Thursday, August 31, 2006

BOOMER Gone!? And Papi Back Saturday!!

Red Sox Trade David Wells
Dan Roche's Blog

(CBS4) BOSTON CBS4's Dan Roche is reporting the Red Sox have traded David Wells. Details of the deal have yet to be released.

The Red Sox have received interest from several teams with the Padres, Dodgers, and the St. Louis Cardinals showing the most interest. It's highly likely that Wells would be traded to a National League team.

Wells was seen leaving Fenway Park Thursday afternoon. He was scheduled to start tonight's game against Toronto. But manager Terry Francona's lineup card shows Julian Tavarez as the starter.

Peter here.. Believe it or not, it makes sense. More later. Oh...and this!!!!

David Ortiz said this afternoon that he plans to be back in the lineup for Red Sox on Saturday........

Peter here, and good news almost all over. Now if Jon Lester is OK! Please.

Lester tested for cancer

Yes, when I read that headline mere minutes ago in the Boston Herald, a feeling of dread came over me. A 22 year old shouldn't have to be concerned with such things. Enlarged lymph nodes can be caused by a number of things, from a cold to a simple infection to.....yes, cancer. So he, like Papi, is undergoing tests while we in RSN hold our collective breaths and say a few prayers. We're with you Jon. And David.

The Bittersweeet 3000th Strikeout

And I use Curt Schilling's term for his 300th K. Bittersweet. For after the game's first strikeout, the 3000th of his career, it was downhill from there. The cutter and the splitter were the culprits yesterday, for when off speed pitches like that stay in the strike zone, they are very hittable. And yesterday, they were hittable. Too much so. He pitched into the sixth inning, giving up 11 hits and 6 runs. Bittersweet indeed.
There is no news on Big Papi yet, and his stay in the hospital has been stretched to include today. Similar news on Manny, WMP. Jon Lester, and I could go on and on with Coco Crisp the latest to be added to the walking wounded with a strained shoulder. But we go on. And we don't give up! Fenway at 7 tonight. See you there. Standing. And cheering!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Three Thousand. YES!! And Curt. Right Now. With Hope On This Wednesday Afternoon. And September Is Yet To Come. And We're Loving It.......

Hi there. I did want to check in right now. It's a little bit after 2:00 in the Eastern Daylight time zone. I have to say a couple things. First, thank you all so much for being continuing readers here, in my little space. I am flattered. All the compliments, all the kind words? My goodness. Smiles galore. And that is a precious gift. What else can I say? Just this. Schill is approaching a tremendous milesone. Shortly after 3:30 or so. And I do know one thing. I will be standng and cheering for number 3000. A bright spot in this near twilight darkness that we find ourselves in. Twilight bended sunlight turned purple, like the far end of a rainbow. Our rainbow. Reserved just for us. Here, hold my hand. We'll make it through. To the brightness. Promise!

An 8-20 August.........So Far

That's a pretty dreadful month. And there are two games in two days left to go. Yesterday in Oakland, Josh Beckett and Manny Delcarmen were just fine, holding the A's to 2 runs. But the bats, or at least the bats in the line up, were mostly silent as the Sox took one on the chin yet again, 2-1. A day game and then the team is Mass. bound. At least the starting times will be back to normal. The team's performance? That's to be determined.
On the injury front, it looks like Trot and Tek will be back this weekend. And Gonzo too! Big Papi stayed in the hospital last night, and we await word. Those tests take time. Manny is in Boston too, still hobbled. And much the same word on Jon Lester, who is also back home.
These are tough times. It takes a special breed of fans to make it through. Do you have what it takes? I do. I'll be back later, when the cloud obscured sun makes an appearance in the eastern skies.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Papi's Pebble

I have a good luck pebble. It's a good luck pebble for the Red Sox. Well, it is most of the time, through the ups and the downs. I used to call it Peter's Pebble. The caps being mine. But now, in this tough time, I've renamed it Papi's Pebble. I hope it brings good health, and good health only, to our David. That's all for now, and I hope the news to come is all good. But I'm scared. RSN is scared. We're here for you David. Our Papi forever. Oh........the pebble is shaped like a human heart. And it beats for all of us.

I See Dead Teams

Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, it has. And I'm not talking about the 9-0 drubbing the Sox took at the hands of the Oakland A's last night. I'm talking about the health of our Big Papi. Before the game last night, he was his jocular happy self. That is, until about an hour and a half before gametime. It was then, in the clubhouse, that he told WMP and Tito that his heart had started to go "BOOM BOOM BOOM" again, and that it was bothering him. He even was talking to his family on the cell phone. He's flying home to Boston today. Mike Timlin put it this way, and I agree completely. I'll be back later in the day. I really don't have anything more to say right now. I feel like the life has been sucked out of me. I end with Mike Timlin's quote. "This game is nothing compared to somebody's health, somebody's family. All I can do right now is pray for him." Why don't we all, Mike. Well said. Amen.

Monday, August 28, 2006

And I Did Not Mention Our Papi, And His Soon To Be 50...Plus!!

Wednesday, an afternoon game in Oakland, the final of three. Maybe we've won the first 2, maybe not. Ask me Wednesday morning and I'll tell you. But Papi will be approaching the MAGIC NUMBER 50 (!!!!) , and he'll be coming home, to his and our Fenway. And the crowds all across Red Sox Nation will show him just how much we love him. And there! Excitement enough. Even if that magic post-season lure might not be in evidence. But wait now....I'm not saying it won't be there. I'm just saying that Papi is here for our September, a month of love for the BIG GUY. I cannot wait. Clap your hands. And stand. And STAY standing. I know I will.

