Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cleveland Pounds Boston. Ya Can't Win 'Em All

It had to happen. After winning 5 straight, a clunker was inevitable. And guess what? We was clunked! Wednesday night at Fenway Park the Cleveland Indians pounded out 18 hits, a season high given up by the Red Sox, and destroyed Boston by a score of 8-1. Daisuke Matsuzaka was the main culprit, although the bullpen was uncharacteristicly at fault, too. Daisuke's problem was location, location, location, and against a team as good as the Indians, that can't happen without the consequences. And there were consequences, all right. 18 of 'em. Turn the page. Done. And remember this about Daisuke, and this is from the Globe......

"It's important to remember that no matter his price tag or Green Monster-sized hype, Matsuzaka is not like Pedro Martínez, who came to Boston with a Cy Young Award already on his résumé. He is a rookie pitcher feeling his way in the big leagues. His teammates haven't lost sight of that, even if others have.
"It's tough to look at him as a rookie because of who he is and everything, even though he is," said Varitek. "He's gone through adjustments -- new teams, new faces, new lineups, new everything. It's all new, and sometimes you forget that because of all the hype he came in with."

The Yankees come into town for a three-game set starting Friday, and they have one thing and one thing only on their minds-SWEEP. They'll face Wakefield, Schilling and Beckett, so the chances of a sweep are slim to none. Just the way we like it.
Enjoy your Thursday, and click on the title of this post for more on the game. I'll try to find something positive, but that might be tough. But it was just one game, and the Red Sox are strong enough to take on ANY team in baseball!

Oh, my readers.....coming up on Friday morning, there will be part two of my friend Jay T's memories of that magical season 40 years ago. 1967. He has been kind enough to continue his posts of 1967, and his memories of 40 years ago. The second segment of his series of articles (part one is dated Friday May 25th, right here) will be up tomorrow, with more to follow every week, especially after off-days for our Sox. THANK YOU JAY T!! Priceless stuff. The Sox of '67 were "The Cardiac Kids," named as such for their ability to find any of a number of ways to claw back and win so many games. In so many ways! You know the rest, but to hear it from a then 15 year old kid is so great. Right here, first thing tomorrow morning, will be part two of "Memories Of The IMPOSSIBLE DREAM Season. 1967...The Boston Red Sox." By the way, Jay T. is also known as "jayspay." His blog name, origins unknown.
I can't wait. Don't forget to leave any and all comments for Jay. He has grown up, but still remains a Red Sox fan through and through. Just like us! And I'm not really sure how much growing up I've done! I still feel like a teenager, delighting in these 2007 winning ways. There's nothing wrong with that!

So stay tuned for Jay's tomorrow morning post as he takes you back back back to wonderland, that magical, unpredictable year of 1967. The year of Sgt. Pepper, the year of a young team from Boston called the Boston Red Sox. I'll ALWAYS love them! Boston Red Sox Forever!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

MORE Good News. Jon Lester News. The BEST Kind!

This is from Foster's Online, out of Dover NH. And it's about our very own Jon Lester's start yesterday for the Pawtucket Red and smile. I know I did!

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (AP) "Jon Lester pitched five scoreless innings Tuesday night for the Pawtucket Red Sox against the Columbus Clippers and left the game with a 4-0 lead. Lester allowed four hits plus two walks and matched his season high with six strikeouts. He threw 79 pitches, including 50 for strikes.
"Early on I struggled with my mechanics and had to battle through a couple of innings but as the game went on everything got a little tighter and a little better," Lester said.
"We want to get better every start and get the pitch count up," he continued. "This time it just happened to be the curveball that worked well. Next time, it may be the changeup or the fastball."
In his previous start, on May 24 against Syracuse, Lester was prohibited from throwing his cut fastball because Boston's medical staff felt it might have contributed to cramping in his forearm that he suffered on May 2 against Indianapolis.
"I threw two of them tonight and felt fine," Lester said of his cutter. "I'm sure they'll increase the numbers as we go on."
After his latest start, Lester is 0-1 with a 1.24 ERA, seven walks and 19 strikeouts in 21 2/3 innings. He's also allowed only 14 hits."

Peter here, and that news warms my heart. Great job Jon. And we can't wait for you to take your rightful place in the rotation. And when you first step towards Fenway's fabled mound, the earth will shake when all of us, ALL OF US, stand and cheer you. With maybe a few tears, too! The BEST kind of tears...tears of happiness. From our hearts, and souls.

Beckett Is Back! Youkilis Is White Hot! They POWER The Red Sox To A Tuesday Night Win

Seamless....that's what Josh Beckett's return to the Boston Red Sox was Tuesday night. He baffled the Cleveland Indians, using all of his pitches over 7 innings while allowing only 3 hits and 2 runs while striking out 7. And his finger gave him no problem, no problem at all. For more on that, read this, from the Herald.......

"The important thing for Beckett was that after 91 pitches, his blister-prone finger was not an issue at all.
“If you can take anything good out of that seventh inning it’s that my finger didn’t blow up on me,” said Beckett. “The bullpen came in and did a great job. We scored enough runs. It was a good win.”
Beckett went on the disabled list after the cut appeared in his May 13 start. The fact that the Sox were oblivious to the absence of their best starter by going 11-4 speaks volumes about the special roll they are on right now.
“I think we were smart with this thing,” said Beckett. “The medical staff, trainers, everybody was real supportive. They even got some hand specialists and surgeons in there and those guys definitely didn’t go unnoticed in this thing. (Medical director) Dr. (Tom) Gill and those guys, they stopped at nothing to make sure that we nipped this thing in the bud.”

Peter here, and that's the best news the Sox could possibly have received yesterday. Beckett is back and as good as he was before the finger incident, and he is now 8-0. Here's what Eric Wedge, the Indian's skipper, had to say about Josh...

"He looks like a guy who hadn't missed a game," Indians manager Eric Wedge said. "We were hoping to make him work a little harder and maybe get him out of there a little earlier, but he had it all going tonight."

Peter back here. For the Red Sox, EVERYTHING is going right! And there's more.....Kevin Youkilis remains white hot, with a 21 game hitting streak. During the streak he has batted .441 with 13 doubles, 6 homers and 21 RBIs. Quite a stretch (thank you Hartford Courant). Only JD Drew, Coco Crisp and Wily Mo Pena faied to produce base hits. But the 'pen was nearly flawless in closing the game....Lopez and Donnelly in the 8th, and our DARKMAN for the save, another one, his fourth, in the ninth, throwing 23 pitches in a one base on ball 2 strikeout frame. With the day off on Thursday, Paps will be ready tonight if Daisuke needs ANYONE to sign, seal and deliver the sweep. Our Papi will be back tonght, batting third behind Manny. Just where we like him to be.
So these unforgettable 2007 Boston Red Sox move to a record of 36-15, 21 games over .500 with a .706 winning clip. They are truly amazing and have one more to play with the Indians before a day off and a three game set against the Yankees, who again lost last night. They are 14 1/2 (!!) games behind us. Pettitte pitched great, but the Yankee lumber was made of balsam wood. Tonight it will be a healthy Daisuke Matsuzaka, going for win number 8, pitted against the Indian's Byrd. We go for another sweep with one of our best hurlers. 7pm.....Fenway Park, Boston, Mass. United States of America. The hub of the universe, and home of the best team in all of baseball.

Click on this post's title for Steve Buckley's Boston Herald article........recommended reading for Sox fans.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Curt Paints It Black

Curt Schilling was sharp, very sharp. After the disapointment of his last few starts, he has been working hard to fix what ailed him. Evidently he did. This is from the Courant.........

"Schilling, who allowed 12 hits and six runs to the Yankees in his last start, has been working with pitching coach John Farrell on the splitter. The results were extraordinary - he struck out the side in the first and didn't allow a hit until former teammate Trot Nixon singled in the second.
"I was throwing," Schilling said. "I was getting after it a little bit."
Said Pedroia: "He was awesome. He was painting every pitch. It was fun playing behind him."

Peter here, and it was fun WATCHING him pitch, too. A lot of fun. He was backed by a Manny tater and an inside-the-park job by the hot Kevin Youkilis, who extended his hitting streak to 20 games. Can we all agree that with his batting average and his on base numbers that he belongs on the All Star team? To me it's a no-brainer. Pedroia had another multiple hit day, collecting 3.
The bullpen allowed single runs in the 8th and the 9th, and there were some anxious moments before Paps nailed down the save. I still say that Paps is not as sharp as usual because he has not worked on a consistant basis this year, whether being held back by Tito or confronted with a non-save situation. But Monday night he got the job done and the Red Sox won their 4th in a row and 35th out of the first 50. They are playing inspired ball and each night there is a different hero. Said Brendan Donnelly, and this is from the Hub's Herald.....

"At 35-15, the Sox, who have the most wins in franchise history through 50 games, reinforced their claim to the title of the AL’s top team.
“I’ve been on some teams where we have always been talking about needing something else. We need need a starter, we need a hitter, we need something,” said reliever Brendan Donnelly, who got the final out of the eighth inning. “We don’t need anything, and that’s rare. This team is good enough to say that we don’t need anything, and while that’s rare, what’s even more rare is we get along and have fun. It’s a good combination.”

Peter here. The MOST wins in franchise history! Wow! And how about the return of Trot Nixon, OUR number 7. He received multiple standing ovations from all of us, at the game or cheering and crying at home. And before and after the game he AND his wife, always active in charitable pursuits, were emotional, to say the least. How else can I say it but this.....WE LOVE YOU TROT! We all do.

Tonight is another night that we have been waiting for....the return of Josh Beckett. And we all hope he can pick up where he left off as if nothing had happened. For if he does, this 2007 Boston Red Sox team is one scary bunch of ballplayers. Just the way we like it. Paps threw 23 pitches last night, but the Darkman is rested, last pitching in Sunday's win, as is Donnelly, who only pitched three last night. So the 'pen will be ready, locked and loaded after Josh's 7 strong (I hope).
Click on the title of this post for more on Curt Schilling and his newly sharpened splitter. And remember....7pm tonight...Fenway Park. Red Sox only they know how. Ya gotta love it! I know I do. Thanks for being here, and I'd love to read your comments....did you see a newly confident Curt last night? I, for one, noticed that he was "on" from the first inning, hitting his spots, Tek's glove. ALMOST EVERY PITCH. As Jere would say, "Good job, Curt."

Monday, May 28, 2007

A Tragic Loss Of Life.......

From the Globe, and the entire article is here when you click on the title. So so sad......

"Officials in New Orleans found a body in the area where New England Patriot Marquise Hill and a young woman fell while jet skiing yesterday on Lake Pontchartrain, but have not confirmed that the body is Hill's.
"State authorities found a body in the vicinity that the Coast Guard has been searching," said Petty Officer Third Class Tom Atkeson of the US Coast Guard." We still have yet to determine if that is the body of Mr. Hill."
However, Capt. Brian Clark of the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Department told the Associated Press, "The family will have to make positive identification ... but the body we found was that of Mr. Marquise Hill."
The body was found at about 2:26 p.m. today by crews who have been searching for Hill since he was reported missing yesterday evening. Hill, a 24-year-old defensive end and native of New Orleans, was operating jet skis with a young woman on Lake Pontchartrain when they fell into a strong current, said Albert Elias, Hill's agent."

Peter here, and rest in peace Marquise....we hardly knew ye.

