Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Another OUCH

From The Globe's EB..........
"Wily Mo Pena underwent diagnostic testing and further examination on Tuesday. He has an injury to the hamate bone in his left wrist. The plan is to perform a surgical procedure on Thursday morning to treat the injury."
***Peter here, and our Red Sox are going through their own version of Hello Goodbye. Not to worry. This too shall pass.

OFFICIAL...Roger a $22 Million Dollar Rocket

At 1:08 PM EDT, nuff said.

Chicago On Houston On Rocket

This from this morning's Chicago Tribune, just one of a soon to be rapidly growing crescendo of Rocket news...but for now, this is enough. At least here.........

"Lured back by a chance to help his hometown Houston Astros get back to the World Series, Roger Clemens has decided against retirement. He is expected to sign a contract this week that makes him the highest-paid temp in history, and he could be on a mound for the Astros within two weeks.
Yankees' manager Joe Torre said he didn't expect Clemens to return to New York, where he pitched in four World Series, most recently the 2003 loss to the Florida Marlins.
"Kiddingly, you said things and stuff [about a return to the Yankees], but no, I never really seriously thought he would come to us," Torre said before the Yankees' victory Tuesday night in Detroit.
Torre didn't think Clemens would leave the Astros.
"Houston's just such a perfect fit for him," he said. "He lives there, and Andy [Pettitte] is on the team. That's why he came back before, and the circumstances haven't changed."

***Peter here, and I couldn't agree with Joe more. Bye for now.

Beckett BLASTED By Blue Jays


Vernon Wells was a one man wrecking crew, with able backup from Troy Glaus, as Josh Beckett was hammered for 4 home runs and 7 runs in 4 and 2/3 innings by the 3rd place and closing Toronto Blue Jays. Coupled with the extra inning Yankee win over the suddenly impotent Detroit Tigers, there is a virtual tie for first place between the Yankees and the Red Sox, with the Blue Jays trailing 1 and 1/2 games back. Too close to call. And Josh's ERA has balooned to near 4.50. Toronto scored 3 in the bottom of the first and never looked back, improving their record against the Sox to 7-3 with 9 to go. They can't come quickly enough.
David Pauley will make the jump from Triple A tonight. He throws a nasty sinker about 80% of the time. Maybe fresh blood on the mound will quiet these pesky birds. Nothing else has worked. At least this season.

Roger Clemens To Stay Put

The Houston Astros are denying a report from Newsday that they and Roger Clemens have agreed to terms that would enable them to have the Rocket Man pitch for them every 5th day for the remainder of this season and post season. But the writing is on the wall, and who can be surprised? All thoughts of a 3 ace Red Sox rotation will have to remain where they have been all year. In our dreams. Well, better Houston than New York. Have a good season Roger. And who can blame you? Houston's terms were too good to pass up. And staying in your hometown, with your family? Also too good. Nobody came close.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What's The MATTer???

Matt, what is wrong? You absolutely S U C K. That's right, it's an easy word to spell. But it's a lot harder watching you pitch these days. Take, for instance, your last 2 starts. In 7 and 2/3 innings you've given up 14 runs, 16 hits, and your ERA is so high you would be required by law to declare it on your income tax forms. Would you believe 6.91. How about for the entire month of May? 2-2 with a 7.82 ERA. We can't take it anymore. We just can't. With Boomer sidelined for a couple weeks (?), the club cannot afford to have the kind of automatic losses your starts have led to. Whatever it is, FIX IT!!!
In other news, the club is trying to decide who will start in Boomer's place this Wednesday. Craig Hansen's name has been mentioned. He has been stretched in AAA to 4 innings, but we have to be careful with him. Plus his normal turn doesn't come up until Thursday. We will see him as part of the long-term solution this year. Before the All Star break. And don't be surprised if that comes as he being a part of the rotation. Especially if Rocket Roger decides to stay in Texas. We will find out soon. Real soon. And I cannot wait. Josh Beckett tonight, in a big game. A win would take all "sweep pressure" out of this series. And with the unknown status of our Wednesday starter, that would be such a good thing.

Monday, May 29, 2006

And Good News For Tonight, AND The Future

From the Globe, and then for me, it's on to a holiday cookout....."The Sox' preferred starting lineup could be intact tonight for the first time since April 8 in Baltimore: Coco Crisp, Mark Loretta, David Ortiz, Ramírez, Trot Nixon, Jason Varitek, Mike Lowell, Kevin Youkilis, and Alex Gonzalez . . . Craig Hansen made his third start of the season Saturday for Triple A Pawtucket, allowing only one hit and no runs over four innings, walking four and striking out three while lowering his ERA to 2.29. In his three starts he's 0-1 with a 1.54 ERA ."
Be well. And go Matt. And Craig? Maybe we'll be seeing you. Soon.

Remember. Check Out My Listed Links!!

There is a new link listed, thanks to Cyn's wonderful blog called "Red Sox Chick." And that blog is a Yankee blog, but the writer, known as Dave, knows his baseball AND loves the game, just as Cyn and Jere (Sox Fan In Pinstripe Territory) do. In fact, they are my inspiration for this little place. I'm talking about Cyn and Jere, and another. So check them out, and for a differing but still baseball-wise angle, check out the Mad Dog. All listed, with so many wonderful others, under links. I love 'em all.
On to Canada, where Matt Clement has some work to do. To quash all the hatred that has been directed toward him because of his last feeble effort. Hey Matt....YOU CAN DO IT! I think. I, and we, will know much more later, on this sacred Memorial Day. The Yankees do play this afternoon, against the suddenly potent Tigers. To my readers, take care. I treasure each and every precious few of you. And I wish there were more.

Knuckle Sandwich On Rye With Everything. Hold The Ninth

Heart wrenching. Gut busting. Mad as hell. All of the above. After our very own Tim Wakefield, with the help of the best defense in baseball, stymied the Devil Rays for 8 innings, walking no one and throwing 70 of his 108 pitches for nasty strikes, Rudy Seanez and Julian Tavarez almost blew it. Oh, throw in an assist from Doug Mirabelli, who let a Tiant-esque delivery motion from Tavarez fool him enough to enable the strike three two out ball to get by him. That would have ended the game. Instead, it unhinged Tavarez, who proceeded to walk the next 2 hitters. It was a Tampa Bay managerial mistake that finally did end it, sending Gaithright around 3rd towards home, where he was nailed by the left fielder Willie Harris' fine throw. The crowd could relax, grab their stuff, and go home. The Sox had won their fourth straight, going 12 games over .500. A Wakefield gem turned into nervous twitters. But a win nevertheless. And the way Wakes pitched, we all have to be happy. The bullpen? Without Timlin and Papelbon-a big question mark. Get better Mike. And boy oh boy, Mark Loretta remains white hot.
On to Toronto. Oh Canada.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

"Learn To Live With What You Can't Rise Above"...

These words were written by Bruce Springsteen, in 1987's TUNNEL OF LOVE. And I'm referring to the latest of our guys on the DL.....Mike Timlin (sore shoulder) and Wily Mo (sore wrist).
May their stints be brief, as we welcome Coco back to our lineup. Leading off. And "Little Manny" in the 'pen. Today at Fenway. Go Tim. And everyone.....enjoy!

Swiped From Firebrand....And YES, Anticipation

And you will find their link under...links! If you've never been, you are in for a treat. And I hope he goes East.
" By the way, word has it Roger Clemens will decide who he pitches for by the end of the week. Talk about anticipation."

Vintage Curt Quote

The crowd had been chanting his name for long minutes after this game had become a part of history. And when the time came, our hero bolted out of the dugout and doffed his hat to everyone in the wildly cheering crowd, and then to his family, safely nestled in a vacant radio broadcast booth high above the diamond. And afterwards, he summed up the experience, the love, better than anyone could. From today's Globe....

"I just know that walking out on that field after the game is an experience I'll never forget," Schilling said.`I'll never forget what those fans just did for me . . . All the good memories that I have in the game are generated and created by the atmosphere. These fans have been unbelievable since the first day I put a uniform on and they've never stopped, and tonight was just another experience that I'll never forget."

