Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Inner Thoughts Of Scott Boras(s)??

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports dot com has an interesting theory that delves into the possibility that super agent Scott Boras(s) WANTS his client, Mark Teixeira, to go to the Boston Red Sox. Rosenthal's actual quote is right here for you...

"Teixeira, a native of Maryland, would be happy to go back East, happy to accept whatever ridiculous deal the Red Sox gave him. And that way, both the Angels and Yankees would remain options for Manny Ramirez, Boras's other major free agent slugger. The Angels could sign free agent lefthander CC Sabathia with the money they had slotted for Teixeira. And In the end, it would look like this...Teixeria to Boston, CC Sabathia and Ramirez to the Angels. The Yankees would freak out if all that transpired, and yet another Boras client — free agent righthander Derek Lowe — would be the immediate beneficiary." Adds Rosenthal: "If you think Boras lacks the vision to formulate such a grandiose plan, then you haven't been paying attention for oh, about the past 20 years."

Peter here, and I think I like, no LOVE, that possibility. Hankie and Hal would literally go insane as their team would founder and sink like the post-iceberg Titanic. Sabathia and Ramirez will make the Angels a club to be reckoned with once again. Boston's lineup would be as fearsome as it was in '04 and '07. The Yankees would probably take Derek Lowe and explore their other options. But much will happen before that scenario is played out. The winter meetings commence on December 8th...all hell could break loose. But remember this...the Red Sox will make Teixeira a stupendous offer. Let Sabathia and Manny (thank goodness) go elsewhere. The prize catch, other than Sabathia, is slugger/first baseman Teixeira, and I'd LOVE to see him in a Boston uniform. Boras(s) usually will strive for the biggest cash deal possible for every one of his clients, but it's nice to think that Rosenthal might be right. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

It's Sunday, the last day of November. We're racing toward Christmas at a supersonic rate...sometimes I wish that time would slow down...just a little. But usually the days blur by into a colorful haze, one by one by one. I guess that's part of life. You can title click for more on the Sox, and I hope everyone has a great day. I also hope that your Thanksgiving holiday was a gem and as always, BE WELL. Shalom.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

It Looks Like Tazawa Picks Red Sox

Japanese righthander Junichi Tazawa has contacted three teams that were interested in acquiring his services. He told them he was not interested in joining them. Those clubs are the Texas Rangers, the Seattle Mariners and the Atlanta Braves. That, of course, clears the way for the Boston Red Sox. He will hold a news conference early next week to announce his decision. At the beginning he will go to Boston's Double A team where he will be able to refine his growing and glowing skills. This will be a "no lose" transaction for both parties, and eventually Junichi might be in the same pitching rotation as his idol, Daisuke Matsuzaka. Good luck to him!

Boston acquired right handed pitcher Wes Littleton from Texas for two players to be named later and some cash. Wes spent most of last season at the Triple A Texas affiliate in Oklahoma. He was 7-1 with six saves and an ERA of 4.01. Righthanded batters hit only .236 against him. This will be another long term project, bits and pieces of the 2009 puzzle. The prize pieces are still to be claimed but I have a feeling the Boston Red Sox will do just fine, thank you very much.

How's that for a quick but somewhat brief and non-illuminating Saturday morning post? I hope you were informed a wee bit. You can click on the title of this post for more Soxiness, your comments are always welcome but too seldomly seen and as always, BE WELL. Shalom.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The MLB Idiots Changed Their Minds!!

From the Friday NY Times, unlike the Thursday article. Opposite, in fact. Here you go...

"Major League Baseball said earlier this week that the number of players who tested positive for amphetamines for the first time in 2008 would be made public in a report on its drug-testing program to be released in January. On Thursday, however, baseball said the number of positive amphetamine tests would not be included in the report.
Rob Manfred, baseball’s executive vice president for labor relations, said in a telephone interview Thursday that the commissioner’s office and the players union would withhold the number of positive amphetamine tests because, “under our program, first-time positive tests for amphetamines are treated as confidential, and because of that, those numbers will be kept private.”
Baseball officials said a misunderstanding in their office regarding the drug-testing policy led to the conflicting reports.
“The report will detail the number of tests conducted this year, the number of positives for steroids, the names of the substances players tested positive for and the number of therapeutic-use exemptions but will not include the total number of amphetamine positives,” Manfred said."

PETER here, and I'll STILL say idiots. The MLB kind! How would this make MLB baseball better? There is NO answer to that! Please click on the title of this post for more on the MLB's idiocy! I'm sorry I'm a little frustrated...aren't we all? Click away...

LUGO Might Be Staying...MLB Amphetamine Testing Update

I know it's early and the winter meetings don't begin until the dark (for me) date of December 8th, but there had been hope that the Detroit Tigers, who need a shortstop, would be be interested in inquiring Julio Lugo in exchange for either Dontrelle Willis or Nate Robertson. All three players are in the same salary catagory but now "sources" say the chances are remote for such a trade. And that's too bad. Lugo's high annual income will prove to be a tough challenge for the Red Sox as they try to jettison him. Keep trying, Theo.

From the New York Times, I came across an article about the toothless MLB amphetimine testing program. In the past, only multiple offenders were identified to the public. There's a change this and I'll be back with a few syllables...

"Since Major League Baseball began testing for amphetamines in 2006, it has been difficult to determine the policy’s value as a deterrent. Players who tested positive for the first time were not identified or punished, so there was no way of knowing if 20, 30 or 100 players had been caught in a particular year. Only the identities of those who tested positive more than once were revealed. Only those players were suspended. That group has been small — two players in the last three years — which suggests that those caught once are not tempting fate and have stopped using amphetamines.
But what about first-time positives? Is that annual number substantial? If so, that means players are using amphetamines until being caught.
Baseball is about to provide an answer. In early January, the organization’s testing administrator will release the number of first-time positive amphetamine tests for 2008, along with other data about the testing program."

Peter here once again. Numbers but no identities, but I think this is a good idea, a policy that should have been implemented in the beginning stages of the testing program. Now players won't get a "free ride" if they are caught once. Amphetimines give a player or anyone the energy to perform beyond their abilities with a strong sense of power. The bad part is that they're highly addictive and eventually will kill you. That doesn't sound like fun, does it? Bravo, Major League Baseball, you're doing the right thing. But that's just step #1...identification of ALL will be step #2.

I hope every one of you had a happy and healthy Thansgiving with your family and friends. I sure did. There was a gathering of 18 (I think) loved ones including someone I had never met...15 month old August. She is beautiful There were cocktails and appetizers for an hour before a 3pm EST dinner that consisted of just about the best turkey I've ever had, golden brown and crisp on the outside and white and juicy on the inside. And it tasted better than it looked! Accompaning the main dish was wonderful wild rice, various vegetables and sweet potatoes with lightly browned marshmallos. And then...TADA...desert. Apple pie, pumpkin pie and an unidentified pie (I still don't know what it was) were brought out, still slightly warm, with five different flavors of ice cream. I skipped the ice cream but had a slim piece of pumkin pie, taking extra insulin to keep my sugar in the right range. About 6pm EST, I arrived home, turkey tired. It's true what they say about a big turkey meal making you tired. Believe it or not, I was watching TV in bed by 7pm EST and fell asleep scant minutes later. Geez, I must be getting old, but I loved every minute of Thanksgiving 2008. I really did.

That's it for this morning, my friends and Constant Readers. I hope you had a great day yesterday and I also hope the rest of your holiday weekend will be unforgettably unbelievable. There's nothing new about the Red Sox except for what you read here so there's no need to click on the title. I'll see you soon and as always, BE WELL. Shalom to one and all.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Today is a day when we all give thanks, thanks to the men and women who are serving on or near the battle lines in lands too far away, thanks to our family, friends and loved ones and thanks for our health and well being. I have so much to be thankful for...the recent injuries I've experienced are minor in the big scheme of things. I will survive, with pain. But this isn't about me, it's about you, my readers. Thank you. Have a wonderful day filled with food, fun, football, friends and family...and then more food. Maybe just a little bit more? Wow, I'm stuffed! And it's not even 6am EST.

On the baseball front, the California Anaheim Los Angeles Angels (wow, that even mixed me up!) are said to be reluctant to commit themselves to a ten year deal for the services of Mark Teixeira. I can see why...ten years is too long. What's wrong with a nice five to seven year deal with the mega-bucks included? I doubt ANY team will shell out for a ten year commitment. One MLB general manager put it this way...

"The Angels have been waiting how long to have a hitter like this to protect Vlad Guerrero in the lineup, and they'd let him escape?"

Peter here. Yes, they will...if Boras(s) demands ten years, but I think it's all a part of his style...start high and then back down to reasonability. Did you hear me, Scott? REASONABILITY...I capitalized it in case you forgot your reading glasses.

Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving, my Constant Readers. You can click on the title of this post to be transported to the Boston Herald's baseball home page. As always, BE WELL. Shalom.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Boras(s)...

This is from the Tuesday Los Angeles Times...