Click on this post's title for all that is known.

Stormy Sunday

Why stormy? There was no rain, no thunder or lightning. No delay of game. Here's why. The Boston Red Sox, after falling behind in the 6th inning, stormed back, took the lead and held it to sweep the Texas Rangers out of their own stadium. Mark Teixeira slammed a 3 run 6th inning home run off of Julian Tavarez, who before the 6th was pitching a one-hitter. 3 hits later and the score was 4-3 bad guys. And that's when the heroics began. Coco Crisp, in the 7th, made an impossible "oh my God how did he catch that" grap of a Catalanotto drive to the gap in right center. It saved the inning for a surprisingly effective Joel Piniero. He looked great, his breaking ball unhittable. And the Sox were about to make another patented 2007 comeback, as run scoring singles by JD Drew (2 hits!) and Mikey Lowell put the Sox up 5-4. A Pedroia homer run in the ninth proved decisive, as the Darkman allowed a run in that frame but still collected his 3rd save. SWEEP. And coupled with the Sox sweep was an Angel sweep over the helpless, hapless, bullpen-lacking, yes they ARE that bad New York Yankees. The pinstriped ones are now 12 1/2 games behind the best team in baseball, our team. And let's not forget the 2 base hits by Kevin Youkilis that extended his hitting streak to 19 games. Can anyone say All Star first baseman? If we have to, let's write him in all the way to an All Star Game start. And with a Monday win, we would go 20 games over the .500 mark. Holy ****! Well, I'll leave it at that!
Today begins the series that we have all been waiting for. Trot Nixon and the Cleveland Indians make their first visit to the Hub. Said Curt Schilling, and this is from the Courant.......

"The Red Sox are looking forward to outfielder Trot Nixon's return to Fenway tonight. He played his entire career with Boston before signing with the Indians in the offseason. "I'm anxious to see him get the reception that someone who's spent their whole career here should get," said Curt Schilling, who will start for the Red Sox. "He had a very special place in Boston history. A No. 1 pick, spent his whole life there and didn't want to leave. I'm hoping they do something special for him."

Peter here....well said Curt. We'll all stand as one, whether at the Park or at home with our families and NESN, and salute a true Boston Red Sox hero. And here's one more comment from someone who was instrumental in the Sox Sunday win....Julian Tavarez himself, from the Globe of Boston......

"This series was huge for us," Tavarez said. "We're going back home happy. Dropping two in Yankee Stadium, come in and take three, go home at 4-2. It's been a great road trip for us.
"We just keep on winning, playing ball, and having fun."

Peter here, and Julian, we're having fun too. You see, we're lucky to watch the team we love so much performing so well. Happy Memorial Day everyone, and as I said in my last post, remember the troops, past and present, who have made or are making this country what it is today..........the land of the free, the home of the brave.
Click on the title for more on your Sox. And as always, thank you for reading. And speak up! I love reading and replying to your comments. And I always will. You see, I couldn't do this without you!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

DARKMAN Saves.....Sox Win AGAIN!

And the Yankees lose. There will be a full early-morning wrap-up before 7am. Tavarez, Romero, Piniero and the Darkman....the Sox and their bats come back. AGAIN. A great combination....34-15. GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE!!!!!!!


26-0........that's the record the Boston Red Sox have when scoring 5 runs or more. The first place Boston Red Sox, I should say. Yesterday it was Tim Wakefield's turn to benefit from a patented Red Sox run explosion. This time it happened in the 6th inning, just after a 3 run 5th put the Rangers up 4-2. BOOM! ZAP! Fueled by hits from Youkilis, who is now proud owner of an 18 game hit streak, Manny, who had 4 hits and looked so good at the plate, and Coco Crisp, the Sox struck back. Bigtime. And by the way, when is JD Drew going to start hitting? No one knows, but I hope it's soon. After the outburst it was 7-4 Sox, and the 'pen, in the form of Lopez, Donnelly and a save-earning Papelbon, took over from there. Game over. Go home Rangers. Don't let the door hit ya where the Lord split ya!! The Sox win and move to a staggering 33-15. Here's a little Manny-ness from the Herald. Hark the heralded upcoming hot streak? We all hope so. Read this.....

"In two games of this series against the Rangers, Ramirez is 6-for-8 with a triple, two doubles, three singles and two walks. He has reached in 8-of-10 plate appearances and came within a homer of the cycle last night."

Peter here...those are sweet words and stats. And there was yet even more great news yesterday. Josh "Baseball" Beckett is all set to start against Trot Nixon and his Cleveland Indians on Tuesday. The Indians will be facing our top three pitchers, so it would be extra nice to see Tavarez spin another good one today. The Darkman didn't work yesterday, so he'll be ready to do what he does best whenever he's needed.
So on this eve of Memorial Day 2007 everything is good for the team we love to love. Please say a prayer for all those men and women who are overseas serving their nation. By doing so, they make us proud.
And click on that oh so nice title above for something more on the game. Something Boston Herald-ish. From Tony Massarotti. Enjoy your Sunday, and don't forget this. 3pm baseball coming up. We go for the sweep.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Under The Weather

The Boston Red Sox were literally under the weather last night in Texas. The game was delayed close to two hours by rain, and then winning pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka was forced to leave after 5 innings due to nausea. He was put on IV fluids after his aborted start and is doing fine. And so are the Red Sox. They came back and won this game 10-6 and are showing signs that the minor hitting slump is over and done with. Caput. Finito. Bye bye. So long. Farewell. And that spells trouble for the rest of the league. This, from the Courant, explains how Daisuke "toughed it out" after his early bout of queasiness........

"I felt very good coming out of my warmup in the bullpen," said Matsuzaka, who received intravenous fluids after his outing. "I was looking forward to pitching this game. But all of a sudden, I didn't feel too well. I tried my best to take the team as deep into the game as possible. I regret that I ended up being a burden to my teammates today."
The Red Sox scored four runs in the second off Brandon McCarthy, then tagged Frank Francisco for four more in the sixth to take a 10-5 lead.
But it was two runs off Wes Littleton (0-1, 4.50) in the fifth that proved decisive, as the Red Sox immediately erased a 5-4 deficit created after Matsuzaka's lone rough inning.
The fourth inning has not been kind to Matsuzaka at times this season, and Friday night was one of them. What made this five-run meltdown different is that Matsuzaka maintained control of the strike zone. The problem was, the Rangers were rocketing strikes all over the ballpark.
"I think it was a strong battle, given the fact of the way he was reacting on the mound in the second inning, with the onset of the nausea," Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell said. "There was no sign of it pregame. In the bottom of the second, you could see it coming on."

Peter here. Way to hang in there and earn a victory, wasn't it? The bullpen took over and held the hard-hitting Rangers to one run from the 6th inning onward, as Lopez, Donnelly, the Darkman and Paps in a non-save situation allowed their team to storm back with 2 runs in the 5th and 4 more in the 6th. It was smooth sailing from there. Kevin Youkilis had 2 hits, and that extended his hitting streak to a career-high 17 games. Papi and Manny also had 2-hit games.
The Sox, with the victory, ran their record to 32-15, the best in baseball and 10 1/2 games better than the Yankees, who again lost. The blame for their latest loss rests squarely in the hands, or arms, of their bullpen, and it is said that Brian Cashman is on the hot seat. Such is baseball life in New York City, soap-opera style. Things are much rosier in Boston. And that's just fine with me. Tim Wakefield will try and continue his team's winning ways. He goes against the Ranger's Padilla tonight at 8:05. We'll be ready.
Click on the title for more on the game, and I want to wish each and every one of you a happy and healthy holiday weekend. And remember what this Memorial Day holiday stands for as we give thanks to all those, past and present, who have served their country well. We're proud of you.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Memories Of The IMPOSSIBLE DREAM Season. 1967...The Boston Red Sox...Our Team....Part One Of Many....

I have a guest author who has been my best friend forever. His name is Jay T. We spent the magic that was and is the Boston Red Sox from way back when. And he has been nice enough to write about that wonderful 1967 season. This is just his first post here at Peter's Red Sox Forever, and I promise you that Jay will be back as a regular. Why? That's remind us and let us live again that magical season. Through HIS words. And his unforgettable memories. The Red Sox had no business being as good as they were that year. But then these guys lept into our hearts. Forever.......Tony C. YAZ. Reggie Smith, Rico, Lonnie. I could go on, but I'll leave it up to Jay. And he'd love to read your comments! So now, part one....THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM SEASON-1967. Memories of a Boston Red Sox Fan. Thank you Jay. I'll be back with a short comment, but right now, it's time to relive some sweet memories......

"I can hardly believe it's been 40 years since the unbelievable and totally miraculous '67 season. I was a 15 year old baseball fan without a favorite team. All the kids in MY world worshipped Mickey Mantle and the dreaded Yankees so as that summer unravelled I found my team.
I don't know how many of you will recall this, but I'll start at the end with a headline after the St. Louis Cardinals won Game 7 and broke my heart. It read "Julian Javier is a Jerk" (you have to substitute the letter H for J like Hoo-lian Ha-vier is a H-erk). That Cardinal team was filled with pretty big name players....BOB GIBSON, Tim McCarver, Lou Brock, and Curt Flood (who would become very famous a year or so later...more on him some other time). Javier was their light-hitting, great fielding second baseman who had the World Series of his lifetime and just killed us!!
I hated him and still cringe when I think about his name."

Peter here, and there's nothing I can add to this. Well, maybe one thing. Thank you Jay. Your memories are an absolute treasure. We'll all look forward to your next post about that oh so special year...1967. The year of Sgt. Pepper. The year of the Boston Red Sox. The year they came of age for so many of us, and made RSN what it is today. For ALL of us....
Please leave your comments for Jay......and thanks.

This And That

Since there was no game last night, and for that I'm happy (Tito and I needed a break, you see), here's a little bit of this and a little bit of that. First up, the this......Jon Lester. He looked good last night pitching for Pawtucket. Darn good. This is from the Herald of Boston.

" Jon Lester retired the first 11 batters he faced in his fourth rehab start for Triple-A Pawtucket last night.
Imagine what the left-hander could have done with a full arsenal of pitches.
Restricted from throwing his cutter out of concern that it would lead to a reoccurence of forearm cramping, Lester still went five strong innings, allowing one run on three hits for the PawSox in their 3-2 win over the Syracuse Chiefs at McCoy Stadium.
“I felt good,” said Lester, who had one walk and one strikeout. “The forearm felt good, legs were under me the whole five innings. It’s getting better. Now we just need to get up to 90, 100 pitches and see where we’re at then.”
Lester, on a limit of five innings or 70-75 pitches, threw 65 (39 for strikes). He threw fastballs, changeups and curves but continued to avoid the cutter, which may have caused the forearm to cramp in his May 2 start. "

Peter here, and that is good news indeed. We'll see him pitching for the Red Sox soon, and a little part of me (remember, I said a LITTLE part of me) would like to see him take over Wake's spot in the rotation. I say this more because of Tavarez' recent good pitching rather than the last couple of lackluster wiffle-ball-like performances spun by Timmy. Wakes will turn it around, I hope. He seems to be fine unless he's pitching against the Yankees.

Second up, the that........Daisuke Matsuzaka, who goes tonight at Texas. By now you all know he was the AL Player of the Week last week for his two stunning starts. This also is from the Herald......