***Peter here, and Curt, we won't forget either. Thanks, from all of our hearts. Somewhere up above, I think even Lou Gehrig was watching. And smiling. And knowing. You did good. And you know what? We'll never forget, either.

Schill 200-Paps 18 Straight-Wells Ok, Might Not Miss Start

So much news in the title, huh? A more detailed post will follow, but Schill had 5 easy innings and 2 tough ones as he won his 200th start of a storied career. With his family watching, he charmed the fans at Fenway yet again with his milestone victory.
Paps came on in the 9th, needing only 7 pitches, 5 of them strikes, to secure number 18 straight! YES!
And Terry Francona said yesterday that other than a terrible bruise, there was no apparant structural damage to Boomer's right knee, and that he might not miss a start. That sounds a little optimistic to me, for if he has to miss one start, that would be totally understandable, and maybe even wise. But the collective "phew"s coming out of the northeast were audible even to those hard of hearing.
To all, enjoy the near perfect weather Mother Nature, the sometime beast, has served us today and tomorrow, and remember our troops in what you do and what you say. After all, this is Memorial Day weekend. God bless them, every one.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


I'm writing this short post to say something about tonight's start for Curt Schilling against the hapless team from Central Florida. For the last 3 years, he has been a backbone of our pitching staff. 2004? We all remember that rotation that featured Petey and Curt at the top. We remember the bloody sock and the miraculous comeback over the hated Yankees, leading into the 4 game sweep over the Cardinals. We remember last year, a year of frustration for us, but much more, for HIM. He knew what he was capable of doing on the mound, but the lack of balance, the weak ankle that jeopardized his entire sense of balance, betrayed him. His location, that mere half inch that makes all the difference in the world, had deserted him. He accepted a new role, that of would-be closer. And he did it willingly, knowing that that might be the best place where he could help the team. Rearing back and throwing. No finess. No location. No mix-up of pitch selections. And it didn't work.
But wait! We've seen this year, in his first 4 starts, what had really deserted him last year. And we can further feel the pain he must have been going through. So tonight? Tonight is for you Curt Schilling. We'll all be standing, at Fenway and at home, and shouting our vocal chords raw with emotion for you. For you and for number 200.

Paps Sets Rookie Saves Record In Costly Sox Victory

This one hurt. On a night the Royals won their first game in 2 weeks, against the Yankees no less, David Wells was looking good. Effective with his pitches, moving well when he had to field the ball, and giving up only one lone run, it all came undone in the 5th, when a line drive hit his right knee and sent him tumbling to the ground, twisting and turning with the pain. Where'd it hit him again? Of course, where it would hurt the most, his right knee. OUCH! His pain was our pain last night on what was later deemed to be a deep contusion. I hope that's not the end for him.
It was Big Papi and Mikey Lowell with the big hits and the game winners, as the bullpen held on and the Red Sox beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 8-4 on this eve of the Memorial Day weekend. Jonathon Papelbon came on to get the final hitter, the ever dangerous Crawford, who had homered off Keith Foulke the inning before. 2 games up on the Yanks. Schill goes for his 200th victory tonight. And our hopes turn to David Wells, to heal. To come back and pitch again. We need ya Boomer.

Friday, May 26, 2006

I Think This Is On The Level...Up To You Guys Now.....

2nd email received today, Friday, and I am passing it on just in case.......Let me know if something happens!!

Hello there, my name is Hedy Melamed and I am a casting director at
I am looking for a family that are HUGE RED SOX fans.
I need to find one immediately.
Can you help me?

It's for Fox's hit reality show "Trading Spouses." If you are not
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Also check out and click on the Trading Spouses icon.

My email address is
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And my best---Peter!

The Biggest Difference Is....

This quote from today's Globe encapsulates what is the shining part of our 2006 Red Sox...."The Sox now are 25-0 when leading after eight innings, 23-1 when leading after seven, and 21-2 when leading after six."
***Peter here, and we ALL know why those numbers are as sweet as they are. Sweet? Make that super sweet with extra everything. The tail end of our bullpen, Foulkie, Timlin, and Paps, is imposing, to say the least. And for that we must be happy. Last year, when the 'pen was called, fingernail clippings hit the floor, rugs became frayed by the incessant pacing, and the heart rates of all Sox lovers were jacked up to an unhealthy nervous jangling. NOT THIS YEAR. Smile. You see? That grin came naturally, didn't it? When I think 9th inning, Paps trotting in, the smile is an automatic reflexive body response. And that is just so nice. Something we will all get used to. And this time, the glove fits!

And On The Fifth Day There Is Josh

101 pitches in 6 innings. Usually that spells a frustrating night for the Red Sox, but not last night. Behind the electric pitching of Josh Beckett, and the hot bat of Mark Loretta, among others, the Sox were 4-1 victors. Tampa Bay was able to extend its at bats to chase Josh after 6, but the pen held its ground, and Paps came in for his 16th save, a 4 out save at that.
There were defensive heroics, but none bigger than Loretta's, who is batting .402 this month. That's right.....402! He ranged to the shortstop side of the infield on a throw that sailed out of Gonzalez' glove, snared it, and threw out Julio Lugo, who was trying to stretch a certain double into a three bagger. He was not successful, much like his team.
So we go 9 games over .500 yet again, and a full game up on the Yankees. Wells versus the always tough Scott Kazmir tonight. This might be a game where we'll need 6 or 8 runs. We'll see. To everyone leaving for their holiday weekend, be safe, be happy.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pitching Pitching, Get Your Red Hot Pitching Here

There will come a point, maybe, that the Sox will need pitching, starting pitching. This year. From the Herald, "the Red Sox are now 12-13 in games started by anyone other than Curt Schilling and Josh Beckett."

***Peter here, and ouch, I thought that stat would be something like that. Or a little worse! Wake? No run support. Clement? What are we about to see on the mound tonight? Number 5 (insert DiNardo, Wells, or etc.), no clue. This will not work, and that is why Friday's start by the big lefty against none other than Scott Kazmir is so important. And not important "win this game and thats all that matters," but important in the long term, for the rest of this "promising but still missing a few parts" 2006.

Coco, Drink This!

From Yahoo....."Drinking lemonade could help prevent painful kidney stones, new research shows.
Regular consumption of the refreshing drink -- or even lemon juice mixed with water -- may increase the production of urinary citrate, a chemical in the urine that prevents the formation of crystals that may build up into kidney stones."

***Peter here, and OK, maybe that's too much information. But just in case, I wanted to get the word out there on the off chance Coco will see. Drink up!

For Better Or Worse

RJ, after the third, kept getting better for his 2 remaining innings. Matt Clement, or MC, should have been given the hammer. He stunk. But it was the Yankees who ALMOST did us a favor by line driving him out of the game. But no such luck. He stuck around long enough to feebly give the Yankees 8 runs. They hit the ball hard. They deserved it. But Matt? P U !
Other things....Manny is red hot, but Big Papi is ice cold. Our leftfielder went 8 for 12 with 4 homers and 10 RBI against our enemies from New York. Clement allowed 14 of 27 batters faced to reach base. Yes, it was that good, and that bad. Black and white. Rain or shine. But now it's time to turn the page and forget about this one. 4 with Tampa bay coming up, with one next to impossible match up Friday pitting Scott Kazmir versus David Wells. Win 'em all.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

10 Things I Hate About "THE TEN COMMANDMENTS"....

And this is a trailer for the movie that is a little different. And YES, cut and paste it. I guarantee it is worth it. Until tonight, at Fenway...enjoy.

This Is Nice

From El Globe..."Coco Crisp, provided he suffers no setbacks, will return to the Red Sox lineup Monday at Toronto, having missed exactly seven weeks and 42 games, manager Terry Francona said last night."
***Peter here, and that's a piece of good news. Although I have to think that he'll be "Spring Training" rusty. Just a tad. But his speed at the top of the lineup coupled with the red hot Loretta batting right behind him should be a great combination. And Wily Mo will get his playing time, against lefties for Trot, and whenever Coco or Manny need a rest. So all in all, more flexibility will lead to more victories. Which leads to more smiles on all of our faces. And I like that. More smiles for my readers, who have proven again and again that they're GREAT! Through highs and lows, I thank you. So much.