September Is Right Here. Upon Us THIS Friday

And the Red Sox and Red Sox Nation are wounded. Mortally? NO,not yet. We'll have a much better idea when Friday's September start arrives, and we'll have one game under our belts. One of four with Boston killer (this year, so far) Toronto. But if we don't start winning on a much more consistant basis, say 2 of every 3, we are in deepening dog doo. When will it make sense to shut down Timmy Wakefield for good rather than take the chance of him hurting himself when that's the last thing we'd want? And while we're 7 or so games out of any chance for post season play? The next week and a half will answer that question, and I will pose the same question when it comes to Manny. He is hurting. We know that know. When the first reports surfaced, my first reaction was, "Oh no, more Manny being Manny when we need him the most? My anti-Manny comments were few (2) and quickly updated when I found out that the club had ordered an MRI, a step they or any club would not take except if the fears and uncertainty were there. Luckily, there was no actual structural damage, so Manny will be the one who knows when Manny will be able to go from one game to the next. To take the chance of causing a more serious injury with continued playing? When the team is out so many games? A tough question which will be made much easier to answer with continued .500 baseball. But we do not want Manny to blow out his knee. We all agree with that. And as for comments directed to me after my anti-Manny article (look back 8 days or so, you'll find them), I did not come to my opinion, (anti- Manny such as it was and quickly made more clear in the very next post), by or because of reading any other Boston sportswriters, names all known to everybody. When I expressed my opinion of Manny it was based on his past history, his "Mannyness", quirky and confounding as it has been the last few years. So no, Tim. While ALL your comments are based in negativity towards me, maybe it would be better that if in the future you want to attack me, and attack me for the sake of attacking me, keep your comments to yourself. Unless your interpretations of said future comments have a real factual basis that I missed. But to attack just because, well because I have no idea why, well, ssshhhh. I'm glad you read me, and your comments are welcome anytime. As long as they're not written just to be negative.
Back to the Sox. With Lester in Boston, WMP out for a undetermined time, and the other injuries that we know all too well, it's simple. We have to win games. And starting now. A tall order. Given the state of the club right now, today, yes. A very tall order indeed. But I have faith. And that unwavering faith has been with me, been a part of me, for decades. Anyone who suggests otherwise is just not making sense. And so? We win. Tonight. And we get used to it. Or Friday will be here in the blink of an eye. Thank you for your continued support and readership. It means so much.

Another Weekend, Another Sweep.......

You want some ugly numbers? There are so many to choose from. But here ya go. The Red Sox have lost 11 of 14 and have won only six times in the last twenty three games. For the first six games of the road trip, they are 2-4 and are hitting only .188. Stunning numbers. Ugly but they tell us so much. And the injury list has mounted too. Manny is day to day to day. Jon Lester's back has been bothering him ever since he was rear ended in a car accident in Boston. He saw the doctor while the club was in the Seattle area. So was anyone out there surprised when the Mariners scored 5 runs in their half of the fifth? Or was anyone startled as the Sox swung helplessly while collecting only 2 hits? The bottom of the barrel is in sight. Right in front of us.
So it's on to Oakland for three before a Wednesday trip home just in time to be the hosts of the tough on us Toronto Blue Jays. For four. At Fenway. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's time to dig in and stop this slide into mediocrity. It's gotten to be plain old bad baseball. All around. Every facet of every game. Everytime.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Injuries Mount, But For Now, This Game Is Early. For Now......

Jon Lester was scratched from his upcoming start Monday, with back concerns. And today, this rainy Sunday, Manny is a no go. So the bench is short. Let's hope we're not on the short end of the score. Not again. Please. Enjoy, and I'll be back before the morning papers. Promise. For better or worse. You see, I don't miss a day.

The Eighth

Manny Delcarmen and Mike Timlin warming up. Mike Timlin in to pitch with the Red Sox leading 3-2. Lead off batter Beltre homers to tie it. Ibanez...single. Sexson...single. Broussard....sac fly, Mariners lead 4-3. Putz strikes out the side in the 9th. GAME OVER. Little Manny? Still warming up as I write this. Terrible.

The Mike Timlin Eighth Inning Blues

Saturday night blues stuff yet again, as the Red Sox squandered another chance to gain a game on the west coast floundering Yankees. And this time, it was courtesy of the old looking and very hittable Mike Timlin, who took a 3-2 lead going into the bottom of the eighth and coughed it up like a frog in his throat. 3-2 Sox became 4-3 Mariners, and the Sox went meekly in the 9th. That's twice in two nights that the Boston club could have inched closer to their first place rivals. But noooooo. Not to be. And a nice effort by Boomer was wasted yet again. The bullpen foiled the team, and Tito has to stop using the same pitching tactics in the late innings. This is a shame.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Don't Get Me Wrong...It's Not All Wily Mo's Fault

From the Globe, and then me......

"The Sox couldn't hit, couldn't field (two errors and one huge misplay by Coco Crisp in center), and couldn't pitch well enough even with their ace on the mound. The Sox stranded four runners in the first and second innings, and have been shut out four times this season."

Peter here. I love good defensive play in the outfield, something that WMP may be incapable of doing on a consistant basis. But because of injuries, we will be forced to watch him out there, in left or in right. Not where he is the most comfortable, and that would be centerfield. When he has to adjust the angle to attack the fly ball, that's where he gets in trouble. In center, everything is directly in front of you, and it's easier to get an earlier immediate read on the ball. Rightfield at our Fenway is one of the toughest to play right fields in all of baseball. Trot took care of that quietly and effectively. But he's down. Manny will be back today, we have the BIG GUY on the mound, and we hope for a win. The Yankees have trouble with the Angels, and it would not surprise me if they lose the next two. Time to step up. Now! I'm waiting. We all are.

Sox Shutout And Sleepless in Seattle

After the way they played last night, I hope they lost some sleep. Wily Mo Pena was and is atrocious in the outfield, this time in left field for the hobbled Manny. In fact, it was the infield that imploded and allowed the Mariners to score when they should not have in the 6th. But I for one do not have any more patience to watch any more misplays by WMP that turn singles into doubles and triples. The big man is just plain awful.
I guess you could say that all the defensive miscues didn't matter because the Sox were shutout, held scoreless by a young lefty making only his second big league start. But a championship team would not have a defensive liability like WMP in ANY outfield position. My opinion, yes. But the man is bad.
The Yankees lost, so we stay where we were. The only thing lost? Time. We're a day closer to the end of the season. And that's not good.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Seattle High

Yes, the first of three tonight at 10 PM EDT. And yes, the Big Schill is on the mound. And yes, our Big Papi is OK after a heart scare. And yes, we will never give up!
Oh, and thanks for voting.

Vote For Me! A New Link. And A Way To Make Me Happy

I'm happy no matter what. But to receive the appreciation from readers, my peers, is unmatched happiness. So if you look to your right you will see a Top 100 Baseball banner, and directly under that is a clickable thing that says...."VOTE HERE." Yes, it really says it! Where will that bring you?? Please click it and see. It will enable you to vote for my blog as one of your favorites. I just put this up, and thanks go to Quinn, and his blog. The link to his always entertaining writing is also on your right, under links. An everyday read for me, and for you too! Thanks Q! And thank you for voting for me. I just want my blog to have as wide an exposure as I can. If you love the Sox, vote! Hey, and it's not even November yet! I write because I love to. And I love the Boston Red Sox. You do too! A match made in heaven. Now vote! Please.

