Thursday, November 30, 2006

One More. This Made Me Say...."WHA!!!!!" NEW SOX PITCHER....

From the Herald of Boston, minutes ago......

"The Red Sox’ pursuit of Daisuke Matsuzaka is not finished but if and when he signs, the Japanese right-hander will have a countryman to keep him company in the clubhouse: Hideki Okajima.
According to a source, the Sox are expected to announce soon that they have signed the left-handed reliever, who will turn 31 on Christmas.
A Yomiuri Giant for 11 years until he moved to the Nippon Ham Fighters last season, Okajima is primarily a left-handed specialist, although he has been used as a set-up man and could grow into that role for the Sox. He is said to have a devastating curveball but is not a hard thrower.
Terms and length of the contract are not known, but it is believed the sides were discussing a two-year deal....."

Peter here. And ANY leftie for the bullpen, that empty space that we need filled to do ANYTHING this coming season, and a leftie with a devastating curveball (can you say Bruce Hurst?) to boot, sounds so good. I hope this is true. If so, the focus has turned to the bullpen, closer and set-up guys. And then the SS question will be answered. And then the Manny muckiness, and then......THAT'S IT! Enough for now. This SI article looked so good, and so "maybe" accurate, I had to put it up. Keep it here, my dear friends.

CRYPTIC, But Nice!

From SI today, and then me........

BOSTON (AP) -- The Red Sox aren't waiting until they get to Florida next week to start plugging the holes in their roster.
"We might have something done before the winter meetings with one free agent," general manager Theo Epstein said.
Although Epstein declined to identify the player, the Red Sox are known to be pursuing former Dodgers outfielder J.D. Drew. Drew's agent, Scott Boras, has said he expects to wrap up negotiations for a deal by the end of the week.
Boston again is expected to be one of the more active teams when the meetings start in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., on Monday. The Red Sox are shopping outfielder Manny Ramirez, and they are also negotiating with Boras for Japanese star Daisuke Matsuzaka; Boston already bid $51,111,111 for the right to negotiate with Matsuzaka.
"We have made an offer. I don't want to go too much more into it," Epstein said. "It is important to maintain a quiet and calm environment, if possible. That's to the benefit of both parties."
Epstein also sidestepped questions on Ramirez, but the GM did say the team's biggest hole as he approached the meetings was the bullpen. Jonathan Papelbon, who saved 35 games last season before shutting down with shoulder problems, will move to the rotation in an effort to stay healthy.
That leaves Boston looking for a closer.


"We've had a lot of talks about trades for a closer," Epstein said during a conference call. "We've dabbled in free agency, but haven't gotten anything done yet. Our bullpen will look a lot different on Opening Day than it does now."

Yes, we have to hope the 'pen will look and perform more friendly, to put it nicely. Oh, this is that guy from Connecticut who many of you like to read. To see what he thinks? Maybe to make fun of him? Too easy! Maybe to flirt? Maybe to say, with a smile, "Nice job!" All I know is this. Next week's winter meetings will be a very exciting time. I hope the Sox do it right....thanks for putting up with me. I love you all.

No News Is Good News?

In some cases, the title of this post is true. But when it comes to the ongoing DMat negotiations, which have exactly two weeks to go, no news is certainly just a day less for the two sides to negotiate. It is to everyone's benefit that this thing gets done. The Lions need the money in the very worst way. DMatt himself would "lose face" with his millions of Japanese fans should his bid for American stardom not come to pass. Scott Boras? He wants a deal so he can take his 10% (at least) cut. And for the Red Sox to go through the bidding process unsuccessfully, they would be accused of all sorts of things, including bidding so high just to block the Yankees from obtaining DMat's services. Not to mention how bad they would look to the most important people in the world, the citizens of RSN. So I will be shocked and surprised if the two sides don't come together. If Boras turns down $10 million a year for 4 years, he's nuts. That's what I think it will take. And I say GO FOR IT.
In other Sox news, Luis Alicea has been named our new first base coach, and Big Papi, David Ortiz, has won the Thomas A. Yawkey Award for being the MVP of the Boston Red Sox. For the third year in a row! We love you Papi. Your good heart and kind ways have made it so easy to love you. And we do. Big time.
In Manny news...too much...too many...all rumors. And NOT NOW.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Briefly, The Latest Manny News......And Sox News In General

This is from ESPN'S Peter Gammons. The latest team to enter the Manny fray is the Chicago White Sox. They join a list that includes the Giants, Padres and Dodgers. Now get this. It is said the White Sox are trying to trade for Angels' starter Ervin Santana, who then could be flipped to Boston along with 23 year old righthander Brandon McCarthy (thank you Hartford Courant for that). The Sox are expected to complete the trade for JD Drew by the weekend, and then really gear up their attempts to move Manny next week, during the winter meetings in Orlando.
I don't know how I feel about this, but two frontline pitchers for a player who literally quit on his team last year might be acceptable. As reader Katiee said in a subtle but smart comment in an earlier post, and I quote her....

"I'm really trying to tune out all the news right now until I hear something final."

Katiee, I wish I could tune all this out too. The JDD dilemna. The DMat money offer chasm and the Manny lunacy, not to mention holes at SS and closer, and the rest of the bullpen. So much to do, and so much talk. Next week could and should be monumentally full of news of all kinds...heartbreaking and uplifting. As Billy Joel said, "It's either sadness or euphoria." He was talking about life itself in the song, one of my favorite Billy songs, and an early one too, called SUMMER HIGHLAND FALLS. Here, the context is Red Sox highs and/or lows. And it seems we'll all know so much more sooner rather than later. And now, the Padres are in the mix, but I will draw the line right here because there are too many this's and that's in the mix. When the news is more refined, more definite, I will chime in. I always do! Count on me...I hope you always do.
And this gets me back to Katiee's comment. If I could ignore all this and wait for something real, something concrete to be announced, I would. But I have a responsibility to my readers to report, in my own way, every nuance of this sometimes mangled and sometimes glorious life as a Red Sox fan in the off season......enjoy the ride with me! And I will say this official "Peter" comment...."Oy vey!!" That says it all!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Larry Luchino In Japan..TODAY!

From the Globe, just now, and a quick comment from the ever improving Peter. I'm baaack.........this is we go...

TOKYO -- "The Red Sox have made an offer to pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka that Boston president Larry Lucchino describes as "fair" and "comprehensive."
Lucchino, in Tokyo on Tuesday after meeting with representatives of Matsuzaka's Seibu Lions, said the Red Sox have taken the next step toward signing the Japanese star.
"We have sent a formal offer to Matsuzaka and his agent Scott Boras," Lucchino said. "I believe it is fair and comprehensive, and offers a great deal of security and a substantial level of compensation."
Boston bid $51.1 million for the right to negotiate with Matsuzaka, who was the MVP of last spring's World Baseball Classic. The team has until the end of Dec. 14 to sign him.
“We are hopeful the negotiations process will complete itself fairly quickly, but knowing human nature we have a 30-day period," Lucchino said.
"One of the reasons we came here was to make clear to the Japanese baseball community, to Seibu and to the Matsuzaka fans that we are determined to sign Matsuzaka-san."
In his meetings with Seibu officials, Lucchino said he discussed the possibility of the Red Sox and the Lions forming a long-term "working relationship.""

Peter here, and this is JUST the sort of positive news, anything positive, that we needed to hear. I was beginning to fear the worst, but then again, LL knows how to spin things. And the lack of a responding comment from Boras(s)...????The Sox, if they are determined to sign JDD, should make it a two in one deal with the money hungry Boras(s)...we'll see. But this could be simple face-saving by Lucchino...I do not trust him to shine my shoes. Ever.

Not Firing On All Cylinders, But Ready To Write...About J.D.Drew and Manny and DMat....

Weirdness galore this off season...and we're heading straight to the winter meetings, where all hell could break loose. So...
this from Gerry Callahan of the Herald...he is GOOD...

"Now the Sox are talking about giving Drew $14 million per year. For the next four or five years. What do they say about obscenity? You know it when you see it? Well, $14 million a year for J.D. Drew is obscene.
This is a guy who has been on the disabled list seven times in eight seasons. He never has played more than 146 games (while Damon never has played fewer than 145). He has played for three teams in the past four years - how many franchise players do that? - and they all were good, competitive clubs in relatively laid-back National League towns. The result: He has had exactly one 100-RBI season, and that was this year when he hit the number exactly for the Dodgers."

Peter here...and wow...words so true. And the signing of JDD will, it is being said, open up more options for the team we love to love to trade Manny. The team most mentioned has been the SF Giants. What the Sox are looking for, from the reports I've read, tried to digest, and then thrown up, is one major league, ready to go player, and prospects. That's it...the ACTUAL end of the sentence. What's worse is that WMP will probably play the hallowed piece of land we know as Fenway's leftfield. Hear that Yaz...Jim Ed? Oh my goodness. There's more.......I'm sorry, but I need to catch up. I hoped there would be better news, but what can I do? Get sick again? No way no how, just plain NO!
The talks with Boras(s) regarding DMat and the Red Sox have resulted in a chasm the size of a crater on the moon, and just as airless and unfriendly. Boras(s) is looking for $15 million per season, for three years or so. WHAT????? 8, 9 million for 4 is more like it. And Lugo and the SS story? Do not ask!
So on all fronts, right now, with much speculation, the Sox news is as good, as promising, as how I felt Sunday night. And you do not want to know how bad that was. A shaky late November could turn into a heartwarming first half of December....but for now? Your guess is as good as mine. Oh, it's nice to be back here with you, feeling almost human. Your "feel better Peter"comments warmed my heart.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Under The Weather......