Too Many Balls...In A Row

Four straight to Jeter, 4 straight to Sheffield, then the double steal as AROD watched 2 more out of the strike zone. At that point, Rodriguez was just waiting for one in the strike zone. And boy, was it. He mashed it for a home run and baseball as we know it, at least for a Tuesday night, was over. 7-1 Yankees, and even though their bullpen tried their best to give it back, put one in the win column for the New York club. Bright spots? Manny's bat. He was 3 for 5 with four RBIs. Trot had another couple hits. But 7-1 was too much, as Mo Rivera was called upon to get the last 5 outs. And he did.
The teams are back at it tonight at 7:05. And I'll be back at it later this morning. We'll get 'em tonight. RJ vs. Clement.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Jeff Jacobs of the Courant...Too Good NOT To Read...

And this is from the Hartford Courant, today, Tuesday May 23rd....

Schilling Not Down For Count After All
BOSTON - If you don't know gehrig38 by now, well, you just haven't logged on in the past three years. Anyway, gehrig38 had a good story to tell after he pitched the kind of game Monday night that scares Yankees fans. Scares them stiff.
"I have a good friend who has ALS. His name is George, and he e-mails every night before I pitch," gehrig38 said after dominating the Yankees for eight innings in a 9-5 Red Sox victory at Fenway Park. "He read my comments after the last start about making changes and how I'd lost this and lost that.
"In a smart-alecky way, he said, `Listen, I lost the ability to talk and to walk. If all you have to do is make an adjustment on your fastball, get your freakin' rear end out there and make an adjustment.' It kind of hit home. When you're struggling, you make a lot out of nothing sometimes. You tend not to focus on what you need to focus on."

For the record, gehrig38 - Curt Schilling - made some adjustments.
He didn't give up three home runs this time.

He didn't allow any.

Jason Giambi, Alex Rodriguez and Jorge Posada didn't embarrass him on Monday night the way they had on May 10 at Yankee Stadium. The Yankees didn't send him back to the clubhouse, chin down, looking for a laptop to play "EverQuest" or cruise the Internet to soothe his aching soul.

There would be no repeat of Ramon Hernandez, rookie Brandon Fahey and Jay Gibbons clubbing Schilling for three home runs in Baltimore on May 16, either.

News flash: Big Schill didn't leave his right arm on the pitcher's mound at Jacobs Field on April 25 after all.

There would be no hard questions about what has happened to Schilling since the whopping 133 pitches he threw that night in Cleveland - the most by a Red Sox pitcher since 2001. There would be no snide comments about Terry Francona's subservience to Schilling's will when it comes to if and when he leaves the mound.

There was only a line to admire: 8 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 6 K. And, oh yes, after allowing three home runs in back-to-back games for the first time in his career, there was no long ball.

Schilling is usually a gas guzzler on the mound, his pitch count mounting. A big part of it, Francona said, is teams foul off so many pitches. On this night, however, he was a model of efficiency, needing only 99 pitches, 72 strikes, for career win No. 199.

"You look up and see him throwing 70 percent strikes," Yankees manager Joe Torre said. "That's pretty impressive."

****Peter here, and YES, impressive is such a great word. Now, on to tonight, when fluttering in the strike zone knuckeballs will throttle the Yankees again. More sweetness. BELIEVE.

Curt Is Aces

Where to start? OK, the starters. Curt Schilling studied video tape, and must have found something. He dominated an overmatched Yankee lineup for 8 innings, giving up only 5 hits while walking none and allowing only a lone run. With a 9-1 lead, Keith Foulke was a disaster in the top of the ninth, but by then it was over. But I do hope his knees haven't started acting up. That we do not need.
Every Sox batter had at least one hit, with the exception of Tek and Trot. While we were slick and polished in the field, the Yankees were slipping and sliding much as if the groundskeepers had applied wax to portions of the outfield grass before the game. Laugh outloud funny stuff. Made even more funny with a big lead.
So all in all, this game was fun. Schilling quieted the worries of his fans with his domination. The Sox are now 3 up in the loss column, with Wright vs. Wakefield tonight. Let's make it 2 in a row. Sheff will be back, and I say a big loud "SO WHAT!!"

Monday, May 22, 2006

18 Years, And I Don't Know What To Do.........

My best little buddy? His Name is Baby Cakes. He's a cat.....and he had a twin brother who passed away 5 years ago. But my little Baby Cakes is having trouble. I know he is getting older. I would gladly give up 5 years of MY life just to have him, and hold him. That's because he's been my best friend for all these years. And I'm crying. I guess I have to push through this so very tough time and do what is best for him. He's sleeping now, with a smile on his face. Maybe that's because we just kissed, even though it's hard for him to make it to the litter box and pee. And I'm so sure that he knows it makes me so sad. My goodness, he's been in my life, just as his brother had, since 1988. Long time? Yes. But I love him so muuch..time doesn't really have any meaning. I mean, I look at his face and give him a nuzzle, just as he gives me nuzzles, and I am heartbroken. But we're still together. And I hope I have the courage to say goodbye. Not yet. I hope. I promise, he'll never suffer. Never anything near. And I'll thank the Big GUY upstairs for so much happiness for so many years. It doesn't make it any easier. He is a huge part of my life. And that will never ever change. I promise.
And this was so tough to write.....
No goodbyes, but I know .....

Hansen And Our Future. And Maybe This Year, If Rocket Misfires And Goes Elsewhere.

The Sox have been extending Hansen's innings down in Triple A. We are in the middle of seeing a closer turn into a guy who is confident that he can start a game and pitch 4 good innings. To be more exact, 4 GREAT innings. And he is being stretched, every appearance, every time he takes the mound and toes the rubber. And when the time comes, All-Star breakish or so, Hansen will be an effective, if not great, 7 inning pitcher. So if Rocket does stay West, or go to the unmentionables, our number 5 slot, if not Boomer, will be in a good place. Hold it! Make that a GREAT place. If that happens, and the Sox still show that they can hit at an above average rate, just like they've been doing, and Fouke and Timlin provide the cushion for "lights out and they will stay out" Jonathon Papelbon, we will be more than fine. Listen to this.... WE WILL TEAR UP THE LEAGUE. Give this team some runs, and a 5th starter, and the world will be our stage. I'm lovin' it! Aren't you? Honestly, think what could happen.........makes ME smile. And proud. After all, this is OUR team. Forever.

Back Home In Sweet Boston. And Loving It

Here we go yet again. The weather guys are smiling. Hell, they'll be smiling on us right through the Memorial Day weekend. That's right! 8 plus days of slowly warming temperatures and fair weather clouds, the winds decreasing as the temperature rises and the days slide toward the holiday weekend time. But our eyes, and our souls, are concentrating on today, Tuesday and Wednesday, when the Yankees are in town. Coming off what should have been a sweep by the Mets (Wagner, you suck. Yeah, still!), they are a bruised a battered bunch. Here are the pitching matchups, with games times at 7:05 pm edt.
Monday---Wang vs. Schilling
Tuesday-- Wright vs. Wakefield
Wednesday--RJ vs. Clement
Not bad at all. No Moose, but there is no Beckett either. The DH is back, and Boston will be humming with nervous excitement. 4 or 5 first inning Red Sox runs would be a quick cure for any nervous jitters, but Wang has been Mr. Ground Ball Out lately. No matter. Our confidence is soaring as high as AROD's is low. 7 men left on base yesterday? Sweet. So tonight, put up your collective feet, crack open a favorite beverage, and take it all in. I know I will. And I'll be back later with some more pre-game quips and quacks.
And my prayers go out to Barbaro. Heal. Stay still. You can make it.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Regarding the post before, DiNardo proves he does not belong in a major league uniform, as he was as hittable as hittable can be. Fat city pitches. Oh Lenny, break a sweat? Hey, did you hear that Wells pitched a good enough 5 innings in Pawtucket, allowing a couple runs? Good enough. See you Friday, Boomer. We first have a little unfinished business back home, with the Yanks. And we're ready. Bring 'em on.