Beckett Cuts Down Angels....Manny Day To Day

Josh Beckett was efficient and deadly for 6 innings as the Angels were free swinging and easily tamed. He started the seventh but left after a few pitches. The cause? A cut on his right middle finger, near the nail. We have to hope it won't cause him to miss a start. Timlin and Paps combined to record the next nine outs in a nail-biting finish to this, the Sox' second victory in a row. Combined with a Yankees loss, things indeed do look better. And lest (lest?) I forget, Big Papi hit his 46th tater as he inches closer to that 50 HR mark. And hey, we have 6 more days left in August. My goodness!
In Manny news, it's all good. The MRI showed no structural damage to his ailing knee, and he is listed day to day. The Big Schill goes tonight in the first of three with Seattle, who ended up taking 2 of 3 from the pinstripers. Thank you for that.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Quick Word About My Words About Manny

After reading some of the various Boston and nearby papers, the word is that Manny's knee might really be "grabbing" him, as Tito puts it. And an MRI has been ordered for later today. So I might have lashed out too quickly. I think I know why. I've seen his cry baby "wah wah wha help me" act before, and I have no patience when it seems like he's turning it on once again, acting like a big baby when the team needs him the most. I hope he is not hurt. We need him. He's earning his millions more this season than any other. Just look at his stats, and Big Papi's. And think how many intentional walks David would have right here right now if there was anyone else batting behind him. I don't want to go there. And I hope we won't have to. May the MRI show nothing but a healthy knee. Please.

Wah Wah Wah Manny. Has He Given Up On The Sox?

It was another long 5 innings for John Lester, throwing 98 pitches, a little more than half of those strikes. But the bullpen, or a least the four of them who pitched, held the Angels at bay as the Sox won for the first time in a week. And it was a victory the club sorely needed. The White Sox, Twins and the Yankees all turned up winners. We are where we were. Hey! Maybe that's the slogan for this year. "We Are Where We Were. Your 2006 Boston Red Sox." On second thought, not.
As for Manny, things are mysterious. He took himself out of yesterday's ballgame early, way early. Yet David Wells nocticed him walk by in the clubhouse without a limp of any kind. Last night it was the knee. The day before was his hamstring. Hey Manny, this team needs your bat more than it ever has in the past, 2004 included. Are you showing your true, "I'll play if we're in first" colors? Or are you a selfish player who couldn't give a damn about the club and your teamates? I haven't figured that one out yet. but when I do, you'll read it here. They say innocent until proven guilty, but every time Manny sits, the Red Sox have a greater chance of losing. And don't look now, but the Sox are just about out of chances. This is no time to let Manny have any leeway. Pencil his name in that lineup, Tito. Or send him on his way.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

An OBIT Before Its Time

But you do have to copy and paste. It's easy. Maybe someday I'll learn how to do these things, these links where all you have to do is click on 'em.. The words, for me, are easy. And I hope you realize that sometimes even I think I'm fun to read. I certainly hope so! And I'm so glad you keep coming back. So enjoy this, for what it's worth, which is just for giggles and smiles. So don't worry. Comic relief only. Let me know what you think, and thanks go to the blog where I saw this. It will come back to me and a proper thank you will follow. Take care my readers.

They Shoot Horses, Don't They??

Yes, they do. When there is no hope and all that lies ahead for the horse is pain and discomfort. The Red Sox don't need anyone to put them out of their misery. They're doing just fine by themselves. The door was open last night for a step in the right direction. The Yankees, White Sox and the Twins lost. But it was to no avail, as the Angels thumped them, 4-3. Throw out the 16-2 interleague record and the Red Sox are a 53-54 team. Thats right. Sub .500 against the AL. The Sox are shooting themselves in the foot right now. All they have to do is aim a little higher. Let's be patient. They'll get it right.
Last night the pitching was OK by starter Snyder. Getting 3 or less for 6 innings is fine for ANY 5th starter in the league. We can live with that. Manny Delcarmen wasn't brought in until the 8th, the inning after Gabbard gave up a run and the lead. I'm not one to say what if this, what if that, because we never scored that 4th run, that go-ahead run. So for this game, Tito is OK in my book. Barely.
So the trip resumes tonight at 10. Let's keep all firearms out of arm's reach. And lets all keep a keen ear open in order to hear that faint echo of a gunshot. If it came from the west, watch out...trouble.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

And Now, WE GO ON.........

The 2006 version of the 1978 Boston Massacre is over. The two years are now forever linked in infamy. The four games back then are still fresh in my memory. You see, I was in Boston for all four games, and I was sitting in great seats for two. I know. Wow. Thinking back gives me the chills. Baseball chills. We were shocked, not surprised, at the number of runs scored by that team from New York. And the season was irrevocably altered. To be shattered by a single October game on a sunny afternoon in what was once friendly Fenway. 1978. A fly ball sure to be caught as Yaz looked up. And the wind, with a sudden but subtle gust out to left. Yazs' knees buckling, and we all thought that the worst would be the ball scraping that green expanse. An otherwise great year. Changed during that massacre. But we stood strong just to get into that playoff game. That Bucky "F"ing Dent game.
That was long ago. Our Sox find themselves waking up in California, far away from this weekend's memories. It's time now. Time to pick up the pieces and mold them into something resembling normalcy. I know they can do it. And I also know that the always tough Angels stand in our way. Angels? How fitting is that!

Monday, August 21, 2006

A Boomer Beauty....But Who'll Stop The Rain?

And the title says it all. David Wells was Boomerly wonderful. Unlike any other starter in the past four days. At least for the Red Sox. But the result?? 2-1 Yankees. Enough said. See you on the left coast...and think wild card. I hate to say it, but someone had to. Enjoy the NESN viewing coming up this week. I'll take a rain check. For real!

From OUR Horses' Mouths..........

Our horses being Big Papi and Curt Schilling. And then a comment from your Jimmy Olsen (cub reporter for a major metropolitan newpaper) guy, me.

“We had our best pitching and they still beat us,” Ortiz said. “They are on top of their game. I think this is the first time in a long time I have seen the Yankees all confident, all the way around.”
Schilling conceded that he and his teammates had just “been outpitched, outhit and outplayed for four games in a row. We’re just going to come back at one o’clock tomorrow and try to win."

Peter here, and it sounded that Schill's comment had a hint of SURVIVOR speak in it. But I printed the blurb because it made this whole 4 games in three days a little clearer, a little easier to understand. Confidence-wise, the Yankees are at the top of their game this season. And it shows! one. AT one.