That's right. Last night I developed a sore throat and cough, which by morning had turned into a normal cold, which is much better than a sore throat. A sore throat reminds you with a jolt of pain after each swallow that you are one sick puppy. I'll be back tomorrow, all better, I hope, with twice the fun. Thanks. Oh, and by the way, this is the first time I've had a cold of any kind in the last five years. I am surprised. Must be getting older. Not.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Like It Or Not.........

From SI..and this is one of many articles I have come across on this Sunday post-Thanksgiving morning. All with the same basic on...

"The Boston Red Sox are closing on a deal for free-agent outfielder J.D. Drew, has learned.
Drew became an instant hit on the free-agent market after stirring controversy in Los Angeles by opting out of the $33 million and three years remaining on his Dodgers deal, as his unusual contract allowed. The Rangers, Indians, Orioles, Giants and Padres were among teams who expressed an interest in signing Drew, but several major league executives who were bidding on Drew said Saturday he is ticketed to Boston. A deal could be announced within a week."

Peter here...a week! Well, as the title of this post said so clearly, whether we like it or not, J.D. Drew will be taking over the "Trot territory" that we know as the always dangerous right field of Fenway Park. I'll always know it as "Dewey's Domain." (I just made that phrase up, but Dewey was the best I have ever seen.) Good luck to J.D. Next up? Who the heck knows! DMat, SS, closer, etc. Much to come in this anything but tranquil November into December of 2006. If you are going to be on the roads today, be safe. And if not? I hope you had the best of Thanksgiving weekends. The Patriots...4:15? It's a date!

From Yoko.......

This advertisement, from the New York Times of Sunday Nov. 26, 2006.....


December 8th is near again. Each year, on this day, I hear from many people from all over the world who remember my husband, John Lennon, and his message of peace. They write to tell me they are thinking of John on this day and how he was shot and killed at the prime of his life, at age 40, when he had so much life ahead of him.

Thank you for your undying love for John and for your concern for me on this tragic anniversary. This year, though, on December 8th, while we remember John, I would also like us to focus on sending the following messages to the millions of people suffering around the world.

To the people who have also lost loved ones without cause: forgive us for having been unable to stop the tragedy. We pray for the wounds to heal.

To the soldiers of all countries and of all centuries, who were maimed for life, or who have lost their lives: forgive us for our misjudgements and what happened as a result of them.

To the civilians who were maimed, or killed, or who lost their family members: forgive us for being unable to prevent it.

To the people who have been abused and tortured: forgive us for having allowed it to happen.

Know that your loss is our loss.
Know that the physical and mental abuse you have endured will have a lingering effect on our society, and the world.
Know that the burden is ours.

As the widow of one who was killed by an act of violence, I don't know if I am ready yet to forgive the one who pulled the trigger. I am sure all victims of violent crimes feel as I do. But healing is what is urgently needed now in the world.

Let's heal the wounds together.

Every year, let's make December 8th the day to ask for forgiveness from those who suffered the insufferable.
Let's wish strongly that one day we will be able to say that we healed ourselves, and by healing ourselves, we healed the world.

With deepest love,
Yoko Ono Lennon
New York City 2006

Peter here. Well said, Yoko. AMEN.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Of Manny. And Flat Screen TVs. And Me

Carlos Lee has become the newest member of the Houston Astros. He signed for 6 years and $100 million smackaroos. And that development leaves our Manny as an even more attractive option for the 4 or 5 teams still looking for a slugging outfielder. I still believe that unless Theo and company are OVERWHELMED with the type of offer that cannot be refused, they shouldn't hit the panic button. Manny would be a magic fix for those teams. MAKE THEM PAY. If we must.
In about an hour I'm going over to a long-time friend's house to help him set-up his new 32 inch Samsung top of the line model LCD HD TV. I've seen its specs, and for what he paid, he got a tremendous deal. You can call him Craig. That's his name. And he'll be reading this soon. He'd better! Why ask me to help? Well, other than that I am a truly amazing guy, I know my way around the newest and most complicated backsides of the new generation of HDTVs. I've always loved electrical things, from my first reel to reel tape deck way back when to my own HDTV, a wonderful Sony with the requisite sound system that fills my living room with all-around joyous sound, sound coupled with a stunning Hi-Def picture that has to be seen to believe. So I was more than happy to help him. After all, his girlfriend lives way down in Petey land. The DR. He goes there often, but is helpless some other times. He's picking up the Hi Def digital cable box from the Comcast office near his house, and I'll hook it up and tweak the television's settings for an enjoyable experience, light years better than what he's used to. Oh, and Comcast does a wonderful job providing a great selection of Hi-Def channels.....all the local channels, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and PBS. Other non-local channels include NESN Hi-Def (SOX!!!), ESPN 1 and 2, TNT, Discovery, INHD 1 and 2 (all Hi-Def programming, from concerts to movies to sports to anything), an MTV HD music channel which isn't bad, and all the premium channels such as HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, et al. HBO is the ONE premium channel that is a must have for me. I mean, we're talking the Sopranos, Larry David, and so many great movies shown in stunning 1080i, which makes for a mouth watering Hi Def, "to die for" picture. My fee? Nada...although so many of my friends have pleaded with me to do this for a an installer. Take the worry out of buying a "new fangled" television for those souls who don't know Hi-Def from their breakfast cereal. Nah......not me. But if a friend is in need, I'm there.

So, have a great Saturday. I'll be doing what I love to do. And that is help people. And it's great that the help needed is something I know how to do. For any of my blog brothers and sisters, from NYC to Phoenix to Wisconson to any part of the civilized word, I'm here for you. Enjoy your Saturday! A cold start here in North Central Connecticut (right now 27 degrees) will mold into a 60 degree day, with warmer and just as sunny temperatures to come. Until.......until it all falls apart next week, Thursday or so, when the weather pattern changes and the winds shift ...from the Southwest to the Northwest. Until then, I'm smiling! Thinking of you too! And when the REAL winter weather starts to kick us in the a**, I love writing about it. You're in for a treat. Bye. For now......

Friday, November 24, 2006

Questions On This Friday, Black Friday....

And the black is for the profit and loss statements being configured, literally right now, while I typed this. For the stores and super chain stores that opened early, to a baffling and congested highway system around this country of ours. Black is profit. Red is loss. Nuts are what some of the people, who are fisting and fighting right now, and way earlier, in the pre-dawn hours on this beautiful, after-all-that-rain on Thursday, Friday, seem to be. Yes, read that again. It DOES make sense. I live near a huge mall, and a Walmart, and there were the good guys, the police, standing guard to avert the mayhem of the Sony Playstation opening morning. After all, Connecticut, Putnam to be exact, which is in the northeasternmost part of Connecticut, a snowball's throw from Mass., had the only Playstation 3 shooting in our video starved country.
So.............enjoy this Friday, a day that seems like a Saturday. After a Friday which was really a food-filled Thursday. Loved ones, nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters so loved. And my blog friends. You. Who are always there.
Oh! I almost changed my blog to the new beta type...the home page said I could, but when I tried, it said that my blog isn't quite ready yet for the change. Is it maybe because I use and type and create and live with an Apple?? Any of you who might know more on this, please comment or email, which you can get to through my profile. And thanks. In advance. I can always count on you, my other family. Just as loved. I guess I'm an emotional fool who can sometimes, once in a while, put the words together just right!

Ex-Oriole Pitcher Pat Dobson Dead at 64.

From the AP......
Pat Dobson was part of an illustrious pitching staff in Baltimore and a savvy scouting department with the San Francisco Giants, touching everyone from Earl Weaver to Brian Sabean along the way. Dobson was one of four starters to win 20 games.

Peter here, and I remember the dominance of those Oriole pitching staffs. Pat died one day after being diagnosed with leukemia. One day...Rest in peace.
I'll be back a little later. I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday, and that you ate to your heart's (and stomach's) content.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Is Theo Bluffing?

I came across this article from The Sporting News, and was fascinated. Fact or the writer's mind at play? Read and decide for yourself. I'll be back with a comment .

"Theo Epstein chuckled when the "Yankees question" was raised at a press conference, then the Red Sox general manager quickly dismissed it.
So did Lou Melendez, Major League Baseball's vice president of international operations, who oversaw the posting process, and nearly everyone else involved with Japanese ace Daisuke Matsuzaka.
But you have to wonder about the real reason the Red Sox were willing to take their bid for Matsuzaka to a record $51.1 million. Considering they don't have to fork over a penny unless they sign the man known as D-Mat, the notion persists that Boston simply is blocking the Yankees from getting him.
Heck, the Red Sox don't even have to put the posting fee in escrow during the 30-day negotiating period, which would have cost them roughly $250,000 at 6 percent interest. Instead, the posting fee is due in one lump sum five days after Matsuzaka signs -- if he signs.
What's that, you say? The Red Sox would be breaking protocol in such a way that they could anger the Seibu Lions?
This, remember, is the same organization that broke protocol by claiming Kevin Millar off waivers before the 2003 season when he had an agreement to play in Japan.
So, is it crazy to think the Red Sox are bluffing?
"It's not a block," insists a general manager who closely monitored the process. "I don't know if they'll sign him, but I believe they'll make every effort to sign him."
Early estimates had Matsuzaka's agent, Scott Boras, seeking a five-year, $50 million commitment for his client. That would push Boston's total investment past $100 million, which would be a stunning development for a team that refused to guarantee Pedro Martinez more than $40 million after winning a World Series.
But the GM says, "It's not your typical negotiation. He can't go back or he'll lose face. You're talking about a guy who's only made $10 million in career earnings, whose highest salary in any one season was $2.5 million."
The GM suggests a five-year offer for between $5 million and $6 million per season could be enough to get a deal done.
"You're telling me he's going to turn that down?" the GM says. "What's he going to do? Threaten to go back to Japan for two years?""
© 2006 The Sporting News

Peter here. Would this article have been more at home had it been published on April Fools day? Maybe. 5 years at $6 or so million bucks sounds just fine to me. Knowing how Scott Boras(s) operates, it might take a bit more. OK by me! And the Red Sox would not try to pull off something like this because it would be like rubbing the fans' faces in deception...a kick to the groin area. I stand firm in the belief that DMat will be on the mound for the Boston Red Sox a couple days after opening day in KC. Now go enjoy your holiday, surrounded by your loved ones. And be happy. If you're happy, I'm happy.