A Personal Talk With Lenny DiNardo

Lenny, how are you feeling? I know this is a big day for you. You know what the club wants. We want 5 or 6 quality innings. We're in this new stadium in Philly, the one where it's easy to poke one out of. So keep your pitches low. That's where you are most effective. Location and speed, but keep 'em low. Ground balls are your best friend in this ballpark. I'm sure you know that. David Wells is having a rehab start today for Pawtucket. And if he does halfway decent, he'll be starting in your place Friday. Do not let that be an issue for you today. You want to help the team. We want you to help the team. So just think about those 5 or 6 quality innings, keeping the ball low in the zone, and then you can take that slow walk to the dugout with your head held high, and your hands out ready to recieve congratualtions from your teamates. Lenny, I, for one, would love to see just that. Go for it kid! And I'd like to think that he'd look me in the eyes and say, "Sure, I'm going for it. I can do this." And there'd be a twinkle in my eyes as he walked away, with a smile. I'm smiling too. Gametime comin' up.

Josh Beckett Pitches AND Powers Sox Past Phillies

Just what the doctor ordered. Another easy win as Josh Beckett settled back into a National League groove with a home run, a single, and 7 great innings pitched. it was an 8-4 Sox win that propelled them to 10 games over .500 with a record of 25-15. We are still 2 games ahead of the lucky Yankees in the lost column. Gonzo also added a home run, a 2 run job. Mike Timlin was lights-out in the 9th after a shaky but OK (generous use of the term) 8th by Julian "trouble" Tavarez
And so it falls to Lenny DiNardo, in what many of us hope will be his last start, as hefty lefty David Wells is slated to go Friday, to provide the innings that enable our team to sweep the Phillies in their own home park. And that would be nice. The Yankees? They play tonight in a game I'll be sure to miss. They're playing ugly with the baseball, and there are many other better uses for my time on a Sunday night than to waste it on them. We'll see 'em soon enough. And they'll BE SORRY they set foot in Fenway. The time to strike is now.
For any of you who watched the heartbreaking horse race yesterday, our prayers go out to the severely, perhaps mortally, wounded Barbaro. It was a shame. I couldn't bear to watch the replay. Heal.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

NO Negativity Here

The Yankee/Mets game just ended. Error filled, from what I hear. But I'm focused on Josh and his team, our team. You see, the only time I REALLY care if the Yankees win, or lose, is when they are playing our team from Boston. And you know what? The game was on in the Sox clubhouse. Nothing like a little extra incentive for 7pm EDT. Incentive that the Boston Red Sox players don't really need. Keep the faith.

Lowell Tek And Papi Power Red Sox Over Phils


Mike Lowell set the tone for this one with a second inning 2 run homer as the suddenly powerful Boston Red Sox made quick work of the team from Philly. Matt Clement pitched 6 2/3 innings, and scored the winning run on Papi's 5th inning home run, a monster blast into the second deck that was gone before the sound of the bat striking the ball reached the fans in the bleachers. Jonathon Papelbon recorded his 15th save as National League fans got their first glimpse at the best closer in baseball. My oh my, that sounds so sweet. And coupled with the Met's 9th inning victory over the hapless and injured Yankees, the Red Sox have a 1 1/2 game lead in the AL East, 2 in the lost column. I'll be back later this morning with more, as this sweet Saturday morning slowly brightens into a beautiful day, and all eyes turn to Petey Martinez and the Mets to again shut down the once mighty Yankees.

Friday, May 19, 2006

A Sparking ERA Is Called Up...His Name?? Abe Alvarez

And the Sox lineup, with no DH in play, is as follows..
RED SOX 5/19/06
1. Trot Nixon, RF
2. Mark Loretta, 2B
3. David Ortiz, 1B
4. Manny Ramirez, LF
5. Jason Varitek, C
6. Mike Lowell, 3B
7. Wily Mo Pena, CF
8. Alex Gonzalez, SS
9. Matt Clement, SP

Coco's Rolling Stones...Gathering Moss?

As George Harrison said, in 1969, "All Things Must Pass," and we hope Coco's kidney stones have done just that. It is a PAINFUL process, precluding any physical activities at all, much less MLB ones, but by the turn of the new month coming up, we should see him back at the top of the order, and hopefully with an OBP near that of Trot and Youk. A tall order? Yeah, but with his speed, if he comes near OBP's like that, we will be just fine. So keep the faith. We are in Philly tonight. WCSG is at the game tonight. And all will be well. Yes, I promise. Oh, and go Mets. Please just stomp on them Yankees, who are weak to begin with before the injury bug, born and bred in MY laboratory, has really started to wreak its havoc. See, I can play scientist. And IT WORKED!!!! Ha haha....(a mad scientist's laugh ensues for minutes, untypable.)

Help Is There, In Pawtucket, If And When We Need It


The 5th starter dilemna may be solved with cash for Clemens, but much more likely is that the answer lies not too far from Boston. In fact, just a mini-hop over the Rhode Island state line. Craig Hansen has been moved from the bullpen into a starting slot. And he has not allowed a run in 7 and two thirds innings (2 starts), lowering his ERA to 2.25. And Jon Lester, our lefty, has been even better. After going 0-4 with a 6.94 ERA in his first 4 starts, he is 2-0 with an ERA of 1.31 in his last 4. Nice! So whatever happens in terms of change in personnel, we have the answers. They are being readied, gaining invaluable experience at Triple A so that they'll be ready when we need them. And I mean WHEN, not IF. It's great to know the answers are there.
In Yankee news, well, there's too much Yankee news, and ALL OF IT BAD!! And I'm not talking about their loss to the Rangers yesterday. The injury bug has hit them over the head hard enough to cause mortal injury. We must distance ourselves from them, now, when they are so beatable. Go Mets. We'll take over Monday.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Jonathon speaks!

And he said this, from the Herald......''I could never start a game again in my life," Papelbon said yesterday afternoon, ''and I'd be happy."
***Peter here, and those words warmed my slowly beating heart. Read on! "Papelbon was a closer in college (Mississippi State) but started 48 of his 58 minor league games and fell in love with that role. He began this year saying his goal was to be a starting pitcher in the major leagues, even if he began the season in the bullpen. That desire?
''It's gone," Papelbon said yesterday. ''Starting does not even enter my brain anymore. I get a lot of satisfaction out of closing. I feel like more of an everyday player. Hopefully, I'll be able to close for a long time.
''I'd never closed in the big leagues before. All of a sudden it's like a newfound glory. It's like, wow. I found out I like it. It's very satisfying."
**Peter back, and WOW!!!! His words made my day. And yours, I hope. He is rapidly becoming the best closer in baseball, and we have a supporting crew of Keith Foulke, Mike Timlin, and (yes!) Julian Tavarez. With set-up like that, we might have the BEST 7th inning on bullpen in all of baseball. And it will be so much fun to find out. All we have to do is wait. And sweat. And cheer and jeer. Cry and rejoice. I can do that. Can you?? I think so. So join me here on this incredible journey in the making. Every day. Right here.......

13 And Out......pitched

*******SNOW REQUSTS TRADE*******

Willie Harris was out. It looked close, but he was out. That he tried to steal after getting the hold sign is one thing, but the Red Sox were outpitched and outplayed last night. Erik Bedard kept getting better and better as the innings went by, and when the O's ninth inning pitcher, their closer Chris Ray, bore down, we were finished. 5 hits, a few wasted opportunities, but a tip of the hat has to go to the O's pitching. This was not a tough one to lose. The Orioles deserved it.
And so we and the Yankees are tied with identical records. And as Roger Clemens steps up his workouts and a looming bidding battle grows closer with each passing day, a 23-15 record is not a bad thing. Not a bad thing at all.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mariano Rivera...Still Called A Closer?

That's right. I think now, at this EXACT point of the season, that we, the Sox fans of all-encompassing RSN, are confident that we stand tall in the closer area. And that is a first for so long. Mariano "Mo" Rivera, you're losing it...but that seems like such a perfect fit with the direction your whole team is going, and well on the way at that.. Hey, don't get hurt! I mean it. We need you out there to blow more leads and put the pressure on the newly weak Yankee line-up. KEEP IT UP! And a shout out to Jere and Cyn, whose thoughts might be much like mine.

Perfect Pen gives The Red Sox A Baker's Dozen Over Birds.