Boras: I've got offers for Teixeira

"While the Angels have not made an offer to Mark Teixeira, his agent says other teams have.
"We've received a number of offers," agent Scott Boras said.
Boras would not say which teams had extended offers, or even how many. He characterized the offers as bids Teixeira had the right to accept, as opposed to informal discussions about contract parameters without firm offers attached. He declined to set a timetable for Teixeira's decision.
The Angels identified Teixeira as their top off-season priority, but they have not made a bid because the franchise is unwilling to offer the requested 10 years. It is uncertain whether any of the bids Boras says he has are for 10 years. No team has confirmed making an offer to Teixeira, although the RED SOX, Orioles and Nationals are expected to pursue him.
Teixiera rejected an eight-year, $140-million offer from the Texas Rangers in 2007, according to Rangers owner Tom Hicks."

Peter here...big bucks will be on the table, that's for sure. I hope they'll be John Henry bucks because Teixeira will make the Red Sox lineup one of the most feared in all of baseball...again.

Buzzing About Tazawa And 'Tek

Hello and good morning on this Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. I was zigzagging around the web and I found two interesting tidbits from Boston dot com's THE BUZZ. I'm passing them along to you and my comments will follow...

"Reports coming out of Japan today indicate that the Red Sox are the choice of coveted amateur pitcher Junichi Tazawa, a 22-year-old righthander who idolizes Daisuke Matsuzaka. The Mainichi Daily News said that Tazawa is likely to officially announce next week that he will join the Red Sox. He is expected to sign a major league contract with the Red Sox and begin his professional career in the minor leagues, the newspaper reported. Nikkan Sports reported that Tazawa has cut off negotiations will all other MLB clubs and that the announcement will be made Dec. 1. "

"Agent Scott Boras, who represents Varitek, told the Globe's Nick Cafardo that he and the Red Sox have not yet begun any negotiations on Varitek, and knew nothing of a one-year offer from the Red Sox for his client that was reported earlier today. . ... Boras told the Globe's Adam Kilgore the Red Sox are not the only team bidding for Varitek, but declined to go into specifics. "Yes, of course," Boras said. "Obviously, there are teams that are looking at a catcher than can win 60 percent of your games. There are teams interested." ... From the Globe's Tony Massarotti: "It sounds like the Red Sox want to address other matters first, then get to Varitek. It could take a while."

OK, I'm back. First of all, I wish Boston would take care of 'Tek first, but I guess there are other things on their minds (Teixeira?). Secondly, the upcoming Junichi Tazawa signing can only result in good things for Boston. Yes, he'll spend time in the minors because he has much to learn about American baseball, but he has all the time in the world to do just that. It does help that he's coming to a team where his idol, Daisuke Matsuzaka, plays. And don't forget the Darkman, Hideki Okajima. Good luck to Junichi and may he have a super major league baseball career.

In the "he said, he said" department, I have two words for you...Scott Boras(s). Can he be more vague? I understand that he has an obligation to his clients to keep the negotiation details out of the public's almost like the doctor/patient kind of thing. He DID say there are "teams interested" in our captain's services...the Boston Red Sox are the number one team on Jason's list. I KNOW THAT! I just have to hope that his wishes will prevail over the money-hungry ones of Boras(s). I wanted to mention one more thing. For those everyday readers (thank you!) who may wonder why I add the extra "S" to Scott's name, there's a simple answer. The last three letters of my version of his name will tell you all you need to know.

Thanks for stopping in, have a great Wednesday and if you're traveling to be with family, be careful out there. Today is the busiest travel day of the year. Seat belts and defensive driving are a neccessity. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE! You can click on this post's title for more Red Sox comings and goings and as always, BE WELL. Shalom.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

'Tek Talk Continued

Jason Varitek remains on the minds of the Red Sox front office people and all of Red Sox Nation. Frankly, I can't envision the 2009 club without 'Tek. Though other teams have expressed interest in the talented catcher, his heart yearns to stay home, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. AND HE least that's how my thinking goes. Have the Red Sox made an offer yet to Jason and his agent, Scott Boras(s)? That's the question on ALL our minds. I found this blurb on the WEEI website...
"According to sources familiar with the negotiations, the Red Sox’ initial contract offer to free agent catcher Jason Varitek this offseason was for one year. It was not determined what the monetary worth of the offer would be, although indications were that it didn’t approach the annual average commanded by Jorge Posada ($13.1 million). Varitek’s agent, Scott Boras, referenced the Yankee catcher’s contract as an appropriate point of reference when assessing his client’s worth at the General Managers’ meetings early this month. Red Sox officials refused comment on the negotiations, while Varitek’s representatives did not respond to inquiries on the matter."
Scott Boras(s) HAS responded to this report by saying, in his own inimitable fashion, that Boston has NOT made an offer, nary a peep. You know what? This back and forth could go on for weeks, but I know one thing for sure...I want 'Tek back on the team next year. It's as simple as that. There are other "wants" on my menu, the foremost being the acquisition of Mark Teixeira (THEO, JOHN, LARRY, TOM...make it happen!). What the future holds in store for us is still a mystery, a Red Sox mystery, but not for long.

I hope your Thanksgiving week is going well. Don't forget, you can click on the title of this post for all the latest Red Sox news, including the most recent developments of Boston's quest for Japanese pitcher Junichi Tazawa. Have a wonderful Tuesday, don't forget to buy your turkeys and as always, BE WELL. Shalom.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Red Sox Successfully Shop In Japan

The Boston Red Sox have reportedly made a two year $6 million dollar offer to amateur righthanded pitcher Junichi Tazawa of Japan, MLB has reported. Tazawa met with Craig Shipley, who is the Red Sox vice president of international scouting. The Japanese paper Nikkan Sports has reported that Tazawa has ALREADY CHOSEN THE RED SOX and that he would SIGN WITH THE CLUB IN DECEMBER. The caps are all mine because I think this is monumentally big news for Boston, Red Sox Nation and Red Sox International. Tazawa is young but, according to many people "in the know," too inexperienced to accurately guage how deep his talent is and how bright he will shine. In my opinion, his price is so low that Boston is not risking much at all. There's a huge upside to this possible acquisition and not much of a downside, so Theo, let 'er rip! (I think he already has).

Well, it's officially Thanksgiving week, a week filled with food, family and fun. I hope every one of you can make the most of it. I will be flying to Chicago for meetings with President-elect Obama later today and from there travel to Washington DC for a quick sit down with the future Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. I'll be back Thursday morning for the Thankgiving Day Parade in New York City. If the wind permits, there will be a new balloon added to the festivities. Yes, that's right, it's a likeness of me in my Red Sox shirt. Wish me luck, please!

P.S. If you believed that, I have 10 acres of prime lunar real estate to sell you, unlimited cheese included at no extra cost. Cheap! Cash only please. No checks, no credit cards, just the green, please. Seriously, have a great Monday to start off this very short work week, click on the title for more on the Tazawa news and as always and forever, BE WELL. Any comments? Anybody want that moon land, craters included? Let me know via the comment route at the bottom of every post. On that note, sayanara. See ya. Shalom.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Money Minute from Scott Boras(s)...Holiday Thoughts from Me

Is the economy affecting major league baseball teams and their revenue? Super agent Scott Boras(s) had this to say...
“When I negotiate contracts with players in good economic environments, I don’t ask for 20 percent more,” uber-agent Scott Boras said last week. “I always look at baseball revenues, and in the last seven years they have gone from $3 billion to $6.5 billion. If baseball revenues drop off, that’s something we’ll look at, but if there is a drop-off, it is not going to be dramatic.”

Boras cites team’s long-term contracts with local TV and radio rights-holders, vendors corporate sponsors and premium seat holders as buffers against the current economic crisis.

“Overall, the ability of a recession to dramatically affect a franchise is limited because of contracts and relationships that are already committed,” Boras said.
Peter here, and I tend to agree with the gist of what he said. Fenway Park will always be packed...every game. That might not be true in other cities but we know this...any revenue downturns for MLB will be slight compared to those of the medium to upper medium class working man or woman. Sad but true.

Next week will be Thanksgiving week, a time when baseball news is slim but holiday turkeys (and some overindulging people) are not. It's a week when people travel to gather with family members. It's a time for relaxation and good times, football games and tables heaped with all kinds of goodies. I'm going to go to my sister-in-law's sister's house. She and her husband alway cook a mean turkey (sometimes in the oven, one on the grill). For me it's a nice piece of BOTH...white meat only, please. The appetizers there are varied and delicious. Shrimp with cocktail sauce and little stuffed mushrooms, sizzlingly hot from the oven, are two of my favorites. Another favorite of mine is something I can no longer have because of type one diabetes...pumpkin pie, or ANY darn type of pie. But I just watch the others eat theirs, usually accompanied by ice cream (another no no for me) and I am quite happy. But give me protein (aka turkey) and I can wolf it down with the best of 'em. Seconds, please?

That was a pre-holiday thought with love from me to you (Beatles third 1963 single). Have a great Sunday, enjoy all the football games if that's what you like, and as always, BE WELL.