" Daisuke Matsuzaka is 3-0 with a 1.87 ERA in his past three starts, but the Red Sox [team stats] right-hander obviously feels he has room to improve.
Matsuzaka, who will oppose Brandon McCarthy tonight in the opener of a three-game series against the Texas Rangers, is unsatisfied with his lack of command with his changeup. He worked extensively on his change during a 90-pitch bullpen session Tuesday at Yankee Stadium.
Matsuzaka, who is 6-2 with a 4.06 ERA in nine starts, has been throwing more split-fingered fastballs because of the changeup’s tendency to miss high and away to left-handed batters.
Despite those struggles, the reigning American League Player of the Week has held opponents to a .235 batting average, tied for the 12th-best in the league. "

Peter here, and that's just what the opposing batters needed.....a BETTER Daisuke. I like him just the way he has been his last three starts. The communication between he and his catcher is becoming better with every outing. He might win 20 games in this, his first year playing American baseball. And that truly is a testament to his pitching ability.
Tonight, it's the Texas Rangers for the first of three. They don't have a good record, but boy can they hit!! We'll see what they do with Daisuke's offerings. All of 'em! Have a great weekend. I'll be back with a full wrap-up of game one first thing in the morning, if not before. Oh, click on the title for a Roger Clemens update. And please, never forget......your comments are always more than welcome. Talk to me!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

CURTAINS, But Just For A Night!

Is something wrong with Curt Schilling? Ever since he criticised Barry Bonds earlier this month, he is winless. And that's exactly the way his pitching has looked. Take last night, for example. No, I really mean, TAKE IT! His velocity wasn't there and the New York Yankees pounced on him, tearing him limb from limb while scoring 6 runs in the first 4 innings. He lasted a total of 6 innings, giving up 12 hits (12!!). This is from the Courant and further illuminates his troubles........

"It is rare when Curt Schilling, known for his pinpoint control, has trouble with the location of his fastball.
When he couldn't spot it consistently Wednesday, the Yankees made him pay - early and dearly.
There was a fastball to Hideki Matsui that was supposed to be down and away that went up and away. There was another pitch to Doug Mientkiewicz that was supposed to be away.
That one went up, up and away.
"I don't think I threw any real good pitches that got hit," Schilling said. "I think most of the hits were I made mistakes and they hammered them."
Some were well-hit and a few well-placed in an 8-3 loss as Schilling turned in his worst outing of the season in the rubber game of the series.
It's amazing he lasted six innings."

Peter here, and he DID last 6 innings because the guy is a bulldog who will never give up on his team or himself. Admirable qualities, but something is clearly wrong. I hope if he's hurting he won't hide it from Tito and the trainers. Maybe this is a 3 game slump? Maybe he'll come back Tuesday and be his old self? We can only hope. I can't tell the future. If I could, I head straight to the Lottery Headquarters and collect my millions. And I'd give my thanks to the state of Connecticut...but back to reality.
In Curt's own words, from the Herald......

“I was consistently inconsistent when I couldn’t afford to be against a lineup where you’ve got to locate,” Schilling said. “We were never in this game because I couldn’t execute."

Peter here. Curt, please execute. Oh, by the way, the Yankees won this game 8-3 and took the series 2-1. They only gained one game on us. They needed more, but I will keep saying this every day....IT'S ONLY MAY! Anything can happen, and knowing the AL East, it probably will.
We're off to Texas for 3, and then Trot Nixon and the Indians come to Fenway for what will be a hero's welcome home. Trot is batting a little better than 50 points higher than JD Drew, by the way, but I fully expect Drew to rebound and bring his average back to near .300. And don't forget this, from the Globe!

"Lefthander Jon Lester is scheduled to pitch for the PawSox tonight in McCoy Stadium in the second start of his rehab."

The Boston Red Sox....31-15 but with some weak points beginning to show. We have to hope Curt will get it together. Josh is healed and ready to go next week. Another great performance by him will calm my frazzled feelings. You see, I love this team, and when small little hints of danger, black spots on a bright horizon, crop up, I get worried. A day off today is a good thing. More on Schill is available by simply clicking on the title. Enjoy your Thursday. And we'll see these same Yankees in 8 days. This time on OUR turf, and with Josh Baseball pitching, too.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Red Sox Stir-Fry And Batter The Yankees 7-3

Mike Mussina looks like he's getting old. Actually, he seems like he's pitching his age! He gave up 5 hits in the first inning alone, along with 3 runs on a Manny NUCLEAR BOMB, and the Red Sox did what they had to do. They avoided any chance of a Yankee sweep. And that's just what that club from New York needed to start to get back into the AL East race. Julian Tavarez was again great, going 5 and two thirds 3 hit 2 run innings. And that's more than good enough for a number 5 starter. Heck, it's good enough for ANY starter, especially against the power-laden New York line-up
The Red Sox bullpen made their prescence known in the 6th inning and was again a little shaky, except for Javy Lopez, who has been throwing the ball really well. The Darkman pitched the 8th, walking 2 and allowing his first run to score since his first batter of the season. And then Paps came in to finish it, but needed 25 pitches, 4 less that Okajima. Both pitchers might be rested tonight, but with an off day tomorrow, I say go for the series win with everybody you have and push the Yankees further back. Anotherwords, give it your best shot. And we will! That's my guess.
The Red Sox move their record to a gaudy 31-14 while the Yankees fall to a rather ordinary, if that, 20-24. They're actually treading water. And if you tread water long enough, there are 2 possibilities. The first is that you'll be rescued. And the second, and much more dire, is this. You'll sink and die. I'm hoping for the latter, but you knew that.
Tonight, Curt Schilling takes on Andy Pettitte, another Yankee pitcher who we usually hit well. Wouldn't that be sweet? Another victory over those pinstripers. For the Yankees this is a big game, at least as big as a game can be this early in the season.
Click on the title for more on Mussina and his troubles. And for those of you who emailed the Herald's Michael Silverman with your vote in support of Hideki Okajima's possible new nickname "The Darkman," I thank you. For those of you who haven't had the chance, please take 5 minutes and do it right now. Here's his email addy. Just tell him you like the Darkman name and where you heard it from. You'd make this guy, your author (me??) who writes about our Sox, very happy. Here is his email addy..... THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! I love every one of you.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More Darkman, From Michael Silverman's (of the Boston Herald) Blog.

**My post about Monday's Red Sox-Yankee game follows this post.**

This was in the Boston Herald's Michael Silverman blog last night, before the NY game. He's asked the public to help him with a nickname for Hideki Okajima. I've called Okajima "THE DARKMAN" since the beginning of March ( my March 3rd, 2007 post), and many of you (but not enough!) have emailed him, per his request. With that thought in mind, here is Michael's blog post from Tuesday......and huge thanks go to one of the best sportswriters I've EVER read......
"Sorry, Darkman"

Posted by Michael Silverman at 7:42 pm. Tuesday May 21, 2007

NEW YORK — "This giving Hideki Okajima a nickname business is getting interesting. I’ve gotten some great responses so far — they will be revealed later – but first a clarification.
It was Peter, not Ian, who came up with the Darkman nickname. Click on his link ( to find some passionate feelings about Darkman. Maybe I could be persuaded someday but for now I’m going to stick to my guns for variations on “Mr. Sorry.'’
This is important stuff, so let’s not stop discussing it."
Peter here, and let's PERSUADE HIM! Mr. Sorry? Wimp-like. Hideki doesn't have to apologise to anyone for striking them out or at least making them look foolish. The Darkman? Much better. This is Peter, and let's not stop. Let's keep sending Michael emails at his Boston Herald web address. The more the better. And you don't need MY link, because you're already here! I've received emails from so many Red Sox fans in Japan who tell me that already our Hideki Okajima is known as the Darkman, even in the newspapers! So please, use the following addy and just let Michael Silverman know that the Darkman is so perfect a nickname for our "hero of the dark," the best lefthanded reliever in baseball, our very own Hideki Okajima. The enemy of our enemies for many years to come. He's helped to make our bullpen the best in all of baseball. Here is Mr. Silverman's email addess......please spread the DARKMAN'S new nickname.......OUR lefthanded bullpen "the best one there is" MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL!!

And don't click on it, just use this address to send him an email! Thank you, my faithful readers. And even if it doesn't work out, we've made a statement. And huge thanks go to Ian of Sox & Dawgs....his blog link is on my link list, and should be an everyday everway read! Blogs do not get any better. Thank you Ian, from the bottom of my heart. And to all of you who have already emailed Michael Silverman, whether from America or Japan, and there are both, and to all of you who might be just ABOUT to email him, thank you. And please JUST DO IT! If you haven't yet, just use the above Boston Herald addy and tell him what you think, and where you heard the nic DARKMAN. He's a very nice guy.

I have the best readers in the world, each and every one of you, and my heart swells with pride and thanks. GO Red Sox....FOREVER!!!!! You make my blogging so great...but I think you already knew that! Oh, click on this very post's title!!

Wakefield Was Woeful, Wang Wonderful

From the beginning, I could tell from Tim Wakefield's facial expression that his knuckler didn't "have it." And I was right. And his recent record against the New York Yankees grew even more lodsidedly bad. He's 1-7 in his last nine starts against them, with an ERA of an even 6.00 The Yankees won game one of this series 6-2. All the Red Sox have to do is avoid a sweep, and they have two more chances to do just that, starting tonight at 7pm.
The Yankees came out of the gate fast even though the Sox left 5 stranded runners in the first two innings. It was 4-0 after two on the strength of home runs from AROD and Giambi. The game was effectively over then, but the Red Sox had their chances. And squandered most of them. Papi drove in both Sox runs. Boston forced Wang to throw a lot of pitches, but he was up to the challenge. And their bullpen was just good enough. From the Globe......

"Imagine: a quality start for the Yankees. Very rare. In the spring of '07, there've been more Boston Pops brawls than Yankees pitching gems.
"Boston is the cream of the crop right now," said Torre. "We need to do something, and obviously since this was against Boston, you feel much better because they're the club we need to run down."
They have a long way to run. And when you are the New York Yankees, it's hard to get used to playing a "must-win" game . . . in May."

Peter here. We might be the cream of the crop, but it's only May. I've heard many people, sportswriters included, say this season is over for the New York club and that the AL East has been decided. I say they're nuts. Look at the calender. It's not that I don't have faith in the Red Sox. I love them more than anyone. It's just that when or if, and that's a BIG IF, the Yankees get their starting pitching together and their bullpen a little more organized, with their lineup top to bottom, anything is possible. And usually is.
RSN turns its eyes to Julian Tavarez tonight. The same Tavarez who was brilliant in his last start. We have to hope he has a little more of that brilliance left in his tank, a little more magic dust in his pocket. Everyone, have a great Tuesday as we wait for first pitch, and click on the title of this post for the Edes' Boston Globe article on the game.

Monday, May 21, 2007

A Huge Thank You...To My Faithful Readers....

Peter here, and this refers to comments I've received this morning.
BFW and Carol...thank you so always make this writer so happy. Readers, follow Carol and BFW's lead and email Michael will be (I hope) something that we will all be able to share, proudly. And remember, that team we love, our Sox, are still 30-13.So let's let Michael Silverman know what we thing of Hideki, the Darkman, Okajima!

Mr. Michael Silverman's words, right now, from Sunday.......