***Beckett-No Blister***
***Papelbon-14th Save***

Once again, Curt Schilling was not his usual dominating self, wasting a 4-0 lead before his team came back with 2 runs in the 6th to give him a victory. Manny and Trot hit home runs in the 2nd and Mikey Lowell and Kevin Youklis pounded doubles in the 4th to account for the 4 runs. But the O's came back and took a 5-4 lead off Schill in the 5th. After regaining the lead in the 6th, Schilling was yanked with 2 outs in the O's half of the 6th. Mike Holtz got the last out of that inning, Mike Timlin pitched 2 beautiful innings leading into another perfect 9th for Jonathon Papelbon, who earned his 14th save. Mark Loretta is red hot, having gone 17 for 33 in his last 7 games. Yet another one of our players who has woken up offensively. And that can only lead to good things.
In other news, Josh Beckett has no blister. Phew! It seems he checks his finger between innings on a regular basis, leading to wild speculation by so many people, BDD being one of the main culprits.
So the Sox go 9 over .500, the sun is shining from a near cloudless sky, and all is right with the baseball world, even though the Yankees came back from a 9 run deficit to beat woeful Texas pitching. Hey, we'll take care of our business. A Yanks' win in no way diminishes this morning. Or any.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

DD, You Suck

Enough with the Tsunami warnings! The earthquake alerts! Our terra firma, the land we know as Red Sox Nation, is all well. Yeah, and we're better off without you! Yet you insist upon causing us good people to have shit fits with your neverending "end of the world" BS. Based in fact? Yes, just as soap operas are written for intelligent television viewers. Message sent...goodbye.

Now I Know, And With Wily Mo, It's OK!

From the Daily Globe.........."Stones rock Crisp.......
"The mysterious ailment that put Coco Crisp's rehab on hold for the last week was a bad case of kidney stones. The center fielder, already on the disabled list with a broken knuckle at the base of his left index finger, has been at his Boston-area home or in the hospital for the better part of a week. Francona, who has cited privacy laws in refusing to speak in detail about Crisp's health, does not yet know when Crisp will be able to resume baseball activities, though that should come any day now. Francona views it as a positive that Crisp's finger has had an additional week of healing. But the Sox leadoff hitter has done little cardiovascular work and still has not swung a bat since April 8. ''When he gets on the field, there's going to be some rough edges," Francona said. ''We can lay all the plans out we want. But he's kind of limited." . .
***Peter here. "Kinda limited?" I guess things could be worse. His hand has had even more time to heal, but his body needs to get in shape, which will probably take a couple weeks. So we're talking June 1 or so. Thank goodness Wily Mo has found his stride, becoming more and more confident. And with that confidence comes the numbers-batting average and lack of errors. So Coco, take your time. We need your speed, your defense, but that tract of land known as Fenway Park's centerfield has an able and WILLING overseer. The big kig, who's been Mr. Clutch more and more as the month of May unfolds. And June begins. On on and on. A rightfielder in future years for us? Time will tell. But right now, as Freddie Prinz used to say in his too-short life, "Looking good!"

And One Makes 12...Plus The "B" Word

12 and 0 against the Birds. That sounds so nice. And Monday night it became reality, as the Red Sox humbled the Baltimore team by a score of 11-1. Batting stars? Tek, who was on base 5 times, Wily Mo, with 4 RBI's, and Mikey Lowell, who continues to dazzle at the plate and in the field. Between those three? 11 RBI. And Josh Beckett was electric. As he said, when you have stuff like that, you win ballgames. But the dreaded "B" word has surfaced 1 1/2 months into the season, as Francona seemed to avoid the subject in his post game comments. The camera caught Josh showing Al Nipper his right hand in the dugout after his 7 inning stint. As to what exactly he was showing him, we won't know, but we sure will read all kinds of speculation today. When there is something concrete to write, you will read it here. But most important-on another grey and cool day here in the Northeast, with the Yankees losing last night, we sit alone in first place. A nice place to be. Schill, we need a gem tonight. Make us smile.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Forever Doug

Thank you Doug Flutie. No matter where you threw the pigskin, you did it well, and with courage. Take care, don't be a stranger, and we'll always love you. And you can sign this, a Boston sports fan who will ALWAYS remember.

Monday Monday. A New City to Play Baseball In, And A Dry One To Boot

Regarding tonight's game in gametime, there will be no rain. I've looked at the radar and upper wind flow maps this morning, and while we will still be inundated yet again starting shortly here in Connecticut, Baltimore will be cloudy, but dry. Yes, d-r-y. It means that the only things falling from the skies will be the majestic home runs by Papi, Manny, and Mikey. With Josh, that means a win, tonight, right on your TVs. So enjoy, and that's called going out on a limb. But it is a limb of my choosing, and I like it up here. A little nippy, though, but I ain't moving. See ya. Bring food, and a Porto-Potty. Please! 7pm cannot come soon enough. But I'm tough, and patient, and if I have to do something out of the ordinary just so we can see some baseball, well hey, I'm the guy for the job.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day Baseball? Not This Year

Your guy with an eye to the sky knows that there will be no baseball in the Hub of Boston today. Rest for the weary. A persistant band of heavy rain moving from southeast to northwest over the eastern third of Mass has caused serious flooding in the region overnight, and glancing at the 8:40 radar comfirms that there is plenty of rain left to go. Save your tickets and see and spend time with your Moms. I really wish I could.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Matt, PLEASE Step up

From the Herald, and then my thoughts......"Skipped over in New York. Rained on at Fenway. Roughed up by Texas.
The indignities keep mounting for Matt Clement.
The Red Sox starter took the loss in last night’s rain-shortened, 6-0 defeat to the Rangers. He surrendered four runs on six hits over five innings and dropped to 3-3 on the year."
***Peter here, And Matt has been good about not complaining about being skipped for the Yankee series. He could have been flapping his gums while complaining, but he hasn't. And I respect that. GOOD JOB. There's a chance the rotation will be "altered" again for the next series with our hated rivals. Now if only our number four starter and truly nice guy could step it up, getting his pitches to sink into the strike zone instead of curving out of it, leaving him in a position to throw a "must" strike. That's when trouble finds him. Matt, we need you. We barely have a number five. We need our number four to be solid, and I know you can be. We saw that last year. And we'll see it yet again. I have faith. Many of us do. We are behind you in every way, everyday.

A Night Off. The Timing Is Great! This Is Not Official, But It Is Accurate.

There WILL BE NO GAME tonight, not at Fenway. Boston is in the midst of a 3-6 inch rainstorm. We know it started during the game last night. It will rain heavily all day, the kind of rain that causes street and low-level flooding. This is the same southeast to northwest moving band of rain that invaded Connecticut yesterday. My road is closed due to flooding. And so it goes....good timing for our Sox. Anyone with tix for tonight's game should NOT go. This is a 2006 production of PeterWeather Inc. Patents pending. Unlawful dissemination strictly prohibited.

Either Pour Or Not, But Do SOMETHING!

We were in no-man's land for this one, a no-win situation. Once we were down 4-0 after 3, and the rain joined the fog in making a miserable night more miserable, the only thought in my mind was for it to start pouring. After all, what better way to erase this 5 hit debacle. But the game wasn't called until the start of the bottom of the sixth, and this one will stay on the books. A lackluster loss that provokes few words from me. And so, the less said the better. Maybe we'll get one in tonight, but I doubt it. But last night? Never should have happened. Although Matt Clement said that the rain had nothing to do with his lousy performance. DiNardo tonite. I'll take the rain, and Josh Beckett tomorrow. It's better than another loss. Yes, that I have no faith in old lefty Lenny is easy to see.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Baseball....Such A Great Game

What fun last night. Frustratation turned to anger turned to nervous smiles turned to should I get my hopes up this much because after all, we're still behind, turned to jump for joy oh my God we're ahead to wow, Papelbon's coming in, and it's as good as over. A win! Against the Yanks! Coming from behind twice. What an array of good and bad things this game was, much like life. And that's what makes this game of baseball so great. From a river of despair comes a fountain of happiness. And we're always reminded how close we are to either. And that warms my heart. With pride. And love.
Hey, to all of you who stop in every day, or a few times a week, thank you. It means a lot, a whole lot. You'll never know, but I'll keep trying to tell you. And I'll be here every day, writing, the good Lord willing. GO SOX.