P.S. Happy birthday to my girlfriend Nadia. Hey Nadi, you finally made it!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

JFK Blown Away 45 Years Ago Today...Teixeira Christmas Wishes

Before I start with the baseball stuff, I wanted to mention this. Today marks the 45th anniversary (if you can call it that) of John F. Kennedy's assasination on that street in Dallas, Texas, a cold blooded killing done BY ONE MAN, AND ONE MAN ONLY. Jack, I was only ten years old when your head was blown apart (Zapruder film - frame 313) at noon central time, 45 years ago. I was sitting in 5th grade class when the teacher heard the announcement on the hall speakers. He opened the door to let us all hear what was being said as we all saw the American flag being lowered to half staff. I remember my teacher, Mr. Ipedico, banging his fist on his desk and saying "What did they do?" But I was baffled....I was a kid, smart and stupid at the same time. How the years have flown by. I'm not in 5th grade anymore...I'm older, maybe not wiser, but I miss you...your smile, your speeches, your everything. Rest in peace.

Mark Teixeira, joined by fellow Scott Boras(s) client and Red Sox captain Jason Varitek, were together at the Georgia Tech/ Miami football game recently. When asked about where he might end up playing in 2009, he said this. Please don't expect any bombshells...not right now. NOT YET, but there will be one...soon. If that was the case, the news would have already been splashed in front of your face by every media outlet. Here you go...remember, he was asked when he would like to be sure of what team will be the one that will pay him the big bucks...the team he'll play for, with all his heart and soul, power and defense. OK, here you go...

"I don't want to put a timetable on it, but Christmas morning," said Teixeira, who, like Varitek, was an All-American at Georgia Tech. "I want to know where I'm going to be for the next couple of years, so hopefully, by Christmas it will be done. I want to go where I can win and my family is happy," Teixeira said. "Whether it's the East Coast -- that's where I'm from -- but I loved playing in Anaheim, too, so we'll see what happens."

Peter here. I love the fact that he and 'Tek were together. Scott Boras(s), his agent (and 'Tek's) is known for holding out for the big bucks, but he also listens to his clients. If not, he wouldn't HAVE many clients. And if I read into Teixeira's comments, between the lines, he wants to be near his hometown of Baltimore and he wants to play for a bigtime winner. Well, that leaves out the Orioles, just a one hour plane ride away from Boston, Massachusetts. I think, well, sometimes I think too much, but I know this...I want him on the 2009 Boston Red Sox. I think we ALL is no barrier for Mr. John Henry. That's it! Period. Sign him, Yankees be damned.

Have a great weekend. This Saturday pre-sunset morning is an unnaturally cold one. The temperature at 5:45am EST here in north central Connecticut is 18.5 degrees F. I have a fire going in the fireplace and my place is toasty, warm and actually good looking. Click on the title of this post for more Red Sox stuff, and as always, BE WELL.

JFK, I MISS YOU. I always will.

Friday, November 21, 2008


The so called "Boss" (the only Boss in MY life was, is and will be Bruce) has officially stepped down and handed over control of his team, the New York Yankees, to his youngest son Hal. The younger (40) Steinbrenner had this to say to the media...

"I realize it's a great responsibility," said Hal Steinbrenner, who turns 40 on Dec. 3. "My dad is, needless to say, a tough act to follow. He's been slowing down the last couple years," Hal Steinbrenner said. "Really, for the last two years I have been intimately involved with all aspects and all departments of the company. It's what I've been doing day-to-day. My duties aren't really going to change and my workload isn't going to change much. So, I mean, it's as much a procedural thing within the family, I think, as anything at this point."

Peter here. Hank will take a back seat on this one...Hal is much better looking. Just kidding. I never liked George but I admit he did a good job with the team after he purchased it for a ridiculously low today's dollars. He brought (with tons of money) world championships and drived attendance through the roof. I'm sure we'll all see his face on Opening Day at the new Yankee Stadium. He should be there, he deserves to be there, he HAS to be there. And God willing, he will be.

On the hot stove information hot line filled with all the latest news, there IS no news. Not today, as of 5:15am EST. When anything happens, and we all know it will, you'll be able to read about it right here. You can click on this post's title for more on the passing of the Steinbrenner torch from the New York Daily News, or the Post...they all look the same to me. As always, BE WELL, and have a safe and great weekend.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Hello and good morning on this really cold Thursday early AM. The temperature in my backyard is holding at 17.8 degrees F. Brrrr. But the hot stove is heating up, sparked (haha) by the Coco Crisp deal. The Red Sox traded the fleet outfielder to the Kansas City Royals in what will prove to be a major transaction. They acquired Ramon Ramirez, a right-handed set up bullpen guy who will be the perfect foundation of the bridge to salvation. That salvation, of course, is Jonathon Papelbon. Ramon was the main set up man for the Royals. In 71 innings last year, he recorded 70 strikeouts. Right-handed batters hit only .153 against him. He's a perfect fit. If the Sox don't include Manny Delcarmen in a trade, and no way do I think that will happen, the bullpen, at least for late inning guys, has NEVER been in better shape. Here's what Theo Epstein and the man himself had to say...

“In Ramirez, we believe we’ve acquired a young, controllable reliever who can really help our bullpen,” Sox general manager Theo Epstein said. “He has a plus fastball, 92-95 mph, and an outstanding power changeup . . . that’s a swing-and-a-miss pitch for him against left-handed and right-handed hitters. He’s very quietly had a tremendous amount of success in the majors over the last 2 seasons. He pitched effectively - very effectively - for the Royals in the eighth inning last year. We were looking for an upgrade in depth to add to our bullpen.”

“As far as my role goes, it doesn’t matter what I do. That’s up to the team to decide,” the pitcher said from the Dominican Republic. “As far as my demeanor, you can call me fearless. I like being aggressive. I like attacking the strike zone."

Attack away, Ramon. Plow through an effortless eighth inning, a lot of 'em, and hand the ball over to Tito to put into the mitt of Jonathon Papelbon. A one run lead would be safe, much safer than in 2008 when the bullpen, at times, was in shambles. The one constant was Paps. We hope you become another one of those constants. I must say goodbye to Coco. You were a gentleman when Jacoby Ellsbury took over the starting centerfield postion, but you were always there with an AMAZING catch just when we needed it. Good luck to you, my friend. By the way, he'll probably bat leadoff in KC.

Well, that's a wrap for today. Click on this post's title for more on Coco, Ramon and the Moose retirement. Boy, did he go out on top! As always, BE WELL.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

MOOSE Mussina Retiring...Teixeira Rumors

Yes, that's right. From Fox Sports dot com, just now...

"Yankees right-hander Mike Mussina is retiring. Mussina will make his decision official later this week, major-league sources say. The Yankees, who are aggressively pursuing free-agent starting pitchers, were not expecting Mussina to return. Mussina, who turns 40 on Dec. 8, is coming off the first 20-win season of his 18-year career. He is selling his home in Bedford, N.Y., according to one source, and planning to spend more time with his family in Montoursville, Pa."

Wow...there's always something going on in this baseball world of ours, and this should accelerate the pinstriper's quest for pitching. Good luck to the Moose.

This is from Globe...

"Here's a prediction: By the time this is over, win or lose, the Red Sox effectively will have made Mark Teixeira the largest contract offer in the history of your storied franchise.
Preposterous, you say? Clearly, you have not been paying attention. Since the Red Sox changed ownership, management, and philosophies early in 2002, the new owners and operators of the Red Sox have stopped at virtually nothing to acquire those things they have coveted most. When the best of the rest were bidding $35 million-$40 million to acquire the rights to Daisuke Matsuzaka, the Red Sox bid $51.11 million. When the rest of the world wondered why J.D. Drew opted out of his contract in Los Angeles, the Red Sox dropped $70 million in Drew's lap. And knowing what we know now, nothing might have been more aggressive than the $36 million the Sox paid for Julio Lugo.
The point is this:
When the Sox want something enough, they make sure they get it."

Peter here...I certainly hope so. Leave it to Beaver...oops, I meant Theo. Have a great night.

***It's Official...Coco Gone***

The absolute latest from the Boston Globe...

"The Red Sox have traded center fielder Coco Crisp to the Royals for righthanded relief pitcher Ramon Ramirez, a major league baseball source has confirmed to the Globe's Nick Cafardo." this good for the Sox? Let me know via your comments. Ramon Ramirez is a bona fide great reliever, yet another arm on the bridge to Paps. Thanks COCO!!

Coco Go Go????

This was just released on the Boston Globe website. With their permission, here it is...

"Sports radio station WHB 810 in Kansas City reported this morning that the Red Sox have traded center fielder Coco Crisp to the Royals for righthanded relief pitcher Ramon Ramirez.
But during an on-air interview a few moments ago, Royals senior adviser Mike Arbuckle would not confirm that the deal was complete.
"I would say Coco is a good player and we're always interested in getting good players," said Arbuckle, who recently joined the Royals after working in the front office of the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies.
Arbuckle politely declined a request from the hosts to evaluate Crisp as a player, saying, "Well, at this point, he's still under control of another organization. I wouldn't want to get into a tampering charge."
The deal was first reported by Brian McRae, a former Royals outfielder who is a part owner of the radio station.
If the deal does come to fruition, Ramirez is an interesting acquisition for the Red Sox -- his arrival would suggest that the ball club is considering using Justin Masterson as a starter.
Reports on the Ramirez say he throws in the low 90s, with an outstanding curveball and a good splitter, but lacks a changeup. He's coming off a very good 2008 season, having posted a 2.64 ERA in 71.2 innings this year while striking out 70. He allowed just two home runs.
Crisp, 29, batted .283 with seven homers, 41 RBIs and 20 stolen bases in 361 at-bats last season, his third in Boston. He started 98 games in center field while sharing the job with rookie Jacoby Ellsbury.
Trading Crisp would clear some payroll for the Red Sox -- he will earn $5.7 million in 2009, with a club option for 2010 for $8 million or a $500,000 buyout.
We're attempting to confirm this report, so be sure to check back for updates throughout the day."