Gone Fishin'

First of all, I don't fish. But if I had spent the last three days fishing instead of watching what the Red Sox pass off as baseball these days. I surely would have had a better time. And that's without catching a single fish. What if they go to the west coast late tonight, and no one stays up late to watch the games? A likely scenario, at least in this household.
It was the leaking 'pen to the "rescue" last night, doing what they do best. And what's that? Why, taking a one run lead and magically turning it into a three run loss. Presto, right before your very eyes! Sights that will amaze and confuse you. Visions that are sure to make you sick! Yes, all of that and more. Sorry, I got a little carried away there. Can you blame me? Another blown save by Paps on a flare by Jeter, and a home run off would be savior Hansen that had Coco running into the outfield wall at an alarming rate. We hope he's ok. Nothing the Red Sox do in the final 40 days of the season will surprise me. I'm out of emotions.Sad but true.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

In Pieces. Bits And Pieces

I know when this team started to disintegrate. I know the exact day, the precise moment. And you can throw stats at me and argue until you're blue in the face. And it won't do a darn thing. My mind is made up. That day? It was when Jason Varitek, Tek, the Captain, blew out his knee rounding second base. It was then that the starters who were so reliable became inconsistant. And the bullpen became a treasure trove of hidden perils good enough to sink any team as the 7th became the 8th in order to have a save in the 9th. It's nice to know why this team of promise became pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, a puzzle with pieces designed NOT to fit together. But it doesn't make the carnage we have witnessed any easier to take. Not by a long shot. Which is what the Red Sox have become. A long shot.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

More Of The Same As Beckett Bums

That is all. ..another double figure Yankee run total. Shades of the infamous Boston-Yankees series vintage 1978. A horror show in the!!! Weep.

Unlucky Seven. And On. And On. And On. Neverending Grief


That sums up yesterday. Time to watch golf. No, I'm not at that point yet, but I am darn sure that today's game will take a backseat to just about anything else. Two of the longest 9 inning games you will ever see. 2 of the worst games that you will ever see. And I've had enough. We all have. Up 10-7? Let's see if we can make it closer. Tee time!! Short but sweet. Take care.

Friday, August 18, 2006


And it hurt! We'll try to square the still young series at one all. Hoping! For details, go anywhere. Happiness to come a little later, I hope.

Friday August 18th. A Good Day?

Today's dawn was partly cloudy, with temperatures to rise from 60 degrees into the upper 70s. Not humid. Not hot, but comfortable. And it will be just so for the sixty thousand plus fans that will settle into their seats at the old ballpark in the city of Boston, the city we love. But while the weather will be calm, the mood, the atmosphere at the Fens will be anything but. Ya see, the Yankees are in town. Arod, Jeter, Torre, and the rest of the cast that we know so well. Five games in four days. First place on the line. And Jason Johnson will be the first of five pitchers whose job it is to shut down the Yankees as best they can. And their best is what we, Red Sox fans all, will need. Setting the tone, and not just for tonight's game but the entire series, will be Jason Johnson, the diabetic who will take the mound shortly after 1pm. He's looking to not rely on his off speed pitches. And Wang, the opening starter for the pinstipers, will rely on his heavy ground ball inducing sinker. Uneffective in his last start, we hope that trend continues, if only until dinnertime. We hope to wear him down by being patient at the plate, making him throw a ton of pitches. If it's not too far down in the strike zone, swing for the base hit, the line drive. Stay away from the ground ball. That's the key. That and the hope that JJ does not put us in an early hole. The key to JJ? Get out of the first inning unscathed!! No looking forward to game number two, for the mood and the air itself will become charged, lightning like, with a game one victory. And the city, Red Sox Nation itself, sits and waits, maybe nervous, certainly confident, for that first pitch. Enjoy everyone, and think of how much fun game number two will be on the heels of a Sox win this afternoon. For these games are big. The last appearance at Fenway for the Yankees at our home will be a memorable time. Let's hope we can look back at this next month with smiles, and be able to say THIS is when we started our push, our shove, to October greatness. Push. Shove. TODAY.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Orioles Win.Yanks Lose. And On To Fenway Park, Boston Mass.USA

That's all........looking forward to tomorrow and the first of five.

Five Games With The Yankees....A Look Back At The Last Five Game Set

This from today's Globe. And a comment from your's truly afterwards.

"The last time the Yankees came here for a five-game set, in 1959, the Sox swept all five."

**Peter here, and yes, that was 47 years ago. I wasn't around, the club was mediocre, but I thought a little history might get our hearts and souls working overtime. In anticipation of the historic (?) four days to come. Taking 3 of 5 makes sense. Taking 4 of 5 is what my heart is telling me. A sweep?? Here we go....ready? Wishful and wonderful thoughts of late in the game on Monday, having already won the first four, fists pumping and the sell-out crowd standing, pleading for Paps to finish off our hated enemy, with a 3 run lead and two outs in the ninth. The count...2-2, 2 outs, bases empty, Paps looking so strong. Feel the energy. The crowd, the Fenway Faithful, is as one. Oh mercy! And the pitch............on the outside corner for a game ending called third strike, and a sweep by the first place Boston Red Sox!!! As Jackie Gleason used to say, "How sweet it is!" NORTON!!! TO THE MOON, ALICE!!

I can dream. And you can dream with me. Hope the smiles were there when you were reading. I did my best. My very best. And the smiles are my reward. So I thank you. And I love each and every one of you, my readers. What would I do without you?

Boomer Good Enough. And That's Just Fine!

Last night would have been a tough one to lose, what with the off day today. But David Wells was good enough, the bats came alive when we needed them, and the bullpen closed it out the way they are supposed to. A hold and a save. And in his last three starts, Boomer is 2-1 with an ERA of 2.75. Not shabby for an overweight pitcher in his early forties.
Coco Crisp had the huge hit, a 6th inning double that scored two and put the Red Sox ahead for good. Papi hit his 42nd home run, a high drive that just cleared the wall and might have been caught had Ordonez been in a little better position. We'll take it! Just as we'll take this day off to lick our wounds and rest the arms before that team from New York comes into town. Hey Orioles, beat 'em again tonight. Their lead in the loss column is down again to three games. Doable. Oh yes.
Late reports from the Herald last night put Erik Hinske in a Sox uniform for the rest of the season. With the uncertainty surrounding Trot Nixon, another left handed bat is a good thing. Enjoy the off day everyone. Thanks to last night's win, I know I will.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Right Field Disaster Waiting To Happen

Right field at Fenway Park is the toughest field to play defensively. No debate needed. It's not even close. Wily Mo Pena is the worst defensive player on the club, not including pitchers. It's not even close. No debate needed. The two mix like oil and water. And yet with the arm problems that Trot Nixon is having, oil and water have to exist. Together. There's no other way to get WMP's bat in there. But this time, it cost us a game. Two bobbles in two days. He makes us look bad. And a great effort by Schilling was wasted. Many people are pointing the finger at Francona for bringing Timlin back for a second inning. I think that was part of the problem too. His explanation, while Paps was warming up, proves his pitcher management selection leaves much to be desired. I don't get it either. Isn't that how we won game number two against the Orioles? Let Pap pitch one or two and wait until we score. That might have worked last night, but the misplay by WMP negated everything. These are huge games. This loss hurt. Bigtime. I hope we don't play ourselves into the position where we would have to win four of five against the Yankees, because it ain't going to happen. The Yankees and the Red Sox split their games, at least over the last three years. Having to sweep them would mean the Sox are a team in trouble. I guess we'll see. But for there to be a meaningful September, these games of the second half of August cannot be frittered away. Definition of fritter? Last night.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Jeer Josh,