Loretta Red Hot. Red Sox GET BACK

****Matsui out with broken wrist.****

Wow, this was quite a ballgame, and getting to the good part was no fun. From Bubba Crosby and Johnny Damon reaching over the left and center field fences to rob us of home runs, to the glove slide that bent Matsui's glove back and broke his wrist, and to the oh so many runners left in scoring position in the first 3 or 4 innings, it seemed to be an uphill battle, but then there was our Mark Loretta, who, as advertised after a slow start, has become red hot. He was four for six last night, and it was his 7th inning ground ball to Jeter that plated the go-ahead runs. Jeter threw from his knees, high and wide, pulling the first baseman Cairo off the bag. The ball popped out, the runners were safe, and everything changed. The whole night's demeanor became suffused with a victorious glow. 4-3 became 5-3, a Foulkie scare became 4 Papelbon outs and a save. First place was reclaimed, and it might be a few days until we play again, with rain covering the Northeast like your favorite wintertime sweater hugs your shouders so tight, so warm. And our Jonathon Papelbon put it oh so perfectly when he said, "Dreams are made of these games." Sweet ones, huh? So sweet. Come home guys. Good job. First place, earned.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Formula For Winning! Now Let's Stick To It

I came up with this simple formula, actually done by the Sox this week. All the team has to do is follow it exactly, week by warmer week, into the summer, flying past the All-Star Break, lurching into September with its humid heat. At then......stop. It's early October and we're in the postseason, Champs of the AL East. And the formula is to win 5 games, lose 1, and have one day off. What a great week! Think of those wins piling up. We just did it this past week. So let's start with our next win, hopefully tonight with Timmy and the knuckleball. We have a plan! Let's do it.

Homer Hell

Giambi, Posada and AROD clubbed homers, as a quickly ineffective Curt Schilling lost a 3 run lead in the midst of his 100 pitch five inning stint. 9 of the last 20 batters to face him reached base, and the ball was put in the hands of the bullpen starting in the top of the 6th.
Good points? Papi was 4-4 with a homer. Mark Loretta went 2-4 and Mikey Lowell bashed one out. But the night belonged to Mike Mussina, who after giving up 3 runs in the first 2 innings became as stingy as a beer vendor in the Sahara Desert. All his pitches were working. And when it was the bullpen's turn, they did not dissappoint. Other than Papi's infield hit off Mike Myers, they worked spotlessly, Proctor especially.
So this was not nearly as much fun to write as yesterday's game summary. And time is dwindling-only four and a half months to go in the season (tounge-in-cheek humor). Are we one hundred knuckleballs away from another victory (YES!)? We'll find out. because there will be baseball tonight in the Big Apple. Weather will not be a factor until we make our escape back to Boston, where rain will be a factor right up until Mom's Day Sunday. So tonight? A great night to win and get outta town. Back home. Where we belong.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

This Makes It ALL Worth It!

I have a friend, and his name is Gerry. He's 85 or so, and been a Sox fan all his life. He is a heart transplant survivor, and a feisty one at that, and I've been "the guy to call" wherever and whenever our Red Sox play, and that's for the last 8 years. And I love it. Even when his arguments ring hollow, even when he says "let's lose this guy Wakefield,". You see, I know he doesn't mean it. He loves the Red Sox as much as he loves life itself. And life itself has not been an automatic thing for him. But he's Gerry, the MVP of all Red Sox fans I know. And he can back it up.
He just called me, 4 o'clock or so on this grey but beautiful Wednesday afternoon. He sounded so happy. And I knew why. It was the 3 plus hours last night when he was sitting in front of his small screen color TV, watching "our" team beat the living daylights out of that team from NY. And that made me happy. Gerry, I know you can't read this, because a computer is as foreign to you as a telephone was in the Civil War. But I love YA, and my love for the Boston Red Sox stems from your lifetime love of "our" team, through thick and thin. And I know you were born and brought up without a Red Sox World championship. But that was before 2004. Boy, we shared that one, didn't we? And I'm so glad to be your friend.....don't worry, we'll do it again. I wish I could promise you that, but I can't. But I'll be there, right there, rooting with you. And whenever you call, to yell at the umps, or whatever, I'm here. You know what? There are a lot of us. Thanks Gerry....

I Agree With Mister Damon!

From the Globe, today, and this quote made me smile......"Beckett began his night fanning Johnny Damon on a 96-mile-per-hour fastball that left Damon grimacing on his way out of the box (he also appeared to mouth the word ''wow")."
***Peter here, and you know I HAD to say something or other (the other) after reading this. And after last night, what Red Sox fan (like all of us) wouldn't be in a smiling mood? All together, two, three...SMILE! And you know what I think? Curious? I am, and I haven't even typed it yet. goes...."Curt Schilling strikes out 9 Yankees en route to a 10-3 Red Sox victory on this Wednesday, at the suddenly dreary Yankee Stadium." Dreary? For all Yankee fans the world over. For our favorite "love to hate, but he's too old to wish any harm," George Steinbrenner. This is what we (RSN lovers) have been trying to I'll say it , right here, right now....."Ahem, Mr. Steinbrenner, or may I call you Georgie? Georgie is OK? Well, great. I'm surprised, but it's very nice of you. Well, Georgie, may I call you Georgie PORGIE? PORGIE IS OK? WOW. How understanding of you. I have to admit that everyone North and East of Yankee Stadium totally enjoyed last night's game. And that our team, the one from Boston, your "second city," respects what you are TRYING to do. But as they say, "try is the same as a lie," so expect more tonight, and tomorrow for that matter, as we try to sweep you out of your own building. It would be our pleasure, and as Richard Pryor said, "We aim to please." Thoughtful, aren't we? Take care, and be careful of inquiring Yankee fans who ask how you're doing and how you enjoyed the game. After all, it's not like you paid for your have to pay your players! Funny stuff. Ummm, excuse me, it's payday for those bumbling fools...take care.

Soaring Sox Batter Bumbling Yanks

This one was over after 4, as the potent Sox bats humbled the "old overnight" Randy Johnson. Led by Mark Loretta's three hits, Mikey Lowell's two doubles, and Gonzo's home run, Josh Beckett and our Sox turned a 2-0 Yankee's lead into a 7-2 lead. Except for comic relief, this one was over at that point. Randy Johnson was sent shuffling to the clubhouse after only three and two third innings after a wild and totally ineffective outing, his second in as many starts. His twilight might have come, and if that is the case, it's something the Yankees did not count on this soon, this YEAR.
Josh Beckett allowed a two run homer to the ever selective Jason Giambi, and then he bore down. With a 97 MPH fastball, and pitches that Derek Jeter described as "very few are straight," the Yankees were baffled for seven innings. Foulkie and Seanez effectively finished the lopsided victory.
AROD was a laughingstock at third base, with two errors. Melky Cabrera allowed a wind-blown fly ball to drop, which sent in two more runners safely to the plate. The Sox offense in charge, the Yankees went meekly into this windy, dismal (for them) night, and sent 50,000 of their fans scurrying for the safety of their homes. For on Monday night, Yankee Stadium was anything but a safe haven for its home team. And for us? Jubilation, if only for a night. Curt Schilling goes against Mike Mussina tonight, in a battle of staff aces. Two in a row? How sweet would that be? I can answer that. But you know what? So can you.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


READ THIS, FROM THE DAILY NEWS TODAY........and then, of course, my comments.


May 9, 2006 -- "THE Yankees have to droppy Papi. They need to brush the beast back. They need to pick out one of David Ortiz' chins and let a little music dance across the whiskers. And they need to do this immediately. Across the next three days, Randy Johnson, Mike Mussina and Shawn Chacon will each get three or four shots to put Ortiz on notice that, on behalf of the entire Yankee pitching staff, they are mad as hell.
And they aren't going to take it any more."
***Peter here. First of all, ONE of Papi's chins? Hey idiots, he only has one. I know you guys (Yankee fans and writers) are used to his "I just drove in three runs" face. Well, continue to get used to it. You'll get yours. And sooner than you think. If any Yankee pitcher so much as tries to hit our Papi, then war will have started. Remember Manny???? He follows our David in the lineup. Deep trouble? You bet your sorry asses. But war is what we are treated to everytime these two teams take the same field in the same city on the same day. A bright day ensues whenever we beat you. And today WILL be a bright day, just as Wednesday and Thursday shall be. So bring it on, Yankees. And do not hit David Ortiz. Why? Because you will not like what happens. You have enough problems to begin with. Why make them multiply? You want your hands full? Full of Red Sox? YOU BET THEY WILL BE.. WAY FULL. PLAY CLEAN, OR FACE THE WRATH OF THE SOX. Just watch.....I'll be waiting. And I am not alone. There are many of me......JUST WAIT.