Giving Thanks

GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE.......Those were the first words I heard this morning upon awakening. My pet turkey Bernie was hungry, and I was running late and hadn't fed him his kibble yet. I know having a turkey as an in-house pet is a little strange, and that's why I've kept it quiet here while commenting on your various Sox blogs. He's a joy. Since my whole family is out of the country for the holiday (they tried to go as far as they could), it's just Bernie, me, and my beloved cat Baby Cakes. What an odd threesome, but we are great together. Separate us, and things are pretty much normal. But together, in one place? WOW, magic happens! That's EXACTLY what they said about the Beatles and the recording studio. Apart, OK. But put the four of them together? MAGIC!
Happy Thanksgiving to all who had the pleasure (or pain) of reading this post, and enjoy the long weekend while you eat to your heart's delight. When Red Sox magic happens, this is the place to be.
So for Bernie, Baby Cakes and me, have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving, wherever you are.

Hi. This is Peter on this Thanksgiving morning of 2006. The preceding bit of humor was from Thanksgiving morning 2005. I just spruced it up a little. Talk about being lazy. But my wishes are the same. Bernie is fine. Baby Cakes, who is now 18 1/2 wonderful years old, is also just great. My love for him has no bounds. Always. And I needed to thank you for the wonderful year it's been here in blogland. I couldn't have done it without you. May the coming year be full of hope and health and happiness to every one of you.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Manny-ness...Or Manny-less........

Gerry Callahan wrote an interesting post in yesterday's Herald. Here's a bit, and a comment from me......

"We may never know why he wants out of a city that worships him, warts and all, but if you’re the Red Sox, you don’t waste time asking questions. You pull the trigger before he changes his mind.
The Sox catch a break, for a change. They get lucky with Manny Ramirez. He wants to play somewhere else next season, and apparently he’s not all that picky about where. He has given the Red Sox a list of teams to which he would accept a trade, and according to TV analyst Jerry Remy that list is at least 10 teams long.
So it is time to end this annual charade, and let the bidding begin."

Peter here, and you know what? I agree.......we desperately need to revamp our, restock, re-"insert a word of your choice here." From closer to set-up men to long men, to ANYBODY that will be effective men. Women. Whatever!! It might take a trade of Manny to help us in the restocking process. Right now on this tragic anniversary of the assasination of JFK, and it's hard to believe it's been 43 years, the holes the Sox FO have to fill are as visible as a full moon on a cold crisp clear night. But I have faith...the club is doing all the things that they have to to ensure post season 2007 play. Nothing less will do. My Thanksgiving gobble post will be up tomorrow morning. For now, this is number two blogger Peter, trying harder.

Wily Mo Being Offered...Bye Bye!

According to the Globe, the Red Sox have offered Wily Mo "no glove" Pena to the Nationals for pitcher Chad Cordero, who had a sparkling 3.19 ERA with 29 saves. He would be a perfect fit for our unformed unfinished weak bullpen.
More later.............

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

AL MVP...and Well Deserved.....

Justin Morneau was named AL MVP. And he deserved it...Papi and Jeter finished behind....JM was the player most deserving of this award....and Jeter was not. And our Papi? We love him.and we ALL hope he is heart healthy. Happy Thanksgiving to come, although I will be here on Wednesday, just in case you miss me....I might even have something to say! I usually do........ IMPORTANT! Be safe. Be happy. Be healthy. I'll sign this Peter, your sometimes favorite (I hope) guy who writes these words. And life is fun right now, too! But not without you. And I meant what I just said. Take care.......

A Very Interesting Twist...From Tim, Of The Red Sox Times

First of all, Tim's site is listed in my link section. He is a great everyday read, just like me. Or so I hope ...But here is his comment from this Tuesday morning, and my reply. I could have done this in the comment section, but the comment itself sent that little voice which tells me what to write into overdrive, much like some newspaper articles do. Here is Tim's comment, and my reply.....thanks.....

"Lets assume that the Sox put a hard line value on the potential contract for Matsuzaka's services.
In that case and Boras can't push them off that number, they should be willing to walk and let Matsuzaka go back to Japan.
Then make a one year, one time investment of $25 million to bring Roger Clemens back. I would venture to guess that there would be some incremental club revenue from that move as well. Also...this would allow the retiring of the #21 within the Sox rules and allow Roger to enter the hall with a Sox cap without remorse.
As well as signing Clemens, I would look to send a package of outfielders and prospects for Jake Peavy to replace the long term idea of Matsuzaka..."

Peter here, and my readers, that's the type of stuff you can expect at The Red Sox Times, so AFTER reading this, click on his link. For me. He has been kind enough to list my blog on his. Ok.....where to start? You know I know.....Tim, we have the exclusive rights to DMat until the middle of December....and we WILL sign him. He is 27, with an unbelievable upside, especially after the culture shock of the first half of his first year is over. Not to mention the learning process involved while facing hitters literally foreign to him. I expect him to be signed. I expect him, after a couple months of very understandable culture relocation minor problems, to bloom into one of the best pitchers, not only in the AL East, but in all of baseball as we know it. And I'm confident in what I just typed. Call me an optimist. Aren't there so many things worse than that?? I look for the bright side, and if I do not find it, I demand it. DMat in our uniform will be an every five day event. Roger Clemens, with his family first motto, which, as the Dad that he is, is a great thing, should stay in Texas.
Tim, thank you for activating that little voice in my left ear. I'm pretty sure it's connected to my brain. If not, I'm SCARED. And everyone else, as always, what would I do without you? I can answer long as you keep stopping by to read the words these fingers type, I'll NEVER leave you. Tomorrow, a Thanksgiving post. In my own style.

Monday, November 20, 2006

DMat news.....

From the Globe, just now....and then me.....just for a bit....after all, it's my blog's birthaversary.....

"Red Sox GM Theo Epstein and manager Terry Francona were spotted on a plane coming back to Boston from Los Angeles yesterday by a Globe reporter, and refused to confirm the obvious: They were on their way back from a visit with Daisuke Matsuzaka.
The Japanese ace, after watching a Lakers game with his agent, Scott Boras, last night confirmed with Japanese reporters that he had dinner with Sox owner John W. Henry, Francona and Epstein on Saturday night after he'd spent the day meeting with his agent.
"I was surprised to have a dinner with them,'' Matsuzaka said, according to a translation provided by Japanese reporter Gaku Tashiro. "Meeting the Boston owner, GM, and the manager is the most impressive thing during this trip. I feel close to becoming a major league player."

Peter here...and DMat's words made me feel all warm and fuzzy. HE LIKES US! That was a little bit of Sally Field when she accepted her second Oscar for Norma Rae. Great pic! And the lines of communication between the club we love and the pitcher we will soon come to love watching pitch at Fenway AND on the road, every fifth day, are open. Just the way we like it! Everybody say YEAH! Yeah!!!!

Monday Morning From The Wires.....

Alfonso Soriano and the Chicago Cubs have reached a massive $136 million for 8 years (!) deal that is believed to be the 5th largest total package ever. The deal ranks behind those of AROD, Jeter, Manny and Todd Helton. Eight years!
Nomar has decided to stay with the Dodgers, agreeing to a 2 year deal.
And the Red Sox, according to the Globe, are close to signing catcher Albert Castillo to a minor league deal. He hit .268 at Triple A last year. He's 36. Ouch, that's up there.
I'll be back later on this still dark Monday morning. I hope everyone had a great weekend. The Patriots sure did!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Other People's Thoughts About "Our" DMat.....

Hello again..and this article is from the Springfield, Missouri, Sunday...It expresses some of the amazement/ridicule of the Sox's offer for the negotiation rights to'll like!! I promise...........

Chicago — "Ken Williams jokes about wanting to "post" one of his veteran starting pitchers, not trade him. Paul Godfrey, the Toronto Blue Jays' chief operating officer, says he and others were stunned at Boston's $51.1 million bid for the rights to Japanese ace Daisuke Matsuzaka.
"That's a ridiculous sum to pay out for the right to bargain," Godfrey told the Toronto Star. "To me, it makes zero sense."Matsuzaka, pitched hard by the Lions this year, is a workhorse with great stuff. He's the same kind of unknown Ichiro Suzuki was before he performed the Rookie of the Year/Most Valuable Player double for Seattle in 2001.
With Matsuzaka joining a starting rotation that includes Josh Beckett, Curt Schilling, Tim Wakefield and Jonathan Papelbon (with Matt Clement in reserve), the Red Sox appear to be a good bet to get back into the playoffs.
Scott Boras, who represents Matsuzaka, and the Red Sox have vowed to keep negotiations quiet. The pitcher visited the U.S. last week, but the only business he did was in Beaverton, Ore., at the Nike headquarters.
Most executives believe Boras would like to sign Matsuzaka for only three or four years. But would Matsuzaka return to Japan rather than sign for five or six years? Probably not.
If the Red Sox wound up giving up $12 million a year for five years, that would be a total commitment of $111.1 million — a little more than $22 million a year.
Yes, that's a ton of money to pay a pitcher, but Boston will be getting a dominant one."