Peter here...nothing official yet, but my thanks go out to the Globe. I'll be back. HMM, someone said that before...

More Pedroia...

I awoke this frigid Wednesday morning eager to open up the sports section and devour all of the MVP news...but it hasn't arrived yet. But the glow of the MVP award is still lighting Red Sox Nation, especially my little corner of it. The man himself, Dustin "Pedey" Pedroia, had this to say followed by a few syllables from the Boston skipper, Terry Francona...

"I'm not the biggest guy in the world. I don't have that many tools," he said. "If you saw me walking down the street, you wouldn't think I'm a baseball player."

"He's such a good player," Red Sox manager Terry Francona said. "When the game's on the line, he's a better player. I thought his whole game got better. I think he got more dangerous at the plate," Francona said. "He never gives away an at-bat."

Well said, Tito. Pedey joins the past Fenway MVPs Tris Seaker, Jimmie Foxx, Ted Williams (twice), Jackie Jenson, Carl Yastrzemski, Fred Lynn, Jim Rice, Roger Clemens and Mo Vaughn. Great company indeed. On another note, it seems that it happens every year when the writers are called upon to evaluate the players and list their MVP picks...and it happened again. One voter left Pedey off his ballot completely. Nada. He is none other than Evan Grant, who covers the Texas Rangers for the Dallas Morning News. Hey Evan, WAKE UP AND GO TO SLEEP! Here's what he sheepishly said after his monumental screwup. Oh, by the way, he had YOUK as his number one pick, so he's not ALL comments will be bracketed in caps.

“Where I may have [MAY HAVE?] screwed up,” said Grant, “is that I obviously didn’t give enough value [OR THOUGHT] to how much Dustin moved around and how timely some of his hits were. While I gave an awful lot of credit to Kevin Youkilis, I should have balanced that out more with credit to Pedroia [DUH!]. All the numbers I was looking at said, to me, that Youkilis picked up the slack when the injuries to Mike Lowell and David Ortiz hit, and I didn’t put enough value into what Pedroia did by moving around the lineup. Based on the votes of all my other colleagues, I misinterpreted how valuable Dustin Pedroia was [YOU SURE DID, DUMMY!]. If my statistical analysis was wrong [IT WAS], I am happy to see it didn’t prevent him from winning the award that my colleagues thought he deserved.”

Peter here, and yes Evan, I'm very happy your voting idiocy was monumentally unimportant. If it had been a closer race and Pedey lost by a handful of votes, your name would be mud in all parts of Red Sox Nation and Red Sox International. With a bounty on your head! But all's well that ends well, and this one truly did. Last year...rookie of the year. This year..the AL MVP. What's next, Pedey? I think I know the answer, so here goes. Continued excellence on the field and a "never give up at all costs" attitude at the plate. We love you, Pedey. We really would be lost without you.

Have a great Hump Day Wednesday as the air here in the northeast is a consistantly wind-driven COLD one. But such is life in mid to late November in this unpredictable northeastern part of our nation. Click on the title of this post for all of the MVP news and as always, BE WELL...forever, or can do it!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


From the Boston Globe, with my thanks...

AL Most Valuable Player: Dustin Pedroia

"Dustin Pedroia has collected his share of trophies and accolades this offseason, and this afternoon, the Red Sox' little second baseman claimed the biggest individual honor of all.
Pedroia was named the American League Most Valuable Player today, becoming the first Red Sox player to win the award since Mo Vaughn in 1995. He is the first Red Sox second baseman ever to win the award.
Minnesota's Justin Morneau was second, and Pedroia's teammate, Kevin Youkilis, finished third.
Pedroia, who won his first Gold Glove award earlier this offseason and also was chosen as the Silver Slugger award winner at second base, emerged as a franchise cornerstone and a true offensive force in his second full major league season.
The 2007 AL Rookie of the Year batted .326 with 17 home runs and 83 RBIs while establishing single-season franchise records by a second baseman for runs, hits, doubles, batting average, total bases, and extra-base hits.
The 25-year-old led the majors with 54 doubles, tied Seattle's Ichiro Suzuki for first with 213 hits, and ranked second with 118 runs and 61 multi-hit games, both AL highs. He also stole 20 bases in 21 attempts.
The argument can be made that it was one of the best seasons by a player at his position in recent history. Pedroia is the third major league second baseman ever to tally 100 runs, 200 hits, 50 doubles, and 20 steals in a season, joining the Yankees' Alfonso Soriano (2002) and the Astros' Craig Biggio (1998).
After a slow start -- he was batting .260 on June 13 -- the fiery Pedroia was consistently outstanding through the rest of the summer, but his MVP candidacy gained momentum during a late-season stretch when he seemed to singlehandedly carry the Sox.
During a five-game period when Youkilis was briefly sidelined, Pedroia batted cleanup and hit .667 (12 for 18) with four doubles, two home runs, seven RBIs, and six runs scored. He batted .345 with an OPS of .949 in the second half, and in August and September, he batted a combined .353 with a .995 OPS.
Gold Glove awards aren't always the best indicator of good defensive play, but Pedroia truly did have an outstanding year with the glove. He made just six errors at second base, the same number of miscues he committed during his rookie season.
He finished second to Oakland's Mark Ellis in fielding percentage for AL players with at least 100 games at the position. His .992 was barely eclipsed by Ellis's .993, and it stands as the third-best percentage ever by a Red Sox second baseman, behind Mark Loretta (.994 in 2006) and Bobby Doerr (.993 in 1948).
Meanwhile, Youkilis finished sixth in the AL in batting (.312), sixth in on-base percentage (.390), third in slugging (.569), and fourth in OPS (.958). He ranked fourth in the league in RBIs (115) and fourth in extra-base hits (76), leading the Red Sox in both home runs (29) and RBIs"

WOW ! This is SUCH great news. Congrats, Pedey. This was the BEST news I wanted to hear!!

Pujols NL MVP...AL Winner To Be Announced Today...Youk or Pedey??

At 2pm EST today the American League MVP award winner will be announced. There are two Red Sox players firmly in the mix. Kevin Youkilis or Dustin "Pedey" Pedroia have a legitimate chance of taking the honor. Face it, they both deserve it. There was only one player in all of major league baseball who had at least 175 hits, 75 runs scored, 75 RBIs, 15 home runs and 20 stolen bases. Who was it? I'll give you a hint...he plays second base and stands five feet seven inches tall. He led the league in hits, doubles, runs and multi-hit games and finished second with a .326 batting average. By now you know the's our very own Pedey Pedroia. But he has company. Kevin Youkilis, Justin Morneau, Angels closer Francisco Rodriguez and White Sox outfielder Carlos Quentin are all on that short list of candidates (thank you Hartford Courant for the stats). Boston skipper Terry Francona had this to say yesterday...

"It's a great debate and it's part of what makes the baseball season so much fun," said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. "But I don't need to be in that debate. What I need to do is back both of them. I wish they could split it."

Peter here, and it would take a tie for the MVP award to be split, and frankly, that ain't gonna happen. I'm pulling for Pedey but we ALL know how valuable Kevin Youkilis has been and will be to our team from Massachusetts. The Sox had better lock him up to a long term deal...if anyone deserves it, HE DOES.

The National League MVP went to the Cardinals Albert Pujols, who outdistanced the Phillies Ryan Howard. It was Pujol's second MVP award. Slugger/bigtime moaner Manny Ramirez finished fourth in the voting.

That's it for now. GOOD LUCK PEDEY AND YOUK. We love ya both. I'll be back when the results are in, but for me, Pedey is the most deserving player on the list. Have a great Tuesday, title click for more on everything Sox and as always, BE WELL.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Red Sox Were Ready To Suspend Manny Ramirez

Good morning once again, this time on a Monday. I came across a small article in the Monday Boston Globe that confirmed all of our suspicions about one Manny Ramirez. Read this and then I'll be back with a few somethings to say about the slugging free agent leftfielder...

"Several baseball sources told ESPN's Pedro Gomez today that Red Sox management delivered an official letter of suspension to Manny Ramirez at 11 p.m. on Fri., July 25, shortly after Ramirez sat out his second straight game with the club. The letter informed the slugger that the suspension was to go into effect on Sat., July 26, and stated the reason for the suspension was Ramirez's unwillingness to play, according to the report. Ramirez cited a knee injury as his reason for missing the two games, but MRIs on both of his knees failed to find physical damage."

Peter here. When Manny took some "time off' from the team a couple Septembers ago, I had the nerve to say he was dogging it, that he "quit" on his team. Many other bloggers, one in particular who shall remain nameless (his blog has ceased, anyways) actually was convinced that I had something against Manny, one of his reasons being that the best hitter ever to play for Boston would never do such a thing. Well, the yokes on you. I was right all along. Manny, when he faked his knee injury(s) before a crucial series, was undone by MRIs on BOTH knees. MRIs tell alI...I know from personal experience. If Manny thought he could put one over on his team, he was sadly mistaken. Foolishly mistaken. STUPIDLY mistaken. He showed his true colors, and they weren't Red Sox red, that's for sure. Good luck goes out to any team that spends the big bucks for him this offseason. They'll need it when (not if) he starts to pout.

