 30th home run yesterday, has pushed past Carl Yazstzemski for the most homers by a Red Sox before the All Star game. And at 84 RBI's before the break, he has tied Manny's mark, with 2 games to go. In the bag, as they say. Cake and pie.
This afternoon's game will pit the non-long ball giver-upper Josh Beckett vs. the always tough Freddie Garcia. I see a victory ahead, in the mist that is my mind. And hey, it's so nice to be back. I know I only missed one day of posts, but the 36 hours without internet access seemed to me to be so many more. Miss me?

I Am Back From An Internet-less Day And A Half

Wow,,,it's good to be back. I know it's only been since Thursday night, but it seems far longer. I had not missed writing a post since I started this blog in mid-November, And while I was gone, the Sox found the best way to get out of Tampa-with a resounding win! Manny homers. Papi TWICE. And then last night, onto Chicago, the final stop before the All Star break. My post on that game, a 7-2 Boston victory with ANOTHER Papi homer, will be up around the usual 7AM. Until then, I missed you, I hope you didn't forget about me, never to return. I was originally told, yesterday at dinner, that phone and DSL would not be back until Monday morning. Imagine my surprise upon awaking, if only for a second, and picking up the phone to find that it was no longer silent, mute in its sad way. So that's why you're hearing from me in this wee part of the morning, before the sun graces and tints the eastern skies. I'll be back in 4 hours with a full wrap up of game one, which was a joy to behold. Believe me, it's a joy being back here, with you reading. I missed you.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Asleep On The Mound, Glove Hiding Eyes That Should Be Watching.

For those of you who missed Crawford's steal of home, or for those who do not understand why it was SO EASY, watch it again. Not a pretty sight, but a learning experience for JJ. And for Theo, who I hope is way busy looking for our number five starter to be. Let it be. Now. Here's the link. Paste it, please. It's easy. And then just scroll down to the video selections, and watch. Then you are allowed to kick something. Something inanimate. Like a can. Here ya go..........


Losing 3 games in a row might not exactly be a freefall, but this morning, it sure seems like one. As in his last start, Jason Johnson, or JJ, had trouble in the first 2 innings, and the Red Sox, who have not hit at the Trop, could not bat their way out of it. JJ gave up 4 runs in the first 2 innings. Wave goodbye today, while he is still with the big team. In his 2 starts, in the first 2 innings of each combined, he has given up 9 runs while allowing 16 of 28 batters to reach base. Last night, a 4-1 lead was as insurmountable as a 10-0 lead. I want us to leave, and leave now, but we have one game left here in Florida, one game. We all are counting on Tim Wakefield to stop the bleeding.
Carl Crawford was the offensive star for the Devil Rays, and he stole home to boot! For some reason, JJ was pitching from the wind-up with Crawford on 3rd base. I could not believe my eyes. What happened next was hardly surprising. The guy has lightning speed and had plenty good of a jump. Jason Johnson is not the answer to our fifth starter problem. Bye. Nice try. We are in a race for a playoff spot. We need 5 guys we can rely on.
We count on the knuckleball tonight. And then it's on to the windy city, where the champs await.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Praise for GYS, A Great Sox Blog, And More.

And the GYS link is down, and to the right. An everyday stop? A neccessity. And from their post today, what the AL East would look like if there had been no interleague play. GYS guys, thanks! And to my readers, bookmark their epic site. Please. For me.....

Against AL opponents only:

Toronto 38 27 .584 -
NY Yankees 36 27 .571 1
Boston 34 29 .540 3

Peter here, saying WOW. Thanks again, GYS.

Tampa Trouble, And Manny News


Tampa Bay has not been a nice place, and its baseball team has been tough on the Boston Red Sox. Curt Schilling relinquished the lead in the 7th inning, and the Devil Rays pounded Mike Timlin in the 8th inning, and suddenly, Tampa Bay has taken the first 2 of this 4 game series. I was at a Fourth Of July celebration dinner party, so any further comments will be found in your newspapers, or any of the blogs linked here. I did hear that Manny has decided not to play in the All Star game, thereby giving his aching knee a rest, a well deserved one.
We try to take our first win of this series tonight, with the #5 guy, Jason Johnson. Matt Clement yesterday had to leave his rehab start after only one inning, so our #5 now might be our #5 for a good while, as the big guy, David Wells, is nowhere near close to returning. Right now, let us concentrate and win a few games before the All Star break, which is oh so fast approaching. Or our big winning streak will seem like just a faded part of the recent past. With the Yankees losing, and losing big, we could have widened our slim lead. Turn the page time.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

More On Kazmir, And The Holiday, And Us.......