If Josh Beckett had been anywhere near good, even passable, this post would have been titled " Dear Josh," . But after last night, well, I didn't have any dears in me. He has pitched more than 6 innings just once in his last 8 starts. Since he signed his contract extention, Beckett is 2-3 with an ERA of 5.74. Hardly All Star stats.
This game could have been much closer had Hale, the 3rd base coach, not sent Manny on a doomed attempt to score on Mikey Lowell's single in the 8th. He was thrown out by 10 feet or so. And this after Rudy gave up his customary 2 runs in the top half of the frame. But it was Beckett who set the tone, putting the Sox in a 5-0 hole after 3. Further words desert me. I thought we'd see a gem from him. Turned out to be cut glass instead of diamond.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Inning That Wouldn't Die

Or title number two could have been, "The Leaky 'Pen." But I'll stick with what it is now. And what inning would that have been? Why, yesterday's top of the ninth, a study in human exasperation and patience in the face of utter disaster. The pen did its best to squander a 7-4 lead after 5. Jon Lester threw 102 pitches in only 5 innings as he struggled mightily again. Let's not have to get used to this. Please. Kyle Snyder was totally ineffective. Manny Delcarmen was better until he lost sight of the plate. He must have dropped a contac lens or two. Craig Hansen? I shudder to think back. And finally, the guy Tito wanted to rest had to come in, for the Yankees had lost and we were in a great position to gain another game on them. 31 pitches and a tremendous backhanded stab by MVP of the game Mike Lowell (thank you Mikey!) and it was over. Over, finally. I angrily and happily turned off the TV and tried to calm down. Jogging did the trick. But for too many minutes a beautiful picture perfect Sunday afternoon turned into a pacing nervous agony.
So we're off to a 3-0 start on this August '06 homestand. 8 more to go. Let's win 'em all.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

With Lowell We Go!

Painful.......neverending. On and on the ninth inning went, each pitch more eventful than the last. Hurt....doubt. And then a double play grounder, but.........but.................E6!!!!!! And then there was Mike Lowell. And his glove.
Full wrap up post tomorrow. Red Sox win...Yanks lose. And so it goes.

This, From December 6th, 2006

I posted this two days before the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's murder at the Dakota, in NYC United States. The post I did a few days ago mentioning the Beatles, their songs, how much they meant to me, caused me to look back, look back 8 months ago, when my blog was barely two weeks old, and to the 25 year anniversary of a day that remains so dark for me. And that is December 8th, 1980. I remember that night, watching Monday Night Football on ABC, and Howard Cosell, in his Monday Night Football glory days, suddenly somber as he announced the horrific news. A look back. Forgive me, but on this beautiful Sunday, I must. Thanks.......

******This Thursday marks the 25th anniversary of the death of John Lennon. Here is my open letter to John, who was shot 4 times
in the back, severing all the major blood vessels
leading to and from the heart. There was nothing the
Doctors could do on that night 25 years ago, December
8th 1980. He was 40 years old.********

Dear John. Wow it's been 25 years. Hard to
believe, huh. You were walking into your apartment at
the Dakota in New York City when a crazed idiot
stepped out behind you, and while you were walking
away from him, shot at you 5 times, hitting you 4
times in the back. I hope you didn't feel much pain,
but I know better. When the 2 policeman put you in
their car (an ambulance would have made no difference.
The damage was done even if the shooting happened in a
21st century trauma room), one of them asked you if
you knew who you were, and you nodded and sputtered
out the word yes. You suffered and died quickly. In
fact the last word you said was YES, while you sputtered and choked on your blood, in response to the
cop's question.
Oh how you meant so much to me. I was mesmerized by the Beatles
music. You gave me so much joy. It was always the music that helped me
through my awkward years of 11-16, some of them which
were not happy ones. And this was 10 years after the Beatles stopped being the Beatles. And then in the 70's, at least
the first 5 years, your music still flowed while it
seemed everyone clamored for a Beatles reunion. And
then in late '79, when your newly born son was a
little older and your doting period ended, you came
back to your music, music more alive and vibrant than
it had been in the past decade. And then that night.
It was a Monday. I remember because I was watching
Monday night football, and Cosell said that he had
just learned of a terrible thing, and he announced to
the country the few facts known about your violent
death. I cried, called my parents and friends, and was
stunned. As I write this, I feel exactly the same way.
But your music will live forever. You said, in a
song named INSTANT KARMA...
"And we all shine on
Like the moon and the stars and the sun
Yes we all shine on
On and on and on and on....."
When I looked up in the sky last night, I knew you
were right. You were so right in so many things. The
world would have been a different place with you, at
65, still demanding peace. I miss you John. I love
you. As you said, "Come together, give peace a chance,
all you need is love." We should have listened.
Peter N. I will never forget you.

Peter here, today, Sunday, a beautiful morning. SHINE ON.


It's been a quiet homestand for Big Papi, but for the rest of the bats? Smooth sailing. Yesterday Jason Johnson continually put us into a hole, but the offense was there to dig us out before the dirt had settled. Wily Mo Pena was a single short of hitting for the cycle. He has shown so much at the plate and in the field. Doug Mirabelli also had 3 runs batted in, and he had 2 hits. But we had more than the hitters as heros. The bullpen, all four of them, pitched shutout relief for 4 and two thirds innings after JJ was mercifully removed in the 6th. Julie, Hansen, Timlin, and finally Jonathon Papelbon, who pitched the ninth and tenth for the win, the victory he so needed to fully erase the debacle that was Kansas City. Hey hey hey hey...bye bye Kansas City memories, until they come to town for one last series next month.
But it was Manny along with Paps who shined in the latter stages of this victory. He threw out Brandon Fahey at third base, and his single to left that was booted by the same Fahey, thank you very much, brought home the winning run. It also brought down the house, for there was much dismay, tension and ultimate joy in this one. Hmmm.....dismay, tension, ultimate joy, or in some cases, sadness. That sounds like life. And baseball.
And the homestand continues. 2 down, 9 to go.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Manny...27 Game Hit Streak Alive..SOX WIN

In the bottom of the 10th of an ugly starting performance by JJ...Manny, with a walk off single, wins it, knocking in Mark Loretta. More later.