Peter here, chomping on the proverbial bit to get a word in. Or two. OK...ready? DOMINANT? He may very well be, ala Petey Martinez.I'll come right out and say he WILL be. But that's my Red Sox beating heart talking. The money spent, just to start the negotiations with Scott Boras, was a hefty sum, but the first VITAL step that the Boston Red Sox had to do to acquire the best pitcher on the market in this off-season of 2006-2007. Will we sign him? That's a given. Will we enjoy watching him every fifth day. You bet your lives! Again, thanks. Why? Just for being love shines for you.

One Year, 12 Months, 365 Days, 751 Posts.......

And it's been fun. That's right, I started this blog on November 20th of 2005. Here is my original first, jittery and scared post. We've come a long way, baby!

First Post November 20 of 2005

Just to mark the time and date I'd like to say hello. And I'd like to explain a couple things. First off, I'll write when the spirit hits me, when my fingers glide over the keys with almost nary a thought process going on at the time. So much for clarity you say? Stay awhile, I might surprise you. I quickly want to thank Reb for putting into words my EXACT thought process as to why I didn't have a blog months ago. And thanks to Jere, the first Sox blog that led me to Reb that....and on and on.

Peter here, live and in color on this late November Sunday. And the year has flown by. Indeed, it would have flown even faster had the Red Sox kept a better grip on first place instead of succumbing to the horrid spate of injuries that we know all too well. But that was last year, and this year of 2007 coming up, already being shaped by Theo Epstein and company, is blooming brightly. There is so much more to come.
I want to thank all of my daily, or almost daily, readers. Without you, and you know who you are but there are too many of you to mention, I'd just be some guy muttering to himself about baseball this and baseball that. An oddity, someone to point at and laugh. Well, not really, but I was getting a mental picture. But it wasn't of me. Never mind. Not important. What was I saying? I know exactly what I was saying. Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here, and for being so loyal. I'll keep this up, everyday, as long as I can, or until you get sick of me (let me know if that starts to happen!). You see, I've made so many friends. And that makes me smile. Have a happy and healthy Sunday. We now return to our regular programming. (Fade to black.....)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

In A Nutshell......

Michael Silverman of the Herald summed up where the Red Sox are right now on this 18th day of November, and then a word or two from me.....and this is in addition to our number one concern...signing DMatt...

"Among the unfinished business is finding a right fielder, shortstop and second baseman. Free agent J.D. Drew remains the top candidate in right, as is Julio Lugo at shortstop. Dustin Pedroia could be the guy at second base, or it might be someone completely off the radar.
There also is need for relievers (Justin Speier and Danys Baez are of interest) and a backup catcher (Todd Greene and Eric Munson), while there also is increasing chatter about Manny Ramirez receiving trade interest from other teams."

Peter here, and yes, with Manny being so affordable, relatively speaking, and he IS, there are a growing number of teams that would love to have his potent bat in their lineup. May Theo and company wait until there is an offer that they simply CANNOT refuse, and then think about it, long and hard, before acting. And yes, the other needs Mr. Silverman pointed out are right on the money. So much to do. And you know what? We get to sit back and watch it happen! Enjoy Saturday, everyone. That's what they're there for! And thanks for reading. As always. And forever.

Cora Signing Official

It's official. We have our backup at shortstop and second base signed sealed and ready to go. His name? Alex Cora. Dependable last year. Dependable for the next two years. The cost-$4 million smackaroos. A solid signing all the way. It is thought that Dustin Pedroia will have the chance to win the job at second base. The Sox are still looking at Julio Lugo to play shortstop.
In other news, well, there isn't any more Sox news. But I'll be back after sunup with something. Promise.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Clemens As Closer? A Long Shot, To Say The Least

This from the Friday Globe, and then a quick quip from me.......

"Don't rule out Roger Clemens joining the Sox staff. If the Sox can convince Clemens to waive his family clause request (he goes home to Texas between starts) and come to Boston as a closer, it would solve Boston's biggest need."

Peter here...and this has to be thought of as a real long shot. But if Roger does waive his family clause and wants to finish his career exactly where he started it all those wonderful years ago, my thoughts turn to seeing him warming up in the bullpen, readying himself to come in to pitch the ninth inning in a 3-2 game that DMat started and pitched 8 brilliant innings. Clemens in the ninth....a nice wish. But talks have been made with Houston and their Brad Lidge. We'll see. But one thing is certain. The Boston Red Sox are determined to spend money bigtime to fill the holes. The rotation is set. Rightfield might soon be set too. Shortstop? Lugo's name is front and center. We're all set at third and first. So.....can you say middle and set up relief? Oh, I just did.
More of this red-hot hot stove action daily! Right here....your favorite pit stop. And that makes me one happy guy. Thank you. And to my nephew Skip, who just told me is a regular reader of PRSF, welcome. You're the best! Ladies, he's taken!

4 Years...$48 million.....

Sound familiar? Right you are! The exact numbers that Johnny Damon wanted to remain in Boston in his familiar centerfield. These are the numbers the Red Sox are dangling to LA outfielder J.D. Drew and his agent, the busy Scott Boras. And the Sox and Boras are said to be close to making this official. Last year Drew hit .286 with 20 taters and 100 RBI. Those numbers are close to his career statistics.
What to do with Wily Mo? Why, what I suggested countless times in the past. Get rid of the bum! I know, I know, he's only a kid at 24, but he's played baseball for enough years for the observer, me, and others, to realize that the defensive skills that the gifted are born with just aren't there. He is worthless in the field, any field anytime anywhere, domed stadium or not, little league field or big league ballpark. It has been rumored that the Sox have had discussions regarding Brad Lidge, and WMP is said to be involved in those. As I said, any OTHER team. Also the Sox have focused conversation on Julio Lugo. But right now the closest there is to breaking news is the J.D. Drew acquisition. Close is nice. And the Sox are at full throttle in what is to be an off season of money spending. Go for it Theo, Larry, Tom and John. Just do it!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Does This Surprise ANYONE???

This, from Sports Illustrated. It should surprise no one. I'll have a thing or three to say directly after you read this.......

NAPLES, Fla. -- "In what one competing general manager calls an "annual event,'' the Boston Red Sox are again listening to trade offers for Manny Ramirez.
"We're keeping all options open, and we'll see what's out there,'' Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein told
Teams familiar with the Red Sox's thinking say this will be no sort of fire sale and that they would want equal value back for Ramirez since his whopping $160 million contract is down to a very palatable two years for about $40 million. Discounting deferred monies, the actual annual value is actually only around $17 million. In six seasons with the Sox, Manny Ramirez has amassed 234 homers and 712 RBIs
While Ramirez's quirks may be wearying, the Red Sox recognize his importance to the lineup and are obviously going for the gusto this year, as evidenced by their monster $51.1 million bid to win negotiating rights for Japanese ace Daisuke Matsuzaka, not to mention their aggressive pursuit of free agent J.D. Drew.
"It would take a really creative deal'' to move Ramirez, Epstein said."

Peter here, and that last Theo quote says so much. The Red Sox, now that Manny and his irreplaceable thunderous bat and perfectly good leftfield defense (at Fenway) are RELATIVELY affordable, need not compromise. If a team out there wants
Manny, and many covet him, MAKE THEM PAY. He has Papi's back in our batting order, and he will not nor ever WILL come cheap. Think twice before you make the Boston Red Sox an offer. I'll put it differently. Buyers, BE PREPARED. There! That's exactly how I feel. How 'bout you?

Thursday Quickies

I have an early appointment this morning, so let me throw out a handful of quickies......
Mike Mussina and the Yankees are about to finalize a two year deal worth $22.5 million bucks. Jim Leyland and the fired Joe Girardi are the AL and NL managers of the year. The Devil Rays won the negotiating rights to Japanese 3rd baseman Akinori Iwamura, with a tame bid of $4.5 million dollars. And finally, the Sox will open the season in KC and will play their home opener April 10th against Seattle. They will play the Yankees 18 times, the first 6 in April. Things will get down and dirty very quickly. I'll be back later on this supernaturally warm November 16th.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Spanning The Globe....A Great Piece Out OF Toronto Canada.

Still on the theme of our soon to be starter DM, this from the Toronto Globe Sun. It's a little long, but so well written, so well said. I think it's worth your reading time of 2 minute max. Hey, thanks! ......