"We’re getting some great submissions already for finding a new nickname for Hideki Okajima. See yesterday’s Red Sox notebook for some ideas and then send yours to

Peter here....and that is his direct email addy Please tell him we'd love that nickname "THE DARKMAN" to stick! And tell him you read it here. Our bullpen wouldn't be the same without him!
THANKS! Peter N. Red Sox Forever.

Round Three Goes To The Red Sox

Kason Gabbard is back in Pawtucket, but his return trip had nothing to do with his performance on Sunday. He pitched five strong innings, allowing 6 hits and only 2 runs while striking out an impressive 7. And he looked good doing it. His facial expression rarely changed, and he was all business all the time. After allowing the first 2 batters to reach in the 6th inning, he entered the dugout amidst the cheers and backslaps from the fans and his players. Donnelly came in and allowed both runners to score, but Javy Lopez induced a double play grounder on his second pitch to end the 6th, and that effectively ended the Braves' chances in this, the rubber game. The Darkman, Hideki Okajima, came in and pitched a 2 hit 8th, and Paps came in for the 9th. To me he looked rusty, rusty from inactivity. While babying his shoulder the team might be taking away the sharp edge that allows him to pinpoint his location. He gave up 3 hits that allowed a run in a non-save situation, but the Sox left the field with a 6-3 win, taking 2 of 3 from a very good club. They've been playing great against good teams and bad teams, and that's a sign of great things to come. And Josh will be back in a little more than a week.. They are 30-13. 30-13! Kevin Youkilis and Jason Varitek provided most of the firepower....Youk is on fire, batting .446 over the span of his 13 game hitting streak.
So it's on to New York City, the Big Apple, for 3 games. Tonight it will be Timmy Wakefield versus the sinkerballer Wang. We usually hit him pretty well. We hit most of the Yankees' pitchers pretty well. Familiarity breeds contempt? No, I think familiararity gives the edge to our hitters, who know what to expect. They way the Red Sox are playing right now, the Yankees have their work cut out for them. And that's just the way we like it!
Click on the title of this post for Michael Silverman's Boston Herald article about the game. And don't forget to email him to suggest the nickname "The Darkman" for our ace (yes, he is!) lefthanded reliever Hideki Okajima. He asked for reader suggestions (see my last post) so let's give him some! Please mention that you first heard that nic right here. Here is his direct email address, and I would so appreciate your help. Thanks, and enjoy this rainless (!!) Monday. I'm thanking you right now, in advance of your emails, because this means so much to me. For the original Darkman post, just go back to my March 3rd 2007 post..the one called "DARKMAN." He lives in the Red Sox bullpen, and he is deadly to our foes. He is our DARKMAN. And here is another Darkman fact on this Monday May 21st, from the Herald....

"Hideki Okajima pitched yet another scoreless inning, bringing his streak to 20 2/3 innings. That's the longest for a Sox lefty since Bruce Hurst's 21 2/3 innings in 1987."

Peter here. I remember 1987.That's select company...Bruce Hurst is one of the best lefty starters to EVER don a Boston Red Sox uniform. Long live DARKMAN. Red Sox Forever...2007 will be something special!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Will Hideki Okajima Be Known As THE DARKMAN? It's Up TO US!

Hello on this Sunday, and I have a huge favor to ask you. I linked the Boston Herald's Michael Silverman article from today's paper. PLEASE click on the title of this post and scroll to the bottom of page one, continued on page two. His subject? Hideki Okajima, who is right now THE BEST lefthander in MLB. He's another weapon from our Red Sox bullpen. I have called him THE DARKMAN since he said before season's start that he prefers to remain in the shadow of his countrymate and fellow pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka...a "hero of the dark." And I have been calling him that since my post here dated March 03. THE DARKMAN. He comes out of the bullpen, our wonderful bullpen, and snuffs out all enemy batters. His ERA is less than the price for your newspaper!!!! So please click on the title of this very post and scroll to the bottom. And when you see some of the possible nicknames, you'll realize that THE DARKMAN LIVES!
And if you can, email Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald. HERE IS HIS DIRECT EMAIL ADDY.......... He DID ask for reader's thoughts. Please, help me to make the Darkman nic stick. After all, he has been lights-out, unsolvable and a perfect bullpen mate to Jonathon Papelbon. And it's a whole lot better than the nic "Sorryman." You'll see when you read the article. So click...for me? And I must give thanks to Ian of "Sox and Dawgs", and his blog is linked on my link list. Thanks Ian!! And please mention that you heard THE DARKMAN from me at my blog! Thanks so much.

I'm counting on you....your blog guy Peter, and don't forget. RED SOX FOREVER!

The Atlanta Braves And The Boston Red Sox Split A Pair

The first game was a thing of beauty as Daisuke Matsuzaka baffled the Braves with an assortment of pitches. It seems that he gets better and better with every start. Maybe he's getting used to the firmer feel of the American baseball. Maybe the communication between he and his catcher, Jason Varitek, is getting better. I think it's a combination of the two. But whatever it is, watching him pitch is so enjoyable. And the feeling that a victory is inevitable reminds me so much of when Petey took the mound in his prime. You just know that if the Red Sox score 3 or so runs, that'll be enough. Game over...Sox win. No nervous pacing or hand wringing is necessary. And that is fantastic!
Game two was one I was unable to watch, so I'm going to be brief. It was raining. 14-0 Braves. The only effective pitcher for the Sox was JC Romero. Smoltz was lights out. Period. Turn the page. Done.
Today another tough matchup looms, as Tim Hudson, 5-1, takes on Kason Gabbard. Hudson and the Braves have the on-paper edge, but you never know with this sport called baseball. And the games are not played on paper. I do know one thing. I miss Josh Beckett and I want him back. SOON.
Click on the title for a Sox-related article, and enjoy your Sunday. The aforementioned article contains a nice piece on today's Sox starter Kason Gabbard, and more. Sports Sunday reading at its finest. Right here at PRSF. Everyday........

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Daisuke And Mikey...WHAT A PAIR!! Sox Scalp Braves Bigtime

Our Sox are now 29-12. Daisuke Matsuzaka went 8 strong innings and his team, our team, banged out 18 hits in his support. The Atlanta Braves were overmatched and outplayed in every way, at least for game one of this three game series. And with every start, Daisuke has MORE than lived up to all the hype, pro or con...take THAT Yankee writers. Daisuke can make grown baseball players cry in frustration. And Mike Lowell...what can I say? I know...OH WOW!!!!!! Words do not begin to describe Mr. Doubles and his clutchness.
The Boston Red Sox are doing everything right, and their record, which stands at 29-12, proves it. There's more baseball in a little more than 2 hours, and the pitching match-up is a tough one. But for right now, shortly before 5pm EDT, everything RSN is great. I'll have a full wrap-up of this game one as well as game two before you rub your sleep-encrusted eyes open on Sunday morning. Right now we just have to enjoy the best team in baseball. Every day. Home or on the road. At Fenway or on NESN. Television, radio, or just sitting in that hallowed park called Fenway. It doesn't matter!! You see, they're the Boston Red Sox, and they're playing LIGHTS-OUT!
Crack a cold one for me! Or two...........

A Little Something About Jonathon Papelbon

I came across an article from today's Nashua Telegraph. And it's all about Jonathon Papelbon. You remember him....that guy who comes trotting out of the bullpen in the ninth inning of games where the Red Sox have a lead, but not too big a lead. And if they're behind, he sits. If it's a Sox romp, he still sits. Such is the life of an elite closer. And we ALL know that's EXACTLY what he is. And aren't we lucky! Why? I'll tell you why. Jonathon Papelbon is in the Red Sox pitching arsenal. Quite an arsenal indeed. Other clubs are drooling over the combination of lefty/righty Okajima and Papelbon. So, I'd like you to read this, and I'd love your comments afterwards. At least until it stops raining, we all need something to do. So thank you Steven Krasner, of the Nashua (NH) Telegraph. Well done. Click on the title, my readers! You'll enjoy. I promise.

And why is it that there are no Hideki Okajima tee shirts available? WHY????? There are dozens of Daisuke tees and merchandise out there, but our "hero in the dark," as he's called himself, and I turned that into "the Darkman," remains just that. He has a sub. 0.50 ERA...he's a lefty who has been literally LIGHTS-OUT since his first batter. If I knew what to do, I'd start manufacturing and selling "THE DARKMAN...Hideki Okajima..He's Here To Eliminate Our Enemies" tee shirts. I obviously can come up with a better tee shirt slogan, but my point is this. HELLO OUT THERE. HELLO!!!!!This guy is the best lefty reliever in major league baseball. AND NOT A TEE SHIRT TO BE FOUND? Bad job! I can go to Japan and buy as many Oki Red Sox tee shirts as I'd ever want to own. But here? Here?? NOOOOOOOO. I just HAD to put in a little Belushi!

Please don't forget to click on the title for a geniunely heartwarming Paps article....and please leave a comment. I hope there is baseball today times two. Don't you? Now click! And email the Yawkey Way Store, or anyone who sells genuine Red Sox merchandise, and ask them this......"WHY NO DARKMAN-HIDEKI OKAJIMA TEE SHIRTS?" Be nice to them, for they might not know his name....a name that all of major league baseball and its fans will know well before the All Star break. Of that I am certain. And thanks so much. Now it's your away! Paps is waiting!! And so am I, for your comments! GO SOX! As always, thank you for reading me. You're the best! But you knew that!

Let's Play Two!

Saturday baseball times two is scheduled today, if it stops raining. Here in central Connecticut the rain was of a much more scattered nature than for points east, and that includes greater Boston. If we do get the games in, it will be Daisuke Matsuzaka and Dervern Hansack going for the good guys. The Yankees DID play yesterday, and it's a good thing they did because they lost to the Mets and are now ten games behind the Red Sox. That's the first time the Yankees have been that far back since Joe Torre took over as their skipper in 1996. And that ten game lead for the Sox marks only the third time a team has had a double digit lead after playing only 40 games. I'm looking forward to the next 40! Aren't you?

Josh Beckett might not be headed to the disabled list after all. If he is ready, he might make a start this week. I hope the club is careful with him, for if that piece of skin rips open again, who knows how long he'd be out. I don't even want to think about it, but I know the club will do the right thing.

So it's Daisuke Matsuzaka versus Andrew Lerew in game one, and we need to win it. We'll be facing the always tough John Smoltz in the nightcap, and that's never easy. So enjoy! And click on the title for Tony Massarotti"s Boston Herald article.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Another twin set....tomorrow......from

"Tonight's Red Sox game against the Braves at Fenway Park has been postponed due to rain. The game will be made up as part of a day-night doubleheader tomorrow, at 1 p.m. and 7:35 p.m."

PSSST.....we can all watch the Mets beat the Yankees!

Peter's all folks! Enjoy your Friday night.

Track The Rain Heading Up The East Coast, Towards Fenway

Just click on the title......a TON of rain is heading towards our Green Wall..........I wanted to give you the best look, a LIVE loop from Brookhaven, LI, NY. It shows whats heading North and East.....title click...that's it! Thank you NBC WVIT channel 30, NBC for Connecticut. Click away!!!!