Off To The Big Apple, To Play

"New York City, you're a woman
Cold hearted bitch ought to be your name.
Well I ain't never had nobody
But I'm drawn to you, like a moth to flame......."

All the eyes of RSN will be drawn to the big city tonight, to Yankee Stadium, that hulking monstrosity that represents George Steinbrenner's reign. And those words I opened with were written by Al Kooper, who once was a star and a favorite of mine. His music still moves me, but he has been blinded by age and disease. Timeless stuff, still.
I'll be back with more on the series a little later, as we skate in between the raindrops and try to get the drop on Randy Johnson and his teamates in game one. Josh Beckett versus Randy Johnson. Sounds sweet, doesn't it. You know why? Because it is.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Latest Petey Whine...Wah Wah Wah Wah.

And I quote, from yesterday, the great philospher and judge of human conduct, Pedro Martinez, who from this point forward shall be known as Petey. Not to be confused with me. I MAKE SENSE.
*****"It's because of the pressure you guys put on him."**** Pedro blaming the media for the elbow problem of his teamate Victor Zambrano.
***Peter here, and Petey, you still make no sense at all. Glad to know you haven't changed. Oh, chance of rain tomorrow. Blame the media. Please. No, go ahead. I insist. You will anyways.

Monday Off Day For The Sox, Not Me

As the Sox players enjoy the workout facilities and the nightlife of NYC, I sit here awaiting a great three game series. After all, the afterburners have been pushed to their throttle as the offense has woken up in a big way. We have our three best pitchers slated to face the pinstripers, and I feel confident. A lot will ride on which RJ will we see. Will it be the 43 year old, who has lost zip, location, and stamina this year? Or will it be the efficient spot throwing on the black, unhittable guy who used to be around for EVERY start. I know which one I'd LIKE to see. We all know. Game 2? The Moose, who has been pitching lights out. We have to be patient with him, and hit what is hittable and lay off others. And then there is Chacon, who I have not seen pitch this year. We will wear him down for three or four and get into the part of the Yankee bullpen that they do not like to bring out. Mash time from there. care anywhere.
Everybody in RSN, enjoy your Monday. I'll be back tomorrow morning with some more specific tid bits on the upcoming three game set. And hey, Sox bats, this is only ONE DAY OFF. We need ya.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

10 RUNS It Is, So Far...

As Jess reminded me, today's first Sunday May 7th post called for 10 runs. We got far. Writer takes a bow as he smilingly exits stage right.

5th Inning Damage, GOOD Damage, Done.

As the Sox continue their offensive explosions, it has become a 9-2 game going into the top of the 6th. Who's happy now? WE ALL ARE. A wrap-up before breakfast-time tomorrow, as we stand on the cusp of a 4 game winning streak. And with a day off tomporrow, that is SWEET. Only 2 hits given up by Lenny DiNardo, with 5 walks, but we will take it.

Over Easy

And this one WAS over easy. The Sox scored 6 runs for Tim Wakefield. Yes, 6. That equals their entire run production in Tim's 5 April starts. Not bad. Youk had another 2 hits, as did Wily Mo and Gonzo. Even Doug Mirabelli collected a sharp single to the base of the wall near the left field foul line, driving in a run. And no passed balls to go with renewed confidence from Wakefield. In fact, he said this about Belli..."There is a comfort level that I am back to." Nice timing. Nice trade. Naysayers crying panic and needless reaction were wrong on this one.
And so it's been 10 straight games for the Sox over the O's. Meek and injured, they seemed resigned to their fate last night. But on what will be a sparklingly perfect day today, they have their best, Kris Benson, going against our number 5, Lenny DiNardo. For the brooms to be used, we'll have to score some more runs. 10 sounds about right. Tall order? Yeah, but I see the Orioles lumber, such as it is, reawakening for this one. At least to a degree. I hope I'm wrong. Very wrong.
Good Sunday to you all. You know who you are. You're reading this. Ah, my favorite people.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Second 14 Game Excellence Award Goes To.......

Here we are again, ready to bestow the every 14 game award for excellence. To refresh your memories, here is a recap, in part, of the first award winner of this 2006..... Originally posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2006......

"The First Winner of the Every 14 Game "Peter's Red Sox Forever" Award for Surprising Excellence is........

There is no contest. The winner has been chosen unanimously, the criteria being just who is the player in the last 14 games who has been the emodiment of excellence unexpected. KEVIN YOUKLIS...."

Peter here again, today, the 6th of May. And the second winner of the year, the one who stood above and beyond what was said in print and or radio/television before the season, is MIKE LOWELL, our doubles machine. Currently he is batting .350, is leading the major leagues in doubles, and is providing steller defense a la Mueller at 3rd base. Before the season he was said to be washed up, finished, with a slow bat that was past its prime. Well HA, look at him go. Our infield glue on the left side with Alex Gonzalez, but with a potent bat that has been scorching the Earth. Congats Mikey, and keep it going. You've so far turned out to be the more valuable of the Beckett-Lowell duo. Josh could take lessons.

And One Makes Five

This one was easy. At least it was after Big Papi cleared the bases in the 6th inning with a single over the second baseman. That made the score, entering the 7th, 6-3, and there it stayed, thanks to 8th inning niceness from Mike Timlin and the usual, this time 7 pitches worth, from Jonathon Papelbon. The hero and MVP of this game, as well as the last 14 (see next post, coming soon to a blog near you) was Mike Lowell, who had 3 more doubles. He is on a blistering streak that has reached double digit games, and his diving catch of a Fahey foul bunt attempt brought the crowd to its feet. Good stuff Mikey.
Kevin Millar returned to Fenway, and was greeted by a standing ovation that he quickly silenced with a 3rd pitch line single. Welcome Kevin, whose batting average soared 16 points with his 2 hit effort. Schill did not have his best stuff, but he was clearly a match for these less than pesky Birds. What a difference a year makes. Last year they were tough against us. This year, so far, well, it's early yet, and I don't want to say anything that would change things. Funky knuckleball today, a beautiful Saturday. And a real good one to win, for Lenny DiNardo goes tomorrow, and who knows what will happen. But for now, all is calm, all is bright.

Friday, May 05, 2006

It's Millah Time!!

Wow. To be at Fenway tonight for the first of three with the Orioles. And the ovation that the beloved Kevin Millar will get. Not once. But twice. At least. First will be when he takes the field in the bottom of the first. At first base. Where he belongs on this year's Oriole club. And then.......cut to the Sox voice, his vocal chords echoing and booming throughout Red Sox Nation...."Playing first base, KEVIN MILLAR." And the crowd, our crowd, will go nuts. We'll see that famous smile, the tip of his hat in all directions, and the love of Boston fans worldwide will be directed, if only for a couple minutes, towards our Kevin. And you know what? I wish I could be there. We all would. Sign this post...."Peter...welcome back Kevin. Our smilemaker. We miss you."

The Seanez/Tavarez Stench Almost Proves Costly, VERY COSTLY

This one should have been a "sit back and enjoy no worries here" mindless victory, a night off from any stress. Clement pitched a solid if a little wild 6 innings, Foulkie was solid in the 7th, and then there was Seanez, a dark cloud on an otherwise perfect day. 2 runs. And then Julian "Wild Man" Tavarez got up to pitch the 9th, to finish the game and provide a night off for Paps. But noooo. They could not do the job. Paps came in and shut them down, and in doing so almost twisted his back. Scary moment. All the possibilities ran through my head, and I realized there is only ONE possibility with this bullpen. Substitute closer? Keith Foulke. That's it. End of sentence. Sure, we have Mike Timlin, but he's valuable in the set-up role. So right now, the trusted part of our bullpen consists of Timlin, Foulke and Paps. All others suck, to put it in plain english. A problem? BIG TIME. And it will catch up to us at some point in the season. But there is help in the minors. I just hope we don't need 'em yet.
Give the batting star(s) to Mike Lowell and Kevin Youklis. A victory? Great! But it almost cost us big time. Scary.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Connecticut Poll....Who Is Your Favorite Red Sox Player?