Daisuke Matsuzaka will help Red Sox Nation plant its flag in Asia and maybe squeeze a little more yen out of some remote corner of Fenway Park not yet graced by some logo or product name.
But the Boston Red Sox seem prepared to defend in baseball terms the fact that last night they paid a reported $51.1-million (all figures U.S.) just for the right to offer a contract that could be worth at least $30-million over three years to a pitcher with the Seibu Lions who has yet to win a major-league game. After all, it's not the first time baseball people have thought the organization has lost its collective mind.
(And doesn't one team do that every winter, anyhow?)
The Red Sox have 30 days to negotiate a contract or lose the rights to Matsuzaka. If he doesn't sign by Dec. 15, Matsuzaka would return to Japan and play for the Lions again next season.
Everyone tut-tutted when the Red Sox gave another 26-year-old pitcher, Pedro Martinez, six years and $75-million in the winter of 1997, making him at the time the best-paid player in baseball. This despite the fact that he was still a year away from free agency.
All Martinez did was change the culture of one of the most white-bread teams in baseball. And while the relationship was often tempestuous, Martinez's contract was the first step the Red Sox took toward eventually ending the Curse of the Bambino.
Of course, Martinez had also won 65 games by the time the Red Sox gave him that hefty deal. And had a Cy Young Award, won in that 1997 season when he buzz-sawed National League hitters for a 1.90 earned run average before the cash-strapped Montreal Expos traded him to the Red Sox.
But Matsuzaka, well, he's done some things, too. Like . . . well . . . he was named the most valuable player at the World Baseball Classic.
And he has a changeup that former major-league manager Bobby Valentine says is the best in baseball. He may or may not throw a "gyro-pitch," which Japanese scientists claim exists, but which Matsuzaka slyly says might just be his changeup or slider.
(Valentine told a New York reporter this year that "if that's what they're calling the gyro, it's the best gyro I've ever seen.")
Mostly, though, he has stood by and accepted a happy confluence rarely granted by the gods of baseball, a game that is flush with cash, rife with labour peace and loaded with massive amounts of so-so free-agent pitching.
Toss in the fact that Curt Schilling and Tim Wakefield are both 40 and the New York Yankees have pitching issues of their own, and the Red Sox have every reason to throw that kind of money at Matsuzaka and his agent, Scott Boras.
Really, what the Red Sox have done is no different from what the Toronto Blue Jays did last winter when they identified A.J. Burnett as the best available free-agent starter and paid what it would take to get him signed. And like the Blue Jays, who beat out the St. Louis Cardinals to get Burnett, the Red Sox had competitors for the right to talk to Matsuzaka, including the Yankees.
The Red Sox believe Matsuzaka is the best pitcher on the market at an unusually young age. Circumstances dictate an unusual premium for his services. So be it.
Are there risks? Of course there are.
Matsuzaka, who had a career record in Japan of 108-60 (2.95 ERA) and who is said to have an above average curve in addition to his changeup and a fastball that sits in the low-to-mid-90s, has never faced competition like the kind he will see in the American League East.
Like most Japanese pitchers, he normally worked every sixth day -- not every fifth -- and there are concerns about arm abuse that may have been suffered in the loosely monitored Japanese development system.
And even if he is successful, the Red Sox could find themselves paying dearly for that if he ends up being a free agent at the age of 29 or 30.
The guess here is that the Red Sox's money folks have already figured out what this will be worth in terms of merchandising and broadcast opportunities overseas and they can take some solace from the fact that the posting figure will not be included in their luxury-tax calculations.
And perhaps landing Matsuzaka will open the door to landing Ichiro Suzuki down the road. But Matsuzaka is not a position player like Ichiro or Hideki Matsui; the most he will appear on television screens in his homeland is once every fifth day, not every day. So it stands to reason that might diminish his impact slightly, especially in a market that sells out on a daily basis.
Baseball is expanding its borders -- the World Baseball Classic will be back in 2009 -- and Matsuzaka could either be a big step forward or an unfortunate growing pain. There will be winners out of this deal, it says here. And if they're lucky, the Red Sox might even be among them.

Daisuke Matsuzaka
Age: 26
Height: six feet.
Weight: 187 pounds.
Born: Tokyo.
Throws: right.
Experience: eight years with Seibu Lions of Japanese baseball league.
Games: 204.
Wins: 108
Losses: 60.
Saves: 1.
Career ERA: 2.95.

Peter here....I told you it was a well-written piece. It seems to sum up what all of us, all of us who have the Red Sox in their hearts and souls, are thinking about on this cloudy but wonderful Wednesday morning. I hope you're enjoying it with me. Doin' my best!

This Herald Paragraph Made Me Smile...Your Turn!

Here it needs no "after-comment" by me. Holy cow! A first! Enjoy this marvelous "after the good news broke" day.

"By signing Matsuzaka, the Sox would not only keep him out of the clutches of the Yankees but add him to a rotation that has Curt Schilling, Josh Beckett, Jonathan Papelbon and Tim Wakefield. With Schilling no doubt primed to make his last year a memorable one, Beckett more likely than not to become more consistent and effective, Papelbon looking to duplicate his 2006 success as a starter and Wakefield healthy again, the Red Sox rotation could be far better than most in the league."

Nice, huh? He says with a smile................did ya smile? It's part of my job, you make sure you're happy. When you are, I am. Honest!! That's one thing I always am, honest....and that's just me. What a catch.

51.1 Million Reasons To Smile!

The Boston Red Sox emerged victorious in the bidding war for the services of Daisuke Matsuzaka by a large margin. The winning bid of $51.1 million dollars, refundable if they and Scott Boras do not come to an agreement, dwarfed the second place offer of $40 million made by the Mets. A lot of money? Oh yes. But between the marketing of the Red Sox name in Japan and the broadcast rights, the money will be coming back to the club many times over. That's why this was such a smart business move. And the dealing with Boras to come? There are no other teams, no other agendas, and BOTH sides want to get the deal done. Believe me when I say he'll be in a Red Sox uniform next year, and part of a possible GREAT 5 man rotation. I'd like to put one myth to bed right now. The man does not throw a gyroball, or anything like it. He relies on his outstanding offspeed stuff about 40% of the time, and has the exact same arm movement for his fastball and his slider, baffling the hitters. I cannot wait to watch him pitch every fifth day. I hope you all feel the same way. And when Boras and the Sox come to an agreement (notice I said WHEN), the Sox will then have Daisuke's services for six years. That's how it is structured. How sweet it is! Enjoy your Hump Day. Watch out for splinters on your slide to the weekend!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

From Buzztracker........And Me!

You can find their headlines on your right, just before my links. This makes so much ya go..
Matsuzaka Mania........
"There's growing steam behind a report by ESPN's Buster Olney that the Red Sox might have submitted the top bid for Seibu Lions righthander Daisuke Matsuzaka.
One major league source indicated, "That wouldn't surprise me one bit. I have heard the Red Sox were very competitive. It would be a strike against the Yankees, who have been considered the front-runner, and it show Red Sox fans the team is serious about rebuilding what happened last season."
Olney wrote the Sox might have bid as high as into the $40 millions for the right to negotiate with the coveted righthander. If that should happen, the Sox would have three starters -- Jonathan Papelbon, Josh Beckett and Matsuzaka -- all within that prime 26 years old range and the hope that lefty Jon Lester can eventually rejoin the staff.
The Sox would have to negotiate with agent Scott Boras, who would either have to settle for what the Red Sox were willing to offer, or Matsuzaka would have to return to the Lions."

Peter here...and ANY strike against the Yankees is a strike for all that is good in our world. Ain't it nice! 8PM...c'mon!

Rookies Of The Year...Red Sox Rumbles...Words From Seibu

The AL and NL Rookie of the Year Award winners were named yesterday. Justin Verlander was the winner going away for the American League. He finished the season at 17-8 with a wonderful ERA of 3.63. Our very own Jonathon Papelbon finished a distant second. He finished an injury marred year with 35 saves and a 0.92 ERA. If he had stayed healthy, it would have been a neck and neck race.
In the NL, Hanley Ramiriez was the winner, beating out the Nationals' third baseman Ryan Zimmerman. Hanley finished the year hitting .292, stealing 51 bases, batting in 119 runs and clobbering 17 home runs. Not bad for a kid. Not bad at all, Hanley. Congrats to both players.
On to the Red Sox. Word is expected out of Seibu and MLB at 8pm EST tonight on who (we know...Sox at $42mill.) the winning team is in the bidstakes for the sevices of Matsuzaka. The winner will then have 30 days to come to an agreement with Matsukaka's agent, Scott "20 Mule team" Boras. May the good team win. That's us!
Lastly, the Boston Globe has reported that the Red Sox have already made an official offer to free agent outfielder J.D. Drew. As it looks now in mid-November, the Red Sox are determined to improve themselves IMMENSELY this off season. Why don't we just all sit back and enjoy the ride! Those are my plans precisely, and you'll read about all the thrills and chills right here at your everything Red Sox corner newstand.

Monday, November 13, 2006


Say yes! I'll wait........Ok, I'm finished waiting......The Red Sox are the OFFICIAL ( YES--RIGHT NOW) high bidders in the Matsuzaka bidding war, although a war it was not. They were overmatched....round one to our Red Sox..round two to come, and quickly! Now......Scott Boras versus John Henry's wallet. We've gone THIS far.....there is a plan. And I like it. It is official...screams and handclaps are welcome. C'mon!! I'm just your friendly messenger! And I love that role...........

Matsuzaka LATEST News Flash...Monday at 11AM EST.......

"The assembled Japanese media at the annual general managers' meetings
in Naples, Fla., have been told this morning that the Seibu Lions' board
of directors were meeting at the equivalent of 8 p.m. tonight (or
Tuesday morning in Japan) to mull over the bids submitted by major league
teams to earn the negotiating rights to coveted righthander Daisuke
Matsuzaka. The Red Sox are rumored to have the high bid."

Peter here. WE CAN ONLY HOPE!!! I'm here for you...always!!!!

Baseball's General Managers Meet To Set Foundations For The REAL Action To Come. OH YES!

Happy Monday to all my new and returning readers. There are many new ones! That makes me happy. When I read this upcoming blurb in the Boston Herald this morning, I knew I'd have something to say. And.......I do! Here's the Herald stuff first....and then my comments.......

"Less than a month from now, the meat market known as baseball’s winter meetings will take place in Orlando, right on Disney property. For the next few days, though, the Red Sox’ Theo Epstein and his 29 counterparts will enjoy the relatively laid-back atmosphere of the general managers meetings in this genteel and well-heeled enclave on the calm shores of the Gulf of Mexico.
Should news actually break regarding the Red Sox’ exclusive rights to negotiate with prized free agent pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka, then the tranquility will be washed away by a wave of excitement..."