I read a line from MBF (Mad Boston Fan), linked at right and what should be an everyday read. And the line went something like, Kazmir was a stormcloud for the Sox offense, dousing any chance of more fireworks, fireworks we have delightedly gotten used to as we win something like 12 of every 14 games. A pace we cannot keep up, but we won't be far off. MBF's daily game recaps are required reading for "the morning afters." If not before. But my response?
My thoughts, such as they are.........Kazmir was more than a stormcloud. He was a potent perfect storm, wily with his use of the slider and changeup, both devastating last night. And when it was time for the #1 pitch, he was on it, with movement. Tip our caps. 4:30 cannot come soon enough. Schill vs. Fossil, a lefty we can (we better!) hit. Lumber ho! And Schill. A great combo. Happy 4th, our 230th b'day. Wow, older than me!
AND THAT IS THAT. Fire up the grills in the late afternoon, and enjoy LIVE RED SOX BASEBALL with the festivities. And health and happiness, of course, to all my readers, and almost everyone else living on this planet. There are the obvious exceptions, of course. But they are from afar, and don't know of American baseball. They know of guns, and blood and a different kind of justice. A way of life as foreign to us as would be a planet, close or far from the sun, ours or another.

July 4,1776-July 4,2006

Happy 230th birthday, America. And to all my readers, American or not, terrestrial or not, have a happy and healthy Fourth of July.


Nasty slider. Filthy fastball. Wicked change up. 2 hits. A complete game. That spells All Star pitcher Scott Kazmir, all of 22 years old. With a now 5-2 record against the Red Sox, with an ERA of 2.60, he was king for the night, unbeatable in his home park. It was one of those games where you just have to tip your hat and come out this afternoon and get them back. I have no idea what the Mets were thinking when they dealt this guy away. Loony tunes or something.
Josh Beckett had a quality outing, giving up 3 solo homers in 7 innings. It would not have mattered if he had allowed only one, for the Sox were not going to score any runs, not against the Scott Kazmir of last night.
The Yanks and the Jays also lost, so the division looks the same, and so does our slim cushion of a lead. Curt goes tonight, and then on Sunday, when he has the chance to show Ozzie Guillen that he made a mistake in not choosing him for the All Star Game. But that is Sunday night. This afternoon, we have to beat Tampa Bay, and we have the man who can do it on the hill. Schill.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Unearned Run And The Marlins Are DONE


It's on to Tampa Bay ater this thrilling and frustrating win over the Marlins. Jon Lester went 5 innings, some smooth, some not so smooth. He threw 97 pitches. Julia Tavarez came in next. Why, in a close game does Tito go to this skirt wearing run giver, I have no idea. Timlin followed Julia's impersonation of a relief pitcher's outing, gaining the victory, with Little Manny doing just fine getting us to Paps, who earned his 25th save in 27 chances. He worked an inning and a third. HR bashers? Tek, Youk and Papi. And a sacrifice fly by All Star Mark Loretta brought in the eventual winning run, and created Paps time for the last 4 outs. And when it's Paps time, good things happen. And they did.
We now own a gaudy 50-29 record. That's even thrilling to type! Josh and Curt go in the first 2 games against Tampa Bay, with JJ, I assume, starting on Wednesday and Wakes on getaway day Thursday. And that sets up the rotation PERFECTLY for the 3 game set against the White Sox, with Lester, Josh in a nationally televised Fox game, and Curt, who should be but isn't going to the All Star Game. With his start Sunday, he most likely would not have pitched, but he deserves to be there.
50-29. WOW!

Sunday, July 02, 2006


And Jonathon's 25th save, a Red Sox rookie record....more

A Poll You Cannot Vote In, But The Leader Is????

All things considered, which of these players would you like to have back?
Pedro Martinez
Johnny Damon
Bronson Arroyo
Nomar Garciaparra

Peter here, and I found this poll in the Daily RemDawg mailing. Now, understand you cannot vote here....but the results were clear as a wall double by Mikey Lowell. Someone on the list leads all others with over 70% of the tallied votes. Any guesses? I will be back before gametime today with the answer. P.S. I did not vote for the leader in the poll. No hints from me! The prize? Untold riches, or a hearty congrats. Haven't made up my mind. See you before 1PM EDT. Oh's the link, so you CAN VOTE. You might have to copy and paste. But you'll find out who that leader is.......