Game 2: Sox Take Care Of Business With 4-2 Victory Over Tigers

***SHEFFIELD CALLS OKAJIMA "The best lefthander I've ever faced."***

What a day! 2 wins over the American League champion Detroit Tigers made for quite a sweet May 17th. In the opener, a 2-1 Sox win, Julian Tavarez pitched 7 strong innings and the Darkman, Hideki Okajima, threw a quick 8th, leading to a 10 pitch save for Paps. In the nightcap, Curt Schilling was off his game but managed to labor through 6 innings, throwing 118 pitches. I hope he's OK. That's 2 uninspiring starts in a row. Donnelly and Lopez combined to pitch a clean 7th and 8th and then it was time for the Darkman again. And Oki was up to the challenge. He earned the save with a 15 pitch 9th. He has been simply amazing, and after whiffing Sheffield, the hated (by us, at least) slugger called Okajima, our Darkman, "the best lefthander I've ever faced." WHERE ARE THOSE OKAJIMA T-SHIRTS?? Ya gotta love the guy!
So the Sox go to a hairaising 28-12 as they prepare to face Atlanta. And as Ian mentioned yesterday, something that I did not agree with, the Sox have placed Josh Beckett on the 15 day DL. He is scheduled to pitch on May 29, in effect missing 2 starts. It's better to be safe than sorry, and my apologies to Ian. His blog is listed on my link list under "Sox and Dawgs."
Atlanta comes to town tonight for the first of 3. It will be Anthony Lerew versus Devern Hansack. 7PM at Fenway, weather permitting. In fact, the weather will be unsettled through Sunday morning, with the best chance for a postponment tonight. Oh, I HAVE to mention this. The Yankees lost yesterday, and our lead is up to 9.5 games. And that's a nice way to end this happy bundle of words. Click on the title of this post for a "state of the Sox" article from the Courant's Jeff Jacobs. It's titled "This team may scalp the AL East." Have a great Friday, everyone!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

GAME 1: Red Sox 2 Tigers 1

FINAL!!!! Tavarez for 7 strong, Okajima, our Darkman for 1 huge, and then there was Paps! The Boston Red Sox move to 27-12, and the hated Yankees are losing 4-0 to the OTHER Sox, the White ones. Tonight, Schill goes for the victory against Darbin. Things are good! I'll have a full wrap-up of BOTH games first thing on Friday. Great job, Sox pitching....yet again!

Rain Forces A Day/Night Doubleheader Thursday

That's right. Two today. In the afternoon battle it will be Mike Moroth versus Julian Tavarez, and in the nightcap Chad Durbin will be pitted against our number one, Curt Schilling. It was also announced that Josh Beckett, said to be healing nicely, will miss his scheduled Friday start. We have to hope that he'll be OK to go Wednesday against the Yankees. That would be great! His replacement Friday? The name that comes up the most is Kason Gabbard. As for Monday's game, it might be Tavarez on 3 days rest, or someone called up from Pawtucket. Maybe Devern Hansack, maybe someone else. The Yankee's rotation has also been altered by rain, and they split their day/night doubleheader yesterday with the White Sox. But in a way, this rain out and subsequent day nighter could help. This is from the Thursday's Herald, and yes, it makes sense....

"The rainout could actually help the Sox, whose three-game winning streak ended with a 7-2 loss on Tuesday. Tavarez, who was originally scheduled to start the first game of a three-game series against the Yankees in New York on Monday, will now have to be pushed back, creating a spot in the rotation for the Yankee Stadium opener.
It’s possible that Josh Beckett [stats], who is being bumped from his scheduled start tomorrow night against Atlanta in order to allow a cut on his right middle finger to heal, could get the nod if the wound has closed up and isn’t in danger of splitting open again.
Last night’s rainout also improves the chances that right fielder J.D. Drew [stats] will not miss any action after suffering a lower back contusion Tuesday when he landed hard on the bullpen wall while leaping for Brandon Inge’s home run."

Peter here. And in Jon Lester news, he has been cleared to start Saturday for Pawtucket in Ottawa. Go Jon....we love you and we cannot wait for you to get back into the rotation.
After the violent line of storms passed through yesterday, cool air has filled in, and the weather for today's games should be fine. But after that, a coastal storm should gum up the works and alter the pitching rotation even more so. We'll have to wait and see. And that's exactly what I'm going to do. So if anything late-breaking occurs, you'll read about it right here. And click on the title of this post for something else's a Globe article about our Red Sox world and the hint of injuries that has cropped up just in the past week.
On a different note, I've been having some problems with my sugar level this week. It happens sometimes with Type One Diabetes, and when it does, it really upsets me. The amount of insulin and the times I take it, with excersise after meals, is not keeping that level where it usually does, in the normal range. And this makes me so sad. I hope it's a temporary 2 or 3 day thing, as it has been in the past, but because of this unpredictability, I haven't been able to stop in and read your wonderful blogs as regularly as I'm used to. And my "blogjog" is one of the favorite parts of my day. So I apologise for the lack of comments, and I hope I can get back to normal starting today (please God). This type of blood sugar fluctuation really upsets me, and I pride myself with keeping my sugar level as close to the normal range as possible...with success. It ain't easy, but I've been doing it. And then there come along a few days like this, and it hurts. So much. Wish me luck.....please. Go Sox...Red Sox Forever.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Terrible Tuesday

Nothing good happened at Fenway Park Tuesday night as the Detroit Tigers defeated the Boston Red Sox 7-2. Tim Wakefield just didn't have it, giving up 4 runs in the 3rd inning. The Tigers never looked back.....they didn't have to. Justin Verlander changed speeds all night, hitting 99 MPH on a few fastballs while mixing in his off-speed stuff. The Sox batters were off balance. Case closed. Signed, sealed and delivered. The Tigers win! As our Big Papi put it, and this is from the Herald, with thanks....

“You don’t see a power pitcher (Verlander) with that kind of stuff every day,” designated hitter David Ortiz said. “This guy can pop 96, 97 (mph) like it’s nothing and when he wants, he can throw 100. And then he has an 86 mph change. That’s what makes him so good, the way he can change speeds."

Peter here, and Verlander uses the changes of speed so well. And that is one of the most effective weapons a pitcher can have. With smarts, a mix of movement and changes of pitch speed, the results can and will always be devastating.
The upcoming New York Yankee series, which looms ever larger as the days go by, is coming up so soon, a matter of days. We saw another Sox starter go down. JD Drew slammed his lower back into the upper part of the rightfield wall, the part of the wall without padding. He is day to day. Even the 'pen was porous. At least it was when Donnelly was pitching. He gave up 3 hits and 2 earned runs in two thirds of an inning. But the game was already lost before he entered the game. Kyle Snyder finished things up, and after the Sox went down in the bottom of the 9th, I said to myself......."turn the page." Done.

Tonight it's Maroth versus Tavarez. I know that Jon Lester cannot return soon enough. But the Sox are in fine shape at 26-12 with a nice 8 game bulge over their hated rivals, the Yankees. The season marches on, and we march right along with it. Night Fenway doesn't get any better. And click on the title of this post for a little something on Julian Tavarez's dwindling days as a member of the Sox rotation. Have a great Hump Day as we hope for better things tonight!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Daisuke Completely Tames Tigers

Daisuke Matsuzaka was on last night. His cutter and split finger fastball were effective and his control was precise. Even the manager of the Tigers, Jim Leyland, was impressed. After the game he said this.......

"I was very impressed with him," Leyland said, a day after profanely dismissing the impending matchup with Matsuzaka. "He had composure and he had good stuff. He knows what to do with it. He's the real deal. He's good."

"He's good" might be an understatement, at least last night. As Steve Buckley of the Herald wrote this very morning.....

"......he’s looking more and more like an old baseball soldier, wise to the ways of big league hardball, clued in to each batter’s likes and dislikes, his strengths, his weaknesses.
Put another way, the work in progress is becoming poetry in motion. He was so smooth in pitching the Red Sox to their 7-1 victory against the Detroit Tigers last night at Fenway Park that by the middle innings, the masses knew, just knew, the Dice Man would be going the distance."

Steve, poetry in motion...perfect words! Yes, WE KNEW! The Red Sox are right now a scary good team. We have to hope they remain healthy. Every hitter in the lineup had 2 hits except for Manny, who had 1, and JD Drew, who was held hitless. Balanced power was in evidence last night, top to bottom. But the star was on the mound, inducing ground ball out after ground ball out. And once the Sox tacked on 4 runs in the 8th inning, the fun was about to begin. As Daisuke came out to pitch the 9th, the crowd rose as one. And they weren't going to take their seats until their pitcher, our pitcher, finished his night. And the Tigers.
Tonight it's the hot Timmy Wakefield versus the always tough Justin Verlander. Gametime is 7pm at the Fens. And in a related piece of good news, Josh Beckett is said to be healing nicely, but he will miss one start, maybe more. Click on the title of this post for more on him and his finger. It hints at a possible stint on the DL. So don't forget to click.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Red Sox 100 Dot Com......

Just click on the title, or even easier, just click on the Red Sox 100 Box, which is right there...on your right. Such a nice place, but more bloggers, Red Sox bloggers, are needed. This is the only all Red Sox list, and I hope my readers, my friends, can join. Why? It's a great site, just in its infancy. So click on the title, or click on the box, that box RIGHT there. It is so easy to register, and once you install the little piece of code in your template, you'll be a part of a RED SOX ONLY baseball blog list. How great is that? And go Sox!!!! Thanks John...he's the site author...

Are You Kidding Me??????

I had just about given up. The Red Sox were being shut out by the Baltimore Oriole's pitcher Jeremy Guthrie and it was the bottom of the 9th with the score 5-0 Birds. And then this series of events took place, started by an innocent dropped pop up by catcher Ramon Hernandez. Let me take you back. This is from the Hartford Courant, and I thank them........

"The Red Sox scored six runs in the ninth - the final two on Julio Lugo's infield single and Ray's error with the bases loaded and two outs - to pull out a 6-5 victory before a delirious crowd of 36,379 at Fenway Park. The Red Sox increased their lead over the Orioles and Yankees in the AL East to eight games.
"It's amazing," Red Sox manager Terry Francona said. "A dropped popup, and the next thing you know, a combination of some magic here and some really good players that don't quit. On a day when it was awfully quiet, we didn't mail it in at the end and kept playing."
On Sunday, Perlozzo's decision to lift Guthrie with one out, after catcher Ramon Hernandez dropped Coco Crisp's popup in front of the plate, doomed the Orioles. Guthrie, making his third start, had thrown 91 pitches and retired eight in a row before Hernandez's error.
But Perlozzo came out and summoned Danys Baez to face Ortiz.
Ortiz greeted Baez with a double to center, scoring Crisp with the first run and injecting new life into the ballpark.
Wily Mo Pena followed with a single, Ray replaced Baez, and the rally was on. Ray (3-3, 4.35 ERA), who gave up a late grand slam to Pena last month in Baltimore to lose a game, walked J.D. Drew and Kevin Youkilis to force in the second run, then allowed a double to right by Jason Varitek to make it 5-4.
After Hinske was walked intentionally to reload the bases, Alex Cora hit a chopper to second. Brian Roberts threw home and barely got Youkilis for the force and the second out.
Lugo worked a full count, then hit a chopper wide of first. Kevin Millar flipped the ball slightly behind Ray, who appeared to have a half-step on Lugo in the race to the bag. But Ray dropped the ball, allowing both Varitek and Hinske to score to win the game."