It seems that the path to landing free agent Mark Teixeira is a little less cluttered for Boston. The Yankees have made a mammoth offer for the services of CC Sabathia and will be offering Derek Lowe and AJ Burnett, all pitchers, more big Steinbrenner bucks. They've signed first baseman/outfielder Nick Swisher, so it appears that even though they have openings in the outfield, from now on pitching will be their main focus. It is said that Teixeira wants to go to a constant contender. I couldn't think of a better such contender than the Red Sox. Of course, as I've said in past posts, that will cause Tito Francona to move Youk over to third, where he's quite proficient, and force the club to jettison Mikey Lowell, who many teams will be interested in. With good reason. I doubt there are few, if any, teams that could match the offer the Sox will be giving Teixeira and his agent, Scott Boras(s), so Boston's path to Tex is that much more of a smooth and level one. But it's early...anything can and usually does happen.

Well, that's another snippet of the developing free agent sweepstakes. More to come, here and when you title click. Thanks for stopping in and your comments, few as they have been, are always welcome. Do you think the Red Sox should acquire Mark Teixeira? I think it's a no-brainer. His bat in the lineup will make up for the lost Manny numbers but not the missing "Manny being Manny" mayhem and foolishness. That's something we can all do without. FOREVER. As always, BE WELL.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Totally 'TEK

Hello and good Sunday morning. The unseasonably warm air (near 70 degrees Saturday) is being replaced by cold, fresh air from Canada here in the northeast. I like it on the cooler side...a month and a half from now I'll be sorry I typed that! I came across a small blurb that was in the Boston Herald and I wanted to share it with you. It concerns team captain Jason Varitek. Among other things, it referred to the fact that agent Scott Boras(s) was NOT looking for a mega-bucks four year deal for 'Tek...2 years at $10 million per year might just do the trick. It also said this...

"Despite what Scott Boras says, Jason Varitek badly wants to stay in Boston. Mound men Jonathan Papelbon, Justin Masterson and Jon Lester told fans at a recent meet-and-greet that they don’t think the free-agent captain is going anywhere. The hurlers added that, if they had their way, Jason would stay right behind the Fenway homeplate."

Peter here. Boy, are those nice words, and who would know better than three Boston hurlers? If 'Tek has a choice of taking a little less money to stay in Boston and he really wants to come back (I believe he does bigtime), he just might stay. His last contract was a four year $40 million dollar one, and that $10 million per year might stay the same but will not increase. That's a nice paycheck for a guy who plays his heart out game after game, day after day. I hope the club does the right thing.

I also read that the pinstriped ones acquired first baseman/outfielder Nick Swisher as a backup should their quest to land the much prized Mark Teixeira fails. If Teixeira goes elsewhere (Boston?), Swisher would man first base for that team from the Bronx and they would then turn their attention to buying the services of a certain right handed leftfielder who goes by the name of (GULP!!) Manny. I'm sure you've heard of him at one time or another. If Sir Manny does enter into the wild kingdom of pinstripes, his name and history in Boston will boil down to one word...TRAITOR. Manny, if you can hear me, DON'T DO IT! There will be a handful of teams bidding for your popping hot bat in BOTH leagues. Stay away from New York, at least the American League team with the brand new stadium. You want to go to the Mets? More power to you. Have fun!

I hope every one of you has a great Sunday, whether it be a football day or an NCAA basketball day. The number one rated team in the nation, the University of Connecticut women's basketball team, plays their first regular season game today. The UCONN women's team is an incredible one and they will make it to the Final Four, if not win it all. Some of you might say "girls basketball...who cares!" With all due respect, you are sadly mistaken. Title click for the Globe's Red Sox site, and as always, BE WELL. GO HUSKIES!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Huge Yankee Money On The Table For CC Sabathia...A Heartwarming Fenway Park Story (It Brought Tears To My Eyes)

Well, it looks like the Yankees are up to their old "Georgelike" tricks, courtesy of son Hankie. It seems that yesterday, the first day that teams could negotiate with free agents, they've offered pitcher CC Sabathia an obscene amount of money, a sum that they're fairly certain no team will come close to matching. That amount is said to be IN EXCESS of $140 million dollars!! Same old, same old Steinbrenner style, I guess. They also are said to be on the hunt for Derek Lowe and AJ Burnett. What happened to all their so-called "young pitching phenoms?" The mayhem is yet to come and you can be sure the Red Sox will be in the thick of the Teixeira battle. I hope Boston gets him...I already know how to spell his last name.

And now, a story that I found heartwarming. I read it in Saturday morning's Boston Herald, and with their permission, here it is. I know you'll love it.


"She called from her home in Arizona because, a month after experiencing a moment “that happens only in the movies,” Linda Ballard still frets that her thanks weren’t fully expressed. So, Anthony, this one’s for you.
Ballard, 48, had flown here with her husband, Jim, 55, planning to leave the next day for Maine, where they were going to run a marathon in Bar Harbor.
Her spirits were low. Jim had just lost his job, and her best friend and running partner was undergoing chemotherapy. But they decided to come anyway, and since they always loved the Red Sox, they decided to swing by the park, “just to be a part of the excitement.”
It was Game 5 of the American League Championship Series.
“People were selling tickets on the street,” she said, “but there was no way we could have afforded them; we would have had to re-finance our house. So we took pictures of the Citgo sign and the Green Monster, then watched as the players began arriving.
“That was kind of fun. They all had suitcases, just in case they won that night and had to fly back to Florida. Do you know they all have the same kind of suitcase?”
Jim needed to find a restroom.
“So he went over to McDonald’s,” Linda recalled. “That’s when this guy walked up and wondered why I didn’t go inside to take my pictures. When I told him we couldn’t afford to get in, he asked, ‘Do you believe in miracles?’
“He said he had two tickets, but that he had just been called back to work. He didn’t want any money for them; he just wanted to give them to someone who’d really appreciate them.
“As Jim’s coming back he sees me crying and hugging this man, who then disappears. He asks, ‘What’s going on?’ So I held out my hand with the tickets and said, ‘Look at these!’ ”
The game they attended was historic as the Sox overcame a 7-0 deficit in the seventh to beat Tampa Bay, 8-7, escaping elimination.
“We sat there pinching ourselves, forgetting all of our problems, at least for nine innings,” she said. “I can remember every pitch, and yet I can’t remember what I said when he handed me those tickets; I was in such shock that I don’t know if I ever explained what they really meant to us.
“His name was Anthony and he was tall. That’s all I remember.
“So if he reads this, I’d like him to know that he didn’t just make our day; he touched our lives and we will never forget him.”

Hi, Peter back again. Wasn't that a great story? I loved it and don't think I'll soon forget it. Thanks, Anthony, I hope you read this in the paper. Anyways, have a great Saturday and a wonderful weekend, my Constant Readers. And as always, BE WELL. Title click for the Sabathia story.

Friday, November 14, 2008

2008 AL Cy Young & Silver Slugger Award Winners...A Varitek Opinion

Cliff Lee has been named the AL Cy Young award winner for 2008. Daisuke Matsuzaka finished a respectable fourth, but boy, did he get a ton of run support during the season. The AL Silver Slugger Award winners were also announced. This particular award goes to the best hitter at each position. Boston's Dustin "Pedey" Pedroia won at second base and two Yankees reigned over the other left side infielders, with AROD and Jeter bringing home the honors. Congratulations, Pedey. You had quite the season with hopefully many more to come in Boston.

The Boston Globe's Chad Finn wrote a scathing piece on Jason Varitek. I have the last couple paragraphs of it right here and I'll link the post title to it also. Here you go...

"Still, I’m simply dumbfounded that they’d (agent Scott Boras & Varitek) even suggest that the starting point is four years and $52 million, at least not without a laugh track. It’s those ridiculous salary demands — coupled with the I’m-a-team-guy-so-I’m-not-going-to-complain-even-though-I’m-complaining incredulity he showed when Terry Francona had the nerve to pinch hit for him in the postseason — that has me convinced of this: No one believes in the value of Jason Varitek’s intangibles more than Jason Varitek.
Then again, that’s all he has left. His bat speed is gone for good, and so are most of the primary skills that made him such a valuable part of so many outstanding Sox teams.
It’s okay to admit it. It happens to all of them. Yes, Virginia, even to stoic and heroic captains who run out every predictable 4-6-3 grounder, all the way to the bank."

Peter here...that's the first time I heard Boras(s) was looking for a four year deal. But at $13 million per year? Who's joking whom here? My goodness, I love Jason as much as can be but he has proven since the 2007 All Star game onward through the entire 2008 season that he rarely catches up to major league pitches. Not any more. My solution? Sign him to a two year deal for way less than $13 million per year and get a capable catcher who can hit and field to catch half the games. 'Tek's off the field expertise would still be there for the Sox pitcher of the day and he could even call the pitches from the bench to the catcher, if needed. $52 million for 4 years of 'Tek is simply too much. Period. Boras(s) has balls, I guess. But we all knew that anyways.