The Red Sox Have Their Independence Day Firework Show

I did not get to see the first 7 innings of the game. There was a spectacular fireworks show in downtown Hartford, and we all had a great time. It was on the way home, with the radio tuned into WTIC, the voice of the Sox here in Connecticut for nearly 60 years, that I realized that the Red Sox put on quite the display of fireworks of their own. Mikey Lowell with 3 doubles, and Papi and Manny with 2 home runs, EACH. Now with the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had set the DVR to catch a 1 hour replay. No such luck. Wait! I've got it! Maybe, just maybe, the Sox haven't finished with their Independence Day fireworks. The second half might be scheduled for this very afternoon, down in Florida. I feel much better now. Oh, and Craig Hansen is doing just fine in his one inning stints, becoming part of the 2 man bridge, with Mike Timlin, to Papelbon. We didn't need Paps last night. We were just fine without him, and we are 4 games up on the Yankees and the soon to be in second place Blue Jays. Don't stumble, Georgie. Oh, he did just that on his way out of the Stadium last night, and when asked about RJ's performance, he seemed confused, as he mumbled that RJ "looked OK." That from the NY Times, this morning.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

****Flash*** The Future, Short Term, Is Revealed.....

Cut to the Marlins' announcers, later today. In fact, tonight. A glimpse......Rod Serling? No. More like Ken Coleman, and his announcer mate Ned Martin..."OH MERCY!"
"It's the bottom of the 9th, with Jonathon Papelbon, that young AL phenom, pitching with 2 outs, and the Boston Red Sox ahead by 3 runs. Nobody on, two outs. This might be the end, Marlins fans. Papelbon peers in, looking for the sign from his catcher, Jason Varitek, the all-star catcher yet again. No shaking off THIS sign. Here we go. Everyone is on their feet! The pitch....................fastball, way high, and a SWING and a miss. The Red Sox win, and this kid Papelbon, who on first look seems unhittable, has earned his 25th save with a 7 pitch ninth inning."
***Peter here, and that's how I heard the 9th inning, yet to come. In my inner ear. I like that ear!

CLASSIC! Watch This.....

And put your sound on. With thanks to Matty! And I know you have to copy and paste, but boy, IS IT WORTH IT!

And ONE MORE TIME, the Coco catch.

Made you smile, didn't I? Even if you did have to copy 'n paste. That's what I'm here for!

July 1, 2006...A Prediction. Remember It!

And here is that prediction, a feeling, a sense of something before that something is going to happen. With me, it starts as a brain spark, and then travels into sensitive, ready to type while listening to that inner ear voice (my left ear) fingers. And I cannot continue with life until commiting it to paper, or in this case, to blogness. So.......... we will all be deliriously happy when Matt Clement comes back to slide into the number five slot. Pitching without any pain, I say right here, right now, on 7-1-06, that he will be back to his pre All-Star last year form. Going out on a limb? Hell yeah! There's a beautiful breeze way up here, and the people passing by, doing their normal everyday activities, all have that contented, half smile, half 'Wow, it's such a beautiful day today' look on their faces. And I wouldn't even think of leaving this, my perch, until this beautiful feeling passes. So look up, and if you see a happy handsome guy sitting up in a tree, smiling like all is right with his world, wave. I WILL wave back. And smile.

Streak Ends, but The Red Sox Defense MAKES HISTORY

Dontrelle Willis was too tough. Jason Johnson, our #5, was too rusty, too nervous or too terrible, putting us in a 5 run hole after 2. And the Marlins' pitching kept us down, beating the Sox 5-2. But the defense had another error free game, setting the MAJOR LEAGUE RECORD for consecutive error free games at 17. My oh my! And thanks to Kevin Youklis for making 2 tough pick ups on low throws, and a nifty play by Mikey Lowell at 3rd....both kept the streak of defensive excellence alive.
The story, on the Marlins' side, was the pitching of Dontrelle Willis. I've seen him better. I've seen him sharper. But last night he certainly was good enough. And coupled with the Yankees' win over the all too normal way overated Mets, the lead is down to 3. And that's good enough for me. Wakes goes tonight, as we start another winning streak and inch one game closer to the end of inter-league DH-less play. And that is also just fine with me.
See you later, ladies and gentlemen. And have fun at your Fourth of July festivities, whatever and wherever they may be. A special hi to J and K.