It Ain't Over Until The Fat Man Pitches

And just like that, the losing streak is in the rear view mirror, and the view to the top of the standings is one game clearer with the Yankees' loss. David "Boomer" Wells pitched like he had something to prove. Well, he did. In my last Boomer post I wrote that he looked better than his first start, and we'd see improvement with his every outing. I was right on the money, as his control was pinpoint, his pitches crisp, the curve ball breaking just right. Any tension of a close game was shattered like a stained glass window when the bats erupted for a 7 run 3rd. It's nice to be home.
Mike Lowell was in the middle of everything, and personified the true grit of this team. After being hit in the head in the first inning above the left ear, he made a leaping into the stands catch of a pop fly in the first couple rows of seats. The crowd gave him room, and he caught it. He also had a base hit and a stolen base in the big bottom of the third. Manny kept his hitting streak going on a controversial non-catch by Miggy at short. Hey, it's almost time for baseball this afternoon at Fenway.
In a rare good job for Fox, the sister station of the Fox affiliate here in Connecticut has been given permission to show the Red Sox game while the Yankee game is broadcast on the main station. What a treat for Connecticut baseball lovers........two Fox games on separate channels. I'd like to see this happen the next time the Yanks and Sox have 1 PM Fox games scheduled. But that won't be the case next Saturday, as the 2 teams will be playing each other. So it's ch. 61 for Yankees and ch. 20 for Sox, And beautiful autumn temperatures and light winds will make this a fine baseball afternoon at the Fens. Oh, and a win would make it perfect. Wouldn't it?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Doubles Troubles

Curt Schilling allowed only one single. But then there were the other ten hits, nine doubles and a lone home run. No, I didn't make that up, although it seems that the last six games could have been the product of a Yankee fan's morbid imagination. But it's true. We have stunk up Tampa and Kansas City. We can only hope the stench stayed in the mid-west instead of travelling with the team home to Boston. But last night was ugly any way you look at it. Things have to get better.
Details? You want details? Read the sports section. The box score alone will tell you much more than you wanted to know. I can sum up the 6 game trip from hell. We won one, lost five, fell behind the Yankees when we could have narrowed the gap, and fell off the wild card pace. And that's it. More space is not needed. We play the first of three against the Orioles tonight, at Fenway. There's no place like home. There's no place like home. Let's hope that's true. We need to string some wins together. In the worst way.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

It's Getting Better All The Time. (It Can't Get No Worse.)

Sox thoughts, right now on Thursday mid-morning. Things can only get better. It's just that we have to make sure they don't get worse, first. I'm reminded of a song, co-written by 2 British kids, well known, that went like this. "I have to believe it's getting better. It's getting better all the time. (It can't get no worse). Those 2 twenty five and twenty six year olds were Paul McCartney and John Lennon, with John's line in parenthesis. The album was Sgt. Pepper's, and in 1967 the two co-writers were at odds about many things in real life. And the rift between them would get worse, bad enough to rip apart the best band that ever was well before it's time. That's what makes this different. All of us, every one of us that love the Red Sox, have no mixed feelings. We want it better, and we want that NOW. An almost Doors-like fervant prayer. And that Doors song, called When the Music's Over, went like this....."We want the world, and we want it now. NOW!!!" Mid-morning thoughts. After a devastating 4 game stretch. I never know what to expect. Thanks for your readership.

Terminal Velocity

The Red Sox are in a freefall, approaching the point where the friction and resistance of the atmosphere prevent an object from gaining any more speed on its downward plummet. For the human body, that speed approaches but does not exceed 150MPH. For a baseball team? Well, your guess is as good as mine. But in the case of the baseball team we love to love, we have to hope that the freefall, now 4 games in length but really dating back to the day we lost Jason Varitek, ends tonight with the ace Curt Schilling on the mound. But the way things have been going, nothing is certain. What was black is now white. A sure thing then? A question mark now. Take last night, for example. I mean, take it, I don't want it!
Josh Beckett labored through 6 long innings, throwing 3 wild pitches, a first for him. But after 6, thanks mainly to Manny and his bat, it was 4-3 Sox. Manny Delcarmen weaved in and out of danger for two thirds of the 7th, with Timlin to the rescue. Mike Timlin dodged a scoring threat in the 8th, and remained unscored upon. 4-3 to the bottom of the ninth. The Red Sox before that point could have easily scored a couple more runs with bases loaded situations, but no wah wahs here. A one run lead with Paps and 3 outs to the victory. I'll take that anytime, anywhere. We all know by now what happened to cause the Royals' first walk off win this season. Me typing them again will not make anything better or easier to take. I just hope no Sox fans stepped off a ledge or something in the latter part of yesterday evening. There's more baseball to go, but this 4 game losing streak, this stretch of unlightened and uninspired baseball, must come to a stop. Now. Tonight. For real.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It Is The Worst Of Times

53 balls. 52 strikes. Fastballs topping out in the mid-80s. Those are Jon Lester numbers, and they do not lie. In fact, since his 5-0 start, he is winless in his last 4, allowing a staggering 17 runs and 32 hits in a little more than 22 innings. The kid who pitched so brilliantly the last time he faced the woeful Royals clearly did not have it. And with his performance the Sox guaranteed themselves of a sub .500 road trip. And all this happening when we need it the least. 2 positive things from yesterday. Pitching coach Dave Wallace is back, and x-rays of Mark Loretta, hit by a pitch last night, were negative. But the pitching staff and the club itself are feeling the loss of Jason Varitek. Very much so. Tim from BSM (link on the right. Was one of the greatest blogs. EVER) said in comments a couple of posts ago that there is no statistical evidence to back up my feelings that the Sox are suffering because of Tek's injury stint. Well Tim, they clearly are. Baseball, much like life, cannot be explained just by looking up and evaluating statistics. There are nuances that affect the game just as much as team ERA or batting average. It's not easy to be able to sense the timing of these upheavals, the times when the pitching staff's comfort index has been lowered so dramatically. You can argue with me until we're both blue in the face, but the Red Sox clearly miss Tek's prescence and game calling from his oh so familiar behind the plate crouch. Stat me all you want. You're wrong. Oh, Tim, I wrote you a comment in the comment section of the last post. Please read it. And no, if I had done what you thought I had, I could not live with myself. Please go back and read it. Thanks.
Papi hit his 41st. He is simply amazing. But a Hansen error and subsequent unearned run and the enevitable Rudy one run allowed sealed our fate. The KC Royals are the worst team in baseball, by far. But last night, they were the better team. We're 3 games behind the Yanks in the lost column. And we're in 3rd place in the wild card standings. Too many 3's! And that's not good.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

No More Anonymous Comments Allowed

You know what they say. There always is, or are, an idiot or 3 to spoil it for everyone. If you noticed some comments that I was forced to delete in the last post, your eyes are not deceiving you. It seems an anoymous person, one that actually stayed anonymous and one that used my name, left some idiotic comments, insulting in fact. This was not me! And I do have your email address, you fool. Do not, repeat do not make me report you. And there are no anonymous comments allowed here anymore. To my readers that do not have a blogspot account, in order to be able to comment here, you'll have to have an account. You don't need a blog, just an account. Email me and I will explain how. It's free! And thanks.