Title click to read Finn's entire piece, titled GREED IS GOD. It's a thought provoking one for sure, and as always, BE WELL. I'm hanging in can too! My thanks go out to commenter supreme BFW for wishing me well with my healing endeavor. Thank you, BoSox Fan In Wichita. You're the best! The free agent frenzy begins today. I'll be right here for any breaking news.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Joe Maddon Is King Of The AL Hill

The voting results for the American League manager of the year award have been released and Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon has won it with 27 of 28 votes, one short of unanimous. I guess there's always one idiot out there. He said this when informed of the honor...

“To me, it means we did a pretty good job, obviously,” said Maddon, who spoke to reporters via a teleconference from Rome, where he is on his honeymoon. “To accomplish all that we did this year, for me, personally, this caps it all off. But none would be possible without the group of players we have. As far as I’m concerned, the award is a wonderful thing. But believe me, it’s not going to change me. I know that I have to continue to get better. But it’s an indication that we had a really good season.”

Peter here, and the right guy won. Last place to the World Series is quite the accomplishment. Boston Red Sox skipper Terry "Tito" Francona finished fourth in the voting but he's number one in our hearts. He's done just about everything, and done it well.

Click on the title of this post for more on everything Boston sports and as always, BE WELL.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good Comments Deserve A Post...

These are two Wednesday comments and my response. Great questions...

"Its a new day" said...
Shoring up the pen is an every-year event.
Sabathia may or may not end up in pinstripes. If he's interested in a WS title, he'll go elsewhere, because I can't see the Yankees being really competitive for a couple more years.
Teixeira would be a great pickup, but where do you play him?
11/12/2008 8:54 AM

"Bosox Fan in Wichita" said...
When people say the Sox need to add a "30 home run guy", do they mean in addition to Jason Bay?
If you're saying Lowell and Tek should be jettisoned, that happening will be a sad event. What young pitcher do you give up for a Ranger catcher?
No surgery, that's good, I think. What's the alternative?
11/12/2008 11:30 AM

Peter N said...
I can answer both your questions. Mark Teixeira is a perfect fit...great power from both sides of the plate and a gold glove defense. He will be THE CATCH in the 2008 free agent market, and the Sox need him. Badly. He will play first, Youk will move over to the other side of the diamond, and sadly, Mike Lowell will be made available in the trade talks to come. That's what's best for the team. Landing Tex will not be inexpensive, but he is someone you open multiple wallets for (except mine). That's the way it will happen, unless the Yanks break their bank accounts. Getting Sabathia will not be cheap by any means, and it seems they will lean his way. Good...the better for Boston. For us.

BFW, I never said to rid us of 'Tek...he should be resigned to a 2 year deal...with another catcher to help him with the catching load. He will STILL be in the clubhouse to go over the opposing pitchers likes and dislikes with the Sox pitcher of the day...that is his forte. His genius. The Sox need his knowlege.

The alternative to surgery, BFW, and thank you SO much for asking, sucks, but I'll get through this part of my life. Physical therapy exercise every day will slooowwwwlllly help me. I'm not a happy person right now, but I'll make it!
Thanks, guys. You're the best!!!!
11/12/2008 3:34 PM

I put this in a post because I wanted to...great questions, great friends. BE WELL.

Wednesday Words...

Big Papi David Ortiz, while promoting his golf tournament in the Dominican Republic, told reporters that his wrist is feeling much better. That's good news for every Boston Red Sox fan. He also stressed that the Sox need to add a "30 home run guy." Do you think he was alluding to Mark Teixeira? I do. He's such an ideal fit for this team, it's scary. Papi also mentioned that the Yankees will upgrade their underacheiving team in any way possible, regardless of the cost. A bidding war on multiple fronts is very possible starting Friday, November 14th, the first day free agents can be signed. I hope the Sox pull out all the stops and sign Teixeira to a long term deal. He's young (29 in April), he's a gifted switch hitter and a gold glove first baseman. Need I say more? Thought so.

Meanwhile, in the big bad Bronx, there are founded rumors that the pinstriped Yankees will pursue CC Sabathia to the ends of the earth. They are still waiting for Moose Mussina's retirement decision, but either way, they want to see Sabathia in a Yankee uniform. Who can blame 'em? Let them spend tens of millions on the portly pitcher, I'll take the 30 home run guy. Boston will also add a starter, a catcher and shore up the 'pen...they have to. Case closed...get the logs out and let the fun begin.

That's it from me...for now. Have a great Hump Day Wednesday, title click for more Boston Red Sox comings and goings and as always, BE WELL. I'll let you know what the doctor said about my left shoulder in my next post. Hint: "Massive" (his word) rotator cuff and tendon tear injury, non-repairable by surgery. I guess I spilled the beans, didn't I? No matter what, I'll be here every day...for you.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Farrell Staying...Lester Wins Hutch Award

Boston Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell, who has melded the Red Sox pitching staff into a cohesive and potent unit over the past five years, is NOT going to Seattle. Here is his Monday evening press release...

“I have withdrawn my name for consideration by the Seattle Mariners as they search for a new manager," Farrell said in the statement. I wish them well as they move forward. My decision is based on family reasons and being committed to the Red Sox Organization. The working relationship shared with Theo and Tito and the resources provided by John Henry, Tom Werner, and Larry Lucchino create a situation that is both challenging and rewarding.”

Peter here, and well said, John. We need you right here, right now, and the loyalty you've shown the Red Sox is admirable indeed.

John Lester has been named recipient of the 2008 Hutch Award, "given annually to the player who best exemplifies honor, courage and dedication on and off the field." Jon went 16-6 last year with a sparkling 3.21 ERA. He has battled cancer successfully, and that's most important. Hey John, congratulations! I wish you good health for a long, long time to come. Everything else will fall into place all by itself. You're a good person, and every one of us is richer for having you in our lives.

You can click on this post's title for more on the Farrell news. Thanks for popping in once again and your comments are always welcome and always answered. I leave you with this...BE WELL, everyone. Be well.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Teixeira Tease...A BIG One...

The Boston Red Sox will try their darndest to buy the services of gold glove first baseman Mark Teixeira via the free agent route. They, the Yankees and the Angels are alike in their thinking and the ensuing bidding war can and will reach stratospheric levels. And why not? Teixeira is a solid gold glove caliber first baseman who can and will hit from both sides of the plate for average and for power. He will not be 29 years old until April, 2009, so he'll be in his prime for the next few years. If he is added to the middle of the Sox lineup (batting cleanup behind Big Papi and in front of Youk?), Boston will have their Manny-less power potency back once again. There is a hitch, however. Teixeira's agent, the one and lonely (but rich) Scott Boras, will be looking for a long term deal in the $22-$25 million dollar range...per year, of course. So a five year deal could conceivably have a net worth of more than $130,000,000.00. Believe it or not, the Sox have the bucks and they remain a welcome destination to be for players who haven't yet worn a world championship ring. If Boston is successful, Youk would be our everyday third baseman and Mike Lowell will become dispensable. That's sad, but there's no other way around it. Here's what Scott Boras said about one of his two big money clients...

"There are very few players in sports who offer a team a franchise face, the completeness of offense, defense, and of being a good teammate - and we have, for the first time, an idea of his ability in postseason play," said agent Scott Boras, who represents Teixeira. "You're talking really about a franchise player."

Peter here, and yeah, I know what you're thinking...once a salesman, ALWAYS a salesman, but Boras is (gulp!) good at what he does. In this case, what he said was exactly true. Mark Teixeira is a bona fide team-turning spark plug. Adding him to the Red Sox mix would make for many interesting pennant-contending years to come. And isn't that what Theo Epstein, John Henry, Tom Werner and Larry Lucchino want? The answer, of course, is a resounding and gut thumping Tarzan-like YES!

I hope your weekend was wild and wonderful. Wait a second, how about just wonderful? Mine was OK. I have that doctor appointment for my left upper arm tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7:30am EST. I'll know SO much more after that, good or bad, bothersome or..or....or I don't know. I hope your Monday will be a good one, click on the title for more about the Sox in another slim baseball news day, and as always, BE WELL.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Next On The Agenda...The Winter Meetings

Hello and good morning, my friends. With nary a whisper, the GM meetings in Dana Point, California have ended. All quiet on the western front, I guess. Next up are the annual winter meetings, scheduled to be held in Las Vegas the second week of December. The earliest any team can sign an available free agent other than their own is this coming Thursday, so the pieces will be in place and the chips will be ready to fall where they may. The biggest free agent names are Mark Teixeira and Manny Ramirez, who the Dodgers should gobble up well before Thanksgiving Day. Boston is in a similiar position, needing to land a switch hitting power hitter who goes by the name of Mark. Do not be mistaken...they will pull out all the stops to get him, move Youk over to third and jettison the bloated salary of Julio Lugo and, by necessity, trade Mike Lowell, Boston hero or not. It's a chess move, NOT a popularity contest. Sad, but too true.

That's it for me on this dark and damp Sunday morning...the early newspapers aren't even here yet! That means it's OFFICIALLY early! You can click on the title of this post for something or other...I'm not sure yet. I recorded my alltime low in blog hits yesterday with a lucky (NOT) 13, so I'm keeping this post short. As always, BE WELL.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Big Mo Vaughn Goes Into The Red Sox Hall Of Fame...Deservedly...SPACEMAN, GATOR,Too!