Quinnipiac University released the results of their latest poll. Now, their polls usually have to do with political stuff, and our lunatic President has been in freefall. But here are the results :
Big Papi David Ortiz 31%
Jason Varitek 14%
Manny Ramirez 11%
Curt Schilling 11%
There were other location type questions, but in order to be totally accurate, I did not have time to jot them down as the radio broadcast them. Needless to say, George Bush, favorite ex-baseball team owner turned President, struck out looking. Surprise surprise.

Pap's Perfection? POOF!

We knew it was going to happen sooner or later. After all, he's human. But this game was lost well before Jonathon Papelbon shuffled to the mound. Josh Beckett-101 pitches in 5 innings. Clearly he's having problems with location. In fact, the Red Sox have been a sub .500 club ever since their 6-1 start in the first week or so of April. Is this what we have to look forward to? Middle of the pack mediocrity? Only time will tell. But right now the club is not playing well. And without their two sharpsooters pitching near-perfection baseball, things look gloomy. But for Pap, this is, as he put it, just a minor bump in the road. And I believe him.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tell Us Something We DON'T Know......

From the Herald......"Yet, one month into the regular season, the (very) early indications are that New York has the far superior team. The Yankees are a plus-49 in run differential, the Red Sox minus-6. Somehow, the Red Sox have the edge in the standings."
Far superior? Offensively, yeah, they do, top to bottom, one through nine. They will score many more runs. But rotation wise? I will admit that we essentially have a four man rotation. For now. The hole can be filled from within (many to choose from in the minors), or without (dare I say it? There's Roger....and then there are the rest). The Yanks rotation? Solid with Mussina. You get what you get with RJ. And mediocrity with Wang, Chacon etc. And then there is the bullpen. Paps- 'nuff said. Foulkie and Timlin? 7th and 8 inning wonders. Tavarez? So far, acceptable at best. But he shows more than Seanez, Riske and the other pen veterans. Little Manny? Too soon to tell. The bullpen will be beefed up from within. Young talent is something we're laden with. And defense? We have it all over the pinstripers.
So the 2006 Red Sox are a work in progress. Tinkering will be evident throughout this season. We can all live with that. But New York will score a ton of runs, through good baseball or intimidation. That's a given. We'll take it month by month. One at a time. I like our chances. For now. Optimistic? Always. In life AND in baseball. I've had my hurdles, but I like to look on the bright side instead of wallowing in the mire. Oh? Doorsy stuff! They were good....alcohol got in the way, uncontrolled imbibing. But that's another post for another day in another blog.

August And Everything After

Rain came to Fenway Park early Tuesday morning, and stayed long enough to wash the Yankees out of our hair. The game will be played as part of a day night doubleheader, with separate admissions, in August. Seems like a long time, but that day will be here in the blink of an eye. May the standings be the same.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

MacMullen, and Me, One Last Time, on JD.

From today's Globe............"Go ahead. Hate him if you want. Charge him with treason and make fun of his throwing arm and his wife and his Cheshire cat smile. But when you are done, admit you feel that way because you wanted him here, in center field, running into walls for your team.
The center fielder wants you to know, in spite of the split, he still respects you.
But Johnny Damon has moved on, and you should, too.
***Peter here, and I couldn't have said it better myself, although you all know I have tried, in comments all over my favorite blog spots. And here. The time is here to remember...these are the games that count. They count almost double! So let's remember that. Win tonight. That's all, just WIN. And may the last pitch AGAIN by thrown by Paps, at Pap's Time! A whole lot better than Miller time......

Wakes And 'Belli Make Quite The Pair, And Then It Was "Pap Time"As The Good Guys Win First Of 19

This one was a joy to watch, a feeling of Red Sox Nation banding together as one to show their feelings in a surpising amount of ways. From lead off batter Damon, showered with boos and a smattering of cheers. It was the cheers that prompted Johnny to show some class: he doffed his hat and saluted the crowd, turning in all directions as the avalanche of boos turned to mostly cheers, if only during his salutations. Later on, when he was in centerfield, he was showered by bills, some real, some fake, and serenaded with a variety of well timed cheers. Clearly he was not prepared for the entire-game salutations from the once friendly and devoted Boston crowd.
Doug Mirabelli was hailed as the returning hero, and the move to get him, and get him quickly, paid off handsomely. After arriving literally minutes before the game and even changing into his uniform in the police vehicle, he showed that the move to get him was a sound one as he handled Wake's offerings and threw out a runner going to second. Just the confidence instilled in Tim by having "his" catcher back was worth the price alone.
The 8th inning explosion, with the big blow by Big Papi center stage off of Mike Myers (how fitting) was magical in every way. And it made a winner of Timlin, who pitched a quiet and soothing eighth inning. Then it was PAP TIME. And he didn't dissapoint in a non-save situation, striking out 2 of 3 and ending it with an exclamation point.
Synopsis? Mirabelli-great move, and perfect timing. Damon-the hype of how he would be greeted was overwhelmed by the game itself. In fact, the "Boston welcome" story was overblown from the beginning, soap opera where no soap opera belongs. And through Tuesday night's raindrops, Josh Beckett will try to continue his mastery of the Yankees that started in that World Series game victory, long ago when he played for the Marlins. He's our's now, and Josh, KNOCK 'EM DEAD tonight.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Calling Doug Mirabelli. Come In Dougie, Come In!!

Welcome back to the starting lineup, Doug. And you're starting TONIGHT, catching Tim Wakefield"s knucklers. And boy, we've missed you.
That's right, the Red Sox have traded Josh Bard, Cla Meredith, and others for the services of Doug Mirabelli, who will be rush released into the starting lineup to do what he does best. And that's to catch the fluttering Tim Wakefield as he tries to baffle the Yankess' potent offensive lineup. Perfect timing. Just perfect.

And To Boo Or Not To Boo.

I for one will be interested in Johnnie"s first at bat. But very shortly after, it's the game, and the game only, that is the important thing. We have to get to the Yankee long bullpen guys, the ones who give up runs. If Wang goes 7, Farnsworth throws fire in the eighth, and Mo takes over the ninth, we didn't do our jobs. We all want Papelbon to throw the last pitch. IN BOTH GAMES.


From the Herald....."David Wells received his third and final Synvisc injection in his right knee Friday, but the synthetic lubricant hasn’t done much to improve his discomfort, according to the team’s medical reports.
“I think he’s had some frustrating days,” manager Terry Francona said of the left-hander, who is on the 15-day disabled list and hasn’t thrown off a mound since his only start April 12." ***Peter here. I wonder how much better he would be feeling right now if he and those same knees, in the same condition, were in San Diego, or elsewhere on the West Coast.
Also from the Herald......"According to Sox media relations ace Peter Chase, Tim Wakefield became only the fourth Red Sox pitcher since 1959 to lose four games in April. Wakefield, who was 1-4 with a 3.90 ERA in five starts, has received only 10 total runs of support, including only two in his past three outings (all defeats)." ***Peter here. It's time tonight to give Tim some run support. He's got his work cut out for him facing the Yankee's slugger's lineup, but he has been tough on the Yankees. Go Tim.
And lastly, from New York's Daily News..." As has been the case the past three years, the Red Sox, like the Yankees, expect to be in a dogfight at the end of the season. Epstein can't help but be pleased that during this adjustment period, the team has remained at the top of the division. But Ortiz is eager to see what the Sox can do when the throttle is turned up.
"We've got a lot of new guys here," Ortiz said. "We haven't seen that intensity very much or a lot. It's going to start kicking in once we start playing the Yankees. You know how those games are." ***Peter again, and we are ready for anything those Pinstripers can give us. Two and done. This time. And the two will go into the victory column. If they don't, it won't be for lack of trying on our part. It's time. PLAY BALL!