Monday, August 07, 2006


Yes, I'm still hot and bothered and just plain PO'd by yesterday's loss, quite possibly the most stinging of the season. And so preventable. Jason Johnson was marvelous. But what was that smell? A faint first whiff was detected by my oh so sensitive nose as Manny Delcarmen began his warmups for the 7th inning. It grew more noticable as Timlin, ageless no more, began to throw in the 8th. And it kept getting worse. So, like the team, especially the porous 'pen, I too need a day off. See you here tomorrow, in Kansas City, where anything less than a sweep will not be good enough. These really are the dog days. And I want no part of 'em!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hey You....Tito!!!!!

IDIOT. With a day off tomorrow, and Pap's having not pitched since Friday, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, you "F"ing idiot????? Sure, let Timlin start the 8th until his inevitable home run given up. FOOL.
If and when the Sox win, you are still an IDIOT!!! Not just for today. Maybe when the first major snowfall graces the beautiful state of Connecticut will you be relunctantly forgiven. And maybe not! But this one is your fault. Can you add 2 plus 2 plus 2?? That would make 6, the number of outs Paps would have needed if he started a clean inning. Timlin? Camoflauge or not, the guy has not been doing the job. Bad move..always and forever. We lose this one, be prepared for the consequences. Big league manager????? Not today, you dolt.

A Month Of .500 Baseball...I'm Sick Of It! A Sunday Short

This coming week will make it, believe it or not, one month since the All Star game. 30 days.....nearly 30 games. And what do we have to show now, one month later? Good question. Bad answer. Mediocrity. The Red Sox have played .500 baseball......YAWN....."One step up, two steps back", as Bruce wrote and sang in 1987.
Last night the Devil Rays drubbed the Sox 8-5. David Wells was better than his last start. Unfortunately, Craig Hansen let the game get away in the 8th, keeping this "win one, lose one" pattern in place. It's time to replace this pattern just as we did the hot humid air pump weather pattern that was in place until yesterday. The rest of the summer will have no extended hot spells, weather-wise. Let's hope that is not true in terms of baseball. For we need a hot streak, not a give and take, win one lose one kind of thing. Clearly that's why we didn't put some distance between us and the rest of the division when we had the chance. The worst part of this whole thing is that we're hitting the ball just fine, and what do we have to show for it? Answer....not much. Remedy? BETTER PITCHING. Starters, relievers, hell, ANYTHINGERS.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Dear Papi

Makeshift lineup. On the fly substitutions. 'Belli's ankle. Lowell's foot. Tek's knee. Trot's arm. Matt's head (?) Foulkie's whatever. ENOUGH ALREADY!! We win. And thanks go to the entire team, with special thanks to Big Papi and Curt Schilling, and honorable mentions to Little Manny and Jonathon "lights out bye bye" Papelbon. And it was a big victory, because the Yankees are flying high, much higher than the birds who pretented to be their opponents last night. But this is not an anti-Yankee blog here. It's a celebration of the Red Sox and all they stand for. The good guys. The men in white and red. Pinstripes be damned.
Schill was masterful when he needed to be last night, and the bullpen was pitch perfect. Dougie Mirabelli will miss a few games with a sprained ankle. Nothing broken, but mend he must. It seems like half our team is mending from one thing or another, or both. Javy Lopez was called to duty mere hours after his arrival. Timing? Perfect. And the rest of the weekend? 2 more in Tampa. Kudos to David for his 38th and 39th. Where would we be without him? It's Boomer or bust today. May the force be with us. How 'bout another Papelbon save? Sounds good to me.

Friday, August 04, 2006

In Praise Of And Of Missing Our Captain

It's a great place, a conglomeration of many of the good baseball blogs for any team anywhere. I have the link listed on your right, under..links! I think it's the last one. If you click on MY RSS at the top left, it will list all the teams. Just click on your favorite team (Sox?) and you can subscribe to any of the feeds, which will be updated as the bloggers update their blogs. There are other sports network feeds that, when compilied on one screen, makes a great place to visit. Again, the link is on your right, right now, and subscribe to Peter's Red Sox Forever, just to make me feel good. Of course, any of my beloved readers reading this are regular visitors here anyway, but could be a great everyday stop, with all the blog rss feeds you'll ever need. Explore...tailor that RSS page...any questions...just email me through my profile.
And we await the noon news conference that I assume will be to announce Javy Lopez' signing. We all wish this wasn't neccessary, but it is. Javy is no Tek. I could be more specfic, but I think that would be too negative. I just know we shall all miss the way Tek calls a game, just like a quarterback does for his football team, a quarterback whose coach does NOT call the plays from the sideline. Maybe Jason can do it from the dugout. We can only hope. Managers do it from the dugout. And Tek says he is not going anywhere during his rehab. So I ask this. WHY NOT??? Comments..please!

Beckett, Sox SLAMMED In 6th

Six runs in the sixth inning. 3 more home runs allowed. For those of you who are counting, like me, that makes a league leading 31. Who are we talking about? Last night's starter, Josh Beckett. He seemed to pitch 2 different games last night. The first, the one I liked best, was innings 1-5. And the 2nd, the one we all want to throw out the window, never to be seen, heard or even remembered for all of eternity, was the 6th inning, which was highlighted, or better yet, lowlighted, by a grand slam from Shin-Soo Choo. Curtains. Although if the wind had been blowing in a little less forcefully, Manny would have tied it in the 9th. But "ifs' are not good enough. And Josh, ya gotta be better than that. So goodbye Cleveland. nice to see you go.
The Sox traveled to Tampa last night, and will play a 3 game series starting tonight with Schilling, Wells and Johnson. Taking 2 of 3 would be a blessing. The Yanks continue torrid, and we're looking up at them, 2 games in the lost column away. Javy Lopez cannot get here quickly enough, although his arrival does nothing to help with the loss of captain Tek's pitch calling. That will be a continual hurt, unless he starts calling the pitches from the dugout. Is that such a ridiculous idea? Really!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Papi Player Of The Month

This from the Globe, and then a word or two from your typist, me...........

"David Ortiz was named American League Player of the Month for July. Ortiz, who also won the honor in September 2005, batted .339 in 26 games last month with league highs of 14 homers, 35 RBIs, 87 total bases, and 21 extra-base hits. He's the only member of the Red Sox to win the award since 2003."