Peter, me, here again. Miss me? Well, never mind about that. A "wave of excitement?" COUNT ME IN!!! Anyone care to join me riding that wave? Just keep stopping back here...entertainment, with smiling smarts. Ok, back to the matters at hand. These GM meetings are just what they are (Gee Peter, can you say anything dumber?). No, I can't. But I will explain. This is more of a sit-down, a plan session to start planning. It's like the saying goes...hurry up! And wait......but the real communication? Subtle... the feeling-out of the other teams (it's called trying to read the other team's GM's minds...wish we could) and their hidden but sometimes so real needs. A smart GM (THEO??) picks up on these nuances. I know I do, as do you who are nice enough (odd enough, lucky enough, just plain old ended up here) to read my stuff. No matter what, I treasure each and every one of you. And the news, from Japan or OUR great country, will start. Slowly at first. And then fast and furious. I have quick fingers. You have quick minds. That's a match made in Heaven. Happy and safe Monday.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Yanks To Trade Wright....And Coming Up, The GYROBALL.

The New York Yankees have decided to trade Jared Wright, who was 11-7 with an ERA of 4.49, to the Baltimore Orioles, with $4 million in cash, for reliever Chris Britton. Britton was 0-2 with an ERA of 3.35. He is considered to be the O's second best reliever. The Yankees seem intent with this move and the acquisition of three pitchers for Gary Sheffield to at least add numbers to their pitching staff. How the new pinstripers will perform remains to be seen.
And now, the gyroball, the specialty pitch thrown by maybe soon to be Red Sox hurler Daisuke Matsuzaka. In the words of Scott Boras, his agent, it is.......

"a hard, late-breaking slider. It almost falls into the trick-pitch category. It has a little bit of backspin. It kind of sits there and breaks late. It looks like a fastball but has a late break to it and it breaks down."
Boras compared the slider to those thrown by Randy Johnson and Steve (!!) Carleton.

Peter here. That pitch, along with a 95 MPH fastball and a "tremendous" changeup, will make for exciting stuff if the Red Sox become the team that will be allowed to deal with Scott Boras, and if they can agree how many tens of millions of dollars they pay for Daisake's services. Services that will give us a 5 man rotation that we all can live with, and allow the Sox powers-that-be to concentrate on the needs in the infield, and most of all, to the many needs of our failed bullpen. Much work to do, but in this early stage of the off-season, a good start indeed. We should all be happy.
I hope your Sunday is filled with goodness and fun. Grey skys and intermitent rain here in northern Connecticut might make it a good day for a movie....or something. My DVR is filled halfway. Maybe its time to dive into that recorded show list and find something. Something good. ER? Lost? House? All Hi-Def. All in the running......take care. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

RIP Jack Palance....Today Is Veteran's Day

Yes, that one-armed pushup guy who starred in so many films but will be best remembered as Curley, from the movie City Slickers, has passed away at the age of 87. He will be missed.
And don't forget. Today is Veteran's day. Say a prayer for those men and women, brave souls all, who are in that "hell-on-earth" we know as Iraq. And elsewhere on the globe, protecting us as we hope they can protect themselves amidst a country in the middle of a civil war. Do the Iraqis want us there? Most of them would say no. But the support and prayers for those oh so brave ones will ALWAYS be there. And right here, in my heart. Forever. May your thoughts turn to those special people on this sacred day. Thanks.


While basking in the afterglow of Friday's events, I came up with some "upon further thought" observations on the three main topics. First, Keith Foulke. It was said in the papers that he gave this move much thought, and the one main concern which overoad all the others was his wish to play nearer to his Arizona family. As Dan Horwits, his agent, said, "Ultimately the desire to be closer to family won out." Peter here. We will miss Foulke 2004. We will NOT miss Foulke 2006. Good luck and good health Keith. You were too far from a sure thing, too much a question mark for us.
And now, the truly BIG news, the apparent highest bid for Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka (I can almost spell it without help!).We won't know for sure, but Boston's bid of $38 to $45 million put them over the top in what I think is a big way. Staggering numbers! But until the Seibu Lions announce exactly who that winning team is, and that will be before Tuesday, we wait. We wait as we smile, knowing that if Boras and the club come into agreement, with a whole lotta bucks involved, our pitching rotation one through five is ready for next year. Way to go bidmaster! Or should I say wallet holder.
And last but not least, on the uncertainty of Red Sox baseball on WTIC AM1080 Hartford. The vice-president of the Red Sox put it this way. "...our first priority would be to stay with WTIC. They're one of the longest-standing partnerships we had had on any business level." Between the Sox, Entercom, and the WTIC powers that be, this will get done, setting the stage for Red Sox baseball on WTIC, which has a signal that travels half the eastern coastline, from the churches to the jails of New England to the Carolinas. (A little Bruce lyric snuck in there...writer's privilege).
Pretty good Friday, huh? Enjoy your weekend, and if we hear anything from the Seibi Tigers, it will be right here, at PRSF. Or as it is better known, and getting better with each passing day (tell your friends!), Peter's Red Sox Forever. May your weekend be wonderful, productive and healthy. Always and forever.

Friday, November 10, 2006

SHEFF...Can You Say Meow?

Because you're a Tiger now...........who said the hot stove ain't cool??

Are You Kidding Me? I Guess Not. So I Say...YES!!!!!!

From ESPN, this minute.........

"The Boston Red Sox may have posted the top bid for the right to negotiate with Japanese right-hander Daisuke Matsuzaka, according to Major League Baseball sources.
There has been no official announcement, and the Seibu Lions, Matsuzaka's team in Japan, have until Tuesday to accept or reject the high bid.
But the Red Sox may have posted the top bid with a figure between $38 million and $45 million, according to Major League Baseball officials who are monitoring the bidding.
Matsuzaka, who pitched for Japan's World Baseball Classic champions, is considered among the top prospects available this offseason.
If the Lions accept the top bid, the winning bidder has 30 days to reach an agreement with Matsuzaka."

Peter here...and THAT'S US!!! Holy crap!!! And thank you, John Henry, for opening your wallet so wide. And now...Scott Boras......may the force be with us! Everything is up in the air...but what a nice statement......Oh, I have to say this...38 to 45 million? Picture me smiling..........

Oh...a little Keith Foulke "not surprising at all" news??...

Red Sox relief pitcher Keith Foulke has decided to test the free-agent market, turning down an option to stay with the Red Sox for $3.75 million.

Peter word..... PUTZ

Connecticut Red Sox Radio Shocker

WTIC AM1080 has broadcast every Red Sox game for the last 46 years. With its 50,000 watt signal, summer nights from Connecticut to North Carolina are enriched by the sounds of Sox baseball from its Hartford signal. But now it is said WTIC is negotiating with the Yankees! Disbelief here in Connecticut. The reason why? Entercom, which owns Sox flagship WEEI, has raised the price for affiliates to carry the Sox season. So maybe, just maybe (we can only hope), WTIC is floating out this Yankee thing as a means of lowering Entercom's asking price. The Red Sox do well with's reach is larger than any other radio station dedicated to the Sox. And that's one thing WTIC is dedicated to. All things Red Sox. Entercom, don't lose Connecticut's largest radio station. You'd lose so many of us, too. And that is something you cannot afford to do. No way. No how. Not in MY lifetime.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

***FLASH*** Ed Bradley Passes Away At Age 65

Just over the wires comes the sad news that the ever youthful Ed Bradley, of CBS and 60 Minute fame, has passed away at the too young age of 65. Shockingly sad. I hate to bring you news like this, but it's a part of life as we know it. Leukemia. My sister passed away from this terrible form of cancer. I never knew her, but I would have liked to. As for Ed Bradley, I WILL MISS HIM.

THEO On Our Future Closer, Name To Be Determined

This, from today's Herald.......

“We’re going to acquire a closer through a trade or free agency. If we can’t, we certainly have options internally we can turn to next year,” Epstein said. “It’s not yet clear how our bullpen dynamics will shape up. Besides a closer and starting pitcher, Epstein said the team’s needs include another reliever, probably a left-hander, a backup catcher, a right fielder, a shortstop and a second baseman, as well as some additional bench help. "

Peter here, and those last words are certainly an understatement of MAJOR proportions. As I said to Kaylee in a comment a few minutes ago (thanks Kaylee!), our bullpen, at least right now, is in shambles. Jonathon Papelbon is in the rotation, our number three guy. One more starting pitcher and the rotation will be set, for better or worse, for 2007. knew that was coming, didn't you. The old inevitable BUT. SO.........the bullpen needs major work. Let's start with a closer. As you just read, Theo said that our new guy will be an external addition. It certainly looks that way right now. Good enough for me, but money will have to change hands. Money that Mr. Henry has PLENTY of. So use it, Johnny boy.......we are used to Paps' excellence last year. Big shoes to fill. Almost unfillable.
OK, set up-7th and 8th inning guys. I don't have the faith in Mike Timlin that I used to. 6th inning hold 'em stuff might be his role. If he is used sparingly, I can see him pitching the 7th innings of close games. We must keep his arm fresh and rested as much as possible. Such is life after 40. His 70 plus innings of work per season days are OVAH! So true set-up men (yes, plural) are also needed. The majority of the money to be spent this off-season will be for bullpen pitchers, with a less major need for outfield, AND infield help. That's called a full plate! And don't forget the one starter who will be needed to fill out our rotation. Will all this wheeling and dealing to come result in a sucessful ending to our off-season tale? Ha- ha..that's what this off-season is ALL about. And you know what? You'll read about it all right here. And I can't wait to write about it. Elation? Euphoria? Or tear shedding sadness with the feeling of defeat. Right now anything can happen. So buckle up!
Thanks for being here. As always. Enjoy your Thursday!