First baseman deluxe Mo Vaughn will be inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame at the ceremonial Hall of Fame dinner at the Marriott Copley Square. It's quite an honor and he deserves it immensely. Do you remember the power numbers he put up
in the 90s? If not, I'll remind you...he hit .300 or better his last five years with the Red Sox. In his last three seasons, his on-base percentages were .420 (1996), .420 (1997) and .402 (1998). He was MVP of the American League in 1995, hitting .300 with 39 home runs and 126 RBI, and then followed it up with a gargantuan 1996: .326 batting average, 44 home runs, 143 RBI. I remember that bashingly tremendous 1996 quite well. His home runs were lauched magestically into the stratosphere on a regular basis, as if fueled by a mini rocket engine, unseen but powerful, and the dents in the Green Monster are still there, pristine, as if they were made yesterday. His best years were spent at the Fens. Here's what he had to say about his Fenway "Glory Days"...

“I knew Fenway Park very well. I knew my way all around that place. I had all my good years there and I was never the same after I left. Yeah, I was on my way,” he said, referring to Cooperstown. “But you look back and you wonder why things happened and how things happened and what could have been, but I’m doing good in my life and doing things the way I would like to do them, and you move on. "He paused and then said, “But I was putting together some pretty good years there.”

Peter here, and "pretty good' just doesn't describe the way he could change the pace and outcome of a baseball game with one flick of his wrist. After his MVP year in '95 and his off the wall amazing '96, his weight started to catch up with him, decreasing his mobility in the field and on the basepaths. He left Boston and followed the money trail to California, Angels land. But he was never the same after that 1996 superhuman season. Muscle problems of one kind or another eventually snuffed out the rest of his baseball career, but we'll all remember his infectious smile, his clubhouse demeanor, and, most important of all, his generous charitable work, a cause that was, and probably still is, close to his big heart. I loved the man. Good luck to you in life, Maurice. Live long and prosper. You made so many of us SO happy, and for that, every one of us thanks you.

Don't forget that "the Spaceman," lefty Bill Lee, will also be inducted this weekend. I remember seeing him in game #2 of the 1975 World Series, in person, a game in which the Sox could have put a stranglehold on the mighty Big Red Machine. But, as I remember it, rain delayed the game in the seventh inning with Boston holding a slim lead. After the rain delay, it was all Reds, and Cincy managed to limp home with a 1-1 series tie. The rest is games and out, just like 1967. SO PROUD, but out. Also inducted was Boston leftfielder Mike "Gator" Greenwell. He provided many great baseball moments for all of us with his clutch hitting and stellar defense.

Thanks for stopping in on this early Saturday morning. I wish you the best of all weekends. The weather here in the northeast has been unseasonably warm for the last ten days or so, but a cold front that will be coming through later today should SLOWLY bring the temperatures back to normal levels. The key word is slowly. Right now as I type this, it's 57.4 degrees F. at 5:06am EST...warm and toasty, I guess, with a touch of humidity. I know one thing for certain...we've ALL been saving money on heat. Mother Nature is Mother Nature, however, fickle with a great memory. It'll all even out by the end of the winter, so sometime in late December, January or February, we'll pay for this blissful interlude with blasts of ice cold Canadian air. Hey, I love the snow...I love watching the white flakes pile up as I'm sitting in my living room, fireplace roaring while the snow piles up over the living room sliding glass door. Those warm and cozy inside days are coming...soon. And I can't wait!

Click on the title of this post, if you wish, for more on Mo and the Sox themselves. There is no big breaking Sox news, but I'm sure we'll have a boatload of exactly that later in this postseason. If you want to share any of your Mo memories, please leave a comment. I'll get back to you...that's a promise. As always, BE WELL.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Pedroia Goldenly Gloved

Dustin Pedroia has won the 2008 Gold Glove Award for his defensive excellence at second base, his first (but not last). He commited six errors in 733 total chances and only one little measly error in his LAST 91 GAMES. He said this after being informed of the honor...

“Personal goals are not big into my mind - I definitely would rather have the feeling after ’07 than after ’08,” said Pedroia yesterday on a conference call after he was named to the AL Gold Glove team. “The biggest thing for me right now is focusing on ’09, getting my body back together and getting ready for next season.”

Peter here...when Pedey was informed that the Tampa Bay Rays' first baseman Carlos Pena had won the same award for first base defensive skills, he said this about his beloved teammate, our Youk...

“I was a little upset about that,” said Pedroia. “I saw that. Youk makes my job a thousand times easier. He goes to his right so well. I can kind of move over, we work so well together. He definitely deserves it.”

Gracious and well said, Pedey. Will the MVP award be soon to follow? That's just another reason to stay tuned, same Sox time, same Sox channel. Seriously, congratulations go to out to Dustin Pedroia. He worked hard all season long, through thick and thin, wins and losses, and you know what? HE MADE US ALL SO PROUD.

The GM meetings are silently and quietly over. No earth shattering bombshells were dropped on us baseball lovers, not yet, but the off season and it's hot stove drama will be in full swing sooner than we think. Have a great Friday as we slide into yet another weekend. You can click on the title of this post for more details of Pedey's well deserved award, and as always, BE WELL. Forever.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Michael Crichton, 66, passed away after a secret and private war with cancer. Too young, too soon. He's done SO much...he wrote Jarraisic Park, was a co-creator of the long running NBC show ER, and so much more. He has blessed me with hundreds of hours of thrills and emotions. Michael, rest in peace. You will be missed.
You can click on this post's title to be linked to the entire NY Times obituary article. Read'll be amazed.


Super agent, and I use that term loosely, Scott Boras has been tooting the horn of Red Sox team captain Jason Varitek. He likens his value to that of Jorge Posada and his four year $52.4 million dollar deal with the pinstriped ones. This is what he had to say on the subject...

"It is probably representative age-wise and it's also representative of what a player on a winning team - for very different reasons, obviously - can do," Boras said. "You aren't going to have many catchers with those performance levels - a 60 percent winning percentage on a franchise which has won two championships, caught four no-hitters. I can go on and on.
The idea of it is there aren't many players in the marketplace who lead a team like Jason Varitek can, and that's got to be his value. Teams offer contracts, I don't," said Boras. "I'm at the will of what teams choose to do."

Peter here...there is no doubt that Jason Varitek leads his team, OUR team, through hard work, tough research on the opposing team's batters and the educative information and game calling he gives his each day pitcher. A Boston Red Sox team without Jason Varitek would seem alien to me, naked in its vulnerability. But I know that Boston will not give him a four year team would. But he's our "quarterback." He leads the team and controls the pitch selection like no one else can. We hope for the best. To me, the "best" would be a modest two year offer, or a less modest one year offer...if he catches two games out of every five, his invaluable expertise will still be available to the Boston pitching staff...EVERY DAY, from the dugout and in the clubhouse. To have 'Tek THERE is so important to the pitchers on the team. That's ideal.

In other GM meetings news, the interest in Coco Crisp, who batted .315 after the ALL STAR break (that's amazing!), has never been higher. He's never been more "in demand." The story isn't the same for Julio Lugo, he of the bloated contract and the injury muddled and muddied 2008 season. But those two names have been linked as the first two players the Sox might jettison. Again, time will tell. Will Mike Lowell have to go? The answer is this...only if Mark Teixeira or Nick Swisher is acquired. The up-in-the-air questions are numerous. The answers are still invisible, just out of reach.

As always, BE WELL. Click on the title for more on the GM meetings on the left coast, namely Dana Point, California. Thanks for stopping in once again, my Constant Readers. I'd love to hear your opinions...should Coco (don't know!) and/or Lugo (bye bye birdie!) be playing somewhere else in 2009? We shall see. Eventually. As Jimi said in 1967...

Castles made of sand
Slip in to the sea...

Hey, you know what? We ALL do. I'll see you soon.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Congratulations Mr. President-Elect Barack Obama, Our 44th President To Be

It was an exciting and emotional night for me and the rest of this great country of ours Tuesday night. Barack Hussein Obama trounced his opponent, Senator John McCain, in the electoral college vote count and will take the oath of office in January as the 44th President of the United States. The electoral college numbers were 338 for Obama to 156 for McCain. The popular vote was closer...42,451,312 for the president-elect and 39,722,376 for McCain. McCain fought and scrapped as hard and as long as he could, but the state of the economy and his selection of Governor Palin utterly and completely doomed him.

Now the country must come together as one behind President Obama. And we will. My state, Connecticut, went blue with 60 % of the votes going to the next President, whose road ahead will be a tough one. He will inherit the eight year mess caused by George Bush's inept leadership...he was the worst President in my lifetime. No one else even comes close. History will tell our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren exactly that.

God bless you and your family, Barack. I voted for we know that most of us did the exact same thing. And that's good. Everyone, BE WELL.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Coco Go Go????

Swirling whispered rumors, more felt than heard, like a shark in its natural environment approaching you from behind and below, unseen ungodly dread, are gaining strength...more to follow.