Peter here, and I have to add a hearty WELL DONE, David. You made us proud in July. Hell, you've made us proud since your first game in a Red Sox uniform. You are everything that is good about baseball. And we love you. But you know that. Thanks.

Walk Off Redux

The heroics should not have been necessary. Mike Timlin came in to pitch the 8th inning with a 1 run lead. If all went according to plan, a scoreless 8th would have been followed by a Paps fired 9th, a certain save. But Mike Timlin didn't read the script, or he forgot his lines, because sooner than you could say "oh no", Travis Hafner launched a 2 run shot that made the score 5-4. Oh well. But then came a bizarre bottom of the 9th.
Fausto Carmona pitching the bottom of the 9th, with the Sox down by 1. Doug Mirabelli is hit by a 3-2 pitch. Alex Gonzalez is hit by the first pitch. Youk walks on a full count. Up steps Mark Loretta, looking for the fastball. Nothing off speed was anywhere near the plate. So he focused on the number one and drove a wall ball that plated 2 and won the game. The 3rd walkoff in 5 games, and one I could have done without. But a win was important, as the surging Yankees look as good as they have all year. They will be a problem. I'm glad we have 9 games left with them, 5 of them coming up within a matter of days, right here at Fenway.
To Mike Timlin, "STEP UP! You're not doing the job." To Jon Lester, "Way to settle down after a neverendingly long first inning." And to Little Manny, "Way to hold them." And for Paps, well, Paps was Paps. No more needs to be said. The series ender is tonight at 7PM. And we should be ducking thunderstorms, the leading edge of much cooler air.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Yankee Fan? Red Sox Fan? It Doesn't Matter. You Will Read This. Why?? Because I Know.

*This was a response I left for a few Yankee fans' comments directed to one of the many great Sox blogs I read. Just minutes ago. There a 2 types of Yankee fans...dumb and dumber. I will say there are exceptions, many of them, but the person I wrote this to is not included in that equation.*
Oh Yankee fan, the Red Sox, 2nd place team that we are right now, will pull up our socks, tighten our hats, and play ball with ANY club, especially yours. You know what I think is funny?? And yes, losing Jason Varitek, the captain and the guy who knows the opposing pitchers and calls the pitches against any opponent, REALLY HURTS. The funny part? It's that some Yankee fans have no clue how big this loss is, comparing losing the brains behind the guy on the mound to losing an outfielder. Now, do not get me wrong...the Red Sox will be fine. It will be rougher, but the Yankees have gone through debilitating injuries this season too. It's just that Tek's injury really hurts. But we're stong here in Red Sox Nation. Watch your backs. Take care, and stay cool, Sox or Yankee fans. Baseball rules, as we slowly go into August.
We'll see you at the top. PROMISE.

TROUBLE. And that Starts With A "T" And That Stands For TEK

The Red Sox have caught the injury flu bug big time. Our captain has been diagnosed with a partial tear in his left meniscus. He needs surgery and will be out at least a month. The other walking wounded, or living dead, are Little Manny Delcarmen, whose thumb prevents him from throwing naturally, Trot Nixon, who also will be out close to a month with a bicep problem, and Timmy Wakefield, out another 3 weeks or so with a fractured rib. Veritek's absense will by far hurt the most, as he calls the game with the pitcher following his lead. This one will be tough to overcome. And we start this uphill battle in 2nd place, a place we've looked down on since Paul McCartney's 64th birthday, June 18.
The game was overshadowed by the big news. JJ overcame a shaky start to go an OK 5 2/3 innings, giving up 3 runs. If Sabathia had not shut us down, the game might have seemed more competitive, but there was a noticible pall in the shadows and lights of the stadium, as if the crowd's remote mute button was pressed. The bullpen was its porous self, giving up another 3 spot, 2 by Hansen and 1 by newly acquired Cory. Our bats could not rescue us this time.
It's time to learn to rise above these obstacles that loom large and get back into first place. And we need Jon Lester to jump start us on our way. Yes, the young shall lead us on our way back. Tonight. 7PM.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Kyle Snyder, Red Eyed And Happy!

From today's Globe, and my comments to follow......

"With the Sox trailing, 8-6, despite home runs by Ortiz, Peña, and Manny Ramírez (No. 29), Francona turned to Kyle Snyder, who was supposed to start tonight's game but instead delivered 4 1/3 innings of scoreless relief. It was the longest relief outing of his career for Snyder, who was greeted outside the clubhouse with tears of joy from his mother, Sandy, and sister, Kate, who flew up from Florida for the game.
Sweetest moment of his career? Snyder, who has endured four arm surgeries, could not hide the redness of his own eyes. ``I'd have to say yes," he said.
Just another gift from Big Papi."

Peter here. Wasn't that just so sweet?? Thank you Kyle Snyder. You made us so proud. And thank you Big Papi, for getting him the win he SO deserved. We'll see you in the 5th spot, Kyle, until our Timmy Wakefield gets back. And then, welcome to the 'pen, as a valuable and NEEDED member in the bridge to Jonathon Papelbon. After Papi's walk off homer, I teared up. I'm just an emotional guy. And this to Boomer. We all know what hell you've been through just to get back to the mound. And we all know you'll be better next start, when the rust will be gone, and your pitches sharper.

Boomer Busts, Snyder Shines, Papi Walks Off And The Red Sox Win

Wow. The Big Man did it again. For the 5th time this season, the Red Sox had a walk off victory because of our MVP David Ortiz. The night started out well, with Boomer being unscored on in the top of the first and Manny hitting a 2 run home run in the bottom of the frame. But that's when the cracks and rust started appearing for David Wells. Cleveland scored 5 runs in the 2nd and 3rd innings, and after the Sox, who hit the ball hard in just about every inning, had come back in the 4th to take a 6-5 lead, Cleveland put the KO punch to Wells with a 3 run 5th. He was gone, not to be seen until next Saturday, after 4 2/3 innings.
On came star number 2 for the Sox. Kyle Snyder showed us all why Tek, who was hurt early with a twisted knee, had been raving about his stuff. He kept the Indians off balance, and allowed no runs and one hit through the remaining 4 1/3 innings. And then there was Papi. With 2 men on in the 9th and men on 2nd and 3rd, the Indians made a mistake in not giving him an intentional free pass, loading the bases. When will these teams learn? Not soon, I hope! Home run....walk off win. As Coco said, "In Boston, the game ain't over until the big man swings." And swing he did. He becomes the first Red Sox player in team history to have 105 RBIs in July. And the 2nd player in team history to hit 14 homers in the month of July. Wonder of wonders. That's our Papi.