The Price Might Be Right

The Daisuke Matsuzaka bidding sweepstakes is on. The Yankees and the Rangers are confirmed bidders, with the Red Sox, Cubs and Mets as possibles in the process. The Japanese club will announce as early as today or as late as next Tuesday the high bidder. Then the selected club has 30 days to bicker and bargain with his agent, the money hungry Scott Boras. Good luck!
The bidding closes Friday for Akinori Iwamura, a third baseman-infielder that the Red Sox are said to be verrry interested in. With good reason. He can hit, field and is only 27. The Padres have also expressed an interest. To the winners go the spoils, or in this case the fattest wallets will have the loudest voices. Money really does talk! Good luck to all involved. Better luck to the Red Sox. After all, I have a certain fondness for that particular team from Boston. And I understand there are others who feel the same nice is that!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A New Thing To Click On...Right Here!!!

If you would like to add me, AND my blog, the one you enjoy so much, just look on the right side, a few inches down, where it says SUBSCRIBE TO PETER"S RED SOX FOREVER. Wow, it really says that! It took a while, but technical savvy finally enabled me to do it. Click on that and it will give multiple choices to add my blog (me! Holy you know what!) to your computer's home page. I, as my homepage, have try it. Please. The more of me the better? Well........maybe I shoud rephrase that! Let me know if it works...please. And there are so many choices. Just click on the "subscribe" link a couple inches lower on the right side.
Your feedback would be soooo great. Take care. Love ya all!


And it looks like, right now on this Wednesday November 8th, a day we will ALL remember, that Donald Rumsfeld, pushed out more than a willing decision, is STEPPING DOWN! The President should be announcing this, making it official, in the next few minutes. The more of our soldiers who can come home breathing is what it is all about. I had to say this....thanks for being here. And God bless our brave soldiers, men and women, who are in that land of Hell.

Foulke Finished..Lyons Coming?

The Boston Red Sox will not exercise its $7.5 million dollar option on reliever Keith Foulke. Foulkie has until Friday to decide whether or not to exercise his own option. The thought process has him leaving to pitch for a team nearer his home in Arizona. If Foulke decides to pick up his option and stay with the club, he will be paid $3.75 million. (plus the $1.5 million dollar buy-out. That makes it $5.5..not bad!!) I think he's headed out. We will know by the end of this rapidly diminishing, no more political advertisements week.
Entercom, which owns the Red Sox radio rights, maybe be close to hiring Steve "Psycho" Lyons to replace Jerry Trupiano. That would be a shame. As of now, nothing is definite. Trupe was/is a great radio voice for RSN, and I wish I knew more as to why he's leaving.
Happy "HUMP" day as we start our slide into the weekend. Don't get any splinters!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cora Continued! We Can Only Hope......

And hot on the heels of the expected Clemens' free agent not so new news is this, from today's Globe.....

'"With the Red Sox' middle-infield situation up in the air for 2007, team sources indicate that they are closing in on a two-year deal with Alex Cora, which should protect the Sox in case of an injury or if their offseason pursuits fall short.
Both Alex Gonzalez and Mark Loretta remain free agents, though the Sox have indicated they're not closing the door on either player. The Indians and Mets have expressed interest in Loretta, and the Sox meanwhile are exploring the possibility of free agent Julio Lugo, who basically became a jack of all trades for the Dodgers after he was dealt from Tampa Bay to Los Angeles at the trade deadline."

Peter here. First of all, open that door, Sox front office. Theo...that's you! Gonzo and Loretta are needed. And Alex Cora in '06 was a guy who did everything in every position. We needed him, and we WILL need him next year, and in 2008. This is a good move by the club. The first of many more to come. We can only hope this is the first of many team-bettering moves by Theo and company. An appetite wetter of the best kind. I can't wait! More news as it happens. From now until the magic cold month of February rears it's ugly but welcome head. All 28 days of it. Or 29 on Leap Years.....And I just came back from our polling place at Farmington (CT.) High School. I do hope you find the time to make YOUR voice heard. Thanks for reading me. I hear YOUR vote whenever you stop by. And that makes me happy. I guess I'm a lucky guy......I KNOW I am.

It Was Inevitable.........

From The Daily Record, New Joisey, USA........ today.....Tuesday November 7th........and then a comment......

NEW YORK -- "Houston teammates Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte filed for free agency Monday, still unsure whether they want to pitch next year.
Clemens said he planned to retire after the 2003, 2004 and 2005 seasons, but came back each time to sign with his hometown Houston Astros. Pettitte, Clemens' close friend and Texas neighbor, had left the New York Yankees after the 2003 season to sign with the Astros.
Clemens, a seven-time Cy Young Award winner, rejoined the Astros in June and went 7-6 with a 2.30 ERA and 102 strikeouts in 113 1-3 innings. The right-hander, who has 348 wins and 4,604 strikeouts, turns 45 on Aug. 4.
Pettitte was 14-13 with a 4.20 ERA. The left-hander was bothered by a strained flexor muscle in the elbow on his pitching arm late in the season."

Peter here. We all knew this news was coming. Andy Pettitte is a question mark surrounded by a visible haze in the middle of a brewing storm to any teams interested in his services. The often injured leftie has battled seemingly career-ending arm injuries in the past couple of years and his services should come with injury insurance.
Rocket Roger is an entirely different story. He seems to spit in the face of his advancing years. His ERA numbers have been astonishing. Last year was a less spectacular year ERA-wise for him. And what did he do? How about a 2.30 ERA! I know those are NL numbers, but still! His career victory total would be so much higher if his team, the Houston Astros, scored more runs behind him. Last year he started late. If he wants to pitch in '07, and do it STARTING on opening day, or opening day plus one, I'd love to see him wearing our uniform. He knows how to pitch. The ability is there. And his physical health is right there too. And if he does remain in remarkable health and pitches for a team (US!) that can score a handfull (4 plus) of runs on his mound days, 20 wins, or near it, would be a lock. A lock that we cannot live without. He has my vote. Yours????? After all, it is Election day. So vote, and then comment. But vote. It is sooo important. Thanks for being here. I don't know what I'd do without you.


Vote early. Vote often. All kidding aside, make sure your voice is heard. Today. Thank you.

Monday, November 06, 2006

There is ONLY ONE Bond....

And his name is..... Sean Connery...and the best Bond "girl?" Ursula Undress.....Andress. Just to set the record straight.....
Thanks for your comments...And I'll take mine shaken, NOT stirred.
1962-forever...the Bond films. Thank you Ian Fleming.

Screen thoughts in brief......

As I said in the comment section of the last two posts to a young lady who goes by the name (at least in bloggerland) beazer... and you know her, I promise....she's famous, at least in my life.....
This weekend I saw a screening of the new 007 film. Bond, James Bond. So great!!!!! It's been 44 years since 1962's DR. NO, with Ursula Undress...oops, Andress, and her bikini, wading ashore from the green blue coral-sparkling Jamaican waters. My first crush. Good taste, huh? I think so. I was only a kid, but I knew what I saw. And when asked in the new film if Bond likes his martini shaken, or stirred, he says to the bartender..."Does it look like I care?" The guy is great. Different, but great. And the movie Borat? WOW!!!!!!! And it only played on 800 plus screens....wait until next weekend. It will expand to two thousand plus, and do way more than $50 million. Deservedly so. Serious fun. A ten dollar great two hours of entertainment, just as 007 will be...coming soon, to a theater near you. Don't wait for the DVD release...see it with an audience. With popcorn. And a soda. Or a beer, if available. Your sometime move critic, Peter N. Knowing a little about a lot.

Iwamura Rumbles....Sheff Murmurs

The Red Sox are reportedly interested in Japan's Akinori Iwamura. He is a third baseman who can play second. The most appealing thing? He's only 27. Stay tuned on this one. It might make Mike Lowell part of a tempting trade package. But I must say this. Mike Lowell did EVERYTHING right in '06, and to have him at the hot corner next season would be ideal. Other clubs should be so lucky. Well, no, they shouldn't! The Sox have holes to fill, and third base is NOT one of them. Only if our club benefits in multiple ways should this aquisition of Iwamura be further explored. And I'm sure that's what Theo and company have in mind. But still.......Mikey in '07.....unless there is an option that can not be refused. Godfather?
And the Yankees picked up their $13 million dollar option on Gary Sheffield, the Yankee we so love to hate. I mean, it's sooo easy!! The man is a bitter grump with diminishing skills. A trade, possibly to the Phillies, Cubs or Astros, might already be in place. There is zero chance he'd be coming to the Red Sox. And that's good. Happy Monday, my friends. Up and at 'em.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Musings.......Of Mikey And Manny

This from the Globe on an even colder morning than yesterday's white frost-tipped lawn-whitened morning was, and then a comment....

"With Sox third baseman Mike Lowell having only one year left on his contract (at $9 million) and knowing there's enough interest that they could move him, the Red Sox have interest in lefthanded-hitting Japanese third baseman Akinori Iwamura, 27, who has hit over .300 with 106 homers the last three seasons. He had a .389 on-base percentage last season for the Yakult Swallows."