Boston Red Sox Raiding Japan Again? **VOTE!**

The Boston Red Sox, always searching the earth's horizon from west to east for pitching, just might be doing it again, reports from the GM meetings in California seem to say. First, there was Daisuke Matsuzaka and then came Hideki Oklajima. Following in their footsteps might be Junichi Tazawa, who played for a company team in his native homeland. He has never played professional ball. Unlike Daisuke, there will be no "posting process" that Boston will have to go through. Tazawa is free to sign with any major league team without costly compensation. He's 22 years old, a righthander who throws a mid-90s fastball, a split-fingered fastball and an overhand curve. It is rumored that he will be seeking a major league contract. Certainly, his age is a huge positive factor for the Sox. He is also being pursued and coveted by the Cubbies, Braves and Marlins. My thanks to the Boston Herald for much of this information. And other than that, no huge GM meetings news has broken but there's plenty of time.

On a personal note, the MRI results of my shoulder/upper arm brought unsettling news to me. It seems that when I slammed that part of my body against the staircase bannister almost 2 1/2 months ago, I ripped the big muscle. I'm going to see the doctor at 12:45 pm EST...after that, I'll know more. But the "O" word was mentioned...operation. OH BOY, just what I needed. I'll do ANYTHING to prevent that outcome and I'll let you know everything in my next post. To tell you the truth, I'm a little scared.

Today, as you know, is Election Day. Here in dark and lovely Connecticut, the polls open in 45 minutes. That's right, 6am. I'm going to go at 10am, after the early rush. With a voter turnout of at least 90 % expected, I think the entire day might be a rush hour. It's important that you get out there and let your voice be heard. If you want my prediction, I say Obama's electoral college numbers will approach or exceed 300, a mini-blowout. We'll all find out in roughly 12 plus hours. VOTE...PLEASE!!!

Enjoy your Tuesday as America gathers as one to determine who will be the next President of the United States. Hopefully, Governor Sarah Palin, McCain's biggest mistake, will never be one heartbeat away from commander in chief. You can click on the title of this post for all you need to know about voting and how to avoid any mistakes at the polls. Thanks, wish me luck at the doc's, and as always, BE WELL.

Monday, November 03, 2008

VOTE! Monday Red Sox News...Ft. Myers, Florida & Dana Point, California.

Happy Monday to one and all! I hope your weekend was a great one and that you're getting ready to vote starting tomorrow morning. There is Red Sox news on this early November day, and I'll give you a few of my thoughts...any more than a few would be dangerous (kidding). I live with my thoughts every day, but I'm going a little nuts because if a doctor says you must have a cortisone shot, in my case in the shoulder joint on Thursday, ya have it. But he did say, rather non-importantly soundingly, that it might have an effect on my blood sugar levels. I have type one diabetes and keeping my blood sugar levels in the normal range (70-110) is very important to me. Hey, I've been great at it! Making a long story short, my sugar levels, and I take 'em six (!!) times a day with insulin four or five times a day, have reacted differently. They've been higher than normal, and I'm more than a little bummed. I can't wait until that cortisone is OUT of my system...I had the shot this past Thursday...I hope its effects will be gone within the week. For the relief it's given me (NOT MUCH!) compared to the dismay of having to adjust all my insulin levels, I WISH I'D NEVER HAD IT! Enough about that...I needed to get it off my chest and I'll be calling my diabetes doctor as soon as 9 am comes by. Bet on it.

The Boston Red Sox have renewed their lease with the city of Fort Myers, Florida. They and their spring training headquarters will remain there for twenty plus years, and that's just great. Next, it's that time of the fall once again...the GM meetings are coming up really soon in Dana Point, California. There are a few select things the Sox front office must and will address. The first is to talk to Scott Boras regarding the possible value of Jason Varitek. As you know, he has filed for free agency. Boston will also inquire about super sub Alex Cora, who they must retain. Sox free agents who will NOT be invited back are Bartolo Colon, Sean Casey and Mike Timlin (thanks Mikey). Boston will listen to trade offers for Coco Crisp, whose value is higher than it's ever been, and Julio Lugo, who is due to pick up way too much money for 2009. A trade for Mike Lowell will not be necessary if their quest for first baseman power switch hitter Mark Teixeira is fruitless. I think they'll go all out to get him. I hope he'll be manning first base next year and for many years to come. He'd be a power machine in the friendly Fenway confines.

That's a wrap for this very early Monday morning. I'll stay on top of everything one day at a'll read everything I can find right here. Come back...please! You can click on this post's title of more on the Sox. As always, BE WELL, and your comments are always welcome and always answered.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Arizona Fall League Buchholz Report And More About The Red Sox And Election Day

Of the seven Red Sox prospects playing in the Arizona Fall League, Clay Buchholz has garnered the most attention. This analysis is from a veteran baseball scout from another team. Here you go...

“I think he’s gained some of his swagger back. He lost some confidence during the year, but his velocity was back. He was throwing 91-95, and was free and easy. He had a dominant curveball and a plus change. He didn’t need his slider. He looked focused on the mound. It looked to me like his arm slot was the same as it used to be, with a high three-quarters release, which adds to the depth of his breaking ball. This guy has three plus pitches and should be a front-of-the-rotation starter. His ceiling is very high."

Peter here on this next to last day before we all vote, hopefully for Obama. I mean, Palin, one heartbeat away from being commander in chief? Utter foolishness and nonsense not to mention a glimpse into Senator McCain's decision-making process. Remember, he's 72 years old with a history of cancer. Can we afford a winking President of the United States, man OR woman, with the lack of experience that Governor Palin posesses? The answer is a resounding and thumping NO, and when McCain picked her as his running mate, he doomed himself. He's a good man and a hero to his country who no longer "has it." But I went off on a tangent. It's early...I didn't need the extra hour's sleep. With the signing of Wakefield for one more year, the Red Sox rotation consists of Josh Beckett, who I hope can regain his health and his 2007 form, Jon Lester, who was unbelievable in all of 2008 and Daisuke Matsuzaka, who proved last year that plenty of run support with the added Houdini-like ability of putting yourself in a big jam and wriggling out of it can earn you many victories (the most on the team). That's a great four man starting rotation. Add Clay Buchholz and Boston would have five viable starting pitchers. Another one would be nice. We all know can never have enough starting pitching. But the Red Sox will improve not only their pitching but their batting prowess, too. Mark Teixeira looms large on the Fenway horizon. The price will be high but the Boston wallets are endlessley deep. The guy can hit from both sides of the plate with power while fielding a great first base. Youk, of course, would move over to third, Pedey will be Pedey at second and shortstop will be manned by Lowrie or Lugo (I doubt Julio will be with the team but his price tag for other teams is so high, ya never know). Boston MUST retain Alex Cora, our super infield sub. We'll see. But an "new and improved" Clay Buchholz would be a major step in the Red Sox team improvements to come.

Have a great Sunday, don't forget to vote, remember there is an Election Day Monday night SNL special coming up on NBC, and as always, BE WELL. You can click on the title of this post for more Soxiness. Thanks.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Red Sox Latest Comings & Goings...

The Boston Red Sox exercised their four million dollar 2009 option for pitcher Tim Wakefield. Last year his record was 10-11 with an OK ERA of 4.13. He was too much of a low-price, high inning option for Boston NOT to retain for another year. New to file free agency were Curt Schilling, who said he wants to pitch in the last half of the 2009 season, Bartolo Colon, who willingly remained a complete idiot by leaving the club when the prospect of his moving to the bullpen became known (he's always been a complete and utter bum...always will, too), Alex Cora and sadly, very sadly, Jason Varitek. His agent is the famous (and infamous) Scott Boras, and his view of 'Tek's worth and the view of the Sox differ incredibly. We all know how valuable Jason has been to the club, but his season long slump at the plate will hurt his chances of remaining our team captain. Sad, so sad. And the Red Sox will make a strong push to sign switch hitting free agent first baseman Mark Teixeira...believe me, so will the Yankees.

Multiple Yankee officials have said that the pinstripers will make a strong pitch to sign a new leftfielder. His name is Manny Ramirez, and nothing about Manny surprises my any longer. But to go to the hated Yankees borders on the absurd. If it happens, I can hear the boos now, in the offseason! Another former Boston player, Petey Martinez, has also filed for free agency. He will still have success in the big leagues, and that's because he knows how to pitch without having to overwhelm and overpower opposing batters. He will be picked up by someone (NOT Boston) promptly. If he stays healthy throughout the 2009 season, he'll win 15 games with any run suppport at all. Good luck, Petey.

In a personal note, my MRI on Friday morning was loud but tolerable. They gave me earplugs and said it might be a little loud. A LITTLE? It sounded like a 747 flying 10 yards above my head! But I thought of good things, kept my eyes closed and the half hour went by like it was only 29 minutes. My thanks to those of you who wished me luck in the comment section of yesterday's post. I also wanted to personally thank Rooster (Rational Sox Fan) for changing his comment format to "separate page." I was not able to comment on his great blog, which is on my link list, near the top, had he not done that. Thanks, Rooster. Check out his blog, if you haven't yet.

That's a wrap for this Saturday morning. I thank you for popping in, your comments are always welcome, and as always, BE WELL. Click on the title of this post for the Boston Globe's Red Sox homepage. It tells all about Wake and Manny and Cora and Colon and our captain, Jason Varitek. Thanks...have a wonderfully great weekend, too!