Peter here. and as the crowd went delirious at Fenway and in their living rooms, the Sox players raced out of the dugout for a mass celebration just as if they were shot out of a cannon. 6 runs scored in the bottom of the 9th. AMAZING! The Red Sox have an 8 game lead in the AL East. and the best record in baseball. This win was reminicent of the Cardiac kids, those 1967 Boston Red Sox who never gave up and always found a way to win, and so many of those improbable comebacks were due to Carl Yastrezemski, who had the most clutch season any Sox player has ever had, and I'm including Big Papi!
So the Sox are now 25-11 with the red hot until yesterday Detroit Tigers coming to town. And on a sobering note, Josh Beckett has a piece of ripped skin on the middle finger of his pitching hand. I linked an article about it. Just click on the title of this post. It's likely he'll miss his next start. If that's all he misses, we'll have to consider ourselves lucky. Let's hope so. But there was nothing lucky about yesterday's win. That was pure magic! Red Sox magic. The best kind.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Josh Hurt?????? We Hope Not!!!

After 4 innings...we all have to hope Josh Beckett is official word irritation on his right little finger. The pitching hand. This word comes at 3:18pm.
The blister demon? I hope not! WE hope not. This is the first bad health news in so so long. We all have to hope it's minor.
And it's NOT a blister, but he's out too early. Isn't he?????

To All Mothers, And Mothers-To-Be, This Is Your Day!

Mothers, moms, mums, mommies, whatever word you use to describe the givers of life, your mothers, this is THEIR day. Mother's Day 2007. I wish all the moms and future moms the best of everything, now and in the future. And there are so many of you who are with child and are celebrating Mother's Day for the last time without a bundle of precious love to hold in your arms (hi Lynsey...yes, you!) and there are too many of you who have lost sons or daughters overseas in George Bush's quest to rid this fragile world of ours of terrorists of all kinds. To you, to EVERY ONE of you, my heart, my best wishes and my thanks go out. For you are the best. Enjoy this day, this Sunday just for you. Be surrounded by love, health and happiness. Forever. From the bottom of my heart. Right to yours.


A sub-par outing by Curt Schilling could not stop these 2007 Boston Red Sox, who scored the final 9 runs in a 13-4 victory over the Baltimore Orioles. Schill left with the bases loaded and one out in the 6th. Javy Lopez, in his second appearance since being called up from Pawtucket, induced 2 ground balls and got out of the inning with only one inherited run scoring. That run tied it at 4, but it was all Sox from there. Lopez also got the first out of the 7th, earning the victory, and then it was time for the Darkman. Hideki Okajima, our hero of the dark, pitched a clean inning and two thirds, again unscored on, and Paps finished out what was then a laugher.
The Sox had a season high 15 hits, and everyone is starting to get into "the swing of things." Boy, if this continues, the Sox are going to win a ton of games! Offensive standouts were Julio Lugo and his 4 hits, Alex Cora with his 2, (when will Tito make him a full-time player??), as well as Mike Lowell and Kevin Youklis. Cora's 2 hits brought his average up to a gaudy and hard to overlook (Tito!!) .432, and his play in the field is unsurpassed. All in all, a great game, fun for the fans who were there and for those of us watching NESN. The only thing that troubled me was Curt Schilling's performance. His last 2 starts have been less than awe-inspiring, and yesterday he ran out of gas after 95 pitches in 5 1/3 innings. I hope he's OK. His next start will be against the red-hot Tigers. But first, one more game with the Birds. Josh Beckett versus Guthrie. And as we all know, adding to the excitement today at Fenway Park is the fact that Josh is going for a record-tying 8th straight victory. Fun times at Fenway with perfect weather for first place baseball.
Click on the title of this post for the Boston Herald's Tony Massarotti's article about one of the great strengths of this club....the bullpen. Paps, the Darkman, everyone...they make for great reading, so click on that title. And Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and moms-to-be out there. We love ya! What would we do without our moms? No need to answer. And any comments you have about the club, or Massarotti's 'pen article or anything Sox would be great to see. 2pm today, at that fine and fun place in the sun called Fenway Park. OUR place.
Oh, I almost forgot. For a full and unedited view of yesterday's box score, just scan down one all folks! Go Josh...number 8 is waiting for you. And I know we have some pop left in the lumber.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

SOX WIN 13-4....AKA Cora Cora Cora!

There will be a full wrap-up in the morning, as we send our love to every Mom in this wonderful world. Have a great Saturday night. And the Sox record is now 24-11. Here is today's box score, and don't forget. Josh Baseball goes for 8 straight on Sunday! For more on today's game, just click on this post's title.

Baltimore AB R H RBI 2B 3B HR W K AVG
Brian Roberts 2B 5 0 2 1 1 0 0 0 1 .274
Nick Markakis RF 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 .248
Miguel Tejada SS 4 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 .331
Freddie Bynum PH 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .188
Ramon Hernandez C 3 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 .308
Paul Bako PH 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 .245
Aubrey Huff 1B 5 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 .266
Melvin Mora 3B 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 .261
Jay Gibbons DH 3 1 3 1 2 0 0 0 0 .230
Kevin Millar PH-DH 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 .247
Jay Payton LF 3 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 .268
Corey Patterson CF 4 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 .250
Totals 38 4 13 4 3 0 0 2 7
Boston AB R H RBI 2B 3B HR W K AVG
Julio Lugo SS 5 0 4 1 1 0 0 0 0 .261
Kevin Youkilis 1B 5 1 2 2 0 0 0 1 0 .325
David Ortiz DH 4 3 2 1 1 0 0 1 0 .311
Wily Mo Pena PH-DH 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .244
Manny Ramirez LF 2 2 1 2 1 0 0 2 0 .256
JD Drew RF 4 2 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 .255
Mike Lowell 3B 3 2 2 2 0 0 0 1 0 .313
Jason Varitek C 3 2 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 .273
Doug Mirabelli C 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .280
Coco Crisp CF 4 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 .227
Dustin Pedroia 2B 3 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .247
Alex Cora PH-2B 2 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 .432
Totals 36 13 15 13 3 0 0 7 3
Steve Trachsel 4.1 5 4 3 4 1 0 102-57 3.94
Jon Leicester (L 0-1) 1.2 2 4 4 3 0 0 51-22 21.60
Todd Williams 1.2 7 5 5 0 2 0 48-31 9.45
John Parrish 0.1 1 0 0 0 0 0 8-4 4.96
Curt Schilling 5.1 9 4 4 2 4 0 95-65 3.63
Javier Lopez (W 1-0;B 1) 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 0 9-6 0.00
Brendan Donnelly 0.0 1 0 0 0 0 0 6-3 0.93
Hideki Okajima 1.2 2 0 0 0 1 0 23-20 0.48
Jonathan Papelbon 1.0 1 0 0 0 1 0 13-10
Peter Mother's Day post will be up bright and early Sunday morning....and to every one of you, have a wonderful Saturday night. Don't forget to kiss your Mom!!!!!!!!!! She's the BEST!!

From The State Of Washington......

And the subject is Roger Clemens and the possibility that he will be the upcoming 2007 savior for the New York Yankees. The link is included when you click on this post's title, but it's almost ALL here. And I'll be back for a word right after you read this. It's from the Daily News of Longview, Washington. Mt. St. Helens land. The Yanks are in Seattle right now, and that's the reason why I found this nice piece so easily....and you know me. I wanted to share.
"We've all known for decades that New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner spends so much money on players, one would think he prints it somewhere in the belly of Yankee Stadium.
Farm system? Don't make George laugh! If you want a farm system, move to Iowa. Even Western New York.
Why spend a million bucks on some guy who just got out of school, cross your fingers and hope he works out? That's not the way King George does it. Uh-uh. It makes more sense in The Bronx Zoo to sign your name on the bottom line of a multimillion-dollar contract and get a player who has proven himself.
It's a proven formula for winning. The Yankees are the most successful franchise in the history of sports. You can't argue with 39 American League pennants and 26 World Series championships.
If George wants you in pinstripes, he'll make you an offer you can't refuse.
And if the Yankees are desperate ---- which is exactly where they have been so far this season, under .500 and trying to figure out how to catch the Red Sox in the AL East ---- then Steinbrenner ups the ante.
So, just when no one thought he could outdo himself, he outdoes himself. Enter Roger Clemens, a 44-year-old pitching phenom who has a $28 million, one-year contract that will be pro-rated and pay Clemens in the neighborhood of $18.5 million. That's roughly $750,000 per start and $7,500 per pitch (gasp!) because he isn't expected to play until June 1. Not only that, but word is, Clemens will pitch for the Yankees but he won't be an intimate part of the team. He reportedly can take time off between starts to go home, hang out with his family and accompany the team on the road trips he chooses. The rest of the pitching staff must love that.
Meanwhile, even though the Yankees, most of their fans and every mid-40s pitcher on earth are so giddy they're beside themselves, the rest of us have one huge question: What in the name of Joe DiMaggio is George Steinbrenner smoking?
Even at 44, Clemens still has a 90-mph-plus fastball that's almost as hard to see as it is hard to hit. He has won 348 games. He's a great competitor, tough as nails with the game on the line.
BUT ... and it really is a humongous but: One arm, golden or otherwise, is not going to turn the Yankees around. Unless Clemens is bionic and can pitch on two days' rest or no days' rest and win 75 percent of his starts, which, of course, he can't.
Even if he joins the team June 1, starts every fifth game and wins three of every four, two other things have to happen if the Yankees are going to turn this mess around. One, the other starters have to get better. And two, the Yankees' bats have to wake up.
It's not how many hits a player gets, what matters is when he gets them. I would prefer a .250 hitter who gets his 1-for-4 with runners in scoring position than a .350 hitter who hits .125 with runners on scoring position. No matter. The big news is that The Rocket is coming to town to save the season. Judging from all the hoopla, can we assume he'll show up wearing blue tights and a red cape? Dream on. (Peter's a bird, it's a plane, it's....oops, back to the article.)
Oh yeah, he'll definitely help ---- that is, if he still has the good stuff. But Clemens is not the cure-all for what ails the Yankees at this point in the season. My guess is, the Yankees' bats will wake up, probably sooner than later.
But if they wake up in July and are 10 games behind the Red Sox, you don't want to be in the same room with King George."
Peter here, and I'd LOVE to be in that room with the now gentle man who some call the Boss (Bruce Springsteen IS the Boss!) should the Red Sox keep up their winning ways. And once we've set up Jon Lester in the number 5 slot of the rotation, I really don't see any "open sore" type of weak spots. So we'll see. I hope you enjoyed the article and I'd love to see your comments as we wait for afternoon Fenway baseball Schilling style. And I would be shocked (surprised, blown away, so much more.....) if WMP, the gloveless one, is in the line-up. Go Schill, go Sox, go RSN. Go you, my readers!
And for Moms out there, tomorrow is YOUR day, and I will have a super Mother's Day post bright and early for ALL of you wonderful Moms and Moms-to-be out there. Where would we be without our Moms?
Red Sox baseball coming up!