Peter here. I am hoping that Mike Lowell will play another full season right here in Boston in 2007. What he showed us last year was pure class. Smooth, sometimes effortless game-saving defense. A pop at the plate that resulted in dozens and dozens of doubles, not to mention home runs and game winning hits. He played hobbled, with no complaints. If I started a baseball team in some imaginary universe, he'd be among my first picks. So Theo and company...our problems are elsewhere. Leave third base as it was last year...Mike Lowell....a shining example of excellence.
One more blub from the Globe and a comment....just one! Read on.....

"One American League general manager put it this way when asked if he thought Manny Ramírez would finally be traded this offseason: "He's been on the block for, what, five years? My answer is it's highly unlikely he'll be dealt, but what we'll see in the weeks ahead is how motivated is he to get out of Boston and how motivated the Red Sox are to make it happen. Did he ask for a trade? And if he did, has he changed his mind yet?"
The Globe's Gordon Edes reported Ramírez's desire to be traded in September, and we can only assume the slugger hasn't changed his mind.
The Ramírez Soap Opera is an old story that rings new every year at this time. For now, count on Ramírez hitting behind David Ortiz in 2007."

Peter here. Oh, those were "words of love, whispered soft and true..." Buddy Holly? Where'd that come from? OK, I'm back, from where I don't know. Manny batting 4th, protecting Papi with his HUGE bat, will still give our Sox the most in '07. Manny's value to other clubs has diminished. With his reoccuring knee problems, some clubs might think him to be strictly DH material. If he was to play an outfield, any outfield, the left field at Fenway is ideal for him. He can play shallow, he knows the wall, and he knows how to play that sacred territory, compact as it is. His remaining two years of that used-to-be neverending contract still stands at roughly $40 million bucks. Two years-the end is in sight. Forty million is enough to deter most clubs. The knee problems will deter some more. So I say yet again to Theo and Paul's shining words, "LET IT BE." Words of wisdom.......To all my readers, peace, happiness, and a hell of a great football game with the Partriots winning by a touchdown and a field goal tonight. NBC..pregame at 7pm.. Should be fun! I'd love to read your comments about our Mikey and Manny.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Winter's Harbinger This Morning...And Rocket On My Mind

20 degrees F. this morning, early morning, here in North Central Connecticut. I live in the woods. Not the deep, "help, get me out of here" woods, but amongst the trees in the middle of a golf course. My place is located in the Farmington river valley...the ever lowering in angle sun barely sheds its golden light through the trees. An hour or so of direct slanted sunlight is all we can expect here, until March, with its lion beginning and its lamblike finish. That lack of sunlight combined with being in a river valley, and remember, cold air, without wind, sinks. To the lowest level. And that explains the head-shakingly cold low temperatures that we experience all winter long. No clouds, no wind, no direct's called radiational cooling. And that's why so many of the cold clear windless nights result in low temperatures that are 5-8 degrees lower than those you see on the weather during the local news. And being on ground level encases my place in a tomb of frigidity. Oh, you can go upstairs and feel the 5 degree difference in indoor temperature. But when the snow falls, and I'm sitting here in the living room with a roaring fire in the fireplace, maybe on the computer writing to you, I always smile when I look outside and see that the snow has crept up on the outside of the glass door slider. 3 inches, 6. 9.... until my feet on the soft rug are lower than the white stuff's level. Cozy? Heck yeah! And at a few minutes before 9am on this crystal clear frosty morn, it's still just 28.3 degrees F.

I told you that to tell you this. From the Globe today, and then the comment you should come to expect from me, the guy with the words. Most of the time......

"A no-decision for Roger Clemens. Clemens will file for free agency, but the seven-time Cy Young Award winner insists he hasn't decided whether he will pitch for the Houston Astros or anyone.....
Full season, half season or at all, I haven't even thought about it," Clemens said Thursday. "I just think it's too early to think about it. ... Right now, I don't have any thoughts of playing or not playing."
The 44-year-old Clemens didn't say when he will make up his mind about a 23rd season in the majors.
If Clemens does come back, it will likely to be for Houston, the New York Yankees, Boston or Texas. Any team outside that quartet is unlikely."

Peter here, ready for your comments on this always polarizing issue. To Rocket or not to Rocket? Or as the Three Stooges put it, "Have Rocket Will Travel" in one of the late in their career full length feature films. I think the Red Sox would do well with Roger as one of their starting five. His ERA with the Astros has been microscopic.....his team just doesn't score runs for him. How fitting would it be for him to end his career right where he started it...inside the cozy green-walled Fenway Park. The place of dreams. Enjoy your Saturday, and I will be here, waiting, breathless (OK, maybe NOT so breathless), for your comments. Jenny, no tomatoes, please. Or if you must, please make sure they're ripe.

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Boston Red Sox Are The Winners Of The TEAM Gold Glove

Yes, the Sox did commit the fewest errors, but were shut out in The AL Gold Glove winner's circle. Read on...

"The Boston Red Sox led the Major Leagues with the fewest errors with 66, coming within one miscue of tying the big-league record for fewest bobbles in a season, set by the Mariners in 2003. That Mariners team had four Gold Glove winners: Bret Boone, John Olerud, Mike Cameron and Ichiro.
The 2006 Red Sox were surprisingly shut out.Shortstop Alex Gonzalez misplayed seven of the 475 fielding chances he had.
And, while Gonzalez made fewer than half as many errors as Jeter (15), the Yankees shortstop had 610 fielding chances."

Peter here. This is to all of you who think our Gonzo should have won the award for his 2006 nearly flawless and often game-saving play at shortstop. Yes, Jeter won, but if Gonzo had played in more games, with more chances to show his magic glove, and reflexes, stuff we need on our team next year (along with Loretta, and Trot...please!), then he WOULD have won. He played in just a few more than 100 games. In this case I think the award (horrors!) went to the right person. Please! Don't throw tomatoes at me! You might hit my computer! OK, I'm back. And I could comment on each and every one of the nine postions, but it's not necessary. There will be moaning and groaning in RSN about this Jeter honor. I just don't see how the gripes and grimaces will help our club in this incredible intermission between the disappointment of '06 and the "always there" hope for '07. And that's what keeps the game of baseball, the one we love and cherish, alive and well. "Next year!" May 2007 be a year that will be remembered for generations to come.
Enjoy your weekends. I'll pop up tomorrow and Sunday to further interrupt your days. All you have to do is stop in. But I know you know that. And because of that, I thank you. Always. And forever. Stick with me! Promise???

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Baseball Fix For You

This from the Thursday edtion of the LA Times....and then a quick comment....

TOKYO -- "David Wright and Andruw Jones homered in the top of the ninth inning Thursday as a team of major leaguers erased a three-run deficit to tie the Yomiuri Giants 7-7 in a warmup game for an MLB All-Star tour of Japan.
Atlanta Braves outfielder Jones led off the ninth with his second homer of the game that made it 7-5 for the Giants.
Wright, who hit 26 homers for the New York Mets this season, then tied the game with a shot to left off Yomiuri pitcher Takahiko Nomaguchi."

Peter here, just trying to give you a taste of baseball somewhere, ANYWHERE. In this case, across the wide Pacific. Makes me yearn for February, with its ice cold bitter wind chills, and the ever deepening piles of snow. Some old, brown and ugly. And some fresh, white, newly born, fallen from the heavens. And that's A LOAD OF BS. Give me the warmth of the coming Spring and the umpire's sound, those wonderful words. "Play ball." Oh yes.

Green Roses......And A Cigar

There they sat, in Red's seat. Red's seat for always. A bouquet of green roses, and on top of it, a cigar. And the players, past and present...Hondo, the Chief, Jo Jo and Bob Cousy. To name a few. All at the Garden to say goodbye to their coach, their leader, the architect of so much Celtics' greatness. For so long. And forever. Thank you Red. You will be missed.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Future Is NOW!

This, from today's Globe, with a comment directly after from me. I looked around, and I was the only one here, so........

"Further evidence that the Red Sox' commitment to drafting and developing their own players is not just eyewash, as Jimy Williams would say, comes this week in Baseball America, the trade publication that pronounced that the Sox had the best amateur draft of the 30 major league teams this June.
"After depleting their system through call-ups and trades, the Red Sox took a big step toward restocking it with this draft," Baseball America wrote. "They addressed their biggest shortcoming (home run power) while also adding athletes and power arms."

Peter here, as promised. The future IS now. And the rewards that we will reap from this 2006 draft will happen soon. 2 years...maybe three. It's better not to rush a pitcher or a power hitter who CAN PLAY DEFENSE (directed at you, WMP). Sorry, but I still think we have a gaping black hole in rightfield, with its curves and alleys and Pesky Pole. Dewey's place...Trot's Territory. But the news from Baseball America tells us patient, help is on the way through our minor league system. Quick fixes for '07 will be addressed by Theo and Baird and company. But the seeds for growth and development are planted in the exact right place....the Red Sox farm system. Where things, and people, are SUPPOSED to grow. And flourish. And that's good.

Bagwell, Steinbrenner, And An Assistant For Theo

The Houston Astros have declined Jeff Bagwell's $18 million dollar option, instead giving him a $7 million dollar buyout. It is thought that he will stay with the club in one capacity or another. Allard Baird was named an assistant to Theo Epstein. He was previously the GM of the KC Royals. And down in North Carolina George Steinbrenner was stricken with chest pains and a fainting episode, his second in three years, while watching his granddaughter in a play. He was held in the hospital overnight before returning to Tampa. People sitting nearby noticed that George was pale and white with his eyes rolled up in his head. He has expressed through his spokesperson that he is just fine. I'm sure his doctors gave him every test imaginable. Get well George. And take it're getting up there in age.
That's a wrap for Wednesday morning, cool and rainy post-Halloween gloom everywhere.