Five Was An Unlucky Number For The Red Sox Last Night

The number 5 proved unlucky not once but three times for the Boston Red Sox last night, as the Baltimore Orioles defeated them 6-3 Friday night at Fenway. The first 5 was the number five starter, Julian Tavarez. He was shaky at best and gave up 10 hits and 5 runs, 4 earned (more on that later) in 5 innings. We expect 5 innings from him, no more and no less, but for him to be an effective member of the rotation, he'll have to limit the run production to 3 or less. He's gone soon anyways.
The second and third times 5 proved to be the kiss of death, at least Friday night, was Wily Mo Pena's outfield play in the 5th inning. Read this, from the Courant, and then I'll be back with a few harsh comments.......

"Tavarez, who will move to the bullpen as soon as Jon Lester returns, was victimized by right fielder Pena's fifth-inning follies. Markakis started the inning with a single, his third hit off Tavarez, and went to third when Tejada hit a grounder inside third base. Markakis scored the go-ahead run on a grounder by Ramon Hernandez. Two batters later, Mora hit a fly to right that carried over Pena's head. He took a bad route to the ball as it landed on the warning track for a double that made it 4-2.
Pena did a better job tracking a fly ball by Jay Gibbons, only to drop it for an error that allowed Mora to score the third run of the inning. Pena said he lost it in the lights.
Pena was mocked by the crowd in each of the next two innings. Corey Patterson led off the sixth with a single to right. As Pena picked up the ball and threw it in, the fans cheered. He received an even louder ovation in the seventh as he caught a fly by Tejada.
"I'm used to that because they do that all the time when somebody drops a ball here," Pena said."

Peter here. And Wily Mo, the Fenway crowd knows what it's doing. They know you can't catch the ball unless it's hit right at you. They know that you are a defensive liability who has NO BUSINESS PLAYING IN A MAJOR LEAGUE OUTFIELD. So when they mock cheered you, they knew what they were doing and they will continue to do it until you make a career change and become a DH for some other team.
OK, I feel better now. I knew WMP was going to cost us some games with his clumsy misplays in the outfield. But that doesn't make it any easier to watch this oaf in rightfield.
The Red Sox will get back on track today with Curt Schilling set to face the O's Steve Traschel. The O's are in 2nd place and only 6 games back. Let's make that 7. 1pm basball with perfect weather.....nirvana ala Fenway.
Click on the title for more on last night's rightfielder, Wily Mo Pena. And from there, you can read the entire Globe coverage. And don't worry. We'll get 'em today. I know it!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Do You Feel Like Running?

This is from today's Globe, and then I'll be back with the obvious other part of the equation that makes our 2007 Boston Red Sox SO good.......
"Our guys have been so confident when they take the mound, starting with Josh [Beckett] and Curt [Schilling], and you see Dice-K making all of his adjustments to get back to where he needed to be his last time out. Our guys work very hard for this." These are Tito's words...
"We really like our lineup, but it starts and ends with pitching."
Francona also believes the team is playing well defensively. One thing he took from this road trip, which featured domed stadiums with artificial surfaces, is that the Red Sox no longer seem out of place.
With the rotation, Francona said, "That gives you a chance to win every night. It takes the heat off the bullpen."
There is also the expectation that J.D. Drew (.257, 2 HRs) will hit and Julio Lugo (.227) will become more consistent on offense. The Dustin Pedroia-Alex Cora platoon at second is working well with both contributing at the plate. Mike Lowell (.303, 7 HRs) is off to an excellent start. David Ortiz (.310, 8 HRs) is hot. Manny Ramírez (2 for 4 last night, bumping his average to .250) is starting to get his swing back. Varitek (.272) has also found his stroke. Mirabelli made a game-changing play last night when, after Frank Thomas struck out with the bases loaded, he picked Troy Glaus off first base to end the first inning. That changed the complexion of Wakefield's outing.

"This might be a team that can run away with it."
You see, my title made sense! And yes, running would be so great, right through the very end of October. And the bullpen? "Our Pen Pals?" WHAT MORE COULD WE ASK FOR? I have a feeling of confidence, but I do know it's only May 11th. I ask you, my faithful readers, to comment about exactly how YOU feel on this gray Friday May 11, 2007. A year, just maybe, to remember. FOREVER. And the weather for the upcoming 3 game series at our Fens will be fine, just fine! That's a promise!

Wakefield And His Knuckler Help To Sweep The Jays Out Of Contention

8-0. Another impressive win for the Boston Red Sox, who are white hot. They're getting great pitching and hitting and very good defense. And yesterday, after a shaky first for Wakefield was ended by a strike 'em out throw 'em out double play executed by Mirabelli and Youklis, it was ALL Wakefield through the 7th inning. His ERA stands at a league best 1.79. The Darkman, Hideki Okajima (see the last paragraph for more on the Darkman), threw a clean and quick 8th, and Romero followed that with a one hit ninth. Poof, game over, we're outta town and going home with a sweep. The trip back to Boston must have been sweet indeed.
So the Red Sox have won 16 of their last 21 games. They stand up high with a record of 23-10. The 23-10 start matches the third best in franchise history at this point of the season, trailing only the 1946 (26-7) and 2002 (24-9) teams. Mike Lowell continued his torrid hitting with another home run, this one a three run shot. Youk had 3 hits and he has also been clutch and hot. Manny had 2 base hits while Cora had his usual 2. Oh, and as for Alex Cora, the Red Sox have won all 10 games in which he has started. WOW!!! And Mike Lowell said about his club........

"We're just playing good baseball, man," said Mike Lowell, who hit a three-run homer to cap a six-run third inning that gave the Sox a 7-0 lead. "We're pitching, we're hitting, we're playing defense, we're clicking right now."

Peter here, and yes, they are clicking. And they're headed home to Fenway. The land of frenzied fans and countless dreams. Dreams of first place. Dreams of 2004 redux. Always.

Click on the title of this post for a great article from the Herald about our "hero of the dark," the Darkman, Hideki Okajima. Have a great weekend everyone! Love you all!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Home Runs And The Daisuke We've Been Waiting For! 22-10....Not Bad!!

The Boston Red Sox continued to get great pitching and for the second game in a row hit 4 home runs, which was more than enough for Daisuke Matsuzaka. Whatever between-starts changes he made to his routine, they helped. He went 7 innings, giving up 5 hits and only 1 run while fanning 8. Now that's more like it! The homers were hit by Julio Lugo, Manny Ramirez, Big Papi and Mike Lowell. Donnelly came in and pitched a clean 8th and Piniero was a slob in the ninth when the game was out of reach. Some closer he would have been. And here is more on Daisuke's change of between-start activities, so different than pitchers in America. Thanks to the Herald from the Hub of the Universe....Boston, for this........

"Daisuke Matsuzaka was already at Rogers Centre, putting himself through a vigorous workout approximately four hours before his start against the Toronto Blue Jays last night.
Coming on the heels of a 109-pitch bullpen session Sunday, the Red Sox [team stats] right-hander threw in the outfield for approximately 25 minutes and ran a series of sprints at full intensity on the empty field - a unique pregame routine for a pitcher about to make a start.
After getting pounded by the Seattle Mariners in his last appearance, it was difficult to determine if Matsuzaka was still searching for a suitable between-starts regimen or if he was simply punishing himself for his five embarrassing innings at Fenway Park last Thursday.
Regardless of his motivation, Matsuzaka’s unconventional tactics seemed to work. He allowed only one run on five hits in seven strong innings to lead the Sox to a 9-3 victory.
The 26-year-old, who was hammered for seven runs in only five frames against Seattle, struck out eight last night, walking three and holding the Blue Jays hitless in three at-bats with runners in scoring."

Peter here. So the Sox, OUR Sox, move to 22-10 and face reeling Toronto's best pitcher, Doc Halladay. Tim Wakefield will oppose him. Click on this post's title for something....I don't know what, but it'll be there. And it is, along with the preceding additional words from the Herald about Daisuke's totally Japanese preparation for a start. Hey, if it works, Diasuke, KEEP DOING IT! We need you so much every 5th day. You're part 3 of our future 3 game winning streaks. And Wakes makes 4! Be well everyone!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Well Said!

An editorial from the Courant of Connecticut, about, yet again, Roger Clemens.....but so well said. Here you go! And thank you Hartford Courant......

Now Pitching ... Clemens
May 9, 2007

"Yankee fans see it as the bold stroke needed to put the Bombers back in the World Series.
Red Sox fans view it as an act of desperation by a faltering dynasty.
Fans of other American League teams - there apparently are such people, in pockets, here and there - may view it as the arrogance of the haves, the coddling of a superstar, whatever.
In short, the New York Yankees' signing of pitcher Roger Clemens is perfect fodder for baseball arguments. The burly Texan is perhaps the premier moundsman of the past two decades. We recall one evening in 1986 when our Red Sox writer had wrapped up his game story by the late innings, only to realize that Mr. Clemens was about to strike out his 20th Seattle Mariner.
That his services are still in demand a few months before his 45th birthday speaks to an almost freakish level of strength and endurance. Mr. Clemens was snubbed in 1996 by a Red Sox general manager who thought the hurler was in the twilight of his career. It has been a long and productive twilight: Mr. Clemens has won 156 games and four Cy Young awards since he left Boston.
Love him or hate him, and he inspires both emotions, Mr. Clemens remains a draw. Local fans remember that Mr. Clemens finished the 1983 minor league season with a handful of games for the New Britain Red Sox. He drew a good crowd, which has seemed to grow over the years. If Mr. Clemens faces the Red Sox this summer, who would miss it?"

Peter here, and that's a great question. I remember Rocket from his New Britain days. And we'll see him next month in pinstripes, won't we? And the Rocket will be ROCKED! Courtesy of our Boston Red Sox. But we'll have to wait. Tonight our Sox will try to baffle the Jays once again. NESN and NESN HD...pregame at 6pm EDT. Daisuke will try to avoid his "one inning" mayhem. And I hope he will! In fact, I'll come right out and say this.......HE WILL.

Seven Up

Josh Beckett last night continued his perfect season with a 9-2 victory over the Toronto Blue Jays. He went 7 innings, allowing 1 run on 5 hits. He only threw 89 pitches. The bullpen finished the game, but not without some anxious moments provided by Devern Hansack, who needed 33 pitches in his one inning of work. Luckily the game was a blowout at the time, with 4 players hitting the long ball. And those 4 were Tek, Mike Lowell, Dustin Perdroia and Kevin Youklis. Youk again was hit in the left leg. That's twice in 2 games. He is day to day.
So the Red Sox move their record to 21-10, the best in the American League. They are cruising with dominant starting pitching and a bullpen that's been so clutch. And that's a recipe for success......bigtime. Tonight, Daisuke Matsuzaka will try to avoid the one inning per start breakdown that has so concerned the club. He HAS to throw strikes. Pure and simple. If he develops some consistancy, this club will be devastatingly good. First pitch time is 7pm tonight in the Canadian dome. And you can click on the title of this post for more on Josh Beckett, who right now is the ace of the club. And the league. And we love it.
How about some nice Beckett numbers? Right here, at your service, thanks to the Hartford Courant........
Josh Beckett (7-0, 2.51 ERA) is one of six Red Sox pitchers to win his first seven starts. His outings:

April 4
at Royals
Score: 7-1
IP: 5
H: 2 ER: 1 K: 5

April 10
vs. Mariners
Score: 14-3
IP: 7
H: 2 ER: 1 K: 8

April 16
Vs. Angels
Score: 7-2
IP: 6
H: 6 ER: 1 K: 5

April 21
Vs. Yankees
Score: 7-5
IP: 62/3
H: 9 ER: 4 K: 7

April 26
At Orioles
Score: 5-2
IP: 8
H: 8 ER: 2 K: 3

May 2
Vs. A's
Score: 6-4
IP: 7
H: 6 ER: 3 K: 7

May 8
Score: 9-2
IP: 7
H: 5
ER: 1
K: 5

Peter here, and one word describes the Josh season so far. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

TONIGHT, In Toronto, It's Josh Baseball Time

The following blurb is from Mass Live dot com, and the link is there for the clicking. How? This post's title will take you down that yellow brick road to happiness. Lions, tigers and bears. And our Red Sox! Read on....and again, the full article is right here when you click on the title.

"Josh Beckett continues to find his name intertwined with names revered in pitching lore - Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez and Babe Ruth.
In the annals of Boston Red Sox pitching, Beckett already has exceeded Martinez in one special category - most decisions won in a season before losing one.
Pedro's best start with the Red Sox came in 2000, when he went 5-0. He went on to an 18-6 record and his third Cy Young Award.
Tonight at Toronto, Beckett (6-0) has a chance to outdo Clemens, the renowned Rocket who made huge news Sunday when he announced over the Yankee Stadium public-address system that he had agreed to join the Yankees pitching staff."

Peter here. And I have faith when Josh "baseball" Beckett takes the mound. Tonight.....7pm. Can we ALL say 7-0?
And oh, I forgot. Roger who?? Faint memories still reside in my thoughts. He's the guy who is and always will be a two-faced son of a gun. THAT'S HIM. I thought you would remember. And yes, I could have phrased it a little differently. But I didn't. And when "he" thinks he's ready, and he takes the mound for his first start for "that" team, I will unleash my thoughts. PG style. I hope I can do that!! It might be tough.
Our Sox are 20-10........our piece of heaven on earth. For ALL of us. So enjoy, and thanks for being here. And click on that title....the Josh article made ME smile! You will too!

Once More....the Yankees And Their New Elderly Pitcher. Were They Foolish? Were They Smart? Or Is Georgie Getting Senile? Maybe All Of The Above?

First of all, I wish George the best as he ages. My Dad developed Alzheimer's when he went into his mid-70s, and I would not wish that on anyone.
The Boston Herald's Gerry Callahan wrote a wonderful article about the ongoing relationship between Roger Clemens and his BELOVED New York Yankees. Here's a little bit of it, and the ENTIRE ARTICLE is yours by clicking on the title of this post. Here you go. GC writes so well!

"And now? Now the Yankees are just kind of pathetic. These days, their game plan seems to be simple. The Boss is old and getting older. They need to win and win now. Do something, anything, everything. They’ve already used five rookie starters, and that didn’t work. Now they’re turning their lonely eyes to a guy who was a rookie two years before Phil Hughes was born. How desperate are they? This is the baseball equivalent of purchasing a mail-order bride from Outer Mongolia."

Peter here...and I must disagree with a couple things. First of all, the Yanks' young and unproven pitchers, kids really, have been great. But I wish Roger no luck at all...his body might break down, but then again, it might not! If anyone can do it at his age, and I hate to say this, he can. But I hope not. And please click on the title of this post. Gerry Callahan wrote something special. He has something to say. So click. For me!!!! And pitcher Roger Clemens was so much a part of my youth. I still have to try hard to hate him. But as I said yesterday, his heart is as black as the pinstripes he so loves. Faithful no more. Yes Roger, I'm talking about you. Thanks for the late made me so happy. But now? Now that means nothing. Nada, no mucho, blackness when there should be light. A deep black hole full of no emotions. FULL OF NOTHING! How do you sleep at night?????

Thanks, my readers. YOU ARE THE BEST.

A New Blog On My Link List

And it's called "Red Sox Yesteryear." In blogwriter John's own words........

"I've been working feverishly to put together a "this day in Red Sox history blog." Each day I will post a new bit of
information about the Red Sox. Here's an example from my blog..... "Its time for spring training in 1936 and it is
reported in The Sporting News Red Sox players are not permitted to bring their cars to spring training." Little
interesting Red Sox facts will be posted for the most part daily."

Peter here, and Red Sox Yesteryear is on my link list, on the right side of this page. Or you can click on this post's title. But that's for this post only. In the future, just go to my link list. I know I'm going to check there every day. Good work John!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Clemens...One More Time

Now wait, my faithful readers...I know we're all a little sick of the back and forth about Roger Clemens. have to read this. Ken Rosenthal, from Fox Sports dot com, wrote one of the best articles I have read so far about Steinbrenner's money spending spree of Sunday May 6th. Not a bad move by the 70-something year old owner of a team that needed JUST this. JUST THIS. Call him crazy, but he still has (I think) baseball smarts. If the Boston Red Sox were in the same dire situation, and $10 million more would have brought him back to Beantown, they would have done it. Crazy money well spent by a desperate team. And a NOT so crazy owner. Will it prove to be the bonanza that owner George Steinbrenner is striving for, as EVERY owner should? It very well might. The future will tell. But I do want you to click on the title of this post. If you're on, just come over to my blog. The title here is an active link.

Everyone, all my readers, on this Monday, a day after "that Sunday", a Sunday we will all remember, I promise this. For good, for bad, I love the 2007 Boston Red Sox...the players, the coaches, the........the........the everything! Toronto here we come. And it does look like Roger Clemens will pitch his first game for "that" team against the very team I love. C'mon...the team we ALL love. Will we beat him and his team? Oh yes!!!!!!

And I DO have to say this. When May turns to June, when flowers are in bloom, when other teams will swoon. THE BOSTON RED SOX WILL BE IN FIRST PLACE. We'll be there. I know.....all year!

Now click on the title....and thanks.

The Day After........

First the good news......Curt Schilling was invincible for 6 2/3 innings, headed towards a complete game. And then.....he was gone. Hideki "the Darkman" Okajima came in to relieve him and allowed one inherited 7th inning run. And then he pitched a clean 8th. Pap's time? Yes sir! 14 pitches later, Paps recorded his 10th save. It was over. 4-3 Sox, 2 of 3 from the Twins IN the Dome, and a first place record of 20-10. Not bad. Not bad at all. And guess who was hot at the plate. None other than Dustin Pedroia, who went 5 for 6 in the series and has raised his average from .184 to .239. The Red Sox have an off day today before a 3 game set in Toronto. They're in good shape and will have Beckett, Matsuzaka, who hopefully will be able to throw strikes and keep runners off the bases, and Timmy Wakefield.
The bad news? Clemens to the Yankees from June onward. It all came down to money, and the Yankees' offer made him the highest paid player in baseball. Roger Clemens proved that his heart is as dark as the pinstripes he so loves. But he'll be pitching in the American league. To DH hitters and strong lineups. Nearing 45, we'll see what he can do. Can he keep his ERA at or under 3.00 at that age? To be honest, I'd have to say yes, but I'll be rooting against him. I was willing to give him a chance. Now he's run out of chances. FOREVER.
I linked the Jeff Jacobs Hartford Courant article about the Rocket. If you haven't ever read any of his pieces, well, get used to it. He is featured here at least once a week. Sports writing doesn't get much better. Just click on the title of this post.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Schill To Oki To Paps....PHEW!!!!!

Curt Schilling ran out of gas in the middle of the pitch-filled 7th, and at times the Sox ran themselves out on the basepaths. Those gaffes almost came back to bite them you-know where, but then Hideki "the Darkman" Okajima bailed the club out. JUST. He allowed 2 inherited runners to score, but pitched through the 8th. And then it was "PAPS" TIME. 1-2-3. Game over. The Red Sox win and take 2 of 3 from the Twinkies, cream filled or not. The Sox are 20-10 on this bad news Sunday. A full wrap-up right here in the morning as the Sox travel to Toronto for an off day Monday and a 3 game series starting Tuesday. 20-10...NOT BAD! Clemens be damned!

Clemens To Return To Yankees


"Clemens revealed that he'll return to the Yankees this season, making a dramatic announcement from the owner's box during the seventh-inning stretch. Clemens said this......"Well, they came and got me out of Texas and I can tell you it's a privilege to be back," Clemens said. "I'll be talking to y'all soon."

Not to me, Roger. Peter here. Pure and are dead to me! And we will wipe you out every time you dare to take the mound against us. You are a money-hungry FAT pig who is going to pitch for a last place club. Click on the title of this post for the SI article.

FAITHFUL. WE ARE! AN HBO Special. In The Works!

This from the Globe, and my comments after. There is no need for me to link anything except for the Amazon link to the book you should read, if you haven't you go......
Red Sox brass make pitch for star treatment in HBO's 'Faithful'
By Carol Beggy & Mark Shanahan | May 4, 2007

"Faithful," the book about the '04 BoSox written by diehards Stephen King and Stewart O'Nan, is coming to HBO. The cable network is creating a six-part miniseries based on the improbable dream season, which culminated in the franchise's first World Series win in 86 years.

Sox co-owner Tom Werner, who's pals with the miniseries' executive producer Bill Haber, said yesterday that screenwriter Bill Diamond will be in Boston soon to begin work on the project. ( Diamond's credits include "Wings" and "Murphy Brown," and he's a Boston-area native.)
"He'll be meeting with various members of the team to get the real scoop," Werner said.
While the book is based on King and O'Nan's obsessive e-mails and journal entries, the six hourlong segments will include story lines from the perspective of fans, players, and the front office. With any luck, Werner said, the miniseries could air in '08. And if you're already casting the characters in this small screen send-up, you're not alone. Werner kidded that he could be played by George Clooney; John Henry by James Woods; Theo Epstein by Adrian Grenier; and Larry Lucchino by Clive Owen.
"At least that's who Larry Lucchino thinks should play Larry Lucchino," Werner said, laughing.
And the ballplayers? Werner said one person suggested the role of Manny Ramirez go to Whoopi Goldberg. (Might we suggest Manny be Manny?) (Peter here...YES!) Asked if the movie could cause the current team to lose focus on the field, Werner said no.
"Part of our responsibility is to keep the Red Sox brand as strong as possible," he said, "and the triumph of '04 is quite a remarkable story."
Peter here, and yes, I own the book. 6 one hour installments? My goodness, we of RSN will be in heaven. Trust me! The book is a wonderful bundle of words with the remarkable cover photograph of AROD getting what he deserved from our Captain, Jason Varitek. It's available in softcover now (click on the title)........and Stewart O'Nan lives in my town, a scant 5 miles away. Stephen King? I can't begin to tell you how much he has meant to me. I've read everything he's ever written, since those long-ago days in the early 70s. Carrie, and then the suddenly so shocking and so good Salem's Lot, the Stand, and the Shining. And the first long-ago installment of THE GUNSLINGER? That's a whole different story, but I was there. Happy, full of wonder while confounded and delighted. So happy that someone could put into words what my mind can picture. You see, that is his gift. To ALL of us.
This book is a time capsule of that magic year of 2004. And a love story about the team we love to love. I hope you can check it out. I'll leave you the Amazon link....just click on the title. And wow...HBO, this should be AMAZING! And thanks to the Boston Globe, for bringing it to my attention. Good news, for all of us. And thank you Stewart and Stephen...your book brought tears of joy to this reader! I mean that, as tears blur my typing fingers right now. And I know Red Sox fans the world over will be overjoyed.. Please, my readers, click on the title, read this book.....and